Top 20+ Hottest Chinese Pornstar


Looking for the sexiest and hottest Chinese Pornstars to follow?

You are at the right place.

Do you know why China is popular globally? You may say population or for the production of every brand's first copy but have you ever come across Chinese pornstars?

 They too have quite good popularity in the world. 

You may have seen them in lots of videos but you don't know about their origins. 

After going through the content of all the Chinese pornstars on the Internet we have selected some best Chinese pornstars whom you can follow on social media.

These Chinese girls with their petite bodies are always ready to take big dicks. They have made their name in the porn industry with a lusty desire to get fucked hard.

Once you will watch their videos we are sure you will enjoy their performance.

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Top 20+ Hottest Chinese Pornstar (2023): Best chinese porn actress


Don't get shocked by seeing her name on the first spot on the list. She deserves this place.

This 26years old sexy babe has 34B boobs and a tremendously sexy body that is too hot to handle.

With her flawless skin and curvy body, it seems like she has just landed from the heaven of sex. 

Just two months after the completion of her high school this sexy blonde started to work in the porn world.

In her career, this sexy babe has worked with so many pornsrtars and with popular production houses.


Famous for her blowjob skills this sexy babe has admitted that she likes rough sex.

This bisexual beauty likes to get fucked by big fat cock and also rubbed with juicy pussy.

With her lusty eyes, she will seduce you and you will immediately fall for her.

This big boob girl with perky booty when starting to deep throat your fat cock you will get feel like in heaven.

The busty babe started working in the porn industry in 2017 and in very little time she got so much fame due to her performance.


If you have a taste for small petite girls Lulu is the one with a perfect slim body 4 feet o inches tall and just 90 pounds this girl is always ready to tear her pussy with a big fat cock. 

Her small tits can easily fit in your palm and you can squeeze them so hard.

As she has a slim appearance when you see her getting fucked by the big cocks it looks more exciting.

She entered the porn world in 2019 and since then worked so hard to make a name and presence in this world.


This 35-year old hot babe has started her career in the porn industry just after her 18th birthday.

Everyone has different tastes and if you get sexually aroused about that babe who wears glasses while fucking hard then don't wait and land soon on Evas profile. 

This tattooed girl has fucked up so hard.

This sexy slut has huge fake tits and a big ass that should be kept in a public museum then only her hunger for cocks will be fulfilled.

This sexy slut loves to get fuck in all positions.


Katana is one of the most popular Chinese pornstars. 

She got this position because of her performance.

This sexy slut loves to jump her big ass on the big fat cock with her bouncing boobs.

Katana loves to be get fucked in the doggy style she mostly prefers guys who are tall so while fucking her in the doggy style they can also squeeze her big tits. 

Katana started her career in the porn world when she was 21 years old and since then she has gained immense popularity.

She had worked with so many pornstars and took the ride of every fat cock.


Kianna joined the porn world when she was 30 years old and if you are a fan of bodies who has a thick bottom and perky top then you have landed on the correct profile. 

By seeing her big tits it seems that they are waiting to bury faces in them and suck all the milk like a child. 

As she is one of the fans of porn when she got the chance to be a pornstar she has grabbed it with both her hands and enjoyed every big cock and juicy pussy in the world.


Waking up beside a girl like her is the still dream of many is one of the rarest and cutest Chinese pornstars.

Her heart-shaped face will excite you to fuck her face with your big fat cock like a hell.

She has natural big tits and tight pussy.

Initially, you may have to struggle to get your big cock in her tight pussy but with hardship the orgasm, and the feel you will get while fucking her nothing in this world can give you the same feel. 

This sexy slut is always available for deep exploration of her tight pussy and juicy ass.


You may wonder why she shouts so loudly while riding a big hard cock but do you know she is the only Chinese pornstar who loves to take big fat cocks more than anyone else?

That is why she has made it into this list.

Once you see her boobs you will be mad at her and her boobs seem like they have the milk of the whole world. 

With her juicy ass, this slut is always ready to get fuck any time in any position.

Land on her profile at your own risk because once your dick got excited because of her pussy then it is hard to handle it every time.


Do you have a girlfriend? If yes then get ready to break up with her and if not then don't worry Tiffany Rain will always be there for you.

Tiffany is that bomb for whom you would leave anyone in your life. 

This slut has started her career in the porn industry in 2017 and since then this girl has never stopped riding a new cock every day.

If you are in the bed while watching her video then surely you will be gonna dirty your bedsheets.


Her name perfectly matches her personality.

Her body shines like gold and when you taste it, it tastes like honey.

She is a very sexual person and once you see her eyes they are full of lust.

This sexy slut is always ready to lick any pussy and take a load of cum in all her holes.

Her perfectly round boobs add more value to her sexy body.

Moreover, we are challenging you that you cant suppress your desire to suck them.

In 2017 she started working in the porn world and since then she has made her audience and space in the porn world because of her desire to naked the sexuality.


If you are of the taste of a mature busty babe then 46 years old Ava Devine is your babe but satisfying her with just one dick is not an easy task in front of this lusty cock sucker multiple BBCs have failed.

This milf has huge fake tits and ass that you would love to eat.

She is among those who love to wash all their holes with a white milky liquid.

She has expertise in sucking the cocks and the way she rides her big ass on the cock that visual you will never forget.

If you have not landed on her profile yet then click on the link below and take a ride with this sexy slut.


Mika tan is 42 years old beautiful, sexy babe with huge fake tits who always prefer anal sex.

She is one of the sexiest Chinese pornstars and called an anal legend because of her extraordinary skills in riding a cock in her anal. 

This sexy bitch will leave no stone unturned to seduce you with her sexy smile also with flaunting her fake tits and juicy ass.

If you have not generated any desire to lick her pussy after seeing her then there might be the same problem with you.

Every time this hottie will excite you with her flawless skin and curvy body.


Kobe Tai is one of the sexiest and slimmest Chinese porn stars with round-shaped tits that will perfectly fit in your palm to squeeze and tight ass. 

This 48-year-old brunette babe is sexy as hell and sucks cock you have never seen before. 

The way she will stroke and suck your cock you will feel like you are in heaven and angle is ready to ride with your cock and get fuck hard.

Have you ever imagined how angles look in heaven while fucking?

See the Kobe Tai face the way she enjoys getting fucked hard no one does.


Jandi Lin likes to relax her clients with juicy pussy and boobs full of milk. 

You will like to bury your face in them. Once your cock reaches inside her pussy it is so hard to bring it back.

You will get Jandi in every type of porn video whether it is a threesome, anal, lesbian, or hardcore this sexy slut loves to try every type and in every position.

Get on her profile by following the link below and you will land on one of the sexiest Chinese pussy.


This Chinese milf started to work in the porn industry in 2006 and before becoming a porn star she was a police officer so it is exciting and at the same time thrilling to bounce a police officer's pussy on your cock.

With body figure 32D-20-32, this Chinese slut is very popular for her long hairs that are up to her feet.

Nasty Ange likes to take big black cocks in her tight ass and every time wants to get drilled by the solid cocks in her pussy. 

Once you see this sexy slut you can't stop yourself by masturbating while seeing her bouncy boobs.


Callie is one of the biggest names in the porn industry, moreover, she is famous among the guys for her expertise in giving blowjobs. 

She is also one of the sexiest Chinese pornstars. Her toned body, big hanging boobs, and pussy pierced by the big cocks make her even more attractive. 

As she is famous for a blowjob you would also love her when she starts to stroke your dick.

This sexy slut rides every type of dick.

Once you reach her deep tunnel it is hard to get your way back and because of her skills and performance, she has made her name in the list of top Chinese pornstars.


Her pussy seems very tight but you can stretch it to infinity.

Thai likes to taste the milk of black cock and ride on it.

How to perform best in the bed she knew very well.

Thai Michelle is one of the popular pornstars. 

She started her career in the porn industry in 2005 and got huge popularity. 

While watching her videos it is so hard to keep your dick in pants and not to jerk off this sexy slut with her performance seduce you in every possible way.


This Beijing-born babe loves to get all her holes filled by your white milky cum and she gets the best feeling when it spreads all over her face.

This slut has big tits and juicy ass moreover she always prefers to get fucked in her ass. 

This sexy slut has ridden so many cocks and now it is so hard to satisfy her with just one cock.

She is one of the skilled Chinese pornstars who knows how to ride and bounce big cocks.

19. Asia Zo


This 33-year-old babe has too much energy like an 18-year-old girl.

Moreover, she is one of the hottest Chinese pornstars, she has big natural tits of size 32B who are always ready to bounce like a ball while her tight pussy riding a big cocks. 

Asia Zo is a bisexual girl who equally loves to give orgasms to sexy babes and lick their juicy pussies. 

This 5 feet babe is like a habit once you reach her profile.

We are sure that your dick will be rock hard once you watch her performance in the videos.

Once your dick has cum with her sexy body then there is no going back.


Are you a big boob lover? If yes then don't wait and land on the profile of this sexy slut who has big hanging tits that are enough to give you an orgasm.

Jade is among those sluts who love to take big dicks and flaunt her sexy body in front of big dick guys for getting fucked hard in all her holes. 

This milf pornstar is too hot to handle and the hardest part is her big tits. You can't resist yourself by burying your face in them and sucking them.

She is talented and knows all the skills of handling cocks and how to stroke them.

21. Kita Zen


Kita Zen was 22 years old when she started to work in the porn world.

This sexy girl has a beautiful smile and a luscious body with big boobs that will make your dick hard like a rod.

Kita keeps her body in shape by doing regular gyming.

Her figure is 32A - 24 - 34.

If you are a newbie at her profile then hold your heart and dick tight because it is so hard to handle these both when Kita removes her pants and flaunts her beautiful juicy pussy.

Mostly she loves to ride the biggest dick she can find.


Katherine is a brown-eyed color sexy girl with a body figure 34A-24-34. 

This Chinese porn star is one of the sexiest pornstars with big natural boobs and pink pussy.

Have you seen her expression when she rides a big hard cock?

She has a navel piercing. Moreover, she likes to pierce her pussy with a rod-like hard cock. 

If you like piercing and tattooed girls then Katherine is waiting for you.

Land on her profile to get a ride of her deep tunnel and bouncy boobs.

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