Top 20 Hottest Porn Stars with Glasses (2020)

Porn stars are likely to be fun, sexy and naughty. Most of them look like they have arrived straight from the gym and did not seem to care about anything.

However, few people like me have a thing for the nerdy porn stars who look like naughty girls coming straight from the college lectures.

Some of these eyeglasses wearing adult stars look like a sexy secretary who reveals her assets in the most becoming way to impress her boss and colleagues.

Glasses look perfect on sexy women, and this thing works for these raunchy babes as well.

Today we are providing you with a list of top 20 porn stars who look their best when they sport stylish eyeglasses. 

Here’s that special list!

Hottest Porn Stars With Glasses

Top 20 Porn Stars With Glasses (2020)

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#1. Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is a blonde with a perfect pair of tits and ass cheeks.

She looks ravishing with her blonde hair but what suit her most is the sexy spectacles she wears that complements her pretty face to perfection.

She came from the United States of America and was born on the 1st of September 1996.

This 22-year-old hottie has beautiful green eyes and the way she performs hardcore porn stuff is just amazing.

She does not forget to wear her glasses while porn was shooting and looks super cute when someone is pounding her from behind while she is wearing her favorite eyeglasses. 

Elsa Jean

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#2. Eva Angelina

Eva is another porn star who loves to wear glasses while she is porn shooting. We can't blame her because that thing looks sexy on her.

She looks like a nerdy secretary who is taking a heavy pounding from her boss while wearing the glasses and therefore she is one of our favorites.

Born on March 14, 1985, she is 33 years old now and has already retired in the year 2016 after a thirteen-year-long career that had started way back in 2003.

She is not that tall but she has the perfect curves to seduce you, and she looks like that slutty babe who is always ready to take your monster in her.

She has won numerous awards in her porn career and can be now traced on some of the social media sites like MySpace and Twitter though she also owns her own personal website.

Eva Angelina

#3. Ancillia Tilia

She has got huge tits, and nothing can stop her when she is wearing a sexy pair of glasses while taking a pecker in her pink hole.

She is a chubby slut who like kinky stuff and heavy pounding and her facial expressions while performing a porn scene is so seductive that you need to have some control on yourself while watching her video or you will perhaps end up messing up your pants.

She was born in Amsterdam of Netherlands on 21st of July 1985. She has a tattoo on her pubes and has already stopped working in the porn movies.

Ancillia Tilia
  • Website: None
  • Awards:  None
  •  Other Services: Caming, Modeling 

#4. Alice Lighthouse

Alice is a stunning bombshell who has huge tits and fleshy thighs enough to set your mood for the day.

She is usually seen wearing a pair of eyeglasses with a dark frame. She looks like that perfect teacher who is getting banged by either a student or a professor.

Her cute face and her naughty expressions while giving the performance is magical, and you feel that instantly as you get rock hard inside. 

Alice was born on June 26, 1995, in Louisville of the United States and is neither too tall nor too short.

She has deadly curves which make her a super hottie,, and she has completed 3 years in the porn industry after starting her career in 2015.

Her navel is pierced, and she also flaunts tattoos on the right side of her rib cage and lower abdomen.

Alice Lighthouse

#5. Emily Grey

Emily Grey looks like a college dropout who loves to fuck and takes drops of cum on her face like a sex hungry slut.

She also has a thing for glasses, and her dark black long hair looks great on her fair complexion.

Emily loves to give a blowjob, get her pussy rammed and she performs all those hardcore scenes with her glasses on. 

She is just 23 years of old and was born in the Beverly Hills of the United States.

She loves being on the social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, and you can also explore her videos on the YouTube channels.

However, one sad aspect of her career is that she ended it too soon in 2016 after starting it in 2013.

We hope that she returns to the porn industry soon and mesmerizes us all with her kinky scenes and seductive glasses.

Emily Grey

#6. Lily Chey

Lily Chey appears like a college chick who loves to show her assets and do all that kinky stuff to you that you imagine in your dreams.

She specializes in self-tease videos but what makes her most sensual and seductive is her pair of square framed dark glasses that look heavenly on her. 

Born on 11th May 1989, this hottie entered the porn business in the year 2010. She is still very much active and loves seeing new places and meeting new people.

She also loves to dance and wishes to become a choreographer one day.

She has curvy assets, and you can see her revealing videos and pictures on the social media as well.

Lily is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and also has her own official website.

Lili Chey
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 165cm, Weight 103lbs, Measurements 34B-24-35,                 Sun sign Taurus, Boobs natural  
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#7. Lisa Ann

This retired porn star is the favorite adult actress of millions, but she has done many adult scenes in her long career by wearing those stylish pairs of eyeglasses which complement her gorgeous face.

Lisa can be the perfect milf teacher with the spectacles on her eyes. She is 46 years old now and has won numerous awards in her extended porn career which lasted for almost 14 years.

She has piercings on her navel, but she does not like tattoos on her body. What she loves is wearing glasses while taking monster dicks in her mouth, ass, and pussy.

She is also active on social media which means that you still can get in touch with her. 

Lisa Ann
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 157cm, Weight 112lbs, Measurements 38dd-20-34,           Boobs fake  
  • XRCO Award – MILF of the Year 2010                                                       XFANZ Award – Milf of the Year 2010                                                     F.A.M.E. Award – Favorite MILF 2011                                                         XBIZ Award – MILF Performer of the Year  2011                                       Urban X Award – Best MILF Performer2011                                             Urban X Award Hall of Fame inductee
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#8. August Ames

August is a Canadian porn star who has appeared in more than 290 movies and one of the most stunning beauties to have ever entered the porn industry.

She is tall, beautiful and has a gorgeous body good enough to captivate the attention of both men and women. 

She was born on August 23, 1994, in Nova Scotia of Canada and had successfully wooed her fans all through her porn career.

Sadly she is no more with us, and we all will surely miss her raunchy scenes and fabulous body.

She started acting in the porn movies in the year 2013, and it ended in 2017.

August was one of the most promising porn stars who continued to get nominated all during her career.

August Ames
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 167cm, Weight 114lbs, Measurements 32D-23-28, Breasts Natural, Sun sign Virgo  
  • Awards:  Twistys Treat of the month ( March 2015), Twistys Treat of the year (2017)
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#9. Kayden Kross

With a perfect figure and stunning face, this porn actress from the United States manages to impress us all with her striking featuring and alluring poses.

Eyeglasses look the best on her, and she manages to keep it wearing even in the most intense scenes.

She was born on September 15th, 1985 and therefore, she is a sexy milf who can make us crave for her.

Her eyes are grey, and she is blonde which adds to her overall charming personality, and her cute tits can drive your sexual urges instantly.

She started her career in 2006 which means that she has around 12 years of experience in the porn business. 

Kayden Kross
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 165cm, Weight 114lbs, Measurements 32D-22-34Breasts Fake  
  • Awards:  AVN awards (2011), the Best acting award for Body heat (2011)
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#10. Esperanza Gomez

With her heavy boobs and perfect figure, Esperenza Gomez has managed to create a sensation in the porn industry.

She is basically from Colombia and was born in the year 1983. Her athletic body goes well with her smart face, and she flaunts eyeglasses to look even meaner and hotter. 

Her brunette hair is another striking feature of hers which goes well with her deep brown eyes. 

She is good at enacting soft core lesbian scenes where she could be seen kissing or squeezing her fellow co-star with the specs on.

She is also great at performing vaginal sex and blowjob scenes. 


Esperanza Gomez

#11. Kiara Mia

With a gorgeous body and stunning boobs, Kiara Mia manages to pull off any hardcore scene by having her glasses on.

She is more than 40 years old, but she looks like a perfect milf who can satiate all your sexual fantasies and pleasures.

She has tattoos on her left shoulder, but she has got no piercings. 

Born in 1977 in Los Angeles, Kiara Mia is a porn star who does not shy away from any hardcore scene like sucking a monstrous dick, masturbating, lesbian scenes and much more.

Her attractive face and specs make her look like a school teacher who has barely crossed her 30.

Her black hair and brown eyes complement her tanned skin to perfection. 



Kiara Mia
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 163cm, Weight 45kg, Measurements 34E-27-36   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#12. Sunny Leone

When you speak of the most sensational porn stars that have ever been in the porn industry, then you certainly can't miss Sunny Leone.

This gorgeous blonde is from Canada, but her paternal family belonged to Punjab, India.

Therefore, she has got a gorgeous body and an equally mesmerizing face that can make anyone cum in minutes.

She has looked like a mean teacher who loves sex whenever she has worn eyeglasses.

Sunny Leone has now retired from the porn industry, and she is busy performing for Bollywood, i.e. the Indian cinema.

She has amassed quite a success there as well, and it is one of the rarest occasions when the orthodox and traditional Indian mindset has accepted a formed porn star with an open star.

Perhaps she was too hot to be ignored or hated? God Knows.


Sunny Leone
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 163cm, Weight 110lbs, Measurements 34C-24-34, Boobs Fake   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Acting

#13. Mia Khalifa

How can you forget Mia Khalifa when you talk about the porn stars who look sexier after wearing glasses.

This porn star with origins from the Middle East had stormed the porn industry during her short but very popular career span.

She dons the eyeglasses as if she was born with it and looks absolutely stunning with her dark and broad framed glasses. 

Mia was born on the 10th of February 1993 and is just 25 years old. She was active during the period of 2014-2018 in which she literally ruled the world of porn. 

Mia Khalifa
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 158cm, Weight 55kg , Measurements 34E-26-40, Boobs Fake   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Acting, Caming

#14. Tori Black

Everybody knows the bombshell babe Tori Black but the ones who have seen her wearing glasses when she is enacting a porn scene and especially when she is all nude can actually describe how sexy she is.

You may also see her taking cum shot on her eyeglasses which is also a steamy scene to watch.

Tori was born in 1988 in the Seattle of the United States and soon set the world of porn on fire when she started her porn stint in the year 2007.

She is still active in the industry, and we believe that she can entertain us for many more years. 


Tori Black
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 175cm, Weight 64kg , Measurements 34B-27-38, Boobs Natural   
  • Awards:  Female Performer of the year (2010, 2011 AVN)
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#15. Dillion Harper

When you see Dillion Harper, you cannot help finding her cute and adorable. She looks like a girl with specs who has just passed out from school.

But not undermine her assets as she has got gorgeous boobs and equally stunning ass. 

This hottie is just 26 years of old and was born in Jupiter of the United States. She is still active in the porn business, and we expect to rage in the future.

Dillion Harper
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 165cm, Weight 114lbs , Measurements 34-24-36, Boobs Natural   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

#16. Ava taylor

Her real name is Rachel Bernard, and she started her porn career when she was just 18.
Her porn career lasted for only four years during which she performed various scenes with the glasses on.

Ava Taylor is a young porn actress who looks very seductive and gives steamy scenes back to back.

She looks like a nerd with the specs, and her cute face is too hard to resist.

Born in 1995 she gave up on porn very early in her age, but we expect a comeback soon as she is hot and cute at the same time. 

Ava Taylor
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 167cm, Weight 48kg , Measurements 34b-25-34, Boobs Natural   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling

#17. Cece Capella

A ravishing porn star of only 21 years, Cece Capella looks cute and sexy at the same time when she is wearing the glasses.

She is from the United States of America and was born in the year 1996. She is tall, slender and has the perfect combination of looks which a porn star must have. 

Beginning her porn career in 2015, she has spent only 3 years in the porn business, and we expect her to rule the roost one day.

One of the most amazing videos of Cece is when she did the anal sex scene for the first time.

She is active on the social media sites like Twitter and Instagram which enables her to remain in touch with her male and female admirers. 

Cece Capella
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 171cm, Weight 114lbs , Measurements 32D-24-32, Boobs Natural   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling

#18. Samantha Rone

She is just 24 years of age and looks tempting with her curvy body and petite figure.

What makes her more stunning is her green eyes and blonde hair that accentuate her looks to a whole new level.

She looks the best when she wears a pair of fashionable glasses and performs hardcore porn scenes.

Samantha is also known for her revealing porn videos where she shows her juicy ass and her milky boobs seductively.

Born on May 5th, 1994, Samantha Rone is just 24 years old girl with green eyes and beautiful blonde hair.

Her tits are all natural, and her seductive face has a story to tell. 

Samantha Rone
  • Website:
  • Stats:  Height 170cm, Weight 53kg , Measurements 32c-20-26, Boobs Natural   
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling

#19. Crystal Rae

Believe me when I say nothing looks better than Crystal Rae wearing glasses and taking a monster in her juicy pussy.

She has also named as Crystal Ray in few of her movies, and her career started in 2015 and ended in 2018.

Born on December 19th, 1996, Crystal Rae is just 21 years of old but acts like a professional porn star in the movies.

Her tits are all natural, and she flaunts piercings on her navel and tongue.

Her tits are all natural, and her seductive face has a story to tell. 

Crystal Rae
  • Website: None
  • Stats:  Height 154cm, Weight 50kg , Measurements 34D-26-32, Boobs Natural, Sun sign Sagittarius  
  • Awards:  None
  • Other Services:  Modeling, Caming

Final Thoughts

These were the porn beauties which look their best when they sport eyeglasses, sunglasses or any other eye wear.

They are already hot and want to add a hint of nerdy spark to their personalities, and therefore, they wear the glasses.

If you have someone else who looks as good as these porn stars after wearing the glasses, please share with us.

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