Top 18 Hottest Escort Porn Stars [updated 2023]

Looking for best pornstar escorts?

Escort services are generally the sexual favours and services provided by the escort agencies for the people who can afford it.

However, there are also some celebrity porn stars who are retired or still working in the porn industry who provide premium services to the special clients.

The services of these bombshells are worth buying simply because they are one of the most exotic beauties you will find across the world.

Here is the list of top escort pornstars who are simply the best when it comes to driving your sexual pleasures and fantasies to another level.

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escort pornstars

Top 18 Hottest PornStar Escort (2023): Pornstars who escort/pornstars for hire

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#1. Assh Lee

Assh Lee has a clean, curvy figure and a voluptuous body which is appealing enough to satiate your kinky desires.

Her rates are little on the lower side but her beauty and oozing sex appeal in worth every penny you spend on her.

She does not reveal her place, and it is you who need to call her down to your home.

She does not allow anal penetration, but you can have the other sexual fantasies fulfilled with the help of this 24-year-old crazy sex queen. 

Assh Lee only charges 1000 USD$ per hour which is way less than many other porn stars you will find on this list.

If you want to hire a pornstar then she can be the one for you.

  • Website:
  • Stats: 34B-sized breasts
  • Awards: AVN (2013 & 2014)
  •  Other Services: Video chats, cam shows, etc 

#2. Lara Onix

This tempting Russian seductress is something every man will dream in order to push every limit that could possibly be set before you.

This horny porn star is popular as hell and has the features that would create a stir in the loins of any male.

Her services are fairly priced but can provide many favours that would get you on the verge of doing things you have hardly imagined yourself to do.

Anyone would want to spend some horny time with this Russian sex bomb and she is fine with anal sex, lesbian sex and even can have sex with toys to please you.

Certainly, an inviting deal isn't she?

 She is just turned 25 and charges a whopping 800 EUR per hour!

Your search for pornstars for hire ends with her.

#3. Elen Million

Yet another Russian diva who could get you all melted up in a fraction of minutes.

Such is the sexual prowess of this lady that she could do it all without you even asking for it.

Her oomph factor is her petite body and generous breasts that could get your worries resolved in a matter of few seconds.

Moreover, she is very economically priced and also agrees for anal sex.

 This forty-year-old milf charges a mere 300 EUR per hour which is fairly less considering her mere sex appeal and the kind of escort services she offers.

Her pornstar booking are available, check craigslist alternative sites list for this.

#4. Natalia Starr

Finally, we have something to watch out for.

This amazingly stunning American porn diva is set you keep your loins swollen with lust and eagerness.

She can perform especially for you and her knockout figure, and sensuous face will make you think that you are daydreaming about her.

Such is the magnetic charm of this seductress that she is one of the most alluring escorts you will ever find.

Her mere bare body can send shivers of ecstasy down your spine, and you could possibly have her in your arms for hours if you want to get your wallets lighter.

However, she can also be your motivation to be a millionaire soon in the near future!

escorting pornstars are my favorite.

 She has just turned 26, and the rates for her escort services are hidden. That gives us a lot of reason to vouch for her, isn't it?
  • Website:
  • Stats: 32 * 25 * 33 inches
  • Awards: XBIZ (2014), AVN (2014 & 2018)
  •  Other Services: Porn movies, escort services

#5. Jessica Jaymes

Yet another classy porn star escort this rare beauty is sure to get your rocks hard and soon they can be flying too.

She has the body of a supermodel but does not think that she is skinny.

She has ample of flesh and curve at the right places and gets your kinkiest side out once you spend some time with her.

She also has a wide portfolio which includes her stints with popular porn studios like a penthouse.

She can spread your legs for you only if you are super rich or if you are a celebrity.

This super hot bombshell can make your nights dizzier and your days hotter with just a mere look of her super hot naked body!

She is barely 36, but she looks like in her twenties. She also does not permit for anal sex which can be heartbreaking for some of you guys out there.

Also, her rates are not disclosed which gives you one more reason to stop trying for her.

However, if you are filthy rich and want to have her on your bed, then you can definitely give a try.

She comes at top for best pornstar escorts.

#6. Irina Bruni

Want to get a lovely face and perfectly pouty lips on your thing?

Do not worry as this slutty seductress can make your sexual fantasies come true in a matter of seconds.

Surely her pussy lips are on the larger side, but this does not mean that she has been brutally used by her clients.

She is genetically gifted with large vagina lips and can drive your horses wild all the night and day long.

One more reason to have her is her all natural body which is nothing but ethereally beautiful.

 She is just 30, and her rates are very economical as she charges a mere 250 EUR per hour.

Want to get this babe now? Go get her!

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  • Website:
  • Stats: 32C-23-35
  • Awards:
  •  Other Services: Blowjob, Anal, double insertion scenes

#7. Angelica Heart

Do not take me wrong but her wide ass is something that every man can get a hard-on just by looking at it.

She has generous breasts too and can let out small gasps of lustful pain as you ride her like there is no tomorrow!

This hot beauty from London is more than just an escort, and she is pure beauty draped in a hot kinky outfit.

If you do not have the balls to go at her, you can just collect some pictures of her and start your journey towards happiness.

 She charges a modest 300GBP for an hour which means that her services are lot economical then people believe them to be.

You  will love this pornstar companions.

She can perform some kinky stunts just to please you and get you warm from below!

#8. Sienna Day

Sienna Day can give you unforgettable nights with her naughty smile and dirty look that can get your rocks hot and throbbing.

She has perfect lips that are big enough to wrap anything huge in between and can also melt them with their sheer suction force.

She has huge breasts to fall on, and her ass can get her to the top of any porn magazine easily.

She looks all wet and kinky and seems to ready to take a challenge without any issues.

Her inviting eyes and buxom body is something you could think of every night before sleeping, and her pink lips would get you craving for more of her. 

 She charges a nominal 350 EUR per hour which can be far less if you multiple the hours.

Such pornstar prostitutes will blow your mind.

  • Website:
  • Stats: 30 * 24 * 32 inches
  • Awards:
  •  Other Services: Porn movies, blowjobs, kinky scenes

#9. Honey Demon

If the voluptuous figure is on your minds, then Honey Demon can be the perfect grab for you.

Her lustful eyes, inviting smile and curvaceous body can get your money's worth, and her bisexual preferences make her all the more desirable to have in bed.

Her breasts are huge, and you can easily bury your face or anything else between them.

Her slutty body perfectly blends with her charming face and gets her on the top of this list easily.

Also, if you are a couple and want to invite a third member on your bed, then Honey is all game for it.

She also accepts long tours which makes her all the more tempting to have.

She oozes sex appeal from every part of her body, and her eyes are deep enough to make you fall in love with her.

 She charges 350 Pounds per hour, and this can be minimised if you increase the time span.

#10. Tifanny Russo

This blonde has something in her looks which is hard to find in the porn stars.

Yes, you have guessed it right, the innocence in her eyes is something magical, and you may want that eyes staring back at you in your intimate moments with her.

She has an exceptionally curvy body, and her hourglass figure can make you squirm with joy even before trying to get in her.

Her toned legs and blonde hair make her favourite of many and her bisexual preferences make her all the more interesting.

She is an open-minded girl and has featured with some of the top brands and names in the industry.

 She charges a very budget-friendly 350 Pounds per hour, and her flawless body makes her worth every single penny you spend for availing her services.
  • Website:
  • Stats: Height – 1.68m
  • Awards: Acted in more than 51 porn movies
  •  Other Services: Vaginal and lesbian sex scenes 

#11. Heather Vahn

If perfect figure and stunning looks get you going, then you must book the services of Heather Vahn as soon as possible. 

She is as stunning as her name is and her well-toned body, attractive face with a sharp jawline and mesmerising smile makes her bombshell hotty in the true sense.

She has got a figure to die for, and she uses it to her advantage perfectly.

Her long legs let you imagine the kinky things she can do for you and her flawlessly tanned skin make her look like a diva.

 You can get her in your bed by spending a few hundred pounds and believe me when I’m saying that she is one of the most exotic babes we have on this list!

#12. Jasmine Black

True to her name this plus-sized beauty has huge breasts and a charming face that urges you to have her as hard as you possibly could!

This sultry diva can get you off your senses with her dark and mesmerising hair and her classy features which make her a favourite of the plus size lovers.

She is curvy enough to set your mood right, and then you can dream of taking some liberty of her flirty nature and free minded spirit.

She is tall, well-endowed and has got everything a man dreams of.

#13. Zahia Dehar

Some escorts look like attractive dolls but do not think them to be shy and meek.

They are nasty in the bed and can get sparks from your body easily.

One such famous and rich escort is Zahia Dehar, and her appearance is almost like a cute, pretty Barbie doll.

Her angel-like face and a petite figure are enough to drive you crazy for her.

She has also trained her body to stimulate the look of a Barbie princess, and she even dresses like a Barbie doll during public events and occasions. 

 She is one of the best if we consider her divine and desirable body but mind you her services do not come at a cheap rate.

She charges 1200$ per rate which is pretty reasonable if we consider the rates of some models who charge on per hour basis.

  • Website:
  • Stats: 34E-23-35
  • Awards:
  •  Other Services: Softcore movies, porn modelling 

#14. Ms Maya Blue

Believe me when I say that the escort providing firms or even individual women have become truly professional in their approach.

A fine example of this is Ms Maya Blue who even has her own website which is filled with her pictures with price chart and the types of services provided by her.

She is a travel lover who continuously posts her pictures and updates on her website and social accounts.

Therefore, it provides convenience to her admirers to pre-book her according to her travel schedule.

 Her effortless charm and voluptuous body is something which we cannot miss, and she is followed by both men and women for the same reason.

She charges somewhere around 4500$ per night which can be very demanding for some of the men.

#15. Alina Percea

She looks innocent, has a voluptuous dreamy body and her smile is something which you cannot miss even from a distance.

Her cute face, smoking hot body, clean and attractive blonde hair makes her a perfect beauty who would make you weak in your knees by just glancing at you.

She entered the escort services industry in the year 2009 where she made herself available for an auction as she claimed herself to be virgin and therefore an un-plucked cherry was for the taking.

She even had medical examiners to confirm her virginity, and she managed to convert it into a big event which eventually made her a big name in the market of escort services.

 She charges a whopping amount of 8800$ per night which still can be afforded by a few filthy rich people.

#16. Just Kassandra

Some women are excellent companions who not just look for new clients but also like to take care of their needs and demands.

These types of escorts take special care of their clients and try to make all the arrangements that would make them happy and keep them satisfied.

One such natural beauty is Just Kassandra who is known for her hospitable and kind nature, but when it comes to providing top-notch escort services, she does not miss the plot.

She is a gorgeous beauty with an equally gorgeous body who can perform all the type of kinky things for you.

She likes to travel and have fun and is especially interested in the adventurous trips that would make both her partner and her wanting for more.

 Just Kassandra comes at a moderate price of 3000$ per night and her warm nature and stunning figure make her worth of every single penny.

#17. Ashley Dupre

She looks smoking hot and has an attractive body to back it up.

She has one of the sexiest faces you will ever find, and she can make you drool for her even by seeing her pictures.

She infamously is known for duping Eliot Spitzer for money which even had a bad effect on his name and career.

However, she benefitted enormously from this affair and later even featured in the magazines like Playboy.

She is known to be a real wooer in the bed and can get you doing some really outrageous sexual stuff with her.

Moreover, she has a hot body and charming face to back it up.

Eventually, she can turn out to, but you will have to be a little careful before hiring her services because she has a past mind it!

Although her curvy body and the voluptuous figure will always get her admirers from around the world who will be willing to pay a huge sum of money just to get her down on her knees.

 Ashley asks for just 4300$ per night and has the ability to fulfil all your sexual desires and fantasies.
  • Website:
  • Stats: 34B-25-35
  • Awards: AVN awards
  •  Other Services: escort services, porn videos

#18. Lauren

To end up this list of raunchy, naughty and desirable escort list, we have a mysterious call girl named as Lauren.

Little is known about her, but her sexual appetite and willingness to go beyond the limit is making her quite popular among the rich circles.

She is also well-known for her wit, sense of humour, sexy figure and overall charming personality.

She is deeply sensuous and can get you wanting her more once you spend some memorable time with her.

Lauren is available on chats and online forums to discuss the meeting and her services.

Her smoking hot body is something which you can never forget about, and her seductive looks and moves are enough to turn the heat on.

 Lauren is one of the most expensive escorts you will find, and she charges something between 12.000$ to 24,000$ per night.

However, her premium escort services and magnetic personality make her one of the most preferred escorts in the filthy rich circles.

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