Top 30 Hottest, Nastiest & Dirtiest Porn Stars (2020)

Acting in porn movies can itself be a nasty thing for many people, but our loving porn stars do not think that way.

They stretch their limit both physically and mentally and perform stuff for you that can be quite absurd, nasty and even filthy at times.

However, these things have kept the porn industry moving from decades, and one cannot deny the perverted pleasure they obtain when they a see a beautiful babe do all those kinky and dirty things that burst a volcano of lust in you.

Today we are presenting before your top 20 nastiest and dirtiest porn stars who have ever stepped in the porn industry.

These babes are not just slutty, but they uplift the porn to a whole new level and do things which you cannot even imagine them to be doing.

bonnie rotten

Before handpicking all of these nastiest and dirtiest porn stars, we actually thought of having a gala time checking them out. But to be honest, just the opposite has happened. You won’t believe how nasty these girls are!

They eat shit; they drink jar full of their own spit and all kinds of extreme things that you can’t even imagine! Anyway, if you go through the list, you will get to know about them.

Here’s that sinful list!

Top 20 Hottest, Nastiest & Dirtiest Pornstars (2020)

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When you see her first, you wouldn't imagine her to be doing filthy stuff, but when you see her cum covered face at the climax of a scene or movie, you get pretty convinced that she is a real slut.

She does bondage and anal scenes to perfection and has a fetish of eating cum like a hungry animal.

Now that's pretty gross, isn't it?

Maria was born on the 8th of Jan 1986 and is originates from Japan. She is a professional dick sucker and can even swallow the whole cum without even spitting once. 

She has piercings on her navel, clit and tongue which suits her personality well. 

Her career started in 2005 and ended in 2015 which means that she had a total of 10 years of porn experience.
maria ozawa

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Ava Devine is kinky to the core. She is such a babe who will not shy away from any hardcore scene be it even cum swapping with a fellow lesbian in a threesome.

What breaks the limit that she even takes in monsters of shemales in such a way that you think that she is really a dirty babe.

Born in 1974 in the Long Island of the United States, Ava Devine hardly looks like a woman who is 44 years old.

In fact, she is that perfect milf who can fulfil your nasty desires and kinky wishes effortlessly.

She has been in the porn industry since 2003 which means that she is active from more than 15 years in this business.
ava devine

She is a hot babe for sure but what makes her hotter is her hunger for dicks.

The can even manage more than 2 dicks at once, and sometimes she has dicks in all her holes at once. Indeed a nasty feat to even dream of!

Roxy is 29 years old and was born in the year 1989. Her hazel eyes and thick brown hair has a mesmerising effect on her fans, 

and her polite and friendly nature adds a different and desirable dimension to her overall personality.

Quite the opposite to her personality she actually is quite a nasty babe in the bed and can even perform dirty stuff with the sex toys.
roxy raye

With seductive tattoos, dirty ass hole and ability to push the limit in any type of hardcore scene, Bonnie Rotten is surely a babe who cannot be considered as a softcore actor.

She only prefers hardcore stuff that would drive her fans crazy for her.

Bonnie is just 23 years old as she was born in 1993 and comes from the United States of America.

What makes her special and unique is her absolutely absurd tattoos and ability to bear the pain of having her pussy and ass torn apart in group sex and orgies.

Her boobs are enhanced, and she is a professional is showing off her dirty assets to her fan in the most candid ways.
bonnie rotten

Amber can take a heavy pounding and can easily handle gangbangs when boys try to fill all her holes with their junks. 

Her double penetration scenes are worth watching, and you certainly cannot miss her slutty and horny expressions as she performs in those scenes.

She even went on to drink piss in some of her videos. Now, how gross is that?! A porn star from the U.S, Amber Rayne was born on 19th of September 1984 in Detroit.

Her navels her pierced, and she also dons tattoos on some parts of her body. Sadly she died in 2016 due to overconsumption of drugs. We miss her badly and pray for her soul.

Amber received numerous awards during her active porn career and was in great demand throughout her career.
amber rayne

Another porn star who loves gangbangs is Asa Akira.

She makes innocent faces as she blows a dick or gets nailed from behind which makes her even more horny and kinky.

She looked like an Asian but was born in the United States in the year 1986.

She started her porn career in 2006 and is still active which means that she can perform nastier and filthy scenes in the future.

Her double penetration scenes are well-known as she does that to perfection.

asa akira

Anita is a porn star who likes to get dirty and play to her audience.

She can take cum shots after cum shots on her whole body, tits, face, hair almost everything will be covered by the smut. 

What’s worse is that she can even drink it and she will open her dirty mouth even if you piss on her. She can be a turn off to numerous people who hate such cheap stuff even in porn.

Anita is a Hungarian porn star who was born in the year 1994 in Debrecen. She has got hazel eyes and brown hair and is not at all that pretty.

However, she is a perfect slut who can do pretty nasty things to please the pervert in you.
anita bellini

Adriana is a nasty Chechik and can squirt many times in a scene and create a messy scene for all of us.

You might see her in the softcore lesbian movies, but she gets really dirty when it comes to the hardcore stuff.

She releases her juices like an ugly slut who does not know decency but just wants the ultimate pleasure.

Adriana Chechik has performed several outrageous scenes in her porn career and has even been awarded for some of them.

She is also well known to perform nasty transsexual scenes and also features in anal sex movies. She started her career in 2013 and is still active in the business.

Adriana is just 26 years old and therefore, we need not be surprised if we see more of her filth in the future.
adriana chechik

#9. Bobbi Starr

Bobbi is a real nasty slut who can take a hardcore anal pounding and wouldn't mind inserting her head in a commode while doing so.

The pretty cheap stunt isn't it?

She is an American porn star and does all the dirty stuff just to some attention I suppose.

Bobbi was born in Santa Clara on 6th of April 1983, and at the age of 35 she is turning out to be a perfect milf.

She has also been awarded for her double penetration scene and has given some really outrageous scenes all through her active career which started in 2006 and ended in 2014.

You can now find this slut on social networking portals like Instagram and Twitter.

Bobbi Starr

Sasha Grey is a mainstream porn star who has now retired from the porn business.

Now she acts in mainstream movies instead, and we hope that she does quite well there as well.

However, would you believe that she was a slut all through her career and performed some of the kinkiest scenes ever?

You can see her in the anal scenes and licking cum shots and piss off a commode after some time which can be the ugliest of scenes for some people.

However, some people really did like her dirty moves and loved her for all these nasty things. Sasha is a 30-year-old retired porn star who started her career in 2006 and ended it in 2011.

She was pretty tall and very popular porn star during her regime, and she owns a huge fan following on many of the social media sites.
sasha grey

Bella Dona is an unusual porn star who has an extremely flexible body which can bend in various forms.

She is known to urinate on her co-star and has been featured in various anal films as well.

Her BDSM scenes are very filthy, and she does not feel guilty about any of them.

This 37-year-old milf had set the porn world on fire while she was active between the years 1999-2012.

She has her nose, clit and navel pierced and also flaunts tattoos on various parts of the body.

She has also won numerous accolades during her porn career which also includes awards for performing erotic lesbian scenes.

bella dona

Angelina Valentine is one of the dirtiest porn stars you will ever find, and the amount of filth she introduces in the videos is incomparable.

You may find her swapping cum with another female porn star in lesbian or threesome films.

Her videos are completely taboo for the people who do not like dirty stuff, and such people can even gag while watching the nasty things she does.

Angelina was born on 19th of September 1986 in Lexington of the United States and since then has been quite a nuisance creator in the world of porn.

She has a thing for tattoos and piercings, but she also looks like one of the dirtiest babes on the planet.

She started acting in porn movies in the year 2007 and is still pretty much active.
angelina valentine

#13. Houston

Houston is a veteran porn star who was well-known for dirty and slutty videos during her hay days.

She specialised in gang bang and orgies and can be considered one of the filthiest porn star to ever enter in the porn industry.

It is believed that in 1999 she filmed a video in which she had sex with 620 men in a row.

Now that’s pretty ugly as you just can imagine the amount of filth and dirt that must have been left in her private parts.

She was born in the year 1969 and has already crossed 49 today. She is tall, busty and still can produce some of the kinkiest porn ever.

Her porn career started in the year 1995 and is still busy in the porn shoots. She has also won the prestigious AVN awards in 2004 where she was inducted in the hall of fame.


Sandra Romain is another porn star who can be deemed as one of the dirtiest porn stars to ever feature in the porn films.

She has done several kinky anal sex and group sex videos in which she has been extremely nasty and slutty.

She can easily swallow shots of cum in her mouth and that too without blinking an eye.

She also specialises in bondage sex in which she does pretty nasty stuff with her partner or partners to be precise.

Sandra is a Romanian babe who started working in the porn films in the year 2001.

However, she had stopped working between the years 2008-2010 but soon started working in 2011 and she has been active since then.

Her busty figure is enough to set the bed on fire, and her nasty cum swaps can be considered to be one of the ugliest scenes ever.

sandra romain

Melissa Lauren has done some really nasty stuff in her porn career.

She has been seen having sex in public, has done many anal sex videos and also specialises in hardcore exchange of dildos and other sex toys in lesbian twosomes and threesomes.

Melissa is a 33-year-old porn star who is French by origin. She was born in the year 1984 and is 33 years old as of today.

She has piercings on her body, and she also loves tattoos.

She has moderate stature and has been awarded for her performance in group sex scenes.

She retired in the year 2008 and gave all the fans a big shock as she was quite young at that time.

melissa lauren

Katja is a 39-year-old milf who rides a cock like a real slut and who has a thing for dirty anal sex.

She likes to oil up and then have some real sex for it seems she likes to mess up things a bit too far.

Katja is a German porn star who has red hair and green eyes which is a pretty absurd combination in itself.

She started her porn career in 2003 and had completed her 15th year in the porn business this year. She has piercings on her navel and clit and also flaunts tattoos on some parts of her busty body.
katja kassin

A porn star from the Czech Republic, Nikita Denise is known to get nasty during her porn shoots, and she usually can be spotted playing with her clit and coming hard.

She also has a thing for cum swap scenes and has also been seen using a cum gun with a fellow lesbian porn star.

Nikita was born on 25th July 1976 and is 42 years old as of today.

She started working in the porn industry in the year 2000 and is still pretty much active.

She has also won awards for her group sex scenes, lesbian scenes and much more in her career and we expect more filthy stuff from her in the future.

Nikita is a tall porn star who has blue eyes and brown hair. She also has piercings on her clit and navel.
nikita denise

Aurora Snow is one of the hottest babes in the porn industry today but what defines her more is her ability to give filthiest of the scenes in the most convincing manner.

She gives the blowjobs most nastily and even eats cum like a pro.

She also does filthy lesbian movies where we can see her exchanging dirty saliva wrapped cum with her partner.

Born on November 26, 1981, Aurora has turned into a gorgeous milf, but we are sorry to inform you that she has already retired from the porn industry.

Her boobs are natural, and she has a thing for piercings and tattoos.

aurora snow

#19. Gauge

The gauge can be seen taking huge dicks in her mouth which can actually be described as mouth fucking.

She can even share her anus with two guys at once.

Also, she likes taking cum load on the face and can also be seen sucking two cocks at a time. She was born in the year 1980 and is quite a short babe.

However, she has big boobs and a busty figure enough to take your sweat out while riding her. She retired this year and can be always be remembered for her memorable threesome sex scenes.

Audrey Hollander is a nasty babe who has done pretty weird scenes all through her career.

She can take a cock deep in her throat and then she gives a nasty blowjob that fills her dirty mouth with cum and spit.

She also prefers threesome sex and anal sex are her favourites too.

 She is 38 years old and retired in the year 2015. Her boobs are natural, she is moderately tall and has been described as an anal queen by her fans.
audrey hollander

Holly Hendrix is a young petite girl who hails from the United States. But who would have thought that this small and absolutely adorable looking girl is into nasty shit!

She was seen drinking her own mug full of spit in one of the porn scenes.

She loves giving deep throat, and then she collects her spit to drink once she is done with the whole penetration thing! Something which is not just disgusting, but completely unbelievable! 

The model weighs 41 kg, and she is 4.10’’. Her hair color is brown, and her eye color is green.

Holly Hendrix
  • Age: 23 years

  • Female body shape measurement: 32AA-22-34
  • Twitter:
  • Website: NA
  • Networth: 1.2 M

One of the pornstars who would be termed nasty is Tory Lane. We mean, eating men’s cum looks fascinating but eating your own anal creampie!

Hold on! That’s what she is really into? We guess that’s the reason why she is called nasty!

Tory Lane was born on 30th September 1982. This dirty pornstar is from Florida, US. She started doing porn in 2004 and is still active.

Initially, she was into hardcore and stuff, but she never did nasty porn scenes. 

The model has an athletic figure, with brunette hair and green eyes. Her height is 5.6’’, and weighs 54 kg.

Tory Lane
  • Age: 37 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34D-24-32
  • Instagram: NA
  • Twitter:
  • Website:
  • Networth: 5 M

Do you like to see girls who self-fist their anal hard? If that’s the case, then get ready for the wildest anal fisting ever!

Roxy Raye is the girl who loves to get penetrated in her pussy, while self-fisting her butt hole! 

The woman who loves this kind of shit was born on 2nd June 1989 and is 31 years old now. Roxy is from Florida, USA. She has an average body built with 5’6’’ height and 58 kg weight.

Roxy Raye
  • Age: 31 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34B-27-37
  • Instagram: @ladyfruitloops 20K followers
  •  Twitter:
  •  Website:
  • Networth: 2 M

You know what we are kind of done with hardcore after seeing Katrina Jade. If you check out the porn content of Katrina Jade uploaded on EvilAngel, you will even switch off your computer.

She drinks her piss by inserting a pipe in her vagina! Now, can someone beat that? 

This beautiful nasty slut is from America, and she was born on 30th May 1991. She is 29 now and lives in Southern California. The actress began her porn career in 2014.

Katrina Jade
  • Age: 29 years
  • Female body shape measurement 30G-24-34
  • Instagram: @officialkatrinajade
  • Twitter:
  • Website:
  •  Networth: 3.5 M

Ophelia Rain is a fetish adult pornstar from Virginia, United States. Her birthday is unknown, and we guess she might be 30 years old, but we are not too sure.

You have got to know about all kinds of nasty pornstars, and Ophelia Rain’s videos don’t show much of an extreme other her pissing on the bed after cuming, but then what’s wrong with her body?

The only thing that intrigues us is her choices of tattoos! 

Ophelia Rain
  • Age: Unknown
  • Female body shape measurement: 34E-25-37.
  • Instagram: @ ophelia.rain 120K followers
  • Twitter:
  •  Website: NA
  • Networth: 2 to 5 M

Another fetish model that we have to get on our list is Joanna Angel. This one used to be an exotic dancer prior to joining the adult industry in 2004.

This pornstar was born on 25th December 1980, but she is not that holy as you would have thought her to be.

She is a satanic worshiper, and you can see her involving vicious circles in all of her sex scenes. 

Joanna Angel
  • Age: 39 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34C-24-34
  • Instagram: @ joannaangel 1.4 M followers
  •  Twitter:
  • Website:
  • Networth: 4.5 M

Jynx Maze is kind of new to the market, but then how can we forget her extreme sex scene where she eats her own puke?

Her scenes are very filthy, and we bet you won’t be able to keep watching her for a long time. 

Jynx is 29 years old, and she was born on 6th October 1990. The lady in the limelight is from California, United States. The model is 5.1’’ and weighs 50 kg.

Jynx Maze
  • Age: 29 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34C-25-36
  • Instagram: @jynxiemaze 298 followers
  • Twitter:
  • Website: NA
  • Networth: 5 M

Taking a look at this pornstar will make you feel like she is just the girl next door, but once you watch her full stuff, you will see other female counterparts smilingly drinking her piss! Just too much to handle. 

This lady was born on 22nd June 1991 and is 29 years old. Gabriella is from Illinois, United States. She weighs 46 kg, and her height is 5.0’’. 

Gabriella Patrova
  • Age: 29 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 32B-22-32
  • Instagram: NA
  • Twitter:
  •  Website: NA
  • Networth: 3.5 M

You can imagine two girls sucking one dick, but can you imagine one of them puking on the dick whole, giving deep throat, while the other touching the puke and giving a handjob.

No, right! But that’s precisely what happened with Karmen Karma. 

Karmen Karma was born on 5th August 1991, and she is 28 years old.

Karmen Karma
  • Age: 28 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34E-26-38
  •  Instagram: @itskarmenkarma 705K Followers
  •  Twitter:
  •  Website:
  • Networth: 2 M

Would you like to see cream pie coming out of someone’s butthole?

But what we will tell you about is that you get to see someone inserting cream cheese inside the anal whole? Well, that’s Chloe Amour for you. 

Chloe is quite active on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The pornstar was born on 30th May 1991 and is 29 years old. The height of the model is 5.3’’ and weighs 48 kg.

Chloe Amour
  • Age: 29 years
  • Female body shape measurement: 34B-26-30
  • Instagram: @RealChloeAmourTwitter
  • Twitter:
  •  Website:
  •  Networth: 2 M

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