Top 30 Hottest Arab Porn Stars (2020)

Pornstars need to have a well-toned figure, a charming face and features to die for.

Looking beautiful is just not good enough for them as they have to be on the top of their game which makes men crazy for them.

The middle eastern women were away from the porn industry or at least people liked to think so, but the world was stunned when the petite model Mia Khalifa got into the porn world and had men drooling over.

The men then realised then real beauty of these naturally endowed women, and so we are presenting to you a list of top 20 Arab pornstars today!

Arab Pornstars

Top 30 Arab Pornstars (2020)

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Audrey Royal is a young Middle Eastern beauty who will make you horny due to her exotic looks. Her juicy tits, cute face, and sexy figure make her one of the hottest pornstars of recent times. 

She is tall, busty, and is a firmly built woman who will mature like a good wine over the years. She is currently working for Brazzers where you will see in nasty and erotic porn scenes. 

Bondage, vaginal sex, and blowjob are some of her favorite things that she performs to perfection in the pornos.
Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Stats: 34A-25-35
  • Nationality: American

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Lexi Bloom is a charming adult actress who is good enough to be a leading lady of even mainstream cinema. 

She was also known as Abby or Ashley in the initial years of her career but later she changed her name to Lexi Bloom and got famous in the adult entertainment industry. 

She is mostly into roleplay and lesbian movies and you can recognize her from her tattooed left forearm that has Chinese letters written on it. Her porn career started in 2010 when she was 21 years old.

Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 5 feet 1 inches
  • Stats: 34B-24-36
  • Nationality: American

Persia Pele was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982. She started acting in porn movies in 2008 and is still very much active very much. 

You can spot her sexy performances on popular porn portals such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Penthouse, and much more. The center of attraction is her firm and big tits and flat tummy that makes her look fit and athletic. 

She has acted in over 50 porn films till date and has also been nominated as the best female actress at AVN Awards, 2010.

Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Stats: 34DD-24-34
  • Nationality: Iranian

Ameera Ghosein is a beautiful model and porn actress who is loved by porn admirers around the world. Her Middle Eastern ethnicity makes her look special and her perfect looks make her suitable for all kinds of porn ventures. 

Her long and thick hair, brown eyes, and pretty face complement her sexy body and make her look more gorgeous.

Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Stats: N/A
  • Nationality: American

Aysha Dama is a good looking porn actress who is moderately tall and busty. Her Mediterranean ancestry and naturally endowed boobs make her look special and a rare beauty in the porn business. 

She has acted in several hardcore movies and you can spot her in some lesbian scenes as well. Blowjobs, anal sex, and vaginal sex scenes are some of her specialties. 

You can also find her masturbating or self-pleasuring in some clips.
Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Stats: 34D-24-36
  • Nationality: Spanish

Alexa Loren is a stunning bombshell who hasalso worked as an amateur model before stepping in the porn world. 

Her mix Spanish and Egyptian ancestry make her look even more exotic and her curvy figure makes her an object of fantasy for porn admirers. 

She has a busty body and her tits are perfectly natural. This MILF has also performed by the screen name Seksyseema in some porn movies.

Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Stats: 34D-24-38
  • Nationality: Spanish

Carmel Moore is a stunning beauty who looks unique due to her mixed British and Iranian ancestry. She was born in East Sussex, England and started performing in hardcore porn movies in 2004. 

Her last porn movie was released in 2011 and she was never seen in porn ventures after that. She has also received the award of best actress in 2007 for her adult film ‘Hug a Hoodie’. 

She was also in the modeling industry and also participated in a reality TV show in the UK before entering the porn business.
Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Stats: 34C-26-38
  • Nationality: British

Kimber Kay is an American by origin but she has acted as an Arabic woman in several porn videos and flicks. This and her Arabic looks make her worthy to be added in this list. 

Apart from the screen name Kimber Kay, she has also acted in some pornos by the name Jada Sky. Therefore, if you don’t find any porn titles by the name Kimber Kay, you can also type Jada Sky to watch her hot performances.

With a decent height, mesmerizing looks, and busty figure she is one of the sultriest models in this list.

Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Stats: 32C-25-36
  • Nationality: American

Loona Lus is an exotic beauty who has been in the porn industry since many years. She has mainly been a part of the French porn movies but she also acted in popular American porn ventures of Evil Angels, Jules Jordon, etc. 

She was born in France but has her ancestral roots in UAE. She is also acted by the screen name Luna lux and Loona Luxv. 

A veteran in the porn industry she has been captivating the dark fantasies of men and women since a long time. Therefore, we definitely had to add her to this list of hottest Arab pornstars.
Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Stats: 36DD-25-36 
  • Nationality: American

Mulani Rivera is an Arab pornstar who has acted in several American porn movies since 2009. She is a beautiful lady with sharp facial features and a busty body.

Her boobs are natural and her hazel eyes and brown hair compliment her personality perfectly. You can see in the porn movies of leading porn studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Twistys, etc. 

She is becoming more curvy and sexy as the years are passing and we would like to watch more videos of this hot milf in the coming years.
Jasmine Arabia
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Stats: 34C-24-32
  • Nationality: American

A porn celebrity with a controversial image, Jasmine Arabia has been a crowd puller in the porn industry for many years.

She was born in the year 1990 in Morocco and has been an active participant in the porn industry as an actress, producer and even as a direction in the X-rated films.

She has also been found guilty along with her husband for the sexually abusing the minors.

Her active career in the porn industry was between the years 2010 to 2014, and she will always be remembered for her overly bold and kinky avatars during her career in the porn films.

Jasmine Arabia

Something is so special of this beauty of the Algerian decent that you can instantly feel drawn to her ethereal beauty.

She had a short stint in the porn industry from 2010 to 2012 but has made a significant impact on the minds of porn lovers.

Her buxom butts and shapely breasts make both men and women fall for her, and she gets that thing going perfectly for her.

She has been a star in the adult industry and will continue to rule the hearts of many for a long time.

Her attractive sex appeal sets her apart from many and her hourglass figure kindle a feeling of jealousy among teenage girls and women.

Dolce Elektra

Her dark and sensual hair locks, heart-melting eyes and heart throbbing figure have made her a star in the Arab porn world for a long time.

Her amazing height of 173 cm brings more gait and charm to her personality, and her inviting lips let you imagine the things which she can do to you without any difficulty.

She had started her porn acting stint in 2000 and featured in several porn movies and flicks till 2005.

Her Syrian roots give her a unique look and personality which can be matched by only a few of her contemporary porn stars.

She can get you weak in the knees just by posing nude, and you will imagine her in all the compromising and inviting positions you have imagined her to be in.

She has now retired from the active porn industry, but her fans can view her in some of the memorable porn movies that she has been featured in.

Yasmyne Fitzgerald

Want to admire a body of a young chick who has perfect height and a figure that can get both men and women weak in their knees?

This 1989 born bombshell is one of the most stunning beauties you can find in the world of porn.

Her buxom figure and shapely assets can make guys burn with lust even as they are watching her in one of the porn flicks.

She has an Arabic tattoo which she proudly flaunts on her right wrist and makes her fans aware of her great Arab lineage.

She has also featured in the Penthouse edition of May 2014, and her killer sex appeal and charm makes her stand out from the rest.

Jasmine Caro

True to her name this Egyptian beauty has an angelic body and cute face.

Her striking features are set of piercing eyes and her heartwarming smile.

She was born and brought up in California of the United States, but there is a certain Middle Eastern charm to her that gets her featured in the list of Arab porn stars frequently.

She has an acted in the quite some hardcore movie franchises such as Penthouse, Hustler, etc. and gets the audience move with her seductive mannerisms and fabulous body.

She acted with her husband William Angel most of the times who also happened to manage her.

Sadly enough, she retired from the active porn industry in 2010, but you can still find her in many of the midnight porn action flicks.

Her petite and lean figure is her main advantage, and she flaunts it perfectly enough to turn the eyeballs of the viewers.

alicia angel

Born on March 17, 1985, this Lebanese beauty is sexy enough to set your body on fire. Her huge breasts and milky complexion has certainly been an advantage to her in the porn industry.

However, she is much more than just that.

She has appeared in Naughty America, and other huge porn franchises of the U.S. Her raw sex appeal and lustful eyes can turn on the heat and even the ladies do not want to miss this beauty in action.

She started her porn career in the year 2003 and had changed her on-screen name a couple of names since then.

There was a time when she used to be referred to as Katie Weale in the porn industry and at some point, she was also called as Katie Amara.

However, the name Katie has been associated with her all along.

She means business when she performs her moves and advances in the scene and gets both men and women engrossed in admiring her.

Katie Kaliana
  • Stats: 34DD-26-34
  •  Other Services: Interracial porn videos

A striking beauty who has perfect and shapely assets is Nadia Paris. Her Algerian roots make her look almost mysterious, and her raw appeal is something you cannot miss.

Her long waist length hair, appealing dusky complexion, smooth skin, and well-endowed breasts make her seducing enough to lure the imagination of anyone.

He butts are inviting and make you squirm with ecstasy if you happen to see her perform some of her seductive moves.

Her killer looks and magnetic personality enhances her sex appeal and makes men think about her when they are lonely at nights.

She has a perfect body for a pornstar and can even overshadow the top bikini models.

Nadia Paris

Get a glimpse of her rack once, and you will never miss it again. See her in all her nude glory and get your cravings for a perfect milf get fulfilled.

Her sweet yet seductive lips and smile make you imagine all the filthy things she can do for you with them. Do not miss her petite ass and wide breasts which make you think of having them over you.

Her Italian and Lebanese origin makes her all the more tempting, and her piercings and tattooed body make her look like a lioness ready to take big lions.

Moreover, these tattoos are nothing but sex positions which make you imagine things you have never imagined with your bed partner!

She can get you nasty on the bed and can awaken your hunger for passionate sex which cannot be just imagined but to the point where it starts to feel like real!

Ricki Raxxx

If big tits are the things that get you drooling over, then you must definitely search for this porn star.

Born in the year 1990 in Morocco she has been an ace model and is known for her playful yet seductive moves that make men open their jaws wide in anticipation.

Her dressing sense has always been like that of a tease, and her black hair mesmerises you as you see more of her.

Her wheatish white complexion suits her body tone well, and her perfect hips and bottom make you crave for her.

However, her best assets are her breasts that are so huge because they are not natural but enhanced to tingle your rocks.

She could be seen in various hardcore movies where she flaunts her kinky style and lustful sex positions that drive your sex hunger to the zenith.

Her sheer appearance oozes sex appeal, and she makes your heart pounding for her without you knowing about it.

Nadia Montana

Jayden Cole is one of the most ravishing superstars when it comes to the porn world.

Her amazing Milf like appearance makes her all the more lustful and you think of spending some close and personal moments with her.

She is curvy at the right places, and her amazing milk jugs can make you really thirsty.

The smirk on the face when she performs the filthy scenes are something that you must look for, and that is surely going to take you over the edge.

Her height and athletic build can get you asking for more favours from her in your perverted dreams.

jayden cole

Basically, a petite porn star hailing from the Middle East, Allie Jordan is one of the most alluring beauties we have on this list.

Her sexy moves and perfect lean figure make her one of the most desirable sex bombs on this list, and her angelic face just adds up to her hotness quotient.

Her extremely passionate lovemaking scenes and hardcore scenes can make anyone think of nailing her right there and then.

She has the ability to turn on the devil in you, and you will not think twice before losing your heart to this sexy girl.

Her cute and adorable looks can provide fodder to some of your kinkiest fantasies where you can drive your physical needs by just looking at her.

Get your most passionate self on as this girl can lurk your dark imagination effortlessly and make you her sex slave without even you knowing about it.

allie jordan

Her tanned skin, piercing eyes, and shapely figure make her one of the most desirable in the adult film industry. She started her porn stint in 2003 when she was 18 and made the most out of it.

Her hot moves can make anyone squirm with passion and her dirty tricks suit her personality perfectly.

To her credit, she has some of the most sensuous and lustful scenes which are blended with the acts of dirty play and kinky roles.

She has also worked with some of the biggest names and producers in the porn industry which made her the huge porn star she is today.

Zeina Heart

She is one of the most followed porn actresses in the world and is especially known for her killer looks and shapely figure.

Her exotic looks and sexy features elevate her sex appeal to altogether another level, and her angelic face gets her all those browny points in the magazines which are specially meant for the men.

Her pouty lips and her curvaceous ass are her best features, and she tops it up with a killer attitude and skimpy attire.

She is an Algerian beauty who has had her stint as one of the most beautiful pornstars in the Arab or Middle Eastern section of the porn world.

Before being featured in the entertainment industry, she had polished her skills and expertise at the swinger clubs.

It gave her more exposure to the striptease clubs which eventually made her the sex bomb she is today.

Anissa Kate

Mia Khalifa is certainly one of the most recognised faces in the porn industry.

With her little stint in the porn world, she has managed to amass a huge fan following from both the male and female admirers.

Her lean body with oversized breasts and huge shapely buttocks make her that sex goddess we always have dreamed about.  

We simply cannot take our eyes from her stunning features even if she is just seen sipping a cup of coffee in her pictures.

Such is her impact that most of the people started watching porn more as they started hearing about her explicit sexual videos.

Mia Khalifa

She has also been one of the favourite child of controversies as she was also spotted in a porn video in which she had sex wearing a traditional hijab which belongs to the Islamic culture.

She is still widely followed on Twitter and Instagram, and people go crazy for just getting a glimpse of her naked body.

Hot ass, curvy figure, lean and shapely legs, full lips, dark hair, and a tempting figure is what makes this Lebanese babe stand out in the Arab section.

She began her career in 2006 and ended it in 2015. However, she is still well-known for providing her escort services in Los Angelas.

Her well-toned body and flirty looks are enough to give you goosebumps at the right spots, and voluptuous body can make anyone crave for her.

You can find her numerous softcore and hardcore videos that are enough to set any horny soul on fire.

Her eyes are simply captivating, and her large breasts are ready to grab your attention at any point.

She looks superbly hot even if she wears a full-length dress or one piece which speaks volumes about this Arab sex bomb!

Amy Anderssen

A beauty from the land of Pakistan, Nadia Ali surprises everyone with her bold looks and oozing sex appeal.

What makes her stand out is her perfect features, face to die for and the sexiest looks she gives after wearing some of the kinkiest clothes.

Her attractive figure and a goddess like a face make her even more desirable especially for the men of Asian descent.

She can turn on the heat by just flaunting her hot figure and what can get you going is her naughty smile and flirty looks that are enough to end your day in a happy way.

Nadia Ali

This extremely fit and figure conscious lady is one of the hottest Arab pornstars you will ever find.

Her black hair, seductive and sharp features, and a voluptuous yet well-toned physique have made her one of the most appealing beauties of the Arab porn world, and her sensuous lips and killer eyes make her feature amongst the top in the world of sexual fantasies.

Anyone would like to grab some kinky pictures and hardcore videos of this absolutely sensational and divine hotty from the Middle East.

However, she can surprise you with her Lebanese charm and manners.

Jasmine Caro

Get ready to have your fantasies fulfilled as this porn queen has a magical charm to her face and her sensual dusky body is something your eyes can’t get enough of.

Her plump ass and her large breasts are enough to turn the heat on but what makes this porn beauty unique is her ability to push you over the edge with her seductive moves.

Moreover, she has the zeal to go hardcore and perform almost everything from orgies, interracial sex and loves to experiment with different positions.

She loves to flaunt her buttocks, and it is kind of inviting to the sex-hungry guys who are not able to take their eyes off her curvy features.

Shazia Sahari

A sensuous face and an equally mesmerising body are what she has got, and her perfect lips have that seductiveness to make anyone dream about her.

When she had started her porn career in 2011, she was barely legal as she was just 20 years back then.

Her dusky yet radiant complexion has equal impact on both men and women.

The moment she described herself to be a bisexual everyone went crazy for her, and her perfect hourglass figure is what makes her stand out from the rest.

Her ample breasts and a charming face can make any teenager fall in love with her, but her obnoxiously sexy body is what gets her ahead of everyone else.

She has a pout to die for, and her sex appeal can get anyone wanting to see more of her kinkiness.

She has also admitted that she likes having sex with older men as they are more adventurous as compared to young guys according to her.

Gabriella Paltrova

Alexa Loren frequently features in the softcore porn movies and is known for her curvaceous figure and astounding features.

Her huge breasts and equally plump yet tight ass is something which makes her both visually and sensually appealing.

She has got the right curves at the right places which make men think about her in the kinkiest ways.

She does not participate in the hardcore stuff but has managed to attract the eyeballs of both men and women.

She has that perfect figure which makes one fantasise about her in their most perverted fantasies.

Who would not love to spend some steamy moments with this love doll and her oomph factor is something you must all watch out for!

Alexa Loren

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