Top 20 Pornstars Born in 2000 and 2001 (Updated 2020)

Are you done watching the faces of regular and old pornstars?

Then this is the right time to check out some fresh faces, and by fresh, we mean the pornstars who were born between 2000 and 2001.

Believe it or not, but we have reached an age where we are going to jerk off staring at pornstars who are hardly 20 or 21 years of age!

But age doesn’t matter if these pornstars can feed us the right porn content.

If the lady on screen is 18 plus, then there is nothing wrong watching them enjoying a good fuck. 18 is the legal age, remember!

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The list that we have prepared for you will only include girls who are adults which means the girls who were born between 2000 and 2001, so don’t worry about seeing some extremely young girls with no tits at all!

These fresh faces are exceptionally refreshing, and yes, all of these ladies know how to please the camera. Because after all, the people checking out their actions on screen are none other than us. So, all we need is a nice-looking face with considerable assets and even better fuck!

We know for sure that there are more than 20 porn stars who were born between 2000-2001, so what we are going to list here are those top 20 pornstars. The ones everyone should know about and should definitely check out.

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And you know, it is a real hard work to find out about porn stars, research about their age and then publish them here, so to make things simple, we are going to list the top 20, and we guess you will be satisfied to know about them.

The girls that you are going to read about are new to the industry, and that’s why they have not done a lot of porn scenes. These barely legal girls are all set to take the porn industry by a storm because they are hot, sassy, and sexy!

Go on and enjoy the list, and don’t forget to check out some of their porn content on the internet.

The List of Top 20 Hottest Porn Stars Born in 2000-2001

Autumn Falls

We can’t think of anyone else, but Autumn Falls to begin our list. She is one of the best pornstars who has recently joined the porn industry. 

The fresh face has already gathered a lot of fans because of her killer looks and sexy body.

People might even think that she is mature; however, this bombshell was born in 2000. Autumn has already performed in quite a few porn movies with some famous pornstars, and we enjoyed watching her big boobs bouncing while getting fucked hard.

If you love girls with buxom bodies and you would like to see a fresh face, then Autumn Falls is your girl. The new girl in town is all set to give you a hard boner.


Mia Melano

The next on our list is none other than Mia Melano. This blond chick is yet another a young pornstar. She has got a fantastic body and is blessed with a beautiful face. Be careful if you have a girlfriend because she might feel jealous if she sees you jerking off looking at Mia’s naked body.

Mia has got big natural boobs, and she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup in any of her porn videos. Her videos are available to watch on If you want, then you can check here once before entirely ditching her!

She has done a few scenes with Mick Blue. You will love what you see because Mia is a pro.


Aria Sky

You might have already seen Aria Sky. This pretty babe has the potential to become a famous pornstar. We can bet that this lovely babe is going to rock the porn industry with her charming looks and massive jugs.

She has a curvy body, and her boobs are God gifted. If only we could feel her! Isn’t she someone who we would like to date and have sex with day and night? The red-head cutie has appeared in some of the most popular porn scenes, and she is already dominating the teen-porn genre.

The porn star is from the United States, and you will get to see her unshaved pussy in most of her porn scenes. We believe in comparison to other pornstars who were born in 2000, Aria is one of the best.

Interview with Aria Sky


Britt James

Who would say that Britt James was born between 2000 and 2001? 

Just look at her sex scenes, and you will know why we are bewildered. Britt has massive boobs, and she gives nice blowjobs as well. She is new to the industry, and we are sure that she will soon become a well-known face.

She is good with cock sucking, she can do exceptional doggy style fucking, and finally, she has got some fantastic looks as well. You can find her in many adult sites. Just type in her name, and you will see some of her scenes.

We have warned you; she is a horny babe, and she will give you a hard-on in just a few seconds.


Scarlit Scandal

Do you have a thing for ebony babes, then how about checking out some hot scenes of Scarlit Scandal? The ebony star was born in 2000, and she is a sexy girl! The new pornstar has eaten a dozen dicks, and equally hot dudes have fucked her.

Well, we don’t know how long she would like to be in the porn industry, but looking at the amount of porn content she already has, we guess she is here to stay. Scarlit has a pussy that one would like to destroy, and that’s what she enjoys the most.

The crazy babe is not shy at all to pose naked and show off her dirty pussy in front of the camera.

Scarlit Scandal - 2020 Adult Entertainment Expo


Kate Fresh

Kate has Fresh in her name, and this fresh face looks adorable. Lots of older men have fucked her petite body, and her piercing eyes ask for a lot of attention. The blonde hair that you see is real, and she was born in 2000.

Kate has appeared in many nude photo-shoots, and she doesn’t mind taking off her panties and clothes. Kate is all game for anal sex, and she doesn’t mind sucking a dildo to give you a hard-on. You can find her content on

Although, you need to be their member to start exploring her content.

5 Top Porn of 2019 + Interview with Pornstar Kate Fresh


Ashley Red

Why do some of these young pornstars look like 30 years olds? Take a look at Ashley, and you will question if she is indeed that young?  Well, she is perfect for those who prefer mature looking babes. She might look older mainly because of her makeup, we guess.

The pornstar was born in 2001, and she is ,by far, the best young pornstar who is good at giving blowjobs. Ashley started her debut with an anal scene, and that made us watch her more and more. She is good at fucking scenes.

Unlike fresh faces who scream a lot when they fucked, Ashley is more of a silent taker. If you are a PornHub Premium member, then her content is available there!

Interview with Ashley Red


Eva Elfie

Do you know where we discovered Eva Elfie? Well, on Pornhub under the teen porn category. The moment we saw her there, we couldn’t wait to explore her videos. Eva is magnificent, and her body looks flawless.

The pornstar is blessed with beautiful, big, and round boobies. She has hit the jackpot with her breasts because only a few young nude models have breasts like hers. Her content is available on PornHub, just in case if you’d like to watch her in some action.

If you love to watch a fresh and young face, then Eva can make you happy.


Gabbie Carter

If you haven’t explored Gabbie Carter’s porn content yet, then you have no idea who is leading the charts in the young pornstar category. Gabbie is probably one of those fresh faces who rose to fame within a short time.

The moment she debuted, Gabbie became a pornstar sensation! She has got the looks of a superstar, the perfect body, and the skills of a professional pornstar. She loves to fuck, deepthroating is her genre, and she enjoys  getting fucked by massive and hard dicks!

Ever since her first appearance, people have wanted to see more of Gabbie. She is one performer no one should miss. Her creampie scenes are the best. Check her out today!

Interview with Gabbie Carter


Mackenzie Mace

Born in 2000, Mackenzie Mace didn’t just jump into the porn industry instantly. She was exploring her taste when she figured out that she wanted to become a pornstar. Sounds interesting, right! She was launched pretty recently, and she has got a super cute face.

Did you know that Mackenzie Mace is into meditation and yoga, and she loves to cook as well? Well, now we know the secret of her charming figure! When it comes to porn, the genres she loves are cowgirl, doggy style, deepthroats, hardcore blowjobs, and she enjoys pussy eating, also.


Emma Starletto

Emma Starletto is a pornstar who was born in 2000, and she is one dirty girl. She is not someone who will clean shave her pussy. She likes to be all-natural. She is from the United States, and often she is seen with her mouth wide open while getting fucked!

We found it kind of funny, but it was arousing at the same time. She enjoys what she does, and porn has not changed her mind. As we said, she likes to be all-natural, and she has done nothing to her body to please others! Way to go, Emma!

She might not come across as the best for a few of you, but Emma has done many good porn scenes that are enjoyable.

The Kinky Pornstar and Her Journal - feat. Emma Starletto


Melody Parker

We loved Melody Parker’s round and pure ass! Not kidding, this young babe has a gigantic ass that you would like to spank. Although her tits are kind of small, her ass has compensated for her breasts perfectly.

She tried her luck in the porn industry when she turned 17 but got kicked out. Later, when she turned 18, she never returned to her normal life.

Most of the young pornstars who are born in 2000 and 2001 usually don’t prefer interracial, but Melody was daring, and let the gigantic black penis destroy her soft vagina. Her content is available on PornHub Premium, and you can check her sucking and fucking mature men there.

We are positive that you are going to enjoy Melody’s porn content.


Aubree Ice

Since there are many pornstars born in 2000 and 2001, we don’t think everyone deserves to be on our list. But, one young pornstar who has all our attention is Aubree Ice. She was born in 2000.

However, some porn sites mention her birth year as 2001. Nevertheless, Aubree is young, and she is hot! She made her debut in 2018, and she is darn cute! This Asian babe has got beautiful smokey eyes, and she loves to suck cock.

Do you know that Aubree has worked with many bid adults’ brands already, and that includes Naughty America as well? We would like to see more of her porn content, and we can’t wait for Naughty America to publish more of her porn scenes.


Aria Lee

Girls who are born in 2000 and 2001 are cute, and we all agree on that, but if you say that Aria Lee is nothing but an average teenager, then you better not be here because she is one of the best teens pornstars out here!

Pornstars who are born late don’t have a lot of porn content, and the same happened with Aria Lee as well. There is just a handful of them, but whatever we have is fantastic! She has done more porn scenes than most of the others of her age.

She has small tits, but a pair of fine asses. The girl enjoys rough banging, and she loves to insert dildos for the solo scenes. Rumours say that she is all set for some amazing porn content, and they will be published in a few months! Well, good news for us.

Aria Lee in RealHotVR SFW


Natalie Knight

Natalie Knight is determined, and she wants to be nothing else, but a famous pornstar once she grows old. Well, we would also like her to follow her dream because this beautiful young diva can perform exceptionally well when she has sex.

Unlike other pornstars where you get to hear fake moaning, Natalie keeps everything real and natural. You will see that in her scenes, she is enjoying with her partner, and her love for sex makes the porn video better. 

The gorgeous girl has beautiful big boobs that bounce hard when she gets fucked. And not to forget, Natalie is blessed with a nice pair of booties also. She is a girl who can not only give men a hard-on but can even make straight girls fascinate about her in bed.

If you don’t believe us, then believe her growing number of fans because she has a massive fan base who are rooting for this young pornstar and follow her for more porn videos. We are one of them too!

Pornstar with a Cardi B Connection - feat. Natalie Knight


Audrey Hempburne

The best part about these young babes is that all of them have got an adorable smile. Who would have thought that these cute looking girls are looking forward to sex and nothing else? One such cute looking girl is Audrey Hempburne.

Audrey joined the porn industry a few months ago, and in the initial videos, she performed only solos. Then she joined the hardcore banging scenes that included creampie as well. 

Audrey has got a sweet and caramelized figure with silky soft skin and beautiful boobs and big buttocks. We do feel that she is one babe everyone should look out for as she is gaining a lot of popularity, and very soon, will be seen in more and more porn scenes.

Interview with Audrey Hempburne


Hannah Hawthorne

Hannah Hawthorne is also one of the most popular young pornstars! The porn star who was born on August 17, 2000, and is of the legal age has done some nasty porn scenes. She featured in many solo nude photoshoots, as well as a softcore scene, also.

However, it didn’t take her time to enter the hardcore domain. Her male co-star make her sit down on her knees to suck his cock, and she seems to be enjoying that in her videos. She gives amazing blowjobs to her partner before getting into the real deal.

All we have to say about this young pornstar is that she is slutty, and enjoys fucking.

Interview with Hannah Hawthorne


Lena Reif

Lena Reif was born on April 1, 2000, and once you take a look at her, you will say that she is gorgeous. She loves to get her pussy licked, and Lena has enjoyed fucking some of the famous male pornstars of the industry.

The porn star is of Ukrainian nationality, and has tried almost every porn genre.

Lena has got a slim body with lovely round boobs, and her nice juicy ass is to die for. The young pornstar gave us a slutty “fuck me” vibe when we watched her porn movies, and that made us going, and that’s why she has won a space in our list.

Even though Lena started her career with softcore porn, she soon tried hardcore domain, and she enjoyed every bit of it.


Megan Marx

If you love to see spoiled brats getting banged by mature men, then you should check out Megan Marx. She loves to take in huge and massive dicks inside her tight pussy, and she doesn’t regret it for a single moment.

Megan is active on her social media platforms, and she keeps her fans entertained through her hot selfies and stories. The adorable darling has a soft spot in our hearts because the way in which she moans is way better than some of the professional pornstars.

We did feel like Megan has a good appetite for sex because she has appeared in quite a few adult films. She likes to stretch out her legs quite wide so that her partner can fuck her well. Megan is into the hardcore stuff, and you will get to see her doing a lot of anal scenes, as well.

Pornstar Introductions feat. Megan Marx


Natalia Queen

The last pornstar on our list is Natalia Queen. A cute looking young pornstar who was born on September 2, 2000. Don’t judge her because she is the 20th in our list; she is no less than a fierce competitor to the other young bombshells.

Natalia’s adult videos will tell you that she was born to be in this industry. She has a beautiful body and her perky tits have a lot of stories to tell.  

She is someone who loves to suck cock and ride thick and meaty dicks. She is a pro when it comes to hardcore fucking.

We enjoyed her video, and we are sure that you are going to enjoy watching her sex scenes as well. If you want more of Natalie, then you should try out her interracial porn content, as well. She is into all kinds of nasty stuff that will give you a hard-on!

Pornstar Introductions feat. Natalia Queen

In Conclusion

So, it is time for us to wrap up with these top 20 young beauties who have entered the porn industry pretty recently, and all of them are already doing good.

Some of these young divas are, in fact, better than professional pornstars, and we can only imagine how soon they are going to replace some of the known faces. Well, we are sure that many other young girls would like to try their luck in the porn industry, but not everyone is as lucky as they are!

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