Top 20 Best 90’s Porn Star to watch in 2023

Looking for some nostalgic excitement? 

If you're a fan of 90's adult entertainment, we've got you covered. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we present the top 20 best 90's porn stars to watch in 2023. 

These icons of the golden age of porn have withstood the test of time, and their performances are still as captivating as ever. 

From their alluring beauty to their undeniable talent, these stars continue to make a lasting impression. 

So, sit back, relax, and let's explore the cream of the crop of 90's adult stars.

Top 20 Best 90’s Porn Star to watch in 2023: Hottest 90’s Porn Actressess

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20. London River

London River, the blonde bombshell who lit up the adult entertainment world!

London's known for her BDSM performances, which have earned her a devoted fan base. And let's not forget those piercings - they add a whole other level of sex appeal to her already stunning look!

Her fans can't get enough of her hourglass figure, which is why she's become one of the hottest stars in the game.

  • Years worked for: 8
  • Body stats: 5'7" (or 170 cm), 134 lbs (or 61 kg), 34DD-26-35
  • Video types: MILF, BDSM, anal, lesbian, and interracial
  • Video types: MILF, BDSM, anal, lesbian, and interracial
  • Awards:

    • 2011 Winner Audience Award Best Foreign Actress

    • 2010 Winner Banff Rockie Award Best Made-for-TV Movie

    • 2009 Winner Silver Berlin Bear Best Actor

19. Kristi Lane

Krista Lane, a former German porn star who made a name for herself in the mid to late 1980s. She moved to the United States and became an American citizen, but her German roots gave her a unique look that her fans loved.

Krista had brown hair and stunning hazel eyes that could mesmerise anyone who looked into them. 

Though she's no longer in the industry, Krista Lane is still remembered for her stunning performances and unforgettable looks.

  • Years worked for: 5
  • Body stats: 5'6" (or 167 cm), 108 lbs (or 49 kg), 35-23-36
  • Video types: Gonzo, Solo, Interracial
  • Awards:

    • 1988 Winner AVN Award Best Actress

    • 1988 Winner AVN Award Best Sex Scene

    • 1987 Winner AVN Award Best Shot-on-Video Sex Scene

18. Tracey Gibb

This is a retired British porn star and adult model Tracy Gibb.

Tracy was born in London, and her natural brown hair and stunning blue eyes made her stand out from the crowd. But let's talk about the real star of the show: her boobs!

Nowadays, Tracy is no longer in the business, but her fans still remember her fondly.

  • Years worked for: 3
  • Body stats: 5'4" (or 162 cm), 40-25-35
  • Video types: Big tits, brunette, gangbang

17. Skyla pink

Skyla Pink is a self-proclaimed "little sexy fairy" who loves to show off her porcelain tattooed body and her "pink" in a variety of ways. Skyla is petite but packs a punch when it comes to her adult content. 

For those who want even more intimate content, Skyla also has an OnlyFans page where fans can subscribe for exclusive access.

So if you're interested in seeing more of Skyla Pink's naughty side, head on over to her website or OnlyFans page today.

16. Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise is a stunning blonde adult model hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. She is a petite and delicate model, but she's got curves in all the right places.

What sets Sarah Louise apart from many other adult models is her all-natural breasts, she proves that natural beauty is just as captivating as enhanced assets. 

Sarah Louise's blonde hair frames her delicate features perfectly, and her stunning blue eyes captivate her fans with every glance.

  • Years worked for: NA
  • Body stats: 5'3" (or 160 cm), 121 lbs (or 55 kg), 34B-24-36
  • Video types: Cumshot, Blowjob, Anal

15. Danielle rogers

Danielle Rogers is a name that's been etched into the history of the adult entertainment industry. She was a true pioneer in her own right, making a name for herself in a time when the industry was rapidly expanding and becoming more mainstream.

Her natural beauty, combined with her slender frame and enhanced breasts, made her an instant hit, and it wasn't long before she was in high demand.

  • Years worked for: 12
  • Body stats: 5'9" (or 175 cm), 34-24-34
  • Video types: blonde, big tits, creampie

14. Jeanna Fine

Jeanna Fine is a former adult film actress and exotic dancer who made a name for herself in the porn industry in the 1980s and 1990s. Jeanna began her career in the adult entertainment industry at the age of 21.

Jeanna disappeared from the industry for a brief period before re-emerging as a brunette in 1990. In her lesbian scenes, she was almost always the dominant partner.

  • Years worked for: 17
  • Body stats: 5'7" (or 170 cm), 136 lbs (or 62 kg), 36D-24-35
  • Video types: anal, group sex, lesbian, and BDSM
  • Awards:

    • 1999 Winner AVN Award Best Actress - Video

    • 1997 Winner AVN Award Best Non-Sex Performance: Bi, Gay or Trans - Video

    • 1996 Winner AVN Award Best Supporting Actress - Video

    • 1996 Winner AVN Award Best Actress - Film

    • 1992 Winner AVN Award Best Actress - Film

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13. Renee Summers

Renee Summers

Renee Summers, also known as Cheri or Cherri, is a retired adult model and porn star from Prairie Village, Kansas. With her stunning red hair and curvy figure, she began her career in the industry in the early 80s and worked for over 20 years. 

Renee has since kept a low profile and left the adult entertainment industry in the late 90s.

  • Years worked for: 22
  • Body stats:  5'2" (or 157 cm), 33-25-35
  • Video types: classic, oral, anal, and group sex
  • Awards: 1986 Winner XRCO Award Lascivious Lesbian Scene

12. Katja Kassin

Katja Kassin, the fiery redhead from Germany who knows how to take it in the rear! She's got a great set of fake boobs and some amazing green eyes that can seduce anyone.

She's got some cool tattoos, including a cat with wings on her right upper arm, a winged tiger on her shoulder, and an inside wrist piece.

We'll always remember Katja as the badass babe who knew how to take it to the next level.

  • Years worked for: 15
  • Body stats: 5'1" (or 154 cm), 126 lbs (or 57 kg), 34D-24-36
  • Video types: anal, interracial, and gangbang
  • Awards:

    • 2009 Winner AVN AwardBest POV Sex Scene

    • 2006 Winner AVN Award Best Solo Sex Scene

    • 2006 Winner XRCO Award Orgasmic Analist

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11. Sierra Lewis

Sierra is a stunning black MILF porn star with a body to die for. Her luscious brown hair and deep brown eyes are enough to make any pirate's heart skip a beat!

Sierra is known for her natural breasts and her adventurous spirit, as evidenced by her various piercings, including one in her clithood! She's also got a tattoo of a ying-yang symbol on her left shoulder blade.

So let's raise a glass to Sierra Lewis, the stunning Ebony Vixen and talented MILF porn star!

10. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz, the blonde bombshell who's taken the adult entertainment industry by storm!

Her stunning looks and impressive figure made her a hit in the industry, and she quickly rose to fame as one of the most popular porn stars of her time.

Nikki is known for her curvaceous body, with her signature 34DD enhanced breasts stealing the show in many of her scenes.

After 17 years in the business, Nikki retired in 2019, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most beloved and successful adult entertainers of all time.

  • Years worked for: 17
  • Body stats: 5'6" (or 167 cm), 129 lbs (or 59 kg), 34DD-24-34
  • Video types: Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Facial, Hardcore, Lesbian, MILF, Threesome
  • Awards:

    • 2016 Hall of Fame

    • 2015 Winner XBIZ Award Crossover Star of the Year

09. Jenna Jameson

Born in Las Vegas in 1974, Jenna had a wild childhood that eventually led her to become a stripper.

After some nude modelling, Jenna entered the adult film industry in 1993 and became one of the most well-known porn stars in the world. Known for her signature move of oral sex, Jenna won all three major industry awards and was one of the most profitable stars of all time.

  • Years worked for: 21
  • Body stats: 5'6" (or 167 cm), 120 lbs (or 54 kg), 32E-22-33
  • Video types: anal, lesbian, solo, group, feature, and gonzo
  • Awards:

    • 2007 Winner AVN Award Crossover Star of the Year

    • 2006 Winner AVN Award Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film

    • 2006 Winner AVN Award Best Supporting Actress - Film

    • 2006 Hall of Fame

    • 1996 Winner AVN Award Best New Starlet

    • 1996 Winner AVN Award Best Actress - Video

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  • Instagram:
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08. Elodie Cherie

Elodie Cherie is a fiery French beauty who took the porn industry by storm in the early 90s.

Although it took a few years for her films to make their way to the other parts of the world, Elodie's unforgettable performances eventually earned her a legion of fans on both sides of the pond. And while she did dabble in some non-porn projects, Elodie always returned to her true passion: hardcore sex on camera.

  • Years worked for: 9
  • Body stats: 5'6" (or 167 cm), 121 lbs (or 55 kg), 36-26-36
  • Video types: anal, lesbian, group sex, and interracial

07. Amber Michaels

This blonde bombshell hails from Bavaria, Germany, but made her mark in the world of adult entertainment in the good ol' USA. With a career spanning over 20 years, she's earned quite the reputation as a fetish model and porn star extraordinaire.

While she may have hung up her modelling career, she's still very much a part of the adult industry community.

06. Gina Colany

Gina Colany, the gorgeous German beauty also known as Tiziana Redford. With her striking black hair and brown eyes, she was a real head-turner. 

Gina was in the game for a whopping 20 years, starting out as an adult model in 1988 before transitioning to MILF porn and eventually becoming a full-fledged porn star. She was known for her enormous fake 44F breasts that left her fans drooling, and her left breast even had a little tattoo on it!

  • Years worked for: 20
  • Body stats: 5'4" (or 162 cm), 140 lbs (or 64 kg), 44F-28-36
  • Video types: big breasts, vintage, and classic porn

05. Heather Hart

This American beauty has gone by many names, including Heather Hunt and Shannon White, but she's always been known for her natural 36D bust and tall, slim frame. With her brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Heather is a sight to behold.

She may have retired from the adult industry in 2000, but Heather's performances are still memorable to this day. From topless and bush to full frontal, she wasn't afraid to show off her body on camera. And when it came to girl-on-girl action, Heather kept it soft and sensual.

  • Years worked for: 10
  • Body stats: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m), 114 lb (52 kg),36D-24-35
  • Video types: lesbian, threesome, and anal

04. Celezte Cruz

This dazzling blonde adult model and porn star is a true sensation in the industry, and it's easy to see why. 

This slim beauty has curves in all the right places, boasting a jaw-dropping cup size that will make your jaw hit the floor. And those eyes? Brown and mesmerising, they'll draw you in and leave you wanting more.

03. Rebeca Linares

Rebeca Linares, the spicy Spanish starlet who set the world of adult entertainment ablaze with her sizzling performances. She's got that classic Mediterranean beauty with dark brown hair, mesmerising brown eyes, and a killer smile that can make any guy or girl go weak in the knees.

Rebeca was a bisexual babe who loved to play with both men and women on camera.

02. Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is a woman of many talents, quite literally. This mixed-race bombshell (primarily Asian) has done it all - from being a Penthouse Pet and a Hustler Honey to owning her own porn production company, Teravision. 

With her naturally slim body, black hair, and captivating brown eyes.

Oh, and did we mention she's also a published author and has appeared in a horror film? Tera is truly a jack-of-all-trades.

  • Years worked for: 15
  • Body stats: 5'9" (or 175 cm), 121 lbs (or 55 kg), 36-24-36
  • Video types: lesbian, anal, big tits, interracial, threesome, MILF, and Asian.
  • Awards

    • 2009 AVN Hall of Fame 

    • 2002 AVN Best Tease performance

    • 2001 AVN Winner Best New Starlet

    • 2009 Winner XBIZ Award Crossover Star of the Year

    • 2001 Winner Hot d'Or Best American Actress

01. Sarah Young

Sarah Young, also known as Sarah Louise Young, was a true vision of beauty in the 90s porn industry. With her long, flowing brown hair, captivating brown eyes, and a curvaceous body to die for, it's no wonder she was such a sensation during her time.

Sarah had a naturally petite and alluring frame that was accentuated by her impressive breasts. And let's not forget about her signature bush, which added a touch of natural charm to her already stunning appearance.

  • Years worked for: 9
  • Body stats: 5'3" (or 160 cm), 110 lbs (or 50 kg), 36E-24-36
  • Video types: anal, group sex, lesbian, and interracial.
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