Top 29 Hottest Fit and Athletic Porn Stars (2020)

There are some chubby porn stars in the industry, and some of them are very skinny and thin. All of them are sexy in their way, but some porn stars consider fit and sexy.

These porn stars are so passionate about their bodies that even the women love to maintain six-pack abs and shapely biceps.

Nevertheless, these porn stars look damn hot and sexy and there are huge numbers of people who prefer to see their porn videos.

Today we are discussing such porn stars who keep their bodies toned and sexy all the time. They hit the gym every day and spend hours keeping themselves muscular and shapely.

The sweat and time they put in do not go waste as they have some of the steamiest bodies in the porn business.  Let us take a look at this super steamy and sweaty list:

Top 20 Hottest Fit and Athletic Porn Stars

Top 29 Fit and Athletic Pornstars (2020)

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Cory Chase


We have listed these pornstars from least to best for the convenience of our readers. Let us look at some of the fittest and most desirable pornstars right now:

#29. Sydney Hail

Sydney is truly a gem of the crown that is specially crafted for fit and bold pornstars.

She is relatively new in the adult entertainment industry but her gorgeous figure and amazingly toned body make her one of the best looking babes in this list. 

Her abs are well defined and look strong and her thighs are wide, muscular, and big enough to hide the small pussy she has in between.

Overall, she is the owner of the best body in this list according to me. 

Sydney Hail

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#28. Lexi Luna

Lexi Luna looks sexy from top to bottom. Her slim waist, washboard abs, and huge breasts make her a sex doll of our creamy nights! 

Moreover, she also has a cute face and a charming smile to impress you all. Lexi has played the role of a stepmom in numerous taboo porn flicks and she seems to enjoy being a tough mother of a needy son. 

Lexi Luna

#27. Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza has a large and flat stomach and the massive tits that are round and tight make her one of the hottest additions in this list. 

She loves to workout in the gym and seems to have sweated out every ounce of fat from her hot body. Esperanza is also tall and needs a well-endowed man to quench her slutty desires.

Esperanza Gomez

#26. Paige Owens

Paige Owens has such a fit body that even her pussy seems to be on a diet plan. Her abs are fully visible and her perfectly round ass and tits make her look like a sex goddess. 

If you see Paige in her gym outfit then you will imagine her in all the porn movies that feature babes getting fucked in a gym.

Overall, she is a treat to watch especially as she sheds clothes to bask us in the glory of her sheer hotness. 

Paige Owens

#25. Mia Bandini

With 8 pack abs, slim body, and strong frame, Mia looks perfect in every which way you look at her.

She is made for those POV films that show ladies getting mauled from an upclose angle. 

She also participates in bodybuilding shows and competitions and therefore deserves to be on this list of fit and hot pornstars.

Mia Bandini

#24. Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves is a perfect amalgamation of hot looks and sculpted body. She looks fit, muscular, and strong enough to bear any amount of pain while getting penetrated in her holes. 

She has recently joined the porn industry but has managed to impress millions of people and even porn critics consider her as the next big thing in the porn industry.

Kenzie Reeves

#23. LeoLulu

If you are searching for a hot pornstar with muscular thighs and ass who can make your penis drool with sheer excitement then you have to take a look at LeoLulu.

She not only has a great fit body but she also carries it well and looks like a ravishing babe who has come right from the gym for shooting porn movies.


#22. Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri has an adorable body and a flat stomach with little bit fat on either side. No, these aren’t love handles by slight slagging of skin that appears like wrinkles as it loses some fat.

Her sculpted body, thick thighs, curvy bottom, and amazing fitness make her one of the most desirable pornstars in the adult entertainment industry.

Khloe Kapri

#21. Gianna Dorr

Gianna Dorr looks fit with a flat stomach, toned legs, and a pretty face that does not have extra chubby cheeks but it also does not look too flat or plain. 

However, we have not placed her on the top because she doesn’t have chiseled abs that many other pornstars of this list have.

Gianna Dorr

Some porn stars have sultry looks while some are just beautiful. Brianna is a stunning babe who is both sexy and gorgeous at the same time.

Born on 1st December 1982, Brianna is a sexy babe who has got it all when it comes to her personality.

She has got a naturally toned body, and we do not know what she does to maintain it so firm and nice.

She has done breast implants and has an impressive height to carry her sexy body with grace.

Brianna Jordan

Blanche is that perfect girl in the who can take your big pole in all her holes without breaking a sweat.

She is huge, has got a chubby ass and her amazing flat stomach makes her look all the more fit and attractive.

 Born on 15th of September 1988, Blanche has just turned 30 and age has not seemed to have played any role in her hot body as of now.

She started acting in porn movies in 2012 and still is going great. Her slim figure and huge boobs make her look like the perfect fuck doll we all want to get on our beds!

Blanche Badburry

Alix Lynx is the luscious babe who has got flesh and muscles at the right places.

She works on them regularly, and at the age of 29, she looks like that perfectly ageing milf who can satiate all our sexual desires.

 Alix is an American porn star who is known for her slutty scenes and sexy blue eyes.

Her blonde hair and her perfect physique add eternal charm to her personality, and she specialises in bondage sex scenes and blowjobs as well.

Alix Lynx

Inari Vachs is a special mention in this list. When we see her getting hammered by a huge dick, we cannot help but notice her sexy body fleshy thighs.

What is more attractive is her amazing stomach which is as hard as a nutshell. Inari was born on 2nd of September 1974 and is a blonde babe who has become a sexy milf now.

Her boobs are natural, and she still maintains her sexy figure with great care.

Inari Vachs

Fit body and ink on that is the perfect combination which made us add Sandee Westgate on this list.

Her amazing boobs and fit body is good enough to give any bodybuilder woman a run for her money.

Sandee has a kinky face which suits her sultry body to perfection. She was born on 5th of May 1979 and has a toned body right from her teenage days.

However, she has made it sexier by spending some time in the gym, and maybe all the sex works in her favour as well.

Sandee Westgate

Ashton Blake is a bombshell who does not have that kind of flexed arms or chiselled abs, but she has a perfect body and fleshy thighs which made us add her to this list.

Her fleshy tits are firm enough, and she impresses us with her slutty moves in her porn movies. Ashton has decent height and a busty figure.

She was born on 31st December 1972 and has sexy brown eyes and brown eyes that look good on her.

Ashton Blake

Like her name, Kendra Lust has an amazing body which demands instant attention and love. She has one of the most voluptuous bodies, and she maintains it well with regular exercise and acrobatics.

Her sexy ass and as her abs press against each other while she is being nailed is a treat to watch.

 Kendra started acting in the porn movies in the year 2011, and her athletic body helped all the way to become a successful porn star she is today.

Her masturbation and solo scenes are worth watching, and her amazing performances in both the hardcore and softcore movies make her fans vouch for her.

Kendra Lust

Jewels Jade has biceps that even male porn stars wouldn’t mind to have. She is so fit that her body does not show a single ounce of fat whatsoever.

Her attractive face adds more oomph to her beauty, and she knows how to make it work in her hardcore scenes.

Jewels Jade started acting in the porn movies in the year 2001 and was awarded Miss February 2011 by the Penthouse Pet of the year.

Her height is average, but her busty figure is one of her prime assets. Jewels like to keep her pubes trimmed and excels in performing masturbation scenes.

Jewels Jade

We all love Brandi Love for the amazing and sexy milf she is. Her toned and muscular biceps, tight abs and firm buttocks are enough to tell that she slogs hard in the gym.

She is one of the most popular porn stars of all times, and her sex appeal comes from those efforts she has put in over the years in maintaining her hot voluptuous figure.

Brandi started her career in 2007 and still is very much active in this industry. Brandi is tall enough and has got long blonde hair which accentuates her appearance.

Her busty body and enhanced boobs are some of her finest assets using which she has attracted a huge fan following.

Brandi Love

Nicole Aniston can very well be considered as a future porn star, and her sexy and fit body has enabled her to reach this far.

With a bouncy ass, flat abdomen and superb skin tone, this babe can make any guy dream about having her. She hits the gym regularly, and we love to see her in nude.

 Nicole is a 31-year-old milf who started her career in 2010 and has been part of numerous hit porn ventures.

She has acted in both softcore lesbian movies and hardcore movies and also has won numerous awards during her career.

Nicole Aniston

Sarah Jessie looks like she spends most of her time in the gym. She is athletic, busty and has got the right spirit to make it big in the porn industry.

Her abs are one of her finest assets, and you can see more of her in the lesbian and solo masturbation scenes which she performs like a pro.

Sarah was born on the 26th of December 1977 and started working in the porn industry in 2006. She has decent height and a toned body which suits her overall personality.

She likes to keep her underarms and pubic hair clean and shaved and features in both hardcore and softcore porn movies.

sarah james

AJ Applegate has a naturally gifted body, and her amazing tanned body suits her athletic body perfectly.

Her Brazilian ancestry gives her that amazing looks which complement her sexy body to perfection.

She expertise in anal and lesbian sex movies and we love her for everything she has got.

AJ Applegate was born on 23rd September 1989 and is height is a little less than average, but she makes it up with her sexy figure and tones muscles.

Her boobs are natural, and she has piercings on her navel which makes her look sultrier.

AJ Applegate

Marie is yet another ebony babe who has a slim body, but her toned arms and tight abdomen make her look unique.

She works on her body quite a lot and has a firm ass and a sexy body. Marie was born on 10th of May 1981 and has long black hair which makes her appear more gorgeous.

She is an American babe with decent height, and her overall muscular look made us add her to this list.

Marie Luv

Diamond Jackson is the ebony porn star with a voluptuous body and sexy thighs. She is not only busty, but her toned body makes her appear extremely hot and tempting.

Her huge tits and big biceps are her selling point in the porn movies, and she can be seen a lot in the interracial porn movies.

Diamond is already 52 years old but still has an awesome body and acts in the porn movies as well. She had good height and started acting in the porn movies in 2007.

Her blowjob scenes, anal sex scenes and other types of hardcore sex scenes are very popular among the porn lovers.

Diamond Jackson

Abigail Mac is a stunning beauty who also has a passion for keeping her body fit. She is short in stature, but that does not stop her from being one of the sexiest porn stars ever.

Her athletic build and perfect assets make her look like a model, and when you see her flexing her muscles, you cannot help but admire her.

Born on June 2th 1988, Abigail's hometown in Baltimore of the United States. Her huge boobs are enhanced, but they look perfect on her slim body.

She has acted in both softcore and hardcore movies and is active on social media sites.

Abigail Mac

Haley Ryder has such a chiselled body that you can even count her abs. Her perfect body and athletic body is enough to turn you on, and her slim body accentuates her enhanced boobs to perfection.

 Born on 8th June 1988, Haley is a wonderful babe who has got the right body and a charming face.

Her blonde hair accentuates her overall look and appeal, and her toned muscles are capable of igniting a fire in any porn scene.

Haley Ryder
  • Stats: 34D -24-36
  •  Other Services: live shows

Amia would have been a bodybuilder if she wouldn't have been a porn star, but we are lucky to see in her full glory when she performs in the hardcore porn movies.

With amazing biceps and toned muscles she certainly has that body which most women will crave to have.

 Amia was born on 23rd November 1990 and has an average height, but her perfect muscled body and luscious ass are her plus points which she uses to her advantage perfectly.

She has piercings on her tongue, navel, and lower back and even on wrists which speaks a lot about her kinky personality.

Amia Miley

If you have ever seen Cory Chase, you would be amazed by her voluptuous body that is great shape and form despite her being on the heavier side.

Her abdomen shows the fact that she does plenty of crunches and her body is athletic enough to make her the perfect milf you are searching for.

 Cory was born on 25th of February 1981 and has a moderate height and busty figure.

She had started her porn career in 2009 and had done breast enlargement surgery to enhance the size of her breasts.

Her brown hair and blonde hair give her a unique look which is hard to find elsewhere.

 Cory Chase

 Franceska Jaimes is a porn star who has got a chiselled body and toned muscles that make her look almost like a bodybuilder.

She has round, and firm ass and her boobs are full and huge yet much toned. If you like a porn star who can dominate male co-actors, then Franceska is the babe you must look out for.

 Franceska was born on 20th September 1985 and was awarded Miss April 2011 by the Penthouse Pet of the Month. 

She started her porn career in 2006 and is still actively participating in the porn ventures and projects. She has artificial boobs, but that goes well with her voluptuous body.

Franceska Jaimes

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Janet Mason is a redheaded porn star who at the age of 51 is still as athletic and fit as she was in her teens.

She can be seen in a huge number of filthy and dirty scenes, and stepmom threesome sex scenes are her speciality.

Janet was born on 8th of April 1987 and is known for her toned body and flexing muscles. She started acting in the porn movies in 2000 and still works for many production houses.

She has below average height, but her sexy body has made her one of the favourite milf porn stars ever.

janet mason

Final verdict 

We have shown you some sexy, kinky, and most fit babes of the porn industry. These babes not only have a body to die for but they can make all the women and girls jealous with their sheer sex appeal and charm. 

The icing on the cake is their passionate performances in porn flicks and hardcore movies. Therefore, we recommend you to type a few of these names every time you visit a porn site and if you like what you see, don;t forget to bookmark their profiles!

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