Top 24 Hottest Austrian Porn Stars (2020)

Austria is a beautiful German-speaking nation with huge mountains and nature covering all the sides.

One of the best aspects of this country is its diverse culture and diversity can be seen in the types of people living here as well. You can find all sorts of women here who are fair skinned, dark skinned, tall, blonde, fat, chubby, slim and much more.

The mix of cultures gives these Austrian women a spectacular look which can be even considered to be mystical and rare in some instances.

The porn stars of Austria carry this rare beauty and prove to us why they are unique and sexy in their special way.

Here we are presenting top 20 Austrian porn stars who are not only sexy but have entertained the people over the years with their splendid display of passion and talent.

Elena Rotter

Top 20 Austrian pornstars

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#1. Anna Rapnik

Known for her stunning beauty and striking looks, Anna Rapnik is one of the few porn stars who can allure the audience with just one look.

She is just 26 years old and has beautiful blonde hair which makes her looking enchanting. She was born in Graz and loves to flaunt a spotless body without any tattoos or piercings.

Her blue eyes can impress anyone, and her soft, luscious skin is one of her prime features.

She excels in soft core videos and stripteases where she reveals her special assets and features in a most seductive manner.

She has not appeared recently in any of her photo shoots or videos, and therefore we are not sure if she is still an active porn star or not.

Her tits are natural which means that she has not done any piercings as well. 

Anna Rapnik
  • Stats: Height 174cm, Weight 117 lbs, Hair blonde, SunSig Sagittarius 
  • Other Services: Modeling, Stripping

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#2. Black Sophie

Born in Vienna, Austria on the 4th January 1990, this 28-year-old porn star has one of the most inviting asses you can ever get.  

Her hazel eyes and her black hair give a mystical look to her overall appearance, but she ended her career in 2018 soon after she started it in 2015.

However, she is still active on social sites like Twitter and Instagram and her fans can follower her through these social network portals.

Her hot piercings on her navel and clit add to over overall sex appeal, and she is one of the more successful porn stars that hail from Austria.

You can find her videos on the sites like Porn hub, and she is currently living in the United States.

Black Sophie

#3. Mary Wet

Though not a hugely popular porn actress, Mary Wet is still one of the sexiest porn stars who are petite, lightweight and at 25 she looks perfect.

She was born in the year 1993, and her boob implants give a more fuller and prominent look to her overall personality.

Her brown hair color and deep brown eyes compliment her looks and mostly prefers to have her vagina well-shaved and clean.

Her slim body type makes her look curvier, and she certainly is one of the gorgeous porn stars when it comes to her beautiful face.

She excels giving mind-blowing blow jobs, and her pretty face makes the process all the more hot and sensual.

 She is still active in the porn industry which means that we can hope for more steamy pictures and hot videos from this hot babe.

Mary Wet
  • Stats: Height 162 cm, Weight 99 lbs, Breasts 34D, Sunsign Cancer 
  • Other Services: Stripping, Modeling 

#4. Sina Velvet

Craving to see some Austrian milfs? Here is one! Sina Velvet was born in 1984, and her black eyes and blue eyes give her a raw sex appeal.

She is very tall and standing at 6 ft tall she can dominate both the men and women with ease. However, she is moderately sized and does not look fat or chubby at all.

Her lean physique makes her look all the more ravishing, and she loves to give her pussy in doggy style and cowgirl position.

 She is active on almost all the famous social networks as she is active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram.

 Her unique tattoo on the tailbone gives her a kinky look especially when someone is banging her from behind.

Sina Velvet
  • Website:
  • Stats: Height 6 feet, Weight 69 kg , Breast 34D, Sunsign Leo 
  • Other Services: Stripping, Modeling 

#5. Kamikatzerl

Also known as Kitty Kamikatze this Austrian porn actress is of the Caucasian origin.

Her enhanced boobs give her a stunning personality, and her slim body type accentuates her looks to a whole new level. 

Her brown eyes and hair give her an appealing look and the girl next door pretty face makes her the unusual porn star who can surprise you all with her sexual appetite by fucking the brains of her partner in the scene.

She is moderately tall, and her weight is also average, but her slender waist improves her sex appeal and increases her ability to bear the pounding in style.

Her top feature is her almost round and adorable tits which make her look fucking adorable and sexy.

She is still active in the porn industry which means that we can expect to see more of her in the future.

  • Stats:Height 162 cm, Weight 123 lbs, Measurements  34C- 24-35, SunSign  Pisces
  • Other Services: Stripping, Modeling, Camming 

#6. Crystal Klein

Crystal Klein is yet another milf from Austria who can seduce the hell out of you with her amazing body and even more amazing breasts.

Her Caucasian ethnicity gives her unique looks, and her perfect height and features give her an altogether different gait to her personality.

She was born in the year 1981 and continues to be active on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook.

 Her porn acting career started in the year 2007 and soon ended in 2010 leaving us all in utter despair.

She had also won the penthouse pet of the month in the March 2015.

Her almost flawless skin is without any marks of piercings or tattoos and her natural boobs give her the charm we all love her for.

Crystal Klein
  • Website:
  • Stats: Height 170 cm, Weight 125 lbs, Measurements – 34B-25-35, Sunsign  Libra
  • Awards: Penthouse pet of the month March 2015
  • Other Services: Stripping, Modeling

#7. Sexy Ria

Already into a lot of hardcore stuff and kinky videos, this 29-year-old bombshell was born in the year 1989.

She impresses us all with her beautiful hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She is tall, light in weight and her lean figure makes her one of the most stunning porn stars of Austria.

 Sadly, her brief acting career ended this year, and she was also known by the names Ria Hill and Ria Kill during this period.

However, you can still get to see her on the social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter where she updates her fans regularly of the latest proceedings in her life.

Sexy Ria

#8. Patricia Rhomberg

She is a blowjob specialist and is one of the kinkiest porn stars of the Austrian origin.

She was very popular in the 70’s era as her short career of 1 year from the year 1975 till 1976 promised a lot to the porn lovers of that time.

She can be still seen in some of the vintage blow job scenes that can even put the modern porn stars to shame.

Born in the year 1953 she was also known by the pen name Patricia Ragga during her porn career.

Patricia Rhomberg

#9. Nicky

Her blonde curly hair and innocent looks can make anyone fall for her. Nicky is one of the few porn stars who have a gifted body thanks to her Austrian origin.

She is best known for her masturbation videos and has a classy, sexy body that can put any model to shame.

She is one of the better lookers in the history of Austrian porn stars, and little is known about her acting career except for the fact that she is Austrian and has done quite a few porn flicks.

 If she had a more decent name of surname for that matter, we could have done a better job of finding her details.

  • Stats: Hair blonde & curly, Boobs Fake 
  • Other Services: Modeling, Camming, Stripping 

#10. Mila Milan

Another porn star of Caucasian origin, Mila Milan can be spotted with her almost trimmed boy cut hair and tattooed body.

Born in Klagenfurt of Austria she has a decent figure, and her fake boob implants accentuate her overall sex appeal.

You can easily find her videos on Youtube, and she is also active on Facebook.

Her green eyes and blonde hair give her a magnificent look, and any guy can dream of having her beneath him in the most private moments.

 She started her career way back in 2009 which means that she has almost completed a year in this industry.

Mila Milan

#11. Renee Pornero

Renee Pornero is a beautiful Austrian porn model who is known for her steamy and raunchy scenes in the fetish genre.

She was born on 24th October 1979 in Graz of Austria and is moderately tall and is naturally endowed with a good physique.

Her piercings on the clit and nipples explain why she is so naughty and you can spot her on the numerous social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and Facebook.

She retired way back in 2007, and her acting stint consists of 6 years from the year 2001 to 2007.

Renee Pornero

#12. Ginger Costello

Born in the year 1986, this 32 years old milf is nothing but voluptuous when you see the sheer size of breasts and buttocks.

Though not natural, her boobs are one of her assets, and she likes to flaunt the tattoo on her back and abdomen.

She is still active in the porn industry and busy making pornographic videos, live cam shows, nude photography and much more.

She is a busty babe and likes to take in huge sized monster cocks in her wet twat.

She is still in the prime form which means that many more years are left in her career.

Ginger Costello
  • Stats:Hair Blonde, Eye colour Green, Measurements 38F-24-36 
  • Other Services: Camming, Modeling, Photography 

#13. Sanja Agie

Known for her extremely revealing photo shoots and strip teases, this sexy porn star was born in the year 1978.

During her porn acting stint, she was known by the alias names such as SanjaMatice and SanjaMatic.

Her brown eyes and equally brown hair give an oozing raw appeal to her personality, and her flawless skin is her most alluring feature.

She neither had any piercings nor sported any tattoos in her porn career and would be mostly seen in photographic on exotic beaches and sceneries in her hay days.

Sanja Agie

#14. Juliette Vandory

Born on Feb 6th, 1986, Juliette Vandory started her career when she was barely 22 and is especially known for her self-teasing solo videos that reveal her curvy figure and lovely assets to perfection.

Her deep hazel eyes and brown eyes complement her fair complexion, and her sexy curves make her look all the more sensual and steamy.

She was born in Vienna and is currently active in the world of porn. She is moderately tall, and her slim figure makes her the perfect women whom you would like to take to your bedroom.

Attractive tattoos feature on her neck and wrist, and she has pierced her sexy navel.

She is also known by the alias name Sweet Juliette and continues to be the heartthrob of her more male and female admirers.

Juliette Vandory

#15. Lina Diamond

Known for her seductive figure and sensual curves, this porn model cum actress of Austria has breasts that can turn any normal human male into a fucking beast.

Her porn career started in the year 2014, and she is still very much in the porn business.

You can find her videos on YouTube as well, and she is active in almost all the top social networking sites.

She has tattoos on various parts of her body, and her amazingly toned physique makes her one of the most desirable porn stars of today's generation. 

Born in 1994 she is just 24 and has lots of ammunition and fire in her kitty to get on the top.

Lina Diamond
  • Website:
  • Stats: Height 165 cm, Weight 50 kg, Measurements 75C-65-85, Sunsign Pisces 
  • Other Services: Modeling, Camming 

#16. Maryjane Auryn

We have had lots of professional porn stars on this list and therefore, let us have a look at an amateur porn star.

With her innocent face and amazingly cute faces she makes while reaching towards an orgasm, this gorgeous looking girl is the perfect little slut you are looking for.

She is extremely lightweight, and her sexy figure tells us of her Austrian lineage.

She is merely 20 years of age which means she can be the next huge porn celebrity and she has it in her.

Her brown hair and hazel green eyes increase her beauty quotient, and her natural tits beg you to grope, knead and maul them. 

Maryjane Auryn

#17. Elena Rotter

One of the more adorable chicks on this list is Elena Rotter, and her Austrian origin gives her a wild charm which is hard to describe.

She came to life Salzburg in 1988 which means that she is just 30 years of age right now.

She is decently tall and has the perfect figure to age in a more ravishing and stunning manner.

Her natural tits are very inviting, and her figure is just about perfect.

With age, she could improve on her curves, and she has the perfect material in her to be a true porn legend.

Elena Rotter

#18. Dominique Regatschnig

As confusing as her name may sound to you, she is a beautiful young Austrian chick who is getting better with age.

She was born in September 1990 and has golden brown eye color which sets her apart from the rest.

Her blonde hair accentuates her facial beauty, and her perfect curves make her a superstar of the porn industry in the making.

She is tall, a petite and inviting pair of tits make her one of the most desirable damsels on this list.

She has sexy piercings on her navel, and her firm buttocks make her look sexy and hot as hell.

 Dominique Regatschnig

#19. Nadine Leopold

A 24-year-old stunning hottie, Nadine Leopold was born in the year 1994 in Austria.

Her perfect height, green eyes, and blonde hair give her the perfect personality which can even make the top models jealous.

She has a curvy yet slim figure, and her natural boobs are neither too large nor too small just about perfect!

She is still active in the porn industry and also keeps her fan updated through the various social media sites and channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Her nude pictures can make anyone mad for her, and her perfect round ass is worth admiring or even satisfying your fetish for round and firm buttocks.

Nadine Leopold

#20. Mia Hot

Mia Hot is an Australian porn star who started her career in 2013. This model has a medium-size body with smaller boobs.

However, you mustshould check out her thighs and ass. The model is stunning, and she is into group sex. 

You will see her wearing Chinese make up most of the time, and she looks hot in every scene. This slightly overweight pornstar is an absolute favorite of a so many men. 

We don’t have much information about where exactly she stays in Australia, but she started her porn career with Magma Film.

You will see her in German sex scenes and hardcore sex scenes mostly. Some of the popular actors that Mia has worked with are Mia de Berg, Long John, and Jean Pallett. 


#21. Astrid Pils

It was 1988 when Astrid Pils’ career began. The porn actress worked just for three years, and she quit the industry in 1991 to go ahead with other opportunities.

Even though her career was really short, but she left a legacy behind her. You can check out her photos, and you wouldwill find her physique to be ten on ten.

This natural blonde beauty was a mega porn star back in her days. The porn star has natural asses and tits, and her sexuality is simply irresistible.

The porn star was famous for her cum shots and anal scenes. 


#22. Selah Rain

Selah Rain was born on 2nd December 1981. She is 5’8’’ and weighs around 72 kgs. She is white and has beautiful tattoos on her body. Her hair color is blond, and her eye color is blue.

Her boobies are fake, by the way.  The porn star has a really fat ass, and if you love to see porn models whose ass juggles while getting rammed, you should check out Selah Rain. 

On the model hub website, she has 10,400 subscribers, and she says that she is hungry for black cocks.


#23. Anna Leah

Anna Leah is an exotic brunette from Australia and is one of the hottest Australian porn stars you will ever see on screen.

She is no longer working in the porn star, but when she was, she was considered to be one of the sexiest porn stars. 

She began her career with solo sex scenes and nude photos; however, later she worked with Femjoy and has appeared in a few girls to girls’ sex scenes. This happened in 2007/2008.


#24. Aimee Million

Aimee Million is a familiar face because she started her adult career with Her account is no longer active on the webcam site, though, because she has become a full-fledged porn star now. 

So far, Aimee Million has 20 porn movies released in her names, and all the videos are solos. She is mostly into femdom fetish.

The porn star is from Australia and is a petite brunette.


Final Thoughts

These were the steamiest, sexiest and most adorable models of Austria.

Some are just beautiful, and some are nasty and sought while some can be the women of your fucking dreams.

Even the filthy and perverted desires can find solace in the beauty and warmth of these busty dolls, and you may even start following them like a crazy sex maniac. Hold your horses, don't go too far as we have yet to please you with more such lists!  

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