Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Porn Star Lookalike (2019)

Have you watched a porn video of a particular adult star just because he or she might resemble someone from the mainstream cinema?

It happens, and we won't blame you for that because our Hollywood celebrities are so hot that anyone would dream and visualise them in compromising scenes and positions.

Also, you cannot ignore the fact that most of the porn stars aspire to act in the mainstream films one day and many of them have even managed to do that.

What if we tell you that few porn stars look like popular Hollywood icons and celebrities? Would you believe that?

You certainly have to believe us as today we are introducing you to the top 10 porn stars who are lookalikes of the celebrities we all adore posthumously.

 Here’s that interesting list:
Hottest Celebrity Porn Star Lookalike

Top 10 Celebrity Porn Stars Lookalike

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#1. Rihanna – Lavish Styles

Lavish Styles could almost replace Rihanna in any of her shows if she knew how to sing.

This porn star looks like her twin sister with her looks and even body type matching to that of Rihanna.

She even does her hair the way Rihanna does which brings her closer to one of the most popular singers of all times.

 Lavish was born on 3rd of March 1989 in New York City of America. 

She started her porn career in 2007 and retired in 2012 after completing five years in the industry. 

She was known for her voluptuous body and her surprising similarity with American pop singer Rihanna.
Lavish Styles
  • Stats: 38 – 25 -37 
  •  Other Services: porn modelling, live cams 

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#2. Scarlet Johansson – Jeanie Marie Sullivan

Jeanie Marie Sullivan is a famous porn star and looks similar to the popular American actress Scarlet Johansson.

Her face contours, hair colour, and even features match to the Hollywood star, and she has even got her hair cut and style similar to her.

 Born on December 4th, 1986 in Clark County of the United States, Jeanie started her career in 2003 and completed her 18 years in the porn business as of today.

She is still active and acts in numerous porn flicks.

Jeanie specialises in anal and bondage sex scenes and can also perform other hardcore sex scenes such as double penetration, blowjobs, etc. to perfection.

Jeanie Marie Sullivan

#3. Katy Perry – Natasha Nice

Katy Perry is a well-known American singer and songwriter.

Natasha Nice is a porn star from France who looks almost like her and the amazing similarities in their eyes, features and overall appearance is worth noticing.

 Natasha was born on 28th July 1988 in Paris and started her career in 2006.

After completing her 12 years in the porn business, she is still very much active and has even won some awards during her career.

Her boobs are natural, and she has got sultry green eyes and sexy brown hair.

She excels in performing hardcore sex scenes which includes wild anal sex, bondage sex scenes, blowjobs, and vaginal sex.

Natasha Nice

#​4. Kristen Stewart – Megan Mallone

Who doesn't know the Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart who got extremely famous with her much appreciated lead role in the movie Twilight?

Megan Mallone is a porn star who looks almost like her, and we need to spend time finding out if there are any differences between them.

Megan Mallone was born on 30th of December 1986 and is 32 years old as of now. She has got decent height, and her curvy body is sexy enough to mesmerise her fans.

Her career in the porn industry was a short one which started in 2008 and ended in 2010.

Her solo masturbation videos are worth watching, and she also gives mind blowing blowjobs and vaginal sex scenes.
Megan Mallone

#5. Olivia Wilde – Sophie Lynx

Olivia Wilde is a well-known actress from the U.S who has also directed and produced some movies.

Sophie Lynx is a porn actress from Hungary who looks very similar to her with her eyes, face and even hair matching with her to a great extent.

 Sophie was born in the year 1984 and has got sexy blue eyes and a voluptuous figure.

She started her career in the porn movies in the year 2012 and had got a sexy piercing on her belly button.

Sophie Lynx
  • Stats: 34A – 25 - 35
  •  Other Services: escort services available

#6. Taylor Swift – Kylie Richards

If you have seen porn star, Kylie Richards, you will be amazed at the striking similarity she has with famous singer Taylor Swift.

Her facial attributes and features match with her so much that many of you may even consider her to be Taylor Swift in some of her movies.

Kylie was born in Miami on 18th of March 1985 and is also referred to as Ola McKenzie in some of her porn films.

She is tall and has a great physique. She retired from the porn industry in the year 2009.

Her hardcore sex scenes are quite steamy, and you must watch them if you have a huge crush on Taylor Swift.
Kylie Richards
  • Stats: 34A-24-34
  •  Other Services: nude photoshoots

#7. Emma Stone – Lass Suicide

Emma Stone is a popular American actress who is also won several accolades for her performances in mainstream Hollywood movies.

Lass Suicide is a porn star who almost looks like the reflection of Emma.

They both look so similar in some of their photos that it is difficult to decide that who looks better among the two.
Born on 12th of April 1992, Lass is a 26 years old porn actress who is famous for her cute looks and girly features.

She has tattoos on her arms, abdomen, and legs which make her look more mysterious and magical.

Her birthplace in Glasgow, United Kingdom, and her special features are her red hair and amazing green coloured eyes.

Lass loves to be active on the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram where she updates her stunning and revealing pictures regularly.
Lass Suicide
  • Stats: 32b – 24 - 36
  •  Other Services: cam shows

#8. ​Sarah Silverman – Joana Angel

She is quite short, but that hasn't stopped her from being one of the most appreciated and awarded actresses in the porn industry.

Her career in the porn business started in the year 2005, and she is still working.

She has got a huge pair of natural tits which are also her sexiest assets. Joana excels in both hardcore and softcore sex movies.

She has done a lot of lesbian scenes, and her anal, double penetration and blowjob scenes are worth having a look at.
Joana Angel

#9. Ellen Paige – Ariel Rebel

She had an eyebrow ring which she had to remove later avoid infection. She has tattooed her lower back and has sexy brown eyes and smooth, silky brown hair.

She has also won few awards during her career so far which makes her a promising porn star of tomorrow. Her natural boobs are neither too big nor too perky but perfect enough to make love.

Apart from acting in the porn movies she also writes food blogs.
Ariel Rebel
  • Website:
  • Stats: 32A – 24 - 34
  • Awards: Best Solo girl website – 2012 – AVN awards, Web babe of the year – 2010 – XBIZ awards
  •  Other Services: nude modelling, webcam services

#10. Miley Cyrus – Aleska Diamond

Aleska is loved by her fans because of her amazing performances in the porn movies and because of her charming looks and sexy body.

She started doing porn in the year 2007 and is still very much active. She has also won some awards during her career which also includes the prestigious AVN awards.

Aleska has acted in softcore lesbian scenes and also has numerous hardcore sex scenes which include blowjobs, double penetration, anal and other types of scenes as well.
Aleska Diamond
  • Stats: 34c – 25 - 36
  • Awards: Female foreign performer of the year – 2012 – AVN awards, Female foreign performer of the year  - 2013 – AVN awards
  •  Other Services: escort services available

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