Top 20 Hottest Best Gay Male Porn Stars (2020)

Sexual, emotional and romantic attractions in man is a natural process that has exceeded to same sexes. There is always something hot and strangely sexy watching two men go on each other on camera.

Whether you are homosexual or not, the pull to see two incredibly cute guys featured in these films is undeniable. Many people find themselves in just the mood to watch men on men.

Lesbians even admit it turns them on. Gay porn excites many, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

The masculinity and the incredibly gorgeous faces, leave alone the incredible body is enough to through you off your ground.

Here is a list of 20 such hot gay men who you would want to bite all day long.

Colby Keller

Top 20 Best Gay Male Pornstars (2020)

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He is a pure example of a person whose performances match his gorgeous looks.  Born and raised in the UK, Paddy has grown to be a favourite to many. 

He is one of the hottest men you will have a rare chance to view on camera.  Ever since his first scene with a man, he has shown vigour and masculinity that has left all at a daze. 

He has the perfect body from head to toe, such an elegant, handsome face and a big dick to compliment all of this. 

Seeing his hardcore scenes and solo performances will arouse you enough to yearn for more.  He is known for not only pounding like a man but also taking one as a real bitch.

Paddy O'Brien

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Humility is a rare but unique quality in porn stars. This is the signature move for Brandon. Don’t get it wrong; this hot guy loves his job.

His god-like body, sparkling down-to-earth personality makes him a glamour in the camera. He loves and surrounds himself among gay men. His carefree attitude gives him the appeal and moves his fans.

Born in Silver Lake, Wisconsin, he rose into fame by showing off his masculine body and ended up as one of the best models of all time.

He loves his body and wants all to see it. Let's face it, he is hot, talented and we love him too.Enter your text here...

Brandon Cody

He chose to be in the porn industry since he loves his sexuality. Being a model and an entertainer, he has a masculine body and knows how to make it of good use.

His taste for body art is mesmerising and has beautifully tattooed his skin. He is among the few gay porn stars to have body drawings that give him the sexy appeal to his views.

He knows he is gorgeous and takes every moment to show it. Bass began his career in 2011 and released his first scene.

This brought him big success and was even able to acquire awards, such as grabby awards. He has featured in various magazines, including Gay Times and Fantasticks Magazine.

Sadly, he ended his career in 2018 to focus on modelling and entertainment.

Jake Kelly Bass

Let’s agree to disagree; nothing is as hot as a mix of Latino to the gay sensation. Be it his perfect physique, his exciting facial features, his yearning big dick or his chocolate Latin skin, there is just a factor that draws you to this magnificent beast.

He has a figure that speaks for itself. His action leaves him as one of the hottest men in the gay industry.

People love him for his style. His porn leaves you glued to your screen wanting, craving for all he has to show.

He has appeared in many films, won awards for his extemporising skills. He has been numerous magazines throughout his modelling career.

Rafael Alencar
  • Website:
  • Awards: GayVN Awards in 2004 and 2010, Grabby Awards in 2004.
  •  Other Services: Anal, Blowjob, Rimming, and Deep Throat.

He is the kind of guy who is always down for it. He loves sex and can go for rounds and rounds for it. Andy has that the perfect booty that sends all men crazy.

He knows exactly what he wants in a man, the confidence, the elegance. He enjoys a good, big, hard dick. Star is passionate and ever ready to get fucked.

His has a tight asshole that gives access to any dick without lubrication. Its flexibility is a turn to all his partners. He is believed to have taken most of the biggest dicks in style.

In time, he says he is ready to show what his seven-inch dick can do. It is a view worth every second.

Andy Star

Brent is a hot looking male porn star who likes to get down and dirty on camera. He’s the kind of guy whose videos will turn you on and leave you wanting more.

Brent has worked as a porn star for most big studios like the falcon, Chi chi la Reu and studio 2008. He’s won many awards and was nominated as an exclusive model for CIR.

His first ever movie was produced in 2006 titled “wanting more”.

Brent Everett

Brent Corrigan real name is Sean Paul Lockhart. He is a legitimate mainstream star who has broken the field of adult films. Corrigan is thrilled of by fresh to fresh grilling. 

He’s known to act bareback movies and dislikes condoms. He has also acted for big studios like the Falcon 2006. He is the man every man wants.

The body anyone would crave for. Known for sexy moves, Corrigan has been blowing the audience's mind with every single video of his. We just can’t get over him.

Brent Corrigan

Killian is the guy to look for if you are looking for high-quality goods. He’s got the gorgeous looks; the muscles and a magnificent body.

He has the professional attributes that a gay porn star should possess. He is known for Deep throats and hell yeah this man can choke anyone with that mighty cock of his.

He is a sex god in the gay world.

Adam Killian

Colby is a pornographic actor who started his gay porn career back in 2004.  He has filmed for big companies like the falcon, cocky boys and

His urge for big round curvy cock is crazy and is always on the bottom. He prefers to be on the receiving end and loves blowing cock.

Keller is among the submissive ones, and we like him like that. He is soft and docile, and this makes men go nuts! Everyone loves him at the bottom and seeing him getting grilled is a fantasy for many.

Colby Keller

Combine a flexible masculine figure with a rock-hard chiselled body, and you will have superstar Kris Evans. Evans Loves to stretch boy holes and occasionally to get down on the for the cock.

He has a serious addiction to curvy thick dicks and uncontrollable hunger for hot guys. He is the man who has your back. Drilling and making his co-stars mourn in pleasure, he rocks Hardcore.

We can only imagine him with his big gun aiming at those butt holes. Kris is the man, and gay men die for!

Kris Evans
  • Awards: Xbiz Awards Gay Performer of the Year 2017, Gay VN Favorite Body  Awards 2018
  •  Other Services: Anal, Blowjob, Rimming, and Butt Licking
  • Twitter:

Ricky is a cock -on-cock pornstar who is known to provide incredible excitement with his cock sucking skills. He's got the Italian roots although being born and brought up in the USA.

Ricky loves to spread his ass for any man to make his name. He is a baby of the lot! He has been on the receiving end, and seem to enjoy it the most.

If one craves for a steamy blow-job, he is the one to look out for. This man can have one fall for his blowjob skills. And yes he has one hell of a tongue! He dreams of becoming a superstar.

Ricky Roman

Cody is the kind of a guy to crush on the first sight and a dream boy who every man would want by his side. He is 100% fuckable is an all screw Guy who opens up his butt hole for anyone.

Cody is an all-around guy and is up to any position so long as it makes his name. We call him the all-rounder. Be it at being at the bottom or on the top, and this man can nail it all.

But Cody is mostly seen at the receiving ends and has a thing for thick cocks. One can't get enough of him, and his charm can make a gay guy go hard in his pants!

Cody Cumming

Black joined the Gay industry because he needed some quick cash. Apparently, He seems to have liked and been enjoying taking a dick up his ass.

Oddly Vadim claims to be straight although it might be a trick to maintain his straight customers in the entrepreneurship field.

He has an amazing gay porn career and has also developed a hook-up app.

Vadim Black

King is a bottom Gay pornstar although he occasionally gets on top when the need arises. King loves blowing dicks and claims to have joined the Gay biz because he was always fascinated and freaked out by the gay people.

He, however, fell in love with gay acting and seems to be enjoying it all the more.

Allen King

Johnny Rapid has a childish look that gets men to want him more. He knows how to fuck a man's ass until it is a wide gape. He uses his dick to thrust in a boys ass until his cum shoots.

Sometimes, Johny doesn’t mind being on the receiving end whether bent or laid like a real bitch. All he knows is how to make a man happy.

He can mourn like a pussy and can give men a run for their orgies. He is the guy who is soft like ice cream yet hard like a banana.

johnny rapid

He is one of the most seductive guys to find. His masculinity and ability to play with me are completely astounding.

Best known for his hauntingly gorgeous body, this six-pack hunk can drive you crazy when he just unbuttons his shirt.

He may just be the perfect match for you. It's not a wonder to fall madly into him on first sight. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry does.

You almost feel too sorry for the rest. Instagram has recently mentioned him as one of its hottest guys. This has increased his fans by a wide margin.

Landon Conrad

He is undoubtedly one of the most future porn stars. He is got that persona that fits every scene. Yes, the camera loves him, and lucky for all, he loves it too.

He is that guy who will leave a mark in your mind long after you are done. He has the muscular chisel body with such innocent eyes. They are the "I want to be by you forever" eyes.

He is beefy enough to give you the best play, and he sure knows the use for his huge dick. His elegant style has made him among the few pink awards recipients. Dane is truly every boy's fantasy.

His bubbly butt makes you fall in love with him automatically. You would love to watch him.

Carter Dane

#18. Ace Era

Many will agree that Ace is as natural as can be. Being in love with men is just in his veins. He is the total package, his handsome face, the rock-hard muscles, his beautiful milky skin even tone and such masculine thighs.

Despite being one of the hottest guys with that seven inches, ever hard, arched dick, this sheep in a wolf's body loves to be drilled.

He may be the beast in the streets but likes it rough at his bottom is the sheets. He is ever ready to fulfil the need of his partner on the top.

However, when given a rare chance, he knows how to make good use of his muscles to provide you with the scene of a century. It is one of those scenes that you feel is wrong yet such a turn on.

Ace Era

#19. Lito Cruz

If you are a fan of Latin big cocks, then he is your man. Tanned like chocolate, he is the man if Anal is on anyone's mind.

Known for his hardcore abilities and butt spanking, this man is some Daddy to have. As dominating as he looks, we know that body is so ripped for all the times he has made his co-stars mourn in bed.

And this man ain't finishing fast, and he will drill till he is satisfied. No stopping there!

Lito Cruz

Daddy Cream is as hot as his name sounds. He is one of the sexiest Italian gay porn actors walking the face of the earth. Be it his thick dick or well-toned ass, and he is a hell of a package.

Believes in hardcore and has been giving his co-stars a tough ride. We like his charm and that fierceness that makes everyone drool for him.

Men love his cock and oh yes! That is one heavenly cock to have.

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