Top 24 Hottest Korean Porn Stars (2020)

It is all about finding the right porn star who will take your imagination to the next level and get you all heated up in the process.

Korea has always been home to some of the best porn stars in the world, and the Korean porn babes have always managed to impress the men and women across the world with their stunning looks and revealing outfits.

The general features of Korean porn stars are that they have a flawless milky complexion, they look almost the same whether they belong to South or North Korea and they are kinky enough to perform the poses we have just read in some adult magazine or Kamasutra.

Here’s the list of top 20 Korean porn stars who rule the porn world with their inimitable features and extravagant sex appeal.
Morgan Lee

Top 24 Korean Pornstars (2020)

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One of the most stunning Korean beauties you will ever find, Kitty Yung is noted for her explicit sex scenes in both softcore and hardcore movies.

Her unusual dusky appearance makes her look all the sexier, and her horny moves are enough to make you feel like having her right there and then.

She was born in the US but originates from Korea. She had breast and eye enlargement surgery to add a distinctive look to her personality, but she left the porn industry soon after that. 

Her hardcore moves and slutty habits make her one of the best actors in the porn industry, and she has definitely been an eye-candy for numerous male admirers across the world.
Kitty Yung

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#2. Minka

Look at her over-sized, large yet well-toned breasts that are enough to set your loins on fire.

She is one of the hottest Korean porn stars and is especially known for her appearances in the porn flicks belonging to the big boob category.

Minka is nothing but pure bliss when it comes to her voluptuous body and huge frame which is enough to make her visually appealing.

She has been a part of numerous porn movies and is a legend in her own right. She can also be seen in the lesbian porn action when she usually plays the part of the dominant female. 

If Asian chicks are your weakness and you cannot find anything more attractive than a pair of shapely big boobs, then this lady is the perfect Korean porn star for you.


Finally, a porn star who has perfect Korean looks with silky smooth skin, large eyes, ample breasts and a curvaceous yet lean body that is enough to make your nights grow with passion.

Her black hair goes well with her milky complexion, and she is all ready to perform some kinky poses and moves just to make your private member big.

Luckily she has been a part of story-based porn flicks, and sensual lovemaking is definitely her expertise. She has perfect red lips that let you imagine more than just her body.

One of her key features is her attractive eyes which has a raw sex appeal to it.

You will feel like gripping your hands over her shapely assets the moment you see her in nude, and that is one of the most striking features of this Korean sex bomb.

Lee Chae Dam
  • Stats: 34-24-36
  •  Other Services: Lesbian, straight, threesome sex

Something which this Korean porn star has is her raw sensuousness that can get you horny as hell.

Also, she has some of the raunchiest and most viewed scenes to her credit which make her one of the top viewed porn celebrities of Korea.

You may have seen in her many porn movies where she either plays a school girl being taken by a professor or lovemaking with her lesbian friend.

She has also enjoyed numerous role play scenes where she either plays the role of a nurse or a doctor who seduces young boys and girls.

She can also be seen giving an anal shot to some well-hung rookie or professional porn artist. You can definitely watch a few of her videos, and you will never be disappointed to choose her again.

Kim Soo Ah
  • Stats: 31A-sized breasts
  •  Other Services: Porn videos, blowjobs

Mia Smiles has it all; an ass to die for and an hourglass figure which is raunchy enough to get your member large.

More than 300 porn action movies and flicks she has been one of the most active Korean porn stars in the industry.

She had started her porn career way before in 1996, and therefore she has a movie almost in every porn genre.

However, her most noticeable and viewed videos till date are her featuring in lesbian romance, oral sex, interracial sex, foursomes, threesomes and even role-playing activities where she will either be playing an air hostess or a horny nurse who likes to take on her every patient.

You will love her for her adorable figure and lusty curves which make her more than just a porn actress.

MIa Smiles
  • Stats: 32C-22-35
  • Awards: AVN awards (2007)
  •  Other Services: Oral sex, lesbian sex

With a goddess like a face and perfectly curvy body, this Korean porn star has more to offer than just her looks.

She brings a sense of raw appeal and sensuousness to her every scene which becomes more raunchy, sexy and appealing as she extends her arms or spreads her legs in a lovely manner.

With less than 3 years of experience in her kitty, she is surely going to be one of the top porn stars in the future as she is already capturing a lot of eyeballs in this short span.

The colorful tattoos she likes to flaunt on her bare body certainly make her look much more ravishing and teasing.

Her smooth, silky skin, adorable lips, and stunning eyes are her other features which make her appear raw and sensual.

You must definitely catch her in some of her porn flicks, and she definitely isn't going to upset you with her performance.

Saya Song

With the perfect petite figure, charismatic looks, lean body frame, and pretty face, Nicole Oring manages to impress both her female and male admirers.

She looks sexy as hell and has the nicest curves at the appropriate places which make her look stunning and horny.

She can perform moves like a pro, and she is such a good actor that she will also convince you that she is an amateur in the porn genres.

She has a strong sexual appetite, and she can take huge dicks with utter ease. You may even find her eating out lesbians of different body types, complexions, and origins.

Her USP is her convincing moves and slutty mannerisms which will never bore you for even a moment.

Nicole Oring

Whenever you see her spread her legs, you will not miss to admire and be attracted towards her love holes.

As she poses more, you will notice both her pink hole and a brown hole in utter amazement as she is endowed with a beautiful and mesmerizing body.

Her perfect face, fuller lips, angelic looks, and stunning hair is enough to make you lose your heart to her, and she is even ready to perform some kinky moves to make your member move from its place.

She can make some of the best porn stars in the world run for their money's with her sultry moves and seductive looks.

Her love for black dicks and anal sex is well-known, and she performs like a true professional.

Her amazing body is her true asset but her pretty face complements it well, and you are able to enjoy this beauty even from a distance.

Nyomi Star

#9. Gaia

A curvy sex bomb is Gaia who can attract every muscle of your body towards her for her sheer sex appeal is oozing with lust and raw appeal.

One thing you will not fail to notice is her smooth skin and almost flawless complexion which she owns in her every scene and move.

She is not just a porn star but a true porn lover in every sense as she enjoys her every move with sheer delight. She can perform rough anal sex scenes, can deep throat big dicks and can even take them in her pink hole with ease.

Such is the sexual prowess of this wonderful girl that she cannot be ignored in any of her movies. Therefore, she has to be one of the best porn celebrities you will find on the internet.

Betti Hana performed in the porn movies for just about four years, but in those four years, she managed to pull off such amazing scenes that her admirers watch and remember those scenes till date.

You may find her extremely hot and sexy and her curvy ass, and shapely breasts compliment her well-toned body perfectly.

She has been a part of some of the best BDSM scenes ever filmed on a Korean porn star and her expertise with sex toys and dildos is magical to the core.

She has been a part of some of the top porn sites in the world in her short stint, and she has managed to allure many an eyeball during this period.

Beti Hana

Nothing less than a bombshell is this amazing Korean beauty and has featured in some of the top porn movies of all the times.

Her blend of Weiss and Korean lineage gives her a distinct look which is mesmerizing and captivating enough to capture the attention of your member.

She made her first appearance in the porn industry in the year 2013 but go to prominence only in the year 2014 and then rose to her stardom as a leading porn actor in the industry.

She has an amazing body and looks that make her attractive enough to mesmerize you for a long time.

Kalina Ryu

Kalina Ryu is considered to be one of the sexiest and raunchiest Asian porn stars, and she has featured in some of the top porn magazines and movies of all times. S

he has been raised in a protective family but lost her virginity in the tender age of 16 after which she has been recognized for her bold moves, and the sensuous body has something mystical about it. Her wide ass and sexy boobs stimulate the sensations of both men and women equally.

A porn star who looks like she has just stepped out of a fascinating porn animated movie, Ayumi Anime has classical looks and striking sex appeal which makes her all the more ravishing.

She has superb Korean features and a body which is buxom and appealing.

She can be the women of your sexual fantasies and can get you a boner even by a mere glimpse of her generous assets.

Ayumi has featured in several porn flicks which have made her popular over the years, and she has been a crowd puller in every sense.

She is a true glam doll and watching her perform seductive moves is a treat to the eyes and the senses.

Ayumi Anime

An evergreen beauty, Nari Park has the grace of a model and the moves of a true seductress. She can impress anyone with her milky white complexion and perfect assets which sets her apart from the crowd.

Watching her bare body in all its feminine glory is a real treat to all those men and women who crave to have her in their bed someday.

Her oozing sex appeal and oomph factor is something to watch for, and her mesmerizing eyes and the sexy smile can get your rocks hard as hell.

Something which makes her more sensuous is her girly feature and perky boobs which make her a true ravishing porn star in all the sense. 

Nari Park

Her lesbian scenes with Saya, another porn star is something you must not miss out, and her lesbian threesomes are something which you cannot ignore at any cost. Her pure beauty makes her one of the best looking Korean porn stars you will ever find on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.

With her simple yet captivating girl next door looks, this stunning beauty of Korea can set steams of your burning skin, and you may even start to love her girly looks.

She looks like a true bombshell and is a real teaser when it comes to performing sensuous and saucy scenes.

She performs the explicit sex scenes like a pro, and you can witness her skills in the numerous porn movies in which she features in.

Originally from South Korea, she had performed her first porn stint in the year 2016 and has been popular among both girls and boys ever since then.

Her raunchy and petite appearance give her edge over the others, and her raw sex appeal is something you cannot miss on if you are watching her scenes.

Rina Ellis

An astounding beauty with ravishing looks and killer features is this Korean porn actor Morgan Lee.

She appears to be a true kinky model with all her seductive moves making her more than just a porn star.

She has got various dimensions to her personality as she is a music lover and a professional model too. Her half Korean origin gives her a unique look, and she cannot be compared to any other porn star due to that.

She has featured in numerous girl on girl porn flicks, and her performance in those movies is simply outstanding.

Morgan Lee

With sharp looks and a lean yet curvy figure give Daisy Haze a true damsel like appearance.

She is as hot as a hot knife on butter and her seductive advances can get you cleaned bowled even before she touches you.

Her mix Korean and Russian heritage makes her one of the best porn stars to look out for and gives her a unique charm which is matchless and awe-inspiring, to say the least.

She has got an amazing body, and her full breasts and a plump ass is something which you cannot ignore at any cost.

Daisy Haze

Her threesomes are worth noticing, and she has got something in her which makes her look wild and kinky. You can feel her wetness just by looking at her, and she will drive you crazy with her overly flirtatious moves and ways.

She has definitely got that oomph factor, and her innocent face just adds more to her natural beauty.

With a lean figure and a petite body, this seductress is ready to set your heart and everything else on fire.

She has the right moves to make her glowing beauty count, and she can even outshine any model with her elegant yet sensuous dressing sense and style.

She has played important roles in top porn flicks and has featured in several adult magazines meant for both men and women.

She is sexy as hell, and her ravishing beauty just adds up to her hotness quotient.

Her captivating beauty can get you spiced up in a matter of seconds, and her overly skimpy outfits are sure to tickle your senses. 

Check out her pictures and videos in porn flicks, and you will surely not miss a beat of her moves.
Christy Love

This Korean porn star has an attractive figure which can make men attracted towards her. Her heritage is part Korean and partly Vietnamese which makes her such a special hotty.

She started her porn career in the year 2012 and soon set the porn world on fire. She has received awards for some of her exotic sex scenes and is also known for her acting in lesbian movies.

Both men and women adore her equally and dream about her in their wildest fantasies.

She has a reputation of being an absolute sensation in passionate lovemaking scenes and has been a part of some really kinky threesomes and oral sex movies. 

Jayden Lee

She can give great oral pleasure to both young men and girls, and she has shown that in several of her porn movies.

One of the most slutty and horny babes in the Korean porn world is Mia Rider. 

She is known for giving extremely filthy cum swapping scenes that can prove to be a perfect treat for all those jerks and perverts out there.

Her awesome performance in lesbian and threesome movies has made her a popular figure among the porn lovers.

Her stunning body and juicy boobs can make any man squirm with passion, and her seductive moves can make even an old man fall for her.

She specializes in bukkake scenes and has featured in some of the top rated porn magazines and porn sites. Get her videos and march towards the world of sensual fantasies now!

Mia Rider

#20. Ha Na Kyung

Ha Na Kyung is one of the popular faces in the adult industry who does not like to be referred to as a pornstar.

This is pretty much understandable because she hasn’t acted in any of the hardcore Korean porn movies as of yet.

However, you can see in her many nude and sexy videos which she refers to as an artistic presentation of her beauty.

Nevertheless, porn lovers are infatuated with her sexy looks and plump ass that demands all your attention.

  • Age - 34
  • Height - 168cm
  • Twitter id - @swanlake56
  • Nationality - Korean

#21. Yoo Seol Ah

Yoo Seol Ah is a hot Korean beauty who performs in erotic and amateur porn flicks. Watching her in passionate lovemaking scenes is a real treat to the eyes of porn addicts.

Her fans love her despite she is not acting in hardcore porn movies that show complete nudity due to the various restriction put on the porn movies by Korean government. 

Therefore, it is pretty evident that Korean pornstars who have to make it big have to quit their home countries and flee to USA or somewhere else where hardcore movie is not banned.

  • Age - 36
  • Birthplace - Seoul
  • Real name - Yu Hye Jin
  • Nationality - Korean

#22. Honey Moon

Honey Moon is one of those pornstars who keeps changing her screen name. Therefore, you might have to make some effort to search her porn videos on the internet. 

Some of her screen names are Rose Doll, Rosie, Doll, Honey Doll, etc. using which you can search for the adult videos she has acted in. 

We added her on this list due to the sheer hotness and feminine charm that she exudes with her naked body.

  • Age - 24 
  • Height - 5 feet 4 inches
  • Weight - 114lbs
  • Measurements - NA
  • Nationality - Korean

#23. Mika Tan

Mika Tan is a slutty pornstar of Korea who happened to be a singer before she entered the filthy porn industry. She lives in Honolulu and prefers performing in anal and blowjob scenes. 

She is already crossed 40 but she looks as if she is just 30+. You will see in a plethora of BDSM and bondage sex scenes. 

You can also find her clips on in which she dominates single or multiple partners. 

  • Age - 47 
  • Height - 5 feet 4 inches 
  • Weight - 121lbs
  • Measurements - 36D- 25 - 37 
  • Nationality - Korean

#24. Kimberely Chi

Kimberly Chi is a sexy Korean adult actress who has acted in several porn movies. Anal sex, POV porn scenes, threesome, group sex, and lesbian sex scenes are some of the scenes in which you will find her. 

You can easily find her videos on popular porn sites like XVideos and Pornhub. She has tattoos on her biceps and back and she also likes to color her hair with different hues.

  • Age - 28
  • Height - 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight - 44 kilograms
  • Measurements - 34A - 23 - 34
  • Nationality - Korean 

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