Top 29 Hottest Granny Porn Stars

Blessed are those who get love when they are young and have it more when they are old. There’s no denying the fact that sex has no age, and these Granny Pornstars certainly prove it to you then no other.

Some may call you grannies, gilfs, and cougars but you’re actually the crème de la crème of this industry and we certainly are the biggest fans of you.

Hence taking all the surprisingly sexy things into consideration, we have prepared our list of Top 20 Granny Pornstars you can find on the internet just by clicking a button.

But before you proceed, please don’t confuse granny pornstars with someone extremely mature or someone who is about to die in the nursing home, these are full of cougars with gray hair.

These gilfs pornstars outmatch a huge chunk of teen pornstars and will give you an experience never felt before.

Erica Lauren

Top 29 best Granny Pornstars  - Hottest Best gilf pornstars/mature pornstars

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#29. Granny Jewel

 Luna Azul

If you are looking for a granny pornstar who looks absolutely fine even after growing up to be an old lady then it has to be Granny Jewel who will satiate your preferences. 

Her short and silky white hair, smooth and bright complexion, and killer smile make her one of the most beautiful grannies of the industry. 

Despite her age, her tits haven’t sagged and her firm body is still fit enough to bear rough and deep penetrating sessions.

  • Age: 82
  • Stats: 34C - 28- 38
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Nationality: American

#28. Deauxma


Deauxma a.k.a Doe Mae is a GILF stunner. Her soft, silky tone with blonde hair will ignite your passion for sex instantly.

If you’re into GILF a lot, then its 100% sure that Doe Mae must have appeared in your search results once.

She’s a complete package with a body you want to lick and a delicious looking skin tone, she’s the gold mine you’re looking for.

This granny has a huge breast size, she loves black mass, swingers, grinding, along with this, she’s also into young lesbians and bondage.

#27. Tigger

 Luna Azul

Tigger is a cougar who has a busty figure. I know it rhymed but it is all true as well.

She is one of the taller grannies in this list and she looks as if she had primed a decade ago.

However, her energetic performances and extra large breasts make her of the horniest grannies in this list.

I don’t know if you will find her in many lists but you don’t want to miss a maturing beauty who can give a steamy performance in the bed.

  • Age: 64
  • Stats: 38F - 28- 42
  • Height: N/A
  • Nationality: British

#26. Granny Alice

 Luna Azul

Tigger is a cougar who has a busty figure. I know it rhymed but it is all true as well.

She is one of the taller grannies in this list and she looks as if she had primed a decade ago.

However, her energetic performances and extra large breasts make her of the horniest grannies in this list.

I don’t know if you will find her in many lists but you don’t want to miss a maturing beauty who can give a steamy performance in the bed.

  • Age: 69
  • Stats: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Nationality: American

#25. Ariella Ferrera

Ariella Ferrera

Ariella Ferrera is another pornstar from whom you get GILF vibes the moment you see her.

She has a calming energy that makes you sit back and relax and watch her while she calmly gives a blowjob.

Her age is 42 years which is accurately reflected in her videos.

A slim body with big tits makes her a hottie to cum for. Her measurements are 33-25-33.

These beautiful measurements are a treat when you combine them with her height and weight of 1.65 meters and 52 kgs respectively.

She has featured in various videos which include categories like Stepmom, one-on-one videos, POVs.

For her hottest content, check out her shower scenes, you won’t be disappointed.

She has been nominated quite a few times for categories like Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene and MILF Performer of the Year.

She is available on OnlyFans where you can see exclusive pics and videos.

If you want to follow her on public mediums, then Instagram and Twitter are the way to go.

Perky tits are something everyone loves, and that is accompanied by calm yet sensual looks.

#24. Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks is the only GILF pornstar whose looks will deceive you into thinking if this hottie is even 30 years old.

She has pink hair and piercings on her nipples and clit. This cyberpunk look of hers is completed with tattoos on various parts of her body.

Aged 40 years, she is a perfect choice for those who would like to watch a GILF with perky boobs getting fucked. Her measurements are 37-37-24.

She has a weight of 54 kgs and stands tall at 1.68 meters.

If you go through her video catalog and website, you will notice how much she loves gangbangs.

She has also done various POV videos along with a variety of Lesbian and orgasm and threesome videos.

She has been nominated for almost two dozen awards under various categories and won 5 of them. You can find Anna Bell on various premium porn sites such as OnlyFans,

You can also follow her on Instagram if you like semi-nude pics.
A funky look with tattoos and piercings makes her a unique entry in this list of ours.

Anna Bell Peaks may not be the perfect choice for all but she has her own cult followers who love her for her work as well as looks and personality.

#23. Luna Star

Luna Star

When it comes to the sexiest ass in this list of GILF pornstars, Luna Star is the one who deserves it.

Those who are into round asses and sexy bodies must have a look at Luna Star.

This hottie is fairly young compared to other hotties in this list and is only 32 years old but her maturity makes her a good competition to all the other pornstars in the porn industry.

Her amazingly shaped boobs and ass is a treat for our lusty eyes. Her godly measurements are 33-24-35 and weigh 51 kgs with 1.63 meters of height.

She has featured in various videos where she can be seen giving awesome blowjobs and getting fucked in various positions.

She hasn’t won many awards but has been nominated once for Best POV Sex Scene category in the video titled “Luna's 5 Star Vacation Day 1” in 2019 and once for Best Three-Way Sex Scene in the video named “Latinas on Fire” in 2013.

Also, her sexy butt won her the Best Butt - Editor's Choice award in Adult Entertainment Award in 2019.

You can find her on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Also, her premium content can be found on OnlyFans.

People who want to see how a hottie evolves into an emerging MILF should definitely check out Luna Star, they won’t be disappointed.

#22. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

If the word Fuck-Me-Hard had a face, it would have surely be represented by Lisa Ann’s face.

Going strong at the age of 49, this hotty can give you an instant hard-on. The perfect jawline and juicy lips make her a GILF that no one will deny to fuck. 

And that is not all, she has a super curvy body to ride on accompanied by a pair of juicy and seductive tits.

Her measurements are 38-20-33 which clearly shows off how huge her tits are.

She can be seen in various MILF videos where she can be seen with boys, giving them blowjobs, fucking them in cowgirl position.

She has also been part of many lesbian and threesome videos where she can be seen scissoring and playing with pussies and dicks at the same time.

If you want to avail and watch her premium and private content, then you can find her on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube where you can enjoy her latest podcasts and images.

Sadly, she does not have any adult services currently to recommend but her old content is present all over the free porn sites.

She has more than a dozen awards to her name, with XFANZ Award: "MILF of the Year", NightMoves Award: "Social Media Star (Editor's Choice)", and Exotic Dancer Award: "Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year" to name a few.

Lisa Ann is the woman to search for when you want to watch a super-hot GILF getting fucked in the sexiest way possible, accompanied by blowjobs, 69, and a dripping titjob.

  • Stats: 38DD-20-33
  • Twitter: @thereallisaann
  • Instagram: @thereallisaann
  • Awards: Multiple awards likes XFANZ Award, NightMoves Award, "Social Media Star (Editor's Choice)", and Exotic Dancer Award: "Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year"
  • Website:

#21. Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay is not just another GILF in this list. She has a perfect mommy face that perfectly disguises her as a simple woman, but beware, she is not!

At 43 years old, she is an imagination-comes-true GILF with huge and juicy tits and a curvy body.

Sara Jay has a measurement of 35-25-40 and weighs 66 kgs with 1.63 meters in height.

Your hands and dick will have a Hard time dealing with her if you know what I mean!

You can find her in many amazing POV and MILF videos where she can be seen giving blowjobs and getting banged later.

She has a multitude of premium and free content on sites like OnlyFans,, etc.

Her work in the adult industry has featured in hundreds of adult magazines. She has also been part of many porn movies, like Fifty Shades of Sara Jay, Vol. 3, I Scored a Soccer Mom 8, Mother Lovers, etc.

Watching her videos will make you wanna suck away all the mammary juice from her tits.

Her curvaceous ass and sensuous body will make you drool and want to kiss her from head to toe, and jizz on her boobies.

#20. Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx

For people who like gigantic tits complemented by a sexy body, Alexis Fawx is not a new name.

She is 46 years old but has the looks of a sexy woman in her early 30s. Along with her juicy boobs, she has a sexy and slim waistline you can grab while fucking her in a cowgirl position.

Her huge boobs are big enough to sink your dick and balls together in her cleavage and enjoy a quick titjob session.

Her measurements are 31-24-33. These numbers, when combined with 1.63 meters height and 53 kgs weight, becomes a deadly-hot combo.

She has won awards like Best Body - Editor's Choice, MILF Performer of the Year, Best Sex Scene, etc.

Her famous works include MILF videos where she fucks a youngster and gives him a lifetime experience.

She is present on a variety of sites where you can go and enjoy her content, this includes sites like, OnlyFans, etc.

Alexis Fawx is that pornstar who you can masturbate to, by only thinking about her seductive boobs and sexy pussy.

Thinking about your face between her boobs will be enough to jerk off and dirty your pants.

#19. Cherie Deville

Cherie Deville

If you are the one whom blue eyes could hypnotize, then Cherie Deville is the one for your pornographic disguise.

Looking for a GILF with the body and face of a woman in her early 30s? Cherie is here for you! At 43 years, this woman is a wine that aged pretty well.

Her pink as rose pussy will make you wanna lick it till she squirts. Her measurements are 35DD-25-38 with a height of 1.65 meters, and a weight of 55 kgs.

Cherie is a master of expressions and her sexy yet funny expressions will make you wanna fuck her in all positions you could imagine.

Though she has not won many awards, she rocks when it comes to GILF videos. You can find her in various Stepmom and threesome videos where she can be seen romancing and fucking with all genders.

For some premium content of Cherie Deville, you can check out her OnlyFans account, Snapchat account, and if you are a fan and like collectibles, then you can check out

Watching her videos is a sensuous experience you can’t miss as she gives you a perfect mix of seduction, fun, and maturity, all in one.

#18. Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust

There is a reason why there is the word “Lust” in her name. Watch any of her videos and you’ll instantly get it.

Still rocking at 42 years old, this woman has got the cutest GILF face which will fill you with both love and lust.

Kendra has a sweet rounded ass you can’t resist squeezing. Her dimples give her an adorable look that swiftly fades away the moment you take your eyes to her boobs.

Her measurements are 34-26-40 and weigh 55 kg with a height of 1.65 meters.

Kendra has done a variety of videos where she can be seen in MILF roles. She has also done hundreds of Lesbian videos if you are thinking of jerking off to one.

Along with this, this hottie has been nominated 9 times for awards in the porn industry.

If that is not impressive enough, she has dominatingly won 5 awards for MILF Performer of the Year and Hottest MILF (Fan Award).

If you want to dig in and enjoy her private content then you can go to platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans where you can find her semi-nude and full nude pictures and videos.

You can watch Kendra Lust's videos when in the mood of watching the cutest GILF and give your throbbing dick relief.

#17. Brandi Love

Brandi Love

If you think that you have seen it all, then you should check Brandi Love.

The lady is almost 50 years old, but that does not mean that you can't beat your meat thinking of her.

This lady will make you cum within seconds with just a glimpse of her huge tits and sexy ass. Her body measurements are 32D-25-36 and she weighs 57 kgs with a height of 1.7 meters.

Apart from Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans account, she also has a private porn site, where she posts exclusive content for her subscribers.

She has featured in many A+ movies like Aftermath. She has also been nominated 8 times in various categories like Best Ass, Web Star of the Year, MILF Performer of the Year, etc.

She was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019 by XRCO Awards.

Brandi has always been an energetic personality, and it shows when you see her getting fucked on the kitchen slab with her legs spread apart.

#16. Cammille Austin

Cammille Austin

Cammille is one of the most popular GILFS porn star who hail from America. She’s 60 years old and isn’t shy in from of cameras at all.

Cammille has a beautiful white color tone which makes her look gorgeous in comparison to most of the other pornstars. She’s a big fan of tattoos and already has some on her shoulder and lower back.

Not only that, Cammille also has done some piercing and love captivating the eyes of her viewers around the world by her insatiable performances.

If you love watching a GILF with the soft silky body and unmatchable performance, she’s the one you must add to your bucket list of porn collection.

#15. Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels

Rita is one of the most mature pornstars in the industry who’s about to get 70 years of age. But the age has no dusk on her beauty.

She’s as ravishing as ever. The brunette MILF with artificial breasts started her journey back when she was 59 and is still into wild sex scenes.

Apart from the regular shots, Rita loves having bukkake, toys and seducing young boyfriend of riding BBC.

There’s something majestic about this brunette, the way she takes it, the way she behaves make you want her more and more every time you watch her once.

#14. Annellise Croft

Annellise Croft

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Annellise is actually a queen of porn world who never loses her charm. The 64KG Blonde has got all the perfect mass which one should have at the right curves.

Fans of Annellise love watching her due to her blue colored eyes and the absolutely shaved body to treat her fans with all what they love watching.

There’s no denying the fact the Annellise is among the hottest GILFs in the industry at moment. And if the solo content is your cup of tea, then you cannot miss watching Annelise at all.

#13. Persia Monir

Persia Monir

Persia Monir is an American porn star, dancer, and stripper and is one of the few porn stars coming of an Iranian heritage with a prolonged career in pornography.

Persia was born in Oklahoma City, to an Iranian father and English-American mother.

Persia Monir is about to hit the 60-year-old mark, but her looks may still trick you easily. Unarguably, she looks way younger than any other person of her age.

At to most of her fans, she’s more of a milf than a cougar or granny. Maybe it’s because of that extra weight which makes women look fuller.

Well, at least when you are as old as the majority of these gilfs there. If you want a perfect mix of both the young and the slightly mature world, she’ll be the one you would never want to miss.

#12. Auntie Lexy

 Luna Azul

Auntie Lexy is a cougar who does not shy away from getting nasty and dirty in the porn movies. Her short hair, big bust, and shapely butts make her one of the most desirable grannies in this list. 

She loves to suck and lick testicles while giving a great oral job to her partner and doesn’t mind getting her face wet with jizz and cream. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a nasty granny who can blow your nuts in minutes then you must search for this busty pornstar.

  • Age: 60
  • Stats: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Nationality: American

#11. Ava Devine

Ava Devine

Ava Devine is one of the dirtiest, craziest and wildest porn stars at the moment around the world. As soon as you’ll start watching her videos, you’ll be mesmerized by watching her juicy body with amazing big breasts.

She also has the most beautiful legs that most would love to suck. As far as the videos are concerned, you would love the hardcore sessions as she’s no into the making love type.

For her, the only number one priority is to have hardcore sex of all kinds as much as possible. Her loud screams, threesomes, and gangbangs are beyond anything you would have ever seen.

#10. Cherry Leigh

 Luna Azul

Some pornstars entered much late in the porn industry and therefore it did not take many years for them to become grannies.


Cherry Leigh belongs to this category of pornstars but she is certainly one of the better looking grannies as well. 

Even after crossing her prime age, Cherry does not mind doing lesbian, group sex, threesomes, and other kinky acts.


It is due to her fit body and feminine charm that she has managed to bag many porn projects and ventures so far. 

However, what appealed to us the most is her ability to suck cocks in a frenzy.

She is considered to be the top gilf pornstars.

  • Age: 62
  • Stats: 34C - 28- 44
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

#9. Julia Ann

Julia Ann

Julia Ann is one of the rare GILFs with an age of 51 years old, but don't let the age deceive you.

She is as good-looking as other hotties on this list and can give others a run for their money. She is the GILF you would want to spend your holidays with.

Her amazing jawline, sultry tits, and pink pussy make her a complete package. Her measurements are 33--24-38. She has a weight of 58 kgs and is pretty tall at 1.73 meters.

She has featured in hundreds of one-on-one lesbian as well as MILF videos. With a couple of dozens of nominations in various awards and won 7 of them.

She has been killing it in the adult industry from the time when most of us were sperms.

The way she sucks dick and takes it in later makes her an undisputed champion among GILFs.

She is the one who comes into your sexy dreams and forces you to shoot out your load while you are licking and sucking her voluptuous boobs while humping her slowly in a missionary position.

#8. Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Never miss the last one as we have one of the hottest offering for you here. Janet Mason is a smoking hot GILF pornstar with a bit of kinky and crazy touch.

She has all the perfect pieces at perfect places. Janet has a nice rack, firm buttock and bright red color hair with beautiful hair which are most than enough to pull your mass out.

Janet loves having sex with a black man. She’s also a big fan of Threesomes and Blowjobs.

And the best of all, she loves double penetration more than anything else. 

I hope you are loving our list of top granny pornstars by watching her.

#7. Gina Milano

 Luna Azul

Gina Milano is a granny sex celeb who wants to suffocate young boys under her heavy tits. She is into hardcore sex scenes and has appeared in numerous anal, blowjob, and other kinky scenes till date. 

Currently, she is signed-up by as she has crossed 60 a few years ago. She is one of the hottest grannies in this list especially because of her flat and curvy body.

  • Age:   64
  • Stats: 338DDD - 25 - 38
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Nationality: American

#6. Erica Lauren

Erica Lauren

Erica is currently one of the most experienced stars of the industry. She’s currently 63 and has over 14 years of experience in the business.

The blonde and blue-eyed babe is veteran GILF pornstar you would love to watch during those exhaustive night sessions.

You can enjoy Erica scenes in her gangbang videos, riding BBC or breaking taboos in the teens. Erica has blessed heavenly looks, and list most of the adults, you’ll fall for her heavenly entrance the most.

#5. Farrah Dahl

Farrah Dahl

The most amazing and enthralling looking mature blonde Farrah Dahl is the one who not only gives pleasure to the many, but to everyone who’s watching her!

Although, she’s pretty much of a newcomer to the porn industry, yet she has brought herself with lots of experience and crazy sex ideas.

Farrah loves sucking a big, Fat dick and watching her gangbang sessions will make your blood boil easily.

She loves having sex with the young 20+ adults which most of you may love watching the most.She can hold a dick between her boobs like no other in the industry.

Not including this beauty in our list of hottest gilf pornstars will be a crime.

#4. Cory Chase

Cory Chase

If you are into chicks with glasses and haven't heard about Cory Chase, then you may need a pair of glasses for yourself.

Cory has been killing it in the porn industry for ages and does not seem to age a day old.

This lady is only 40 years old and can make your dark knight rise with her jaw-dropping seductive moves.

She has a cuddly and squishy ass along with a pair of gorgeous tits that makes her irresistible. Her measurements are 36-25-34 with a height and weight of 1.65 meters and 50 kg respectively.

You can follow her on a variety of sites like Twitter and Instagram. You can watch her premium content on sites like OnlyFans, Taboo Heat, etc. where you can enjoy her kinky side to the fullest.

She was recently awarded the “Highly Experienced - Top MILF Performer” award by Pornhub in 2020.

If you like to watch a perfect human getting fucked, then you need to check out Cory Chase. She has a cute and cuddly vibe that can quickly escalate and turn into a fuck-me vibe in seconds.

She can easily be #1 amoung top gilfs.

#3. Sally D’Angelo 

Sally D' Angelo

Starting her career just a few years back, Sally easily won over many of fans just by showing her huge jugs. She’s your typical blonde GILF bimbo, you want to have all time on the couch.

Sally is always hungry for young black masses but is also ready to come down and eat her female co-star.

There is an absolute charm and charisma in the way Sally takes it all on her and you’ll certainly love it way more than anything.

She’s 63 now, however, has got every single skill to get your pants off. She definitely deserves a spot in the list of mature pornstars.

#2. Darla Crane

Darla Crane

If you’re looking for the most hottest GILF out there that could get your blood boiling within a few moments then Darla Crane is the one you should seek on the web.

There’s no denying the fact she’s Darla is the sumptuous combination of both smartness and hotness. Only the idea of thinking about Darla can pump you up instantly.

Starting her career in softcore. Darla offered some of the hottest content to its fans all over the world.

She started her video journey in the year 1990 and then went into the other areas with it including writing, Directing and edit fetish porn etc.

The best thing happened when Darla started shooting hardcore mainstream porn in 2000, and later she became the sensation.

She can easily be treated as #1 among top mature pornstars.

#1. Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Nina is one of the most respected pornstars in the industry and has always been a sex educator.

She started her journey from a nursing school after which she became a stripper and the entire story took a sensual turn in no time

This legendary porn actress Nina Hartley is known by its many names including Nina Hartwell and Nina Hartman. The blonde GILF has a beauty which most of the young adults may admire like no other.

A back full of heavy mass and large breasts give Nina a spot that no other granny could ever steal.

But the best thing about Nina is that when it comes to action, she’s second to none and can bring most of the young pornstars fantasies to life, no matter how kinky you actually are.

If you’re the one who has already scorched the internet for the licking tutorials or lessons on how to squirt, there’s a complete chance that Nina must have appeared in your search results.

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I hope you loved our article on best gilf pornstars, and if you have any comments then do share in comments below. We update this granny pornstar list every month.

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