Top 20 Hottest Richest Female Porn Stars (2019)

Working in the porn industry is not an easy thing as it involves a lot of hard work and one has to have the ability to push their limits further.

They are paid heavily and earn thousands of dollars per day.

Some of the porn stars also work as private escorts and charge a great sum of money for the services they offer.

All this money make them very rich, and they can easily afford all the luxuries of life because of the sheer entertainment and pleasure they provide to you.

Today we are discussing female porn stars who became very rich after they started acting in porn movies.

These babes are not only sexy and stinking rich, but they have also managed to get love from all around the world which they were able to convert successfully into millions of dollars!

Let us take a look at these insanely rich female porn stars:

katie morgan

Top 20 Richest Female Pornstars

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#1. Daisy Marie

Daisy is an American porn star of Mexican origin who made a big name for herself in the porn industry by working on her looks, body, and skills regularly.

Her pretty face and curvy body helped her all the way in the journey, but it was her hard work and sheer desire to impress the audience that made her so popular.

 Her career began in the year 2002 and lasted for seven years till 2009. 

She acted in over 190 adult films in this span and gave tons of memorable scenes which her fans cherish even today. 

Also, she had featured in numerous adult magazines during this period and was successfully able to remain in the top spot for many years.

#2. Maria Ozawa

Few porn stars in the world look as stunning and charming as Maria Ozawa does and that has also helped her to amass a huge fan following.

Her Japanese decent makes her look much different than conventional porn stars which enabled her to bag more projects that were financially beneficial for her.

The sweet and innocent looks of Maria Ozawa have made her a hot favourite amongst her male and female admirers.

She has also acted in numerous lesbian softcore movies and also excels in hardcore and bondage sex scenes.

Apart from acting in the porn videos she also has a thing for cooking, and she loves playing video games as well.

#3. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is a legend in the right sense as she has ruled the hearts of porn lovers since decades.

It’s her relentless spirit and desire to outperform the others that have made her such a huge star in the adult industry.

 Her perfect body and tanned complexion make her appear like a sex goddess and has featured in hundreds of adult movies in the over 15 active years of her career.

Also, she has managed to bag more awards than most of the porn stars will not even dream about.

All these reasons made Lisa insanely rich, and she deserves every penny we spend on watching her. 

#4. Bella Dona

Bella Dona just wanted to be a model who works in nude photo shoots but instead landed up acting in over 250 adult movies most of which have been a commercially hit project.

Most of her porn movies are themed around anal sex, and she has acted in some softcore and solo porn clips.

She has also produced and directed some lesbian movies which have been commercially beneficial as well.

Born on 21st of May 1987, Bella started her career in 1999 and was active in the industry till 2012.

She has a busty and curvy figure, and her boobs are natural. She owns two production houses viz.

Belladonna Entertainment and Deadly Nightshade Productions.

  • Website:
  • Stats: 34c-24-34 
  • Awards: Social Network Sensation – 2009 - FAME
  •  Other Services: 

#5. Sasha Grey

Everyone expects Sasha to be on the list of richest female porn stars simply because she had a great run in the porn industry and is doing well in the mainstream cinema as well.

However, the main reason for her success and richness is the amount of hard work and dedication she puts in every scene especially when it comes to the adult films.

 The filthy babe we know in the porn movies also looks like an angel, and this deadly combination has made her so popular across the world.

We expect much more from her in the future as she has reached a prime stage of her acting career.

#6. Jenna Haze

Jenna is not such a huge porn star when it comes to popularity, but she beats the most with her directing and producing skills which she has used to earn massive revenue over the years.

She has turned 36 this year, and by the look of it, we can easily say that she is going to make more fortunes in the future.

 Born on 22nd of February 1982, Jenna has a mix of Spanish, German and even Irish heritage which makes her look so hot and ravishing.

She has a petite figure, and her boobs are natural.

#7. Sunny Leone

When it comes to rags to riches story, nobody can forget the success story of Sunny Leone.

She amassed great wealth as a porn star which also in a way helped her to launch herself in the mainstream Indian cinema of which she is an integral part today.

 Sunny Leone will always be remembered for her slutty scenes and lesbian movies that thrilled us to the core.

She is partly Indian and partly Canadian which reflects in her stunning beauty and voluptuous figure.

She had also won several accolades for her stunning performances in the porn movies she had done during her porn career.

#8. Bree Olson

We all love Bree due to her cute and charming looks, sexy petite body and bouncy boobs.

However, few people know that she is insanely rich as well and most of the wealth was gathered during her active career which lasted for seven long years from 2006 to 2013.

 Bree retired from the porn industry, and much of it is credited to her ongoing relationship with veteran Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen.

Her relationship with him has been quite controversial, and we expect her to return soon as we miss her badly.

#9. Tera Patrick

Tera is one of the richest female porn stars that this industry has ever seen.

Her sexy face and even sexier body make us think that she has been created by God to make women jealous and to make men go crazy for her.

Her voluptuous body and her massive boobs are her best assets, and we love the scenes in which she topless!

 Her porn career lasted more than a decade from 1999 to 2014.

She featured in the FHM's list of top 100 sexiest women, and she was the first ever porn star who achieved to do that back then.

She also owns the t-shirt brand which features two tits in the front.

#10. Traci Lords

Traci Lords is a legend in her own right.

A veteran porn actress who has featured in hundreds of videotapes, adult photo shoots and magazines she ruled the porn industry when most of us weren’t even born.

 Traci had earned 1million dollar by selling the rights of a single movie, Traci, I love you, and that itself speaks volumes about her huge fan base back then.

She rightfully earns this spot for being one of the most controversial, sexy, popular and richest female porn stars of all times.

#11. Jesse Jane

We all know Jesse Jane as a porn actress who can get pretty wild during the scenes which have made her so much popular in her long 15-year career.

She acts in porn films even today, and at the age of 38, she still looks like a teen model because of her lean and petite frame.

 Describing herself as bold and bisexual this female porn star has amassed immense wealth by acting in hundreds of porn movies and videotapes.

However, her personal life has been ridden with controversies and sadly is fighting a dreadful disease known as cervical cancer.

She has won tons of awards for her performances in the porn films and will always be loved in the porn-loving communities for her stellar acting skills which she had portrayed in both softcore and hardcore adult films.

Jessa Jane

#12. Maria Takagi

Almost every porn lover has heard about this wonderful girl from Japan who mesmerises everyone with her mystical and innocent looks. 

Born on 25th of October 1980 in Chiba, Japan, Maria is a hugely popular Japanese adult actress and AV idol.

She demands a huge fee for her every film which has also made her one of the richest female porn stars in the industry.

She has retired from the porn industry now and is seeking a career in the Japanese TV industry.

We wish her the best of luck for her future endeavours and will always miss her naked body and steamy sex scenes.

#13. Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels is another porn star who has had an astounding porn career from 2004 to 2015 in which she had appeared in numerous porn films and videos.

She also acted in a horror movie named as Piranha 3D which was a huge success of the year 2010.

Born on 6th of June 1983, Gianna is a sexy adult actress who is super tall and has got a busty body.

She also has numerous porn awards for her credit and her huge and adorable breasts will always be cherished by her fans and admirers.

  • Website:
  • Stats: 34dd-27-38 
  • Awards: Unsung starlet of the year – AVN -2008
  •  Other Services: 

#14. Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan is a versatile woman who has acted in porn films, worked as a nude model and also as a radio chat show anchor.

Born on 17th March 1980, this American porn star is still ruling the porn world with her sexy body and raunchy scenes.

 Her porn career has been very successful as she has managed to star in numerous super hit porn ventures and movies which has also made her very popular among her fans.

Her juicy boobs were enhanced to give it a much fuller and rounder look.

#15. Jayden James

Jayden James is a sexy slut who likes to seduce her fans through her steamy and sultry scenes.

She is extremely hot and has been involved in many scandalous relationships over the years with movie stars and celebrities.

 Born on February 13th, 1986, Jayden is a very popular porn star who started her career in the adult industry way back in 2006.

She is still very much active in the industry and also has won numerous awards for her sensuous performances over the years.

She has acted in both lesbian and hardcore movies and has seemed pretty great in all of them.

#16. Asa Akira

Asa is a very popular porn star of today's generation. 

Her Japanese lineage makes her look so stunning, and we cannot miss her hotness in the scenes of her movies she acts in.

She was born on 3rd of January 1986 in New York City and has won several awards during her career.

 In the early stage of her career she mostly acted in lesbian movies but then gradually moved on to hardcore movies and it was during this stage of her career that she got immensely popular and rich.

Her perfect boobs and hourglass figure are her best assets, and she has a thing for tattoos which make her look sexier.

#17. Audrey Bitoni

When you look at Audrey, you cannot help but fall in love with her mesmerising pair of hazel eyes.

She is known for her hot performances in the hardcore movies and has been a part of successful porn projects over the years.

Audrey, who was born on 16th of August 1986, started her career in the year 2006 and is still very much active in the adult industry.

Her mixed German, Spanish and Italian lineage makes her look hot and special.

Also, she has been featured in several hit porn films which have made her a rising star in the industry today.

#18. Tori Black

Tori Black is a special porn star who looks like an angel when she smiles and when she performs she gets too hot to handle.

She is a fairly tall woman with an athletic body and astounding assets.

People love to see her in the movies, and therefore she has been in great demand all throughout her career.

 She has been rated and considered to be one of the top porn actresses by leading porn houses, and she has been a part of more than 200 porn movies which itself is a great achievement.

Also, she had been awarded numerous times for her roles in the movies, and we love to see her in the anal sex scenes.

  • Website:
  • Stats:  34b-27-38
  • Awards: Female Performer of the year – 2010 - AVN
  •  Other Services: 

#19. Ava Addams

Ava Addams is one of the most searched porn stars of the recent times, and it is mainly because of her stunning looks and sexy performances.

She is also among the few porn stars of the recent times who have managed to earn a huge fortune.

Her porn career started in the year 2008, and if we say that she is a legend of the future, it will certainly not be an overstatement for sure.

She was born in U.K but both her parents are French which also explains why she looks so hot and sexy.

#20. Jenna Jameson

If somebody had to be the richest female porn star ever in the porn industry, it had to be Jenna Jameson.

Nobody had such an illustrious porn career as this woman had and she even converted her fame into a franchise and did a lot more a conventional porn star wouldn't even dream to achieve.

 She has already retired from the porn industry after providing non-stop action and steamy scenes to her fans for more than 15 years.

She has also been a part of several TV shows and mainstream cinema which are enough to explain her popularity across the world.

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