Top 31 Hottest Richest Male Porn Stars (2019)

Porn business is not a startup industry but a business that has grown so much in the last few decades that one cannot afford to ignore the huge amount of money it churns out every year.

Escort services, porn movies, videos, photo shoots, etc. are the various services provided by the porn industry which make it such a money oriented business.

Not only the producers and directors, but the porn stars also demand huge booty according to their position and value they bring to the porn content.

Today we are going to discuss the top 20 richest male porn stars in the industry who are not just popular but are filthy rich and can afford to live a lavish life full of the most expensive luxuries

Here's that million dollars worth list for you!

Hottest Richest Male Porn Stars

Top 20 Richest Male Pornstars

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You might have seen him having sex with a milf, teenager, BBW and other types of women in the porn movies.

He is from America and has also acted in mainstream cinema and TV shows. He is filthy rich and has his underwear line which he had launched in the year 2012.

He had even sold his van which was devised to be zombie-proof and that too at $11,000. He was born on 13th May 1967, and his real name is Tommy Strada.  At the age of 51, he still looks handsome as ever and enjoys a large fan following. 

He is moderately tall and has a decent physique which he uses to charm his fellow porn stars and fans.
Tommy Gunn


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 2 Million
  • Awards: AVN awards – 2007 (Best Male performer), AVN hall of fame – 2016
  • Other Services: Hollywood and TV shows

James Deen is a handsome blue-eyed porn star who is a heartthrob on numerous girls and women.

He entered the porn industry at the age of 18 and had become one of the most popular male porn actors over the years.

Apart from performing in porn films, he has also handled the responsibilities of a producer.

He has several hit movies to his credit as a producer and has also made a few appearances in the mainstream movies.

He is among the richest male porn stars and has a promising bright future ahead.

James Deen


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 3.2 Million
  • Awards: Male performer of the year – AVN - 2009
  • Other Services: Producer

Danny is a charming dude and girls fall for his smile and dashing personality. He hails from Great Brittan and has aspirations to be a soccer player.

However, unfortunately, he had a major leg injury and had to act in porn films from the age of 19.

He has featured in numerous films from the production houses such as Elegant Angel, Brazzers, etc.

He is one of the richest male porn stars ever and was married to actress Mia Malkova in the year 2014.

Also, he is considered to be among the richest adult movie stars of England.

Danny Mountain


  • Net Worth: USD 1.2 Million
  • Awards: 2011- AVN – Unsung male performer of the year
  • Other Services: Former football player

A porn star who is from Canada, Peter North is among the few porn stars who happen to be working in the porn industry by mere chance or coincidence.

He has over 2000 porn movies to his credit and has also directed more than 60 movies. Apart from that, he has also worked as a producer in about 15 films. 

This much information is enough to understand his stature and net worth in the porn world.

He has also started his firm named as Northstar Associates which is also a source of income for this adult male actor. He joined the porn industry in the year 1984 and had never looked back since then.

He has a thing for luxury cars and has several of them in his garage.
Peter North


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 9 Million
  • Awards: Best group scene – AVN – 1998, FOXE (Male fan favourite – 1990, 1991, 1992)
  • Other Services: Movie Producer

By acting in over 1300 porn movies and directing over 250 movies, Rocco Siffredi has amassed a huge fortune for himself.

Moreover, he has been participating in several TV commercials through which he is earning a steady income.

 Rocco is known for his dominating performance in the porn movies and also has been referred to as Italian Stallion because of his dominance.

He has won several awards in his career and has also been handled the responsibilities of a producer and director in several movies apart from being an actor.

Rocco Siffredi


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 4.3 Million
  • Awards: Best couple sex scene – 1998 – Buda, AVN hall of fame - 2002
  • Other Services: TV actor, advertisements

John has been a very popular male figure in the porn industry from the early 1970's.

However, he started acting in the porn flicks only in the year 1974 and has also been an erotic writer, male model, and a male stripper in his career.

 He is considered to be one of the richest male adult stars in the industry and has also managed to start a newspaper (with adult content) on his own.

He has also produced several hit porn movies through which he has earned a huge fortune for himself.


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 8.3 Million
  • Awards: Man of the year – XBIZ -2011, Industry Pioneer – XBIZ - 2010
  • Other Services: Porn Producer

Ron was born in 12th of March 1953 and has been a popular porn star in the industry for over four decades.

One of the most famous male porn actors, Ron Jeremy, is lovingly called as Hedgehog by his fans and friends.

He has acted in more than 2200 porn movies and has also directed over 270 porn movies during his career.

Today, he works as a consultant for Boogie Nights, an adult porn making franchise.

Ron Jeremy owns a nightclub in the United States which is located at Oregon. He earns a huge income from this nightclub which also makes him rich like a king. 



  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 5 Million
  • Awards: Best supporting actor – AFAA - 1983
  • Other Services: Night club owner

There can be hardly any porn lover who does not know Lexington Steele.

Lexington is an American adult porn actor who has also directed several films during his career.

He is among the few porn stars and the first male porn actor who managed to bag the AVN Male Performer of the year for three times in his lifetime.

He was born in November 28th, 1969 and is known for performing exceedingly well in anal sex scenes and pussy pounding scenes as well.

He married Savana Styles in the year 2016 and is filthy rich. Women love him for the huge chunk of meat that hangs below his waist.

Lexington Steele


Evan Seinfeld is a multitalented individual who is also a singer and a musician apart from being a male adult actor.

Moreover, he is also a director, writer and even a photographer who tells us that his personality has different dimensions.

Born on 29th December 1967, Evan Seinfeld has been a part of numerous porn movies and acts under the pen name Spyder Jonez.

He started acting in porn films in the year 2004 and has given us several memorable and sexy scenes till date.

He is 50 years old today and still can shy any newcomer with his erotic performance.

Evan Seinfeld


  • Awards: Crossover male star – XBIZ – 2008, 2009 - XBIZ

#10. Evan Stone

Evan Stone is an unusual male porn star who also performs as a stand-up comedian.

It is due to this quality of his that people especially the women and girls love him.

He was born on 18th of July 1964 which means that he is 54 years old as of today.

He married Jessica Drake in the year 2002 and only after two years he divorced her in 2004.

He is also one of the most famous male porn stars in the world and has earned a huge fortune for himself by acting in numerous porn flicks and movies.

You can check some of his best movies on the internet and enjoy them with your partner.

Evan Stone


#11. Johnny Sins

He looks like the famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel, and we have to admit that he is far better looking than Vin.

He is a great performer and knows how to nail a wet pussy. He charges $5000 for a single scene which forced us to add him in this list.

 He is 38 years old as of today and has acted in over 500 movies during his career.

He is one of the most searched porn actors on the internet and had been nominated for the prestigious AVN awards twice in his career for giving best performance by a male actor.

His porn videos are extremely erotic which make his female admirers squirm in passion.

Johnny Sins


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 5 Million
  • Awards: Best sex scene – 2016 - XBIZ
  • Other Services: YouTube channel

#12. Kieran Lee

His smooth ways with women and charming, decent looks make him a heartthrob of his female fans.

He has been a part of several porn films and has acted over 2000 films in his career.

Over 1000 films are bannered under Brazzers is one of the richest male porn actors in the world.

He has made insurance of 1million dollars for his dick which makes him the only male porn star in the world to do so.

He was born on 22nd of June 1988 and is one of the youngest porn stars in this list.

His mixed English and American lineage gave him a unique look which made him an instant hit among the women belonging to all the ages.

Kieran Lee


  • Awards: Favourite male performer – AVN – 2016, XRCO – Best director – nominated - 2017

#13. Tom Byron

Tom Byron is one of the richest porn stars in the world and has acted in more than 2900 films in his porn career.

He is of Italian Lineage and looks like a decent looking hunk. He was born on 4th of April 1961 and has also directed and produced several movies.

He started his porn career when he was just 18 years old, and therefore we can easily say that he is one of the richest male stars to have ever entered the porn business.

He specialises in anal sex scenes and has also participated in several threesomes themed movies and scenes.

Tom Byron


  • Awards: CAFA – 1984 – Best Actor, XRCO – 1990 – Best Couples sex scene

#14. Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara is a porn actor and director who is from France. He was born on 1st of November 1975 and has won several awards during his porn career.

He married Kayden Kross a porn actress in the year 2012 and had 4 children in total.

His smooth and charming looks work magic on women, and they fall in love with him instantly. 

He expertise in hardcore sex movies and his known for performing steaming oral sex scenes as well.

He also is well versed in anal sex, and there are thousands of porn clips that prove this fact. He has acted on more than 1500 movies and lived life king size.

Manuel Ferrara


#15. Bill Bailey

Danny is a porn actor from America who has earned quite a fortune for himself by working in the porn movies.

He has an astounding physique, charming looks and his six-pack of abs can drive any woman crazy for him. Moreover, he has a huge dick which he uses to pound sluts of all the ages.

Bill Bailey is certainly one of the best looking male porn actors in this list, but he has been part of numerous porn projects which has made him Richie Rich of the porn industry.

He loves to dominate and that reflects in the numerous sex movies he has acted in till date.

Bill Bailey


  • Awards: Best group sex scene – AVN – 2014

#16. Chad White

Chad White is another male porn star who is recognised all across the world for his amazing performance in the hardcore sex movies.

His chiselled and brawny body, rough looks and enormous monster make him a popular porn star.

Chad White has amassed a huge fortune by working tirelessly in hundreds of porn scenes.

His perfect combination of manly yet naive looks works as an advantage for him and make women drool over him for many reasons. He looks hot in the photo shoots and is also admired by his male fans.

Chad White


#17. Charles Dera

With light blue eyes, perfectly chiselled body and charming looks, Charles Dera can be the dream man for many women simply because of his perfect looks.

Apart from working in the porn industry he also is passionate about dancing, modelling and loves MMA as well.

Charles Dera has over 350 hot scenes to his credit and has earned wealth, fame and even respect from his co-stars and team members.

Any woman can fall for his good looks, and he uses his body in the porn scenes with perfection.

Charles Dera

Charles was born on December 21st, 1978 and loves to chat and befriend his fans and admirers. He excels in performing in hardcore sex scenes which also includes anal sex scenes and threesome sex scenes.

You can search for his hot videos on the internet, and you will surely be more than impressed with his performances.


#18. Chris Strokes

Few people are as God gifted as Chris Strokes is as he has a superb alpha male body, amazing sex appetite, big shaft and has acted in some of the best hardcore movies.

All these things make him a popular male adult actor, and he has also managed to earn a huge wealth for himself and his family. Chris was born on 27th November 1985 and is just 29 years old as of now.

He surely has a long way to go and can become one of the richest porn stars of all times.

What he lives life complete leisure and luxury which can be quite understandable as these actors have to take the utmost care of their body and physique along with their good looks.

Chris Strokes

Chris Strokes is tall, handsome and many women hold a weak spot for him. His porn videos include all the types of videos in which he gets nasty and rough while performing anal or vaginal sex scenes.

However, he is extremely well mannered when it comes to interacting with his fans which makes him hugely popular among his admirers.

#19. Derrick Pierce

With his macho looks and clean shaved yet rough face, Derrick is one of the most followed and respected adult male actors in the world.

He has acted in over 950 adult movies which are quite a feat in itself. He is rich and likes to lead his life with all the luxuries and perks he can easily afford.

He has worked with some of the leading stars in the porn world and has given the steamiest collection of scenes all through his career.

Born on March 1st, 1974, Derrick Pierce is from America and started his career in the year 2005.

He is tall and has a dashing personality which is enough to impress girls, but he is also very good in the bed which makes women go weak in their knees if they happen to see his naked performances.

You can search for his awesome collection of hardcore movies on the internet and have the time of your life. His mix of Italian and French origin gives him a sexy look that all the porn-loving women are crazy about.

#20. Flash Brown

This dark coloured porn star from America is certainly amongst the more popular porn actors in the world.

He was born on 17th of January 1981 and is tall like a tree. Women love his height, his well-hung tool, and his hot looks can make any woman co crazy. 

He nails every damn hole on the female body with perfection and manages to raise the hotness bar of the porn movies by his extraordinary performances.

He is one of the top rated male porn stars and also charges a huge amount for every scene.

This makes him one of the richest male porn stars of the industry today!

Flash Brown


  • Awards: Urban X award – 2010, New male performer – XBIZ - 2011

#21. Xander Corvus

Xender is an excellent looking adult film star who is known for his rugged features. Women fall for his piercings, and he has a considerable amount in his bank.

Xander Corvus


  • Net Worth: USD 8.9 Million
  • Awards: Urban X award – 2010, New male performer – XBIZ - 2011
  • Other Services: Director, Singer

#22. Nacho Vidal

Nacho is a Spanish adult film star who is very popular for his manly looks. He has acted in a lot of movies with every possible category.

Nacho Vidal


  • Website:
  • Net Worth: USD 4 Million approx
  • Awards: XBIS for the best scene in 2013, XBIS, for best foreign male performer 2012.
  • Other Services: Director, producer, camera person, and writer

#23. Shane Diesel

Shane is a well-known porn star. You might have seen him in movies ranging between multiple categories. He has earned a massive sum of money from the porn world.

Shane Diesel


#24. Jessy Jones

With an experience of over ten years, Jessy has starred in several movies. He has maintained a low profile in the porn world.

Jessy Jones


  • Net Worth: USD 2 Million

#25. Jordi El Nino Polla

One of the most famous faces in the adult film industry today, El Nino, is known for his short height and goofy acting. Despite his structure, he possesses a big dick.

Jordi El Nino Polla


  • Net Worth: USD 1.5 Million
  • Awards: AVN award nomination
  • Other Services: Producer, Youtube channel

#26. Erik Everhard

Born in Canada, Erik has made a name in the pornographic world. He has won a plethora of awards and is a reputed actor loved by many.

Erik Everhard


#27. Danny D

With acting in over 250 movies, Danny D has made himself a massive star. He is quite a favorite among the masses, and people love to watch his crazy fucking style on the screen.

Danny D


#28. Small Hands

This adult movie actor is called small hands because, despite being a grown man, he possesses very tiny hands. He is known for having tattoos all over his body.

Small Hands


  • Net Worth: USD 200K
  • Awards: Best supporting actor 2018 AVN

#29. Mick Blue

Mick is a porn star with unconventional looks. He was born in Austria and has starred in many movies. Other porn stars love to ride his giant cock.

Mick Blue


  • Net Worth: USD 120K
  • Awards: XBIZ awards in 2013, 14, 15, and 17
  • Other Services: Auto racing driver

#30. Ryan Madison

Ryan possesses a fabulous physique. He is known for his professionalism in the industry.

Ryan Madison


  • Net Worth: USD 100K
  • Awards: Ryan won the 2014 AVN award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene, XBIZ award for Best BDSM Movie
  • Other Services: Director

#31. Jmac

This porn star is known for his monstrous cock. He loves to star in movies with small petite girls. He works mainly with the Reality King and Bang Bros. production houses.

  • Net Worth: USD 80K


As we have gone through some of the wealthiest male porn actors, we realize that the industry has a lot to offer. But, like any other profession, the porn world also requires hard work and dedication. We see on the screen a half-hour sex scene, but a lot goes into the making of that single clip.

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