Top 20 Hottest Thick Pornstars to follow in 2023

Are you looking for the hottest thick Pornstars ruling the adult industry? 

We have got you covered.

Nowadays we have seen that porn industry just like other industries, ruled by models and their features.

And most of the people are not really into any model, people now prefer thick curvy, yet toned, with beautiful asses and huge boobs.

These chicks know how to showcase their bodies with perfect moans and pushing themselves in the dick and get their curvy body explored. 

So if you are one of those people who love these thick babes, you my friend have come to the right place.

Below we have a list of Hottest thick babes you will love to know about.

Top 20 Hottest thick Pornstars (2023): Best curvy pornstars

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1. Angela White-

Let’s make one thing clear, Angela is the queen of curves.

You can find her on all tit sites because of her being so much in demand.

Angela White shines her jaw, especially when she drops her jaw to bring in a big cock.

Known for her tight buttocks, deceptive angel smiles, and the shocking power of a powerful ass and facial expressions, Angela is certainly not an innocent schoolgirl.

2. Ava Addams-

Considered one of the MILF pornstars most sexually explicit, this baby has huge breasts and has the best body shape in the industry!

I am sure most of you would prefer to watch young children with a slim figure be groomed and dominated, but there is a large proportion of boys (and girls) who wish to have a mature woman.

And Ava Addams is a perfect example of a grown child you would love to have sex with, or bet on! It’s hard to guess, but she has fake breasts that look so natural that they are my favorite tits in the industry.

she's been around for ten years now, and has worked with top studios to provide us with the best sex videos you can watch and post!

3. Sheridon Love-

Kinky pierced mommy who makes girls squeak with orgasmic delight, and excels in her sport. She loves girls more than boys.

She has outstanding boobies which is the reason of her success in porn. 

So, her first porn of 2011 was lesbian where she played a wicked but seductive MILF.

Sheridan’s made around 80 movies so far, of various lesbian genres, won an award, and continues working.

As mentioned, her boobs are so impressive they got her several nominations.

Sheridan has dark hair, a seductive face, and an ample ass, but the boobs get all attention.

The MILF has pierced nipples, nose wing, and lip, and features a big tattoo in her groin and a few smaller ones scattered on her body.

4. Autumn Falls-

She showcases her sex appeal, on the screen that she loves cock.

She is so crazy horny and never wants to miss a session where she gets to put her pink loves on the red fat dick, and loves if it is in front of the camera.

She loves doing it so much, no matter what is the size, she will try to suck as much as she can and then will use free hand to rub and juggle the balls.

Between her beautiful skin, beautiful boobs, and her toned body, she is all you can think of when you take a hot photo.

Have fun with the pornographic scenes of this vixen.

5. Skylar Snow-

This perky pierced boob model knows how to use her bubbly butt and enjoy the ride.

She is the best athlete when it comes to riding fat dicks. And she is unbeatable.

This slender and flexible artist has always amazed audiences around the world with its beautiful boobs, juicy booties, and its ability to split and bounce off its prey, the Dick.

If she is not busy rolling his ass, you may find this naughty babe climbing on the slopes or sitting on the beach, two of his favorite hobbies.

6. Missy Martinez-

Missy Martinez has one of the hottest bodies in the world, not just the adult industry, and there is no argument I can make to believe otherwise.

American Pornstar has been in operation for almost a decade and has given us really memorable scenes.

And the fact that he has a beautiful face and an attractive body that can support those big, round booty which makes her one of the best MILFs you could ever want to play.

Now that you have seen her, I am sure you will not be able to do anything but imagine her in your dreams and the holes that encircle your big penis literally!

7. Natasha Nice-

Natasha is beautiful babes but what grabs attention is her natural D cups boobs.

Though she has a doll like face, long beautiful slender legs, perfect slim waste and huge ass to look on to.

This thick babe can easily work in teen porn too for her body statistics available.

She has rocked more than 600 porns by now and she is such a turn on.

With her juicy ass she owns anal and is a queen for hardcore. 

She also performed in lesbos, orgies etc. 

One can easily just enjoy her video without any other star, and would still get the same pleasure.

8. Alura Jenson-

Alura is a big boobed little cutie who knows to make her man in bed happy.

She has enormous 42G cup size and has a playful flare.

Alura has entered the industry for one reason, and that is living for all her dreams.

Alura got into the scenes business when she realized that her favorite part of going to the gym was the attention, she got from showing off her body.

Her way not wasting around while fucking, is the reason she is the thickest pornstar in the game.

9. Jasmine James-

She is a hot and beautiful babes and she has been working in the industry for 4 years now.

She is amazing with her work and feels most happiest performing the bed.

The naughty babe has a few tattoos too ssssss

10. Julie Cash-

Julie is a beautiful model, who has chubby stomach, but huge tities and similarly pleasing lower part.

She has strong thighs and tattoos on her golden skin, she is a blonde and has a barbie face.

You can see her amazing body in all sorts of important pornographic images such as anal, oral, masturbation, different races, but with a twist - her BBW assets are exaggerated, so her watery films are not for teen lovers.

What else can you add? Julie was born in 1989, has a strong mix of Dutch, German, African, and Cheyenne blood, and has won two awards for her outstanding body and performance.

11. Romi Rain-

Romi Rain has such a big fat ass that it has a mind of its own and her boobs, so big, o can play with them like a ball. 

She liked to tease ad does whatever it takes to please other with the lustful sex.

With her licisous tits ready she always a way with a fat dick and just enjoys rubbing it in her wet pink pussy.

She with her hot looks and amazing skills has kept all the viewers hooked to her, and her figure 34D- 24-32, is an eye candy and you will just enjoy looking at her.

12. Moriah Mills-

Moriah Mills is a vicious sex-panther that hides in a package that looks naive.

Soon to become the next girl in the adult industry, Moriah is a hotly lazy gymnast with big breasts that you have always thought of.

This sexy cunt, loves to give blowjobs, showcase her amazing tits, and she can go deep throat with the huge ones, and loves a face full of cum.

Her expressions while a blowjob will amaze you so much that you will have one of your most amazing orgasmic pleasure.

13. Lasirena 69-

If you like your ladies thick down, tight in the middle, and saggy up, then get ready for the awesome Lasirena69 Capone.

The magnificent gal had been with the girls many times in her personal life, but when she joined the industry as a girl to a girl-only artist, she made all her costar girls cum.

She has blown so many cocks, that just my watching her open the mouth you will burst yourself.

She has been into the industry for over 1 year and still is eager to fuck whoever gives her the best fun.

She is so wild that she usually features in just anal, interracial and double penetration.

14. Angel Wicky-

Angel Wicky entered the sex world in 2010. When Angel Wicky turned 19, she decided to make her first appearance in the porn world.

More than nine years, and 349 sex scenes later, Angel Wicky is still eager to release another cock.

Angel Wicky is a goddess with big boobies and her amazing curves have been making hard dicks around the world since she started making porn.

Angel Wicky was born in the Czech Republic on April 8, 1991, making her Aries.

Her weights are 38DD-26-36, she weighs 127 lbs (58 kg) and stands at 5'5 ″ (166 cm). Her body measures 38DD. She has blue eyes and lovely blond hair.

15. Payton Preslee-

Payton’s erotic spell is so hard, you wont waste a minute and will be fucking hard.

She just craves for the dicks which are huge so that she squats on them and be so rough that she makes them shake cumming.

She is such a babe but she is nasty when it comes to group sex, and this horny babe loves gangbangs.

With her saucy scenes, she cannot just satisfy a dick, but she can make you get an orgasm so hard that you can’t wait for going for it one more time.

She has a comparatively slim figure but is heavenly to look at.

16. Bridgette B -

Bridgette is known for her naughtyhardcore sex.

Just as soon as she grabs a fat dick, you can see her notorious smile, and her being down on knees, ready to blow off the load on the balls. 

Blessed with gorgeous pair of boobs, I bet you can’t remove your eyes of her.

She has a thick ass that is just so juicy when she is riding a cowgirl or being taken from behind. 

Bridgette B is a delicious meal with big, beautiful breasts, and long, slender, attractive legs.

Her notorious smile is very popular and her mouth is known as the Biggest Mouth in the Game.

17. Ivy Lebelle-

This alluring model is used to keep things smoldering, and posses for a lot of brands, and is a treat to visuals, when she posts the nudes online.

Bases is a fucking pro, and just with a dick in, she performs so amazing, that you can’t even miss out on the expressions. 

Her weight is 34D-27-35, she weighs 134 lbs (61 kg) and stands at 5'7 ″ (170 cm).

Her body is between 34D fake / developed breasts. She has blue eyes and thick brown hair.

18. Savannah Bond-

This chick is known for her long duration wild performances, and she enjoys so much that you might shoot with lust just by watching her in first two minutes.

Her booty is so big and juicy, that if you watched in straight for a day, you won’t be tired or bored.

You’ll still have your lust on, that you could go more rounds just to look at her. 

She has a natural self-confidence and warmth from all of her passions that make her one of the hottest stars in the world.

So if you like to see a big cock wrapped around two even bigger boobies, be sure to check out some Savannah Bond scenes to see the last titty fucker in action.

19. Anissa Kate-

Anissa Kate, since the age of 24 has been active in the porn industry.

She is so amazing that she has been a porn slut for 703 videos now.

She is popular on the websites like Evil Angels, All Anal Service etc.

Reading anal, you know now she has a perfect big booty well-toned body and heavenly boobs.

Your eyes will just roll looking her moan and all her rides are so amazing you won’t have a minute to look away from her gorgeous body. 

Whether she sucks and beats monster dicks or eats one of the strongest pussies in the game, this big boobed bisexual gal is all about fun.

Hula hooping, roller skating, cooking, gymnastics, drawing, and filmmaking, Anissa Kate is a rejuvenating suite, but her main talent is giving blowjobs.

20. Phoenix Marie-

Phoenix started her career as a sales woman in Harley Davidson, but now every guy wants to fuck this babe on the small seat of the same.

Started porn in 2006, she loves anal sex, be it real life or porn.

She has enlarged tities, is beautiful and that juicy butt, oof, is an added benefit to look at.

She has done more than 600 porn scenes now, for studios like, brazzers, kink etc.

She loves to gulp the dick in her and make it so saucy that her viewer would just shoot his load in less than a minute of performance.

21. Mary Jean-

Mary Jean has making us enjoy her banging since 10 years now, and you old is gold.

Tall and thick with flat abs and large green breasts, an undeniable champion in hard work.

Her big breasts are always ready to work, looking home with a fat cock stuck in her middle, and her prey so strong you can swear she's just a slutty slut.

She's a girl who is just a wet snack, but with the sinful joy of madness that makes our dancers beat our jeans with a greeting.

22. Lena Paul-

Hot babes, got the juiciest ass I have seen in a while, and paired with her boobs, believe me it is a deadly combination to resist.

Her beauty speaks so much, that you can get a hard dick just by watching her in the room, she doesn’t even need to remove her clothes.

She is Pornhub ranked 11 and flaunts her figure (32DDD-25-36). She has been treating her fans on social media by clicking selfies showcasing her amazing tities.

She started porn scenes in 2016 and was just 23 years old.

But even after, 411 porn scenes, she is still so much eager to hop on to big cocks, and juice them out in her.

23. Karlee Grey-

This babe is a nymphomaniac, and she in her videos, cant go a day without taking a big fat dick and riding them so hard, that you cum from the core. 

According to her, big fat cocks gone deepthroating is the only thing which turns her on and her desire for sex is so evident that does, everything, from anal to interracial to even girl to girl scenes.

Karlee’s latest very hot big cock riding moment is available on Facilized compilation and on Foster silver rivalry.

She has been nominated for 40 awards and has found a couple.

Some of his recent awards include the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Most Prosperous Hormones and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Belfies.

24. Sofia Char-

This hot Latina baby will make even a stone hard and explode with cum.

Short and juicy all around, with large hips and pink asses, large round breasts, and full brass flesh.

she has a real Latina face, dark brown eyes, dimples, and wide smile.

Her hair is naturally black and has not yet been bleached. There is a sun painted on her navel and two small groin tattoos.

All we know is that the star is from Miami and is playing in an amazing way.

Sofia received big dicks in her pussy, sucked the cock greedily, and spread her big cheeks to grab the boy's flesh. Don't miss out on this fat ass!

25. Lisa Ann-

No one would know about this sex star because people who say they do not look at pornography have many “reading material” hidden in the obscure corners of their computers that no one, without them, can access! So, yes, everyone knows who Lisa Ann is because everyone has wanked while watching her videos.

She’s one of the hottest pornstars of all people and even after she quit pornography, she came back because she loves fucking and it would be a waste of her talents if not.

I don't know if you ever noticed; but she is much healthier than before and her fake holes also look good compared to the holes that existed before she retired. But, if we put aside all that little detail, we have found the queen of pornography and brought with us all the hard work we missed in her absence!

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