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Top 15+ Best AI Clothes Removal Apps of 2023

Some websites use Artificial intelligence and techniques to remove clothes from images making them look very natural and authentic.

This requires very fine detailing so that pictures do not look made up. For this purpose, some websites and tools do their best to deliver fine outcomes.

Let’s find out about those without any further

At a Glance:

Top 10+ Best AI Clothes Removal Apps of 2023

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Soulgen is one of the best AI generators which helps you create animation of all styles.

You can be creative, make your imagination fly, and turn any image into an anime picture. Have fun with it and enjoy creating anime with your partner and friends. 


  • Time effective
  • Added creativity in your images
  • It is unique from other tools


  • The results are realistic. You will find real-life artwork with perfect skin tones, features, and every detail like hair and clothes
  • The tool is widely accessible to a huge number of users as this is a web-based tool
  • It saves your time as anime art is created very quickly.


  • The free trials are limited, so you can try and create anime art but to view the HD version, you need to pay a required fee
  • Unfortunately, the tool is not available on Playstore or Apple Store which makes the accessibility limiting for mobile users


  • Free Trial. The paid plans start from $9.99 per month

Undress is a tool using artificial intelligence to create different stages of undress.

This transforms images completely operating both as telegram and website bots. 


  • Comes both in free and premium versions with their benefits

  • Editing features are precise and customizable as per need


  • You have control over which area you want to alter in the image. Like other apps, it does not expose completely
  • The number of free attempts is greater than in any other tool. You get 10 free trials
  • Once you have processed it, the quality of the picture is very high
  • Additional processing is also not very high in price in comparison to other apps


  • Processing takes 30-50 minutes in the free version
  • The number of free attempts is just 10
  • No options for the style of nudity


  • The basic Plan starts from 45.49 allowing you to create 100 images per month.

  • Standard Plan is $15.99 per month for 500 images.

  • Pro Plan is $37.99 per month for unlimited images per month. 

Edit your images and remove all unwanted objects or anything from the image.

It comes with features like cropping, resizing, borders, and illustrations.


  • Erase the unnecessary stuff or people from the image

  • Edit it to its best using its unique features like crop, resize, and add borders.


  • Various features add to the functionality of the tool
  • The interface is simple
  • Features are advances that give stunning images in the end.


  • Image has to be well defined to get the best outcome eventually

Remove ZMO is your magic remover helping you delete the background or anything in the image for free.

Get rid of any access or unwanted thing from your image. It offers you unlimited editing free of cost. 


  • Remove unwanted background from images with no signup required

  • Clear out all defects from images 

  • A creative tool to better your look


  • Very easy and quick to use
  • The results are high quality
  • The site is free


  • You can edit one image at a the
  • Limitation of 720px


  • The site is free.

Retouchme is a unique app for editing that provide high-quality services to people.

It comes with a variety of features to make your pictures better and enhance the visual appeal. 


  • Affordable app with instant changes in the result

  • Easy to use with a simple touch and it creates the required outcome.


  • The tool is very simple to use
  • Retouching quality is excellent
  • The editing is fast
  • The editing looks very natural and excellent


  • There is no cross-platform for synchronicity.


  •  $9.99 for 500 images per month

  • $19.99 for 1100 images per month

  • $29.99 for 1700 images per month

  • $49.99 for 3000 images per month

DeepNudeNow is for undressing anyone online for free. Create realistic nudes that are quick and easy. It is very straightforward.

All you need to do is drag and drop your image, click a button, and voila!


  • Good at removing clothes from images.

  • Try out different outfits.

  • You can also send these images to pals.

  • Save your best pictures.


  • It is very easy to use
  • The results are mind-blowing
  • The usage is unlimited making it a popular app


  • Annoying ads on free plans
  • There is a potential for misuse problem
  • Payments are done in crypto only


  • You can pay $4.99 for a day for a premium plan with no watermark, no ads, and no hassle. 

  • Choose a weekly or monthly plan as per your requirement.

07. Slazzer

Slazer is used for background removal and giving perfect pictures instantly. You can expect HD-quality pictures with workflow efficiency.

Editing 1000 images in a single click. It is your free background remover for photographs.


  • Create HD-quality pictures with increased efficiency 

  • The background removal s automatic


  • Awesome customer service
  • Pricing is great making it affordable
  • The huge number of options


  • Edges tend not to be always perfect
  • Sometimes there is occasional transparency found in the images, making some room for improvement
  • Detailing is not very perfect


  • Per image price is $0.10
  • You can also plan with 100, 500, 10000, 20000, and 50000 credits per month $11, $344, $518, $862, and $1725 respectively.

Unlock your best images using the premium features and benefits of DeepSwap.ai.

You can upload unlimited photos with no watermark. Customize your looks and make your images look fun and premium.


  • Create instant face swaps in images

  • Create face swaps in videos instantly


  • DeepSwap.ai has multilingual support and enhanced creative features
  • The applications are versatile
  • The support is also multilingual


  • The results are sometimes inaccurate
  • There is limited control over the output
  • There is a risk of legal and copyright issues


  • Pay $9.99 for 1 month 

  • Pay $49.99 for 12 months

Use DeepSukebe to create nudes of your pictures. It is not just a photo maker app. It generates the most natural-looking images revealing the inside of clothes. 


  • Create nude images

  • Easy to download


  • You do not have to wait for any reviewing process, it gives you instant downloads
  • Easy downloaded, no matter the version. You can choose to download it from a third-party website. 


  • Download this app from a third party makes it uneasy unlike downloading it from Google Play Store
  • Sometimes there can be viruses in APK files that can steal data from your device.


  • Hope plan for $1.99, Basic for $9.99, and Volume Plan for $39.99 per month

Upscale your images and gifs with faster and unique processing enhancing the visual appeal of images.

Better your anime-style artwork using this AI-powered tool. Get stunning visuals maintaining the images’ originality and charm.


  • Allows you to collaborate with others

  • Create the best anime characters

  • Create customizable content


  • Better your image quality easily
  • The original charm of the photo is preserved
  • Access the technology in any browser
  • Save your time with simple editing tasks
  • Extensive training is not required to achieve professional results


  • Caters preferably to the anime community than to clothe removal tool


It's only because of advanced AI technology that websites today are using the best functionalities that are coming to use by all of us in unique and creative ways. You should check each by yourself and find out which one stands the best for you.

For us, Soulgen is among the best keeping its accuracy and quality very high. 

However, it is advised to select trustworthy websites when it comes to private content and use them responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which AI can remove clothes from photos?

Among the best are, Magic Eraser, Im Cleaner, Magic Retouch, Lama Cleaner, Slazzer, Soulgen, DeepNudeNow, RetoucMe, Deepswap ai, and Remover.ap, Undress AI, Bg. Eraser and Cleanup.Pictures.

  • What is the AI bot for cloth removal?

AI bot is the AI technology used b certain websites to remove clothes making them look enhanced and natural. Among many, Soulen stands out for the accuracy it provides to the images. 

  • Is it possible to remove clothes from a picture?

Yes, it is very much possible to remove clothes from an image using AI intelligence. Many apps help to do this. The above-mentioned are all very good in capturing the best results in removing clothes making it natural

  • Is there any app that removes clothes?

Yes, of course, there are apps to remove clothes from the images. Undress AI, Retouchme, and DeepNude are worth it when it comes to the removal of clothes.

Bottom line
Here are the Best AI Clothes Removal apps revisited:
  • Soulgen
  • Undress
  • Magic Eraser
  • Remove ZMO Ai
  • Retouchme

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