Top 20 Hottest Ugliest Porn Stars (2020)

It is a popular belief that porn stars are hot and sexy as hell and most of the porn stars do meet this expectation.

However, there are a few porn stars who are different if not entirely ugly and look somewhat odd and nasty.

Some of them have a disproportionate body while some of them lack the facial attributes that make one look beautiful.

Today we are talking about such babes who are different than the others concerning looks and are considered to be the ugliest porn stars of the industry.

However, we all like to see them perform like some nasty bitch and do not mind them being ugly at all.

We love them the way they are and want to see more of them as we like to see their nasty twats being drilled.

Let us take a look at this list of ugly and shabby porn stars:


Top 20 Ugliest Pornstars (2020)

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Also known by the name Lexxxi Luxe, this adult actress is nothing but an oversized babe who looks very odd with her bulgy figure and huge boobs that drop like huge melons on her stomach.

She does not have that ugly face but she not a woman we would call pretty.

Anorei started her adult career by posing nude and topless in her website and then later went to act in several of the porn movies.

She acted in several of the hardcore movies as well and her huge sagging yet amazing boobs are completely natural.

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Mandy Majestic is another porn actress who is not just ugly in the face but ugly all around.

Her oversized and busty figure may get her many admirers, but even they have to admit that she is far from being beautiful.

The only pretty thing about Mandy is her long blonde hair.

Apart from that everything seems to be misplaced and largely disproportionate.

She was born on 2nd of January 1986 in Toronto of Canada and is known for her huge sagging boobs that are pockets of accumulated fat which make her look all the more bizarre.

mandy majestic

Adriana Avalon is a fairly ugly bitch who has a manly face and looks like she has just received hair transplantation.

Her bulky body adds more bizarreness to her overall appearance, and she does not seem to mind about those ugly bulges of fat she has on her stomach.

Adriana was born on 9th of May 1981 in the Pittsburgh of the U.S.A.

She is very tall, looks mean and are far away from being called hot or even charming.

Her huge melons are her only savior, and she uses it well in her hardcore porn movies.

Mia Khalifa is a porn actress who is considered a sex goddess by many and some even think that she is one of the prettiest babes in the industry.

However, when you look at her carefully, you will find nothing but average looks on an oversized busty pair of tits.

Mia Khalifa has retired from the porn industry now, but her fans will always remember her for her stunning performances in interracial and other genres of a hardcore porn movie.

However, we do believe that behind all that make up and beast enhancement surgery lies a girl who is desperate, ugly and mediocre regarding looks.

Also, she is noticeably shorter and has managed to do much well with her tiny little frame.

mia khalifa

Her name may sound sexy and interesting to many, but the chances are high that when you see her all your hopes of watching an eye candy are going to be thrashed to death.

She is nothing but an ugly woman with an oversized body and utterly obnoxious pair of breasts that constitute much of her meaningless weight.

Cotton is an American pornstar who was born on June 21st, 1974 in Albany of New York.

She is a dark skinned babe, and unlike many other dark-skinned hotties, she is a nothing but a fat lady who has got big jugs and that too naturally.

She can be seen in many solo masturbation scenes and hardcore movies where she excels in vaginal sex and blowjob scenes.

Tattoos can surely be a sexy thing when placed at the right spots on your body but when you see a porn star like Bonnie Rotten who has got too many tattoos that look lame and funny you couldn't help but place her in the list of top ugly porn stars.

Her face does not do any good either, and she has some lame expressions that make her look uglier.

Born on 9th May 1993 in Cincinnati of the United States, this American porn star started her career in 2012 and is still very much active through her porn ventures and films.

She specialises in the bondage sex scenes and has also appeared in some softcore lesbian movies.

bonnie rotten

These porn stars surely take a lot of effort to look hot, pretty and sensual at the same time but when none of that is happening with your even after trying that hard, it means you are naturally ugly.

Stormy Danies belongs to that category, and she looks anything but gorgeous in spite of her long wavy blonde hair.

Stormy started her career as a striper at the age of seventeen and started her porn career by acting in lesbian movies.

She is fairly tall and has got a busty figure, but she lacks the looks due to which she has been added to this list.

Nikki Benz is another porn star who is ok in the department of figure, body, and height but when it comes to the facial attributes, she looks awful.

When you see her shagging a dick or giving a blowjob, you can't help but notice her ugly face which can be a turn on for many perverts.

Nikki Benz starter her career in 2002 and is a quite popular star when it comes to the adult movies.

She has also won numerous awards during her career, and we hope that she does many more great porn flicks in the future.

However, when it comes to the looks, we rate her as pretty average, and when we can drag Mia Khalifa in this list, Nikki is still a better contender for being deemed as ugly.

nikki benz

Mya Blair is a porn star who is just getting fatter and uglier with each passing year.

She is already weighing close to 100 kilograms, and that makes this porn star appear in our list of top ugly adult stars.

Mya is not a stunner when it comes to her face as well and has got average looks. 

She carries herself most bizarrely as her dressing sense is awful and disgusting, to say the least.

We do not want to sound any more meaningful to this lady but we know that she could do much better with her voluptuous figure and considering the fact that she is just 24, we hope that she starts working out and stuns us all with a transformation!

Kandi Kobain has got more than average looks when it comes to her face, and we have to admit that she even looks charming when she smiles.

However, what made us add her in this list is her bulgy body which defies proportions and aesthetics to a large extent and looks even funny as this fat chick tries to seduce her fans by posing nude.

At the age of 33 Kandi can be a perfect milf for many of the perverts out there and we too like BBW women and do not believe in the term "fat is ugly".

However, to look sexy, you got to have a curvy figure, and Kandi Kobain lacks this. 

She acts in both softcore and hardcore movies, and we hope that this milf gets gorgeous with age.

Mellie D is a British porn star who by far is the most decent looking porn star on this list when it comes to BBW category.

However, when we see below her neck, we see nothing but a pile of mass which is left to grow from everywhere.

Mellie is a very busty female, and we do love her for that, but she can do much better for herself if she starts exercising.

Born on 5th of December 1976, Mellie D started a carrier as a porn star in 2005 and is still very much active in the industry.

Dillion has got a petite and fit body but the lack of flesh and curves can be ugly too, and Dillion Harper is a good example of that.

She does not look that ugly when it comes to the facial attributes, but she isn't drop dead gorgeous either which made us add her on this list.

Dillion has got a moderate height and a slim body. Her boobs are small and natural, but that does not make her look sexy at all.

She has appeared in many lesbian and hardcore porn movies during her carrier, and we hope she gains some pounds in the future.

dillion harper

Julie Ann More is another porn actress who pisses us off with her bizarre expressions and snubby gazes she gives while shooting or posing nude.​

She remained active in the porn industry for just a couple of years from 2009 to 2011, but that did not stop us from noticing her average looks and overweight body.

Julie Ann More has got decent height, and her huge boobs are her best assets.

Moreover, her boobs are natural, and she can look steamy in some of the hardcore movies.

However, her ugly face and uglier red hair with an equally disproportionate body forced us to add this chick on this list.

There is nothing divine in her looks or body as her name suggests but she is surely ugly, and we are confident about this because we have seen her in many porn movies.

Few people think that her face looks like a horse, but we do not wish to be so rude so we would like to consider her as a cute little pony.

Born on 3rd of July 1994, Kelly has got a super nice height and an above average body as well.

She started her porn stint in the year 2006 and had been working since then several of the softcore and hardcore porn movies.

Bondage sex scenes are her specialty, and we like to see her being taken from the back while she is kneeling down on all fours.

kelly devine

Karla is an adult model and a porn actress who tries to look cute and innocent by sporting a smile but believe us she is as ugly as any of the porn stars mentioned in this list.

She over the chubby figure and fat ass are far from being termed as sexy and while we do admit that she looks horny when she performs we are also aware of the fact that she is a short little chick who just grew up to be fat.

Born on 23rd of January 1987, Karla is the perfect milf who is a treat to watch when she is taken from all the sides.

She does bondage sex scenes as well and also can be seen in a few lesbian and softcore movies.

A porn star from the Indian origin, Priya Rai has got a sexy body and amazing curves.

Due to her Indian origins, she has got a dusky complexion which suits her overall personality well.

So what made us add her in the list? The reason is pretty obvious, her ugly face.

While she tries to look sexy and sultry and even manages to pull the erotic scenes with ease, her face is one hell of a mess to look at especially when she is taking a pounding or getting cumshots on her face.

While some of you might categorise as a kinky babe, we consider her to be ugly, and her voluptuous figure does not impress the people who like to notice facial attributes as well.

priya rai

We do not understand why these ugly girls are possessed with names like sweet, candy, sugar?

They all know that they will not be called by such names at any point in their lives and therefore have kept it for themselves.

Tisha is an adult actress, and a porn model who is ugly all the way from her hair to her fat body and her face allows her to uglier than most of the ladies mentioned here.

At 6 ft 2 inches she looks incredibly tall and she over 150 kilograms of weight makes her look uglier than voluptuous.

Her huge boobs are natural, and this dark skinned babe is neither an eye candy nor a sweet candy by any means.

While some porn stars think that they look sexy by adorning too many tattoos, we think quite the opposite of it.

Erica Xstacy is an ageing porn star who has several tattoos all over her body, and there was also a time when she looked sexy, but that isn't the fact anymore.

Erica is short, has brown hair and blue eyes. Her facial attributes are decent, and her performances in the porn movies are noteworthy.

However, when you see a lady with tattoos on her shoulder, biceps and forearms you have to add her to the best ugly list.

She tattoos can be a huge turn off for many, and her growing weight tells us that she won't get in shape anytime soon.

Many people would be shocked to see Aletta Ocean on this list.

She is a sexy babe for sure but her once the charming face and sexy body have been transformed to an ugly state by herself after she went through a series of lip augmentation, breast implants and several other prosthetics which make her look artificial and appalling, to say the least.

Aletta who once was a beautiful and sexy girl now looks like a slutty bitch, and we hope that she does not traumatise her body and face more.

She has received loads of awards for her sexy performances over the years and can be considered a legend in the making.

We too love her except for the fact that we loved her more when she was all natural.

aletta ocean

With a decent face and a busty body, Terri Jane can be the dream woman for many of the porn-loving men and women.

With her curvy figure and brown hair, she does look sexy enough, but one abnormal thing about her body is her huge breasts which are so enormous that you think they are enhanced.

However, they are perfectly real and seem to be growing with age.

Terri Jane was born in the year 1989 and is a British porn star who loves to show her body.

She is getting enormously fat these days, and we hope that she does not look uglier than this.

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