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OnlyFans has become one of the most popular websites among content creators. The content creators are from different parts of the world and they provide content to the millions of users of OnlyFans.

Users of OnlyFans subscribe to this content to get access and the content creators earn money from these subscriptions. 

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OnlyFans also keeps a 20% cut from this subscription as a service provider platform. If you also want to become a content creator on OnlyFans, first you will have to decide what type of content you will be providing.

Various types of content are provided on OnlyFans including Travel, Sports, Gym and Adult content. How this content can be provided and what are the tips and tricks to get more subscribers – will be discussed in this article.

50+ Onlyfans Content Ideas (2022): ULTIMATE GUIDE :10X your Revenue


There are mainly two types of content that you can post on Onlyfans. One is free for users; the users can access this content without any subscription.

This type of content is posted for promotional purposes. The second one is Premium Content. Premium content is content that requires a subscription to get access.

First, you should post Promo Content so that you get the attention of the audience and then bring them to your premium page where they can be pushed to pay for the premium content.

You have to ensure that the promo content is not explicit and you leave something for the users to see in the premium content. Partial nudity, some small hot video clips can be helpful.

Also, you should ensure that you use other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote your OnlyFans page with the help of Promo content.

While using other social media platforms, you should know the limitations of adult content. The different types of content that are available on OnlyFans are presented below; you can decide anyone from them:

  • Holiday Related Content

You have a hobby of holidaying and you visit new places very frequently; making this hobby of yours as content creation can be a great idea. You just keep your cameras ready and shoot wherever you go.

Finally, edit the videos and present them to your viewers. You should ensure that you have something special in your video then only people will watch it. 


  • Props Content 

You are good with props and you have a very flexible body. You can try different poses and attract the viewers.

You should have different props available with you. Props play an important role in giving innovative ideas for content creation.

 You can do a small research about the props for content creation on OnlyFans. These props may include LED bulbs, Pillows, Dildos, Pole for Dancing and so on.

  • Lingerie and Costumes Content 

Lingerie is an awesome creation of humans; it is one of the best things on this earth to seduce men.

Why not use lingerie to create content on OnlyFans? There are a thousand types of lingerie available on the internet that you can purchase and wear in front of a camera.

You wear the lingerie in front of your viewers or you come in front of them after wearing it – it’s up to you, it will be your art. You can use body paint, jewellery, nipple clamps and wigs along with lingerie.

  • Trends and Memes Content

We see that these days some memes and trends go viral on social media.

Such memes can help you in creating content. Some dancing steps are very popular and similarly, on Tik Tok, challenges are there.

 Putting your clothes ON/OFF is a great trend that has been seen. POV meme is also very famous. 

  • Adult Content 

Adult content is the most famous and watched content on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is known for Adult Content only as porn performers from different parts of the world are active on Onlyfans to provide Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content.

Adult content can include a variety of content related to sex such as nude images, sex videos, sexting, and pornography. If you are planning to provide NSFW content then you must adhere to the policies of the website otherwise you might face a ban in future.

  • Safe for Work Content 

Safe for Work Content is content that can be seen anywhere. It will not offend the viewers.

SFW does not mean that the content is related to any work; it simply means that this is such type of content that you can watch with others in a working environment too; such content can be workout-related content or a cooking video.

Now, what are the different ideas that you can try for content creation on Onlyfans? Look at the below top 20 ideas that are most famous:

1. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience videos

It is a very famous idea of content where the content creator talks about his/her experience with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend.

These days’ relationships have become a matter of discussion and people want to listen to others’ experiences.

You can talk about your experiences attractively; you can also show some practical videos about how you were making love to each other. 

2. Fetish Videos

If you are planning to come on OnlyFans and you do not want to fulfil the demand of the viewer then you will be left behind.

At times a user demands you something that you do not want to do but you do it just to ensure that he enjoys it and while doing this you learn new things too.

People have amazing demands when it comes to sex and you should try to fulfil these demands as much as you can.

3. Cosplay Pictures & Videos

Cosplay Pictures and Videos are in demand; we can see how parody is made by big porn producers like Brazzers. It is done because people want to see their favourite character in a sex video.

In Cosplay, you can wear a dress like any other character and it gives you an unlimited scope of innovative ways to present that character.

For example – you can wear a dress like a lawyer who is having sex with his client. You can ask your client to lick your ass instead of paying you the fees.

4. Random Selfies

People love looking at their favourite performers and therefore taking random selfies can certainly help you. 

All you need to do is to ensure that you have a variety while taking the selfies; for example, you can change locations, background, cloth, or sunglasses as well as angles frequently.

Seductive Selfies can also be taken; you need to look at different selfies you have; choose one and upload it. It is one of the easiest ways to keep your audience engaged.

5. Conversation Sessions

Conversation Sessions are becoming very popular these days. Not only on Onlyfans but also other social media platforms like YouTube, we can see people uploading videos of having conversations with others.

This type of content can have unlimited scope as you can have different people to have a conversation and you can have different topics.

Some big porn stars like Dani Daniels and Mia Malkova can be seen creating this type of video. You can have one–to–one sessions with your fans as well.

6. Involve your fans

Involving the audience in your performance is an art and it is practised for a long. While speaking in front of the audience too, a good speaker always involves the audience by asking some questions to them about the topic he is discussing.

Similarly, you can also involve your fans on OnlyFans by asking them some questions or by giving them some small challenges.

You can also create a poll and ask interesting questions to see how your fans are responding. This will further help you in strengthening your relationship with your fans.

7. Dancing in cute outfits

Dancing in cute outfits is very popular among the Onlyfans creators and they have earned a lot of money from this act.

First of all, you are not required to be a professional dancer for this; you just need to learn basic steps so that it does not look boring. Also, your outfit plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the users. 

You should also take care of the music in your dance videos along with a good background. Many content creators have got millions of fan followers only through this type of content.

8. Gym Workout

Gym Workout is another loved content on OnlyFans. People who are fitness freaks love to create such types of videos. They simply record the videos while doing their exercises and upload them with narration.

It becomes an educational video along with some entertainment factors. Such videos can be seductive too for female creators – imagine you are doing push-ups and your boobs are trying to come out of your sports bra.

Some models are seen uploading workout videos in a bikini too. You don’t have to be good at workouts; you need to be sexy and hot if your objective is to produce adult content.

If it is for training purposes, then you must ensure that whatever you do is correct and does not affect any viewer inappropriately.

9. Hot Tub Videos

Hot tub videos are created by almost every hot girl on OnlyFans. First of all, you don’t have to do too much in this; you just need to have a sexy bikini or a swimsuit.

Go slowly in the hot tub while having some conversation with your fans; ensuring that your beautiful round ass is exactly in front of the camera. Once you are in the water, you can remove all your cloth too.

In this manner, it becomes not completely explicit and creates a huge curiosity among the viewers. They would die to see you coming out of the tub and then you can keep a target of getting tips to come out. You can be with your partner as well in the tub. 

10. Shower Photo-shoot

Shower Photo – Shoot is another great idea similar to hot tub videos. It is also very popular among porn content creators and the audience loves to watch this.

You can ensure that your bathroom looks beautiful and clean while shooting the video or taking pictures.

You can also use oil for massaging or foam to cover the parts of your body that viewers want to see.

Gradually removing the foam by using a shower is a fantastic view that everyone would like to see.

11. Foot Pictures & Videos

Taking pictures of your beautiful feet and uploading them on OnlyFans is becoming a new trend. Many creators are seen doing this and grabbing the attention of the users.

People of the opposite sex have an attraction toward the feet. You can further fulfil their demand and in return ask for a tip. These pictures and videos of the foot can also be used as Promo Videos for OnlyFans.

12. Take your clothes off slowly

This is one of the oldest and most attractive ways to seduce. You need to have a good layer of cloth before you start this type of video and decide the steps you will follow while removing the layers.

It can be made fun as well by including some kind of game in it. For example, if you ask a question and the correct answer is given by the viewer; you remove one layer. It creates a huge curiosity in the mind of the viewer about what you will reveal next.

13. Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Tutorials are also very famous these days. Makeup is an important activity that is required by the content creators along with the normal public.

But not everyone is good at makeup. Therefore, they seek help from an expert. If you are a makeup expert you can create makeup tutorials. This will be SFW content and can be promoted easily on other social media platforms too.

14. Give Modelling tips

Millions of audiences are there who are willing to be a model but they are not professional in taking pictures or making poses.

If you are good at it, you can certainly help them in becoming a successful mode by suggesting them different poses and outfits.

How to use different props in modelling, what to wear and what should be avoided; how to ensure a good background and how to decide on an attractive pose – all these are the questions that you can answer and help an audience in becoming a good model.

16. Behind the scenes footage

To create a strong connection with the audience, you can share behind the scenes footage.

This gives an insight into how you create your content and what is the level of hard work you do to present the content in front of the audience. Your daily life videos can also be used as a Promo Video on OnlyFans.

16. Vlog Series

Vlogs are like blogs only, the difference is blog is written and a vlog is a video shot on a camera with narration. You write blogs on the topics that interest you; similarly, you can create videos on topics that interest you.

You need to do some research on that topic and narrate it to your audience. You need to decide your topic and the commentary before starting. The commentary should be interesting so that you can grab the attention.

17. Post Every Day

You must be very active on OnlyFans. Your frequent availability ensures that your fans are getting what they want anytime.

You also need to be visible so that you can enhance your fan following therefore, you should ensure that every day you are posting something on Onlyfans.

It can be a picture only or a simple written post but being active is important to beat the competition.

18. Live Streams

Live streams are new trends and becoming popular day by day. Live Stream is like you are performing and it is directly going live, thus you don’t have an opportunity to edit it and correct it. For live streaming, you need to be confident about your topic and interaction with viewers. Live Streams help create a good relationship with the viewers.

19. Review other Onlyfans Creators

Another best way to get an idea is to check what others are doing and how successful they are.

If you are into NSFW content, you should look at the top performers in adult content creation and see if you can also follow the trend.

 You can also interview them and post them on your profile. Analysing the competition is essential for OnlyFans.

20. Ask Questions

“Ask me anything” is a trending thing on social media where you involve your fans in an interaction.

This can be done on Onlyfans too; you can do a session of Q&A where your fans can ask any questions and you choose some questions to answer. It can be interesting as they would love to know about your personal life.  


Onlyfans is an ocean of content creators and millions of users are active on Onlyfans with different types of desires and fantasies. You need to decide what type of desire you can fulfil and how good you are at fulfilling fantasies. Any type of content can be delivered on Onlyfans including education or training related, hobby-related, NSFW or SFW. There are plenty of ideas that can be used to create content and earn money. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the common mistakes made by Onlyfans beginners?

Ans: Some of the most common mistakes by the beginners on Onlyfans are not deciding their niches.

You cannot do anything and everything; you have to decide which type of content you are good at. They don’t know about the tools and equipment as well. At times they don’t promote their pages on social media.  

Q2. What is the equipment that you need for content creation?

Ans: If you are going to be a content creator on Onlyfans, you need to have some basic equipment including a good DSLR camera, a ring light, OnlyFans tools, thanksgiving decorations, a Microphone and so on.

The list of equipment is long; it depends upon the kind of content you are going to provide. 

Q3. What content is popular on Onlyfans?

Ans: Almost all the content is popular on Onlyfans but it is mainly known for Adult Content. Adult Content is termed as Not Safe For Work (NSFW) and therefore it cannot be seen from anywhere.

Content creators are also required to follow strict guidelines of the website while creating adult content.

Q4. Can I make Onlyfans without showing my face?

Ans: Yes, you can create content on Onlyfans without showing your face. The website does not have any such guidelines that you have to show your face.

Many content creators are not comfortable showing their identity and that is why they want to be anonymous. It is possible; however, you need to be good at your content because without a face it is difficult to connect with your audience.

Q5. How much can you make on Onlyfans?

Ans: There is no limit. It depends upon your fan following and skills. Different content creators have different subscription plans and it’s up to the users if they subscribe to them or not.

Some of the top earners of Onlyfans have earned millions of dollars for example Blac Chyna earns $20 million per month. 

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