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How to Download OnlyFans Video On Android?

OnlyFans has emerged as a popular platform for paid content. This is one of the best platforms for interacting with your favorite celebrity and getting access to the original content they have posted on their account.

This is also the best platform for celebrities to earn money from their content. You may have created an account on this platform but do you know you can also download the OnlyFans video on android.

In this blog, we have discussed all the steps to download the OnlyFans video on android. You can follow these steps to download the videos. 

[Downloader Android]: How to download onlyfans videos (2022)


1. What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is an online platform where the content creator can post their content and can earn money by charging subscription fees. Since its launch, this platform has gained so much popularity and it is used by globally famous celebrities.

This is the best platform for content creators to monetize their content. You may have heard so much about this platform.

There is also a false notion in the market that this platform is used by the only adult content creators but this is not true, other than the adult content creator this platform has also been used by the chefs. Musicians, artists, and many others. 

2. Can you download OnlyFans video on Android Phone? 

As we all know that OnlyFans is the best platform to get access to the content from our favorite celebrities and many times you may love the content so much and want to see it again for that reason you may want to download videos on OnlyFans to your android.

So yes you can download the video on android and get access whenever you want. Moreover, you just need to know the correct steps to download the videos on android.

There are multiple ways through which you can download the videos on android we have mentioned in the below section. 

3. Methods to download OnlyFans Video on Android Phone: 

a) Download directly from the extension page.

You have to click on the extension button which you can see in your browsers bar 

The new window will open 

In the new window, you have to click on the option select user and the list of subscriptions will appear on the screen. 

After the opening of the account, you will get to see the following options:

  • Profile of creator
  • Name of creator
  • Creators user handle
  • Basic info of the creator
  • Toggle between posts chats and stories
  • Parameters of selection
  • When you will click the search button the content that meets the search criteria will appear in the table

On the table, you will get the following controls :

  • Videos: you can select/unselect all videos from the table.
  • Photos: you can select/unselect all photos from the table.
  • Xtract Selected: to download the media you selected to the hard drive.
  • Xtract Links: copy the links of selected multimedia to the clipboard.
  • Multimedia Found: Indicates the number of media being displayed in the table.

b) Download using Ahasave from OnlyFans to Android.

  • Step:1 You have to download the Ahasave video downloader from the Google play store.
  • Step:2 Start the video downloader and search for the OnlyFans using the inbuilt search browser and login into your existing account.
  • Step:3 Select the video that you want to download and play the video.
  • Step:4 Once you will play the video the app will automatically detect the URL and you will get an option to download.  The download button will be on the lower right-hand side of the screen moreover you will get multiple options to download in different qualities.
  • Step:5 After the selection of the quality of the video you can click on the download button and the video will get downloaded within seconds.
  • Step:6 In the download manager of the app you can get access to the video.

c) Steps to download OnlyFans video directly from OnlyFans to Android. 

    To download the OnlyFans video directly to android you have to install YT saver on your device and follow the below steps: 

  • Step:1 Launch the software to your system and select the quality in which you want to download your video.
  • Step:2 Using the search bar, search for the OnlyFans.com.
  • Step:3 Login to your account and select the video that you want to download and click on the download button to start the downloading.
  • Step:4 After the completion of the download you can locate the video in the download tab.
  • Step:5 Transfer the video to your Android using USB.

4. Best tool to download OnlyFans Video to Android

As there are so many options available to download the videos from the OnlyFans YT Saver is the best option to download the videos to android. It is easy to use and you can download unlimited videos.

The reason for the popularity of this platform and why we are recommending this is because this platform has a built-in browser through which you can log in to your OnlyFans account and get access to your account.

After logging in to your account you can download the videos to your device within seconds. So your hunt for the best tool to download the OnlyFans videos to Android is over now. 

5. Frequently asked questions:

(i) Is OnlyFans safe?

Yes, OnlyFans is a safe platform and you can use it easily. Moreover, this platform makes sure that the content you post privately should be watermarked so that no one can copy it.

OnlyFans always try to make this space safe for both content creators and users. 

(ii) Is there any OnlyFans app for Android or iOS?

Recently OnlyFans has launched a brand new app for android and iOS users.

Moreover, this app focuses on the safe space for the content creators and it does not offer any adult content.

More than the entertainment, this app is also a popular membership site for the kids who want to showcase their talent or skills like photography, painting, and so on. 


You may have been using OnlyFans for a long time or you may be a new user most of the time. We wonder how we can download the OnlyFans videos on android?

In this blog, we have mentioned all the ways through which you can download the videos and enjoy the content whenever you want.

 Popular celebrities are on this platform and now it is becoming the primary platform to interact with the celebrities and to get access to the original content. 

Moreover, this platform is also the best for the content creators to earn the money out of their content if you are already a subscriber and want to download the videos then follow the steps mentioned in the blog. 

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