ONLYFANS RULES: Complete Guide

OnlyFans is an online platform for content creators where they can present their content to the users of the website and earn money from them. This money is earned in the form of a Subscription.

Users are required to subscribe to the content of the creators for amounts decided by the creators. Usually, this amount ranges from $4.99 - to $49.99. Apart from this subscription, users can also tip their favorite content creator.

Content creators can also sell their content to the users as per the demand. OnlyFans is mainly known for adult content where hot models are available from across the world and they present sexually explicit content to the viewers.

Since it is adult content there are many rules and regulations that the website as well as its users are required to follow. In this article, we shall be exploring the guidelines regarding the adult content and what you can do and what you cannot do on OnlyFans.

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New Onlyfans Rules (2022): Complete Guide : Do's & Dont's - how does it work


Adult content leaves a greater impact on its audience and therefore it needs to be regulated. There are rules and regulations for adult content in almost all countries. In fact, in some countries, adult websites are completely banned such as India.

If adult content is allowed, then also the creators are required to adhere to different terms and conditions. One of the biggest reasons behind putting these regulations is the high consumption of adult content.

Due to the pandemic COVID 19, many youngsters lost their jobs and they found that it is easy to come online and sell seductive images to earn money. The same happened and creators as well as viewers both increased exponentially during and after COVID 19. With this increase, there is a threat to the future of youngsters and teenagers.

Not only this, but it also enhances the chances of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. To stop the adverse impact of such content, it’s too important to decide who can create it and who can watch it under what circumstances.

The biggest change was related to policies that were seen recently was the changed verification process of credit card companies. The anti-trafficking group was pushing credit card companies to make different rules for the payment on such type of sites.

MasterCard did the same; it started asking for the proof of consent, age verification, and identity verification so that it can be ensured by the companies that the people who are using these cards for the payment are eligible to consume adult content. 

Anti-Trafficking groups like National Centre on Sexual Exploitation demanded other credit card companies including Visa and discover too, initiate such verification processes. In another guideline, content creators are required to obtain documentation from all the people who are present in the scenes.

 Along with this, websites are also required to review those scenes and post their reviews as well. In this manner, if the content is not as per the guidelines of the website or law, the website will not be allowed to publish them. Although, such types of rules is creating a panic among the content creators. 

The objective of imposing these policies is to ensure that no illegal content is being served. To stop this, people creating it and people who are consuming it; both should be verified. Usually, the age is 18 years or more when you can produce such content.

It was found that on porn websites like Pornhub some illegal content was being sold. Considering the same credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and Discover blocked the payment on these sites. Similar incidents were found on OnlyFans as well.

In an investigation, BBC found that some creators were selling sexually explicit content by providing fake age certificates. They were underage but the documents they showed were fake proving that they are above 18 years.

This finally puts a question mark on the website's documentation process too. However, OnlyFans responded to the cases and said that such cases are rare on their platform and they comply with the legal requirements of the credit card companies.

In the below sections, we shall discuss how you can use OnlyFans if you are new to the platform. What are all things you can do and what you should avoid?


To become a content creator on OnlyFans, you simply need to have an account on the website. It is too easy to sign up on the website using your credentials. Once you have signed up, you can set your profile as per the type of content that you are going to provide.

Since OnlyFans is known for Pornography, it is obvious that you will set your profile accordingly. For example, you can add tags like what type of sexual acts you can perform for your users and so on.

After this, you need to have subscribers who will pay you for your content. This payment is done in the form of pay-per-view, tip, or direct purchase too.

However, while creating this profile you must provide valid information to the website. You must ensure that you are 18 years or old. If you are performing with others, you need to ensure that other performers in your scenes are also 18 years of age.

 In – case fake information and documentation are provided, your account will get banned. Not only this, to get access to any content on the website you will have to register your credit card on the website; even if the content is free of viewing.

This registration is done to ensure that the person, who is going to use it, is of age more than 18 years. After registration, you will pay only when you want to pay. 


There are many things that you cannot do while creating content on OnlyFans. These restrictions are not only for content creators but also for the users of the website who need to follow the guidelines.

The terms of use on the website include a detailed description of what you cannot do on the website. The crux of the terms of use is that you cannot do anything illegal, immoral, or unhelpful acts on the website.

 The creators cannot post illegal content and sell fraudulent items on the website. Along with this, they cannot use any defamatory language on the website. They cannot show any activity that promotes violence.

They cannot share the details of the accounts with others either. Child exploitation is strictly prohibited on OnlyFans. Anyone who is below 18 years cannot create content or be a part of any sexually explicit content. Secondly, all the individuals in an act are required to give written consent of participation. 

Apart from Child exploitation, any content that refers to violence; drugs, suicide, self–harm, weapon, prostitution, or revenge porn is strictly now allowed. Hate speech and discriminatory language are also not allowed.

If any user will try to bully, harass, or abuse others on the platform; they will get banned. Any nudity or sex act in a public place is not allowed as well. Anything that can offend others while broadcasting is not allowed. 


OnlyFans did an announcement that it is going to ban sexually explicit content on its platform from Oct 1, 2021. This announcement left thousands of its creators in shock as they have spent enough time and energy in creating their brand value on the platform so that they can manage a good number of subscribers for them.

Not only this, but they also promote themselves on other social media platforms and work hard in content creation. Suddenly such a decision taken by the website was going to destroy everything for them. 

In an interview, the owners of the website said that they wanted to ban the adult content because of the pressure from the banks and credit card companies as these companies were not allowing transactions for adult work due to which it was becoming difficult to pay the content creators.

Whatever amount is paid, OnlyFans keeps a 20% cut, and the remaining 80% directly goes to the performers.

 This also helped performers become independent of big production houses and technicians which finally started hampering the pornographic industry. The amount was directly going to performers and thus producers were not able to earn that much.

Another reason behind the decision to ban was its reputation. OnlyFans did not come for the porn but eventually, it became a website where people go to watch live porn. 

After a week of this announcement the owners took a U-turn and said that they have decided to stop the ban on sex-related content considering the assurance, they have received from payment systems. However, many creators were not happy with this announcement as they lost a huge number of subscribers. 


The biggest impact of the ban on the adult community is loss of earning. Some of the top performers were earning around $50,000 a year. The creators on the platform are from different parts of the world and in numbers it’s huge, around 2 million.

All these creators have spent a lot of time and energy in creating their fan base. After the ban, they were supposed to shift the whole content to another platform. All these rules have certainly created a panic among the content creators.

Those who have a huge fan following are scared to lose their fan base and those who are new on the platform are confused about the new policies. Some of the creators were furious after the announcement and they decided now to join OnlyFans again in future despite the decision to withdraw the ban. 

While concluding it can be said that, Adult Content is good but when it is consumed by the right audience and provided by the right creators.

Due to the huge demand of the NSFW content, youngsters and teens are getting attracted towards this industry, which is a concern. It also leads to child abuse and sex – trafficking and therefore a strict eye on such platforms is necessary.

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