OnlyFans Taxes: Step by Step Guide on How and What to Pay

Have you given it a thought to start your career on OnlyFans?

I guess you have, that’s why you are here. Well, as a friend it is our duty to let you know all the nooks and corners about how you earn the most from that platform.

If you want to make loads of money from your OnlyFans account then you will have to pay a good amount of taxes.

 How do you manage all those tax bills quite easily? 

That’s exactly what we are here to tell you.

As you know it better it will be easier for you to count how much profit you are actually making from the nasty content you serve to your fans. Hence, read on thoroughly. 

All your questions like do you have to pay taxes on onlyfans? how much taxes do you pay on onlyfans? does onlyfans automatically take out taxes? will be answered in this article.

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Onlyfans Taxes (2022): Complete Guide - How and What to do?

Steps on how to file OnlyFans Taxes 

If you are delving yourself into the world of OnlyFans then you must know how you file your taxes. Here is how you can file your OnlyFans Taxes step-by-step. 

Step 1: Fill out the first lines 

All you need to do is start by filling out Line 1. Here you have to fill out your full name. In case you are operating your business as a corporation or an LLC then you have to fill in the name of it accordingly in line  2.  If you do not have a firm or a company then you can simply leave line 2 blank. 

Step 2: Fill in the third box

Before you head towards the third box check whether the first box says you are a single proprietor,  individual or a single member of an LLC. If you are a single person with no company then you can easily opt for the option that states you are an individual.   

Step 3: Unleash the fourth box

This box will contain mostly the deductions. Hence, you can leave this box if it is not applicable to you. 

Step 4: Check out the fifth and sixth  lines

What is the fifth and sixth line all about? This area asks you to provide your mailing address. In Lines five and six, you can opt for providing the  Myystar or your OnlyFans mailing address if you want to add it. 

Step 5: The  7th one: 

You can simply skip this step as it is not that vital.  

One thing you must keep in mind is if you are filing for OnlyFans taxes. You must not provide both your federal identification and social security number in the area of the requester’s address and name. If you are running your account individually and you do not own a company then you must insert your social security number at the space dedicated for it. 

You might feel a bit concerned about security issues while entering your credentials for tax filings. However, don’t worry OnlyFans tries its best to keep up with a top-notch safety and security standard.

Different types of taxes as per career:

Are you willing to run your OnlyFans account only to pursue your hobby or you are looking at it as a huge profit generation platform? However, the amount of tax you will need to pay will vary as per the kind of account you are going to run.  

i) Tax to be paid if you are an OnlyFans Hobbyist 

Do you want to run your OnlyFans account as a hobbyist only? Are you going to post on this account quite often? Do you want to call this task just a passion for you? Then you need to know some tax-related facts. let us tell you the  IRS has suspended the ability to itemize the expenses of activities related to hobbies in 2018.  Hence, you will not get the allowance for any kind of deductions on the taxes you will be paying. On the other hand, there will be no tax related to self-employment for the income you will make through hobbies. Hence, when it comes to paying taxes for your hobbyist account on OnlyFans you will only need to pay the income tax. 

On the other hand, there are some other things you also need to know about taxpaying as a hobbyist. If you are on OnlyFans as a hobbyist then any form of income you will make on it will be taxable. For filing a tx related to this account you will need to do it from the taxable earning section of the  1040 form. You can find this form on line 21  named “other taxable earnings.”  On the other hand, any kind of brand you will work with will offer you a form 1099 if you start earning more than the amount of  $600. 

ii) Tax to be paid if you are an OnlyFans Careerist

What is the OnlyFans account is going to be for you? Are you going to treat it as a sole source of income for your living? If you are quite active in working on an OnlyFans account to generate a lump of profit or if you are quite curious about how much income is going to credit to your account then you are surely treating it as a business. OnlyFans have some different tax implications for you.  If you are going to explore OnlyFans as a  career influencer then you will need to pay both your income tax and employment tax. The self-employment tax is around  15.3%. On the other hand, IRS labels this income as a business that is the sole source of income for the influencer.  

If you are serious about taking this as a business then you will be paying for both your employer and employee taxes on account of Medicare and Social security. For social security purpose, you will need to pay 12.4%. On the other hand, for Medicare tax, you will be asked to pay 2.9%.  The self-employment tax you will be paying is based on the revenue you will be earning excluding the relevant expenses.  Besides, you will need to pay the income tax on the amount you have earned in a year.  The income tax you will need to pay will vary on the income you have made. However, even though there are plenty of segmentized tax amounts you will need to pay, the amount is not going to be that much huge. 

Tax Deduction that can Help to Reduce your OnlyFans Taxes  

Deducting taxes is the first and foremost practice that all of the OnlyFans account holders need to have. Earning cash just by posting a slutty photo always looks like a lucrative offer. It is supposed to look like a lucrative offer so having taxes imposed by the Government makes everything slightly expensive. All the OnlyFans account holders keep a tab on the earnings they make for a year. Based on the amount they have been earning a small amount of tax is implied. 

But it reduces the amount enough to lure into a thought of evading taxes. It is because of this reason that a lot of expenditure comes in relevance to the expenses. 

Self-Employment Tax Deduction 

Having an OnlyFans account is the result of opting for a self-employed life where you are the boss. Through this service you are going to see the Government allow you to subtract a small amount from the part of employment. This is possible only because of a simple reason. The use of taxes from the part of employment is considered by the Government as a business expense. It is because of this reason using some kind of economic reforms brought a little policy of deduction. Thus saving you some of the crucial expenses on the first day of the month. 

Clothing or Camera Equipment 

All the basic necessities of making a porn film full of kinks and fetishes are always exempted from taxes. These are the normal items that make all kinds of magic happen. You are going to need another basic item that is nothing but some of the sexiest clothes. Even though you are going to need just a little clothes on your body to make these videos and click the photos. All of these items and props needed to make the shot perfect have an exemption from the taxes imposed by our federal government. By having these necessary factors under your consideration all the taxes will be exempted. 

Transaction Fees 

All kinds of transactions are considered to be fruitful as they are considered to be a major source of income on the side of OnlyFans. All the accounts that earn a certain amount of revenue are taxed a small amount of money by the Government. When the transaction of taxes is being debited from the account of an OnlyFan influencer, a certain percentage of the same amount is given to the slutty social media platform. Other than all of this procedure some amount of money is obtained by the platform. In this case, not a single penny is charged by the Government and it is another way of reducing the amount of taxes imposed on your OnlyFan account. 

Health Insurance Premium 

The health insurance premium is another place where a self employed professional from OnlyFans does not pay any taxes. This is the kind of service that pays for itself in every possible manner. Tax exemption is possible here if you are not able to enrol your name in a plan that has been offered by the employer of your wife. There are some other factors that bring premium health insurance as a means to reduce the amount of taxes that is going to be taken from your earning of OnlyFans. Premium deduction only after you can prove you have exempted your kids from the coverage. 

Internet and Phone Bill 

Deducting a large chunk of taxes from your internet and the bills you pay for mobile plans have a  solid effect on the accounts of OnlyFans that are taxed by the professionals tax collectors of the Government. The service charges are paid out of which a small piece of the revenue is seen to go in the treasury of our Government every time someone is seen to create an account on OnlyFans. These are the kind of bills we consider to pay in return to service given by our Government. 


The porn stars who are busy with the work of entertaining other men and women need something to eat to stay alive and healthy in their daily dose of intercourse. All of these factors can become a large problem as you are not able to enjoy decent meals that look a little fancy from the outside. One of the primary aspects of the meal is to make sure of a certain fact. All the meals that you eat are handed over after using to keep all the receipts that you got after having your meal served by the production company. By showing the receipts you can get total deduction from the tax that leads to 50% deduction of the sales lead. 

Vehicle Use 

You are going to travel a lot to get a proper film where girls are smooching and fingering the fuck out of one another. It is because of this reason you are going to travel from one place to another. The taxes you pay for covering each and every mile takes the shape of a valid reason as it is another way of stopping the amount you are going to give to the Government as a tax. Have a proper set of data that are collected after all the miles you have covered. The kind of datas that makes the receipt are mileage and the reason to make the trip. The rate is distributed by a rate of 57.5 cents on every mile in the year of 2020. The number went down a little but it is minute as it is 56 cents for every mile covered last year in 2021. 


All the expenses that are being spent on shooting a porn film involves traveling from one place to another. A tax is going to be charged for using the roadways or waterways to travel from a said location to another. It is because of this reason you can consider taking a proper note of the budget used to deliver the deduction of taxes. One of the first things to do is having a proper look in the specifics. There is a reason to get a little deeper into this matter. It is because you are not going to have enough amount deducted from the same. 

Charitable Events 

The site page of OnlyFans has a banner symbolizing the Ukrainian national flag and messages that call for supporting the patients. When the porn contents are made for events that give charity to a lot of people, you are going to get a proper deduction of taxes. 

How Does Federal Tax for Influencers Work? 

The work of using slutty videos and images full of kink here at OnlyFans gives you a certain amount of income. These are the major reasons why earning more than 600 dollars from a single brand that you promote in the account will incur a small amount of federal taxes from the Government. By putting aside all kinds of tax redemption and all other policies that give an exemption the amount left behind is a tax you pay for the amount. 

There is a W-9 policy that you need to clear as an influencer when you need to pass as a legit influencer who is going to respect the contract. The W-9 will be showing the contract and every other deal you had with the brand. It is because of this reason a proper amount of tax is put up as the kind of charge you are going to pay as an influencer. 

Another feature of the same is to give you proper paperwork from the IRS. That is a way to guarantee some proper fitting for the right amount of taxes that you are going to pay to the Government based on the other incomes you generate from your OnlyFans account. 

What Other Things are Needed to be Considered? 

Business License 

Registering your name for a business license requires a proper set of papers to pay the tax you need to credit for the Government. This is a license each and every influencer needs but having a proper knowledge of the basic rules of every state is necessary. 

Local and State Taxes 

Federal taxes implies a higher level as they get a bigger share of the pie. But the tax norms that are implied by the State and local governing bodies will be another type. Paying by the rules will keep your business legit in the State. Though in the United States of America some States like Nevada and Texas do not charge a State tax. 

Sales Tax 

Taxes on the amount of money earned by selling out some of the content is the only factor playing a major role in all of this. Each and every content that is sold will incur one. Earning more than a few hundred thousand dollars requires some consultation and bookkeeping fees. Thus helping you to make a proper account of credit and debit from your account. 


Missing out on a tax date makes you liable to pay a small amount of penalty. The bigger your mistake, the bigger your penalty. All the Government bodies both big and small feel the same. So, evading taxes or not paying any due to fraud will be hard on the influencer. 


To sum up all the aspects that are mentioned below all the proper details of using a tax plays the vital role of making OnlyFans a legit site that is recognized by our Government. As an influencer, you can consider having proper knowledge about the rules one needs to follow while paying a tax. Clearing out all of them will make you a law-abiding slut who gives all in bed and all to the Government. It is because of this reason there is nothing to wait for anymore. Start by making a list of taxes you need to pay before you become an influencer here on OnlyFans.

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