What Does OnlyFans PPV mean? How to use OnlyFans PPV messages

It has been noticed that PPV in Only Fans is linked with Pay Per View. It is one of the features which is available on Only Fans.

With the help of this feature, you can easily earn money.

If your followers want to watch anything on your timeline then they have to pay for it and through this you can earn money.

So, in this article we will discuss PPV and also how to use the PPV messages.

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Onlyfans PPv: What does ppv mean on onlyfans (2022) 

What does PPV mean on OnlyFans?

It is one of the best features which is available on Only Fans and with the help of this it would be easy for you to earn money.

Without paying it would be difficult for your followers to watch the videos or pictures posted on your timeline. If you have posted some pictures or the videos and they all are clicked behind the PPV wall then it will help to gather the crowd and some of them will be ready to give payment so that they can easily watch or see the videos which are posted by you on your timeline.

If your page is free to follow then you can easily gather the people who will be more willing to give payment for some of the messages also. In today ‘s time, there are a majority of the fans who will get ready to watch pay per view messages on your page.

If you are able to create sufficient free and PPV posts, then it would be easy for you to make the money easily apart from the subscription features as well! So, this is considered as one of the best features through which you can earn money!

How to use PPVs like a pro?

If you thought that money on Only Fan platform can be earned through monthly subscription only then you are not correct. It has also been investigated that money can be earned through PPV features as well!

It is one of the best features which helps to earn money and also it is considered as an additional tool. It is necessary that you should have proper knowledge of using the PPV’s.

If you do not use it in a correct manner then there is less scope of earning the money. So, these are the different ways which can be considered if you want to use PPV’s.

· Save your best content for PPV

It is so obvious that if you will send your PPV to your subscribers then there will be only a few who will open it as it is noticed that not every follower will be ready to sign up to your Only Fan account.

Just imagine your fans like a pyramid as there are also many casual Instagram followers. These followers are good for your numbers but in reality, they are not actually checking your content.

If pyramid is considered then at the top there are superfans who prefer and also love your content and will invest more time if you give them the chance.

But apart from this all, the real fans will be the ones who will be ready to give payment so that they can only view your PPV’s. They really want to go through your content and are always excited to see your content. So, it is important to save the content for your fans considering the overall pyramid.


·         Advertise PPV on your Post

By sending the PPV can help you to earn money but if you want the high success rate then you can use your feed for advertising PPV on your post.

If you use your post in the feed then it will help the followers to know what they are missing and they will be more attracted towards it.

One of the best examples can be linked with creating multiple content related to the same theme and posting them on your feed. At last, you can easily tell your fans to have a look at the remaining content which is in the DM’s.

This can be one of the best ways to move the followers up to the pyramid. So, this is considered as one of the best ways of using PPV as a pro.


·         Make a tiered plan for your PPVs

It has been noticed that pyramids also have the tiers so it can be said that PPV’s also have the same thing.

You can easily send the tiered PPV’s with various other levels of the content access to present in a more appealing way in front of your fans with different levels of commitment.

Hence, it is important to create a tiered plan for your PPV’s so that you can use it like a pro.


How do I send a Pay per View Private Message?

Pay Per View private messages are considered as photos or the video messages which are sent to the different subscribers which are locked and after paying the price which is set it would be easy for them to see it.

You can easily send Pay Per View messages to your subscribers or on an individual level also you can send it.

If you want to send the PPV, then just go to the message area and select the existing conversation or the new conversation. If you click on the new message button then you can easily create the message which you want to send.

There are also 2 buttons which are on the left side below the text entry box. Just you have to select one to upload the media and on the other side you can set the actual price.

After doing this, your followers will get the censored message with the option of confirmation. If the confirmation is given then they will be charged automatically and then it would be easy for them to see the message which is sent by you.

It has been seen that Pay Per view messages can also be sent to the different users and if you want to send to many users then you have to choose the option of “All subscribers”.

So, it is important for you to read these pointers if you want to use PPV. This is one of the best features which is available on Only Fan platform and it helps to earn more money.

There are different options available through which you can send your censored messages and your fan or followers have to pay if he or she wants to see your messages. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best ways to generate more money on Only Fans. 

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