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Is There Any OnlyFans App Available for Users? How to get OnlyFans App on android and iOS

Looking for onlyfans app - android and ios?

Are you bored with the regular videos on YouTube? Want to add some spice to your life? But the problem is that you might know about the OnlyFans platform but you are confused if there is any only fan application.

If this happens, you are at the right place, this blog will guide you in the right direction. OnlyFans offer a platform where one can share her or his adult content and get paid.

Now, as all of us know that Google Play Store doesn’t promote inappropriate content, so, therefore, no Only Fan app is available on the Google Play Store. Let’s have a look at more details.  

Does Onlyfans have an App (2022): is there an onlyfans app?

Is there any OnlyFans App?

We have already mentioned in the introduction part that there is no Only Fan application available on the Google Play Store. Only Fan App can generally be accessed through the website.

Any application that is available on the Google Play Store, has to go through lots of reviews and guidelines.

As the OnlyFan App promotes adult as well as nude content, the company is not legalised to develop any android application.

Suppose, the company wants to develop an android application, it will violate guideline 1.1.14 and the application would face rejection in the app stores.

Moreover, as the Google play store has its own guidelines, it will never allow an application to promote nudity. The OnlyFan app will only be accepted in the GooglePlay Store only when it will entertain family-friendly content.

Therefore, if the Google Play Store or any other IOS platform will not accept it, there is no solid reason for the company to spend money on developing an advanced application.

However, if the OnlyFan account can restrict the adult content on its side, therefore, it will be only available in the Google Play Store.

Is there any OnlyFans app for iOS?

Having an IOS application is no less than bliss when you want something mobile-friendly. But to your utter disappointment, we are saying that there is no OnlyFans application for IOS. 

Well, now you might be thinking that as IOS is such a big platform, the OnlyFans application can get more subscribers there.

Suppose, OnlyFans develops an application for IOS, it would be rejected during the verification process with the review team. 

Now a general question can pop up in your mind, why are platforms like Reddit and Twitter where users generate content prevail in the Google Play Store.

However, it happens due to the nature of the apps. Twitter is a social media platform that is somehow similar to Reddit where most of the audience is the general public.

However, on such platforms, user-generated content is also labelled as “NSFW” but on the other side of the coin, OnlyFans is such a platform where all the content is intended to offer adult services or intended to meet the sexual pleasure of a certain class of audience. 

One more interesting thing is that the minimum age rating of the Google Play store is 16+ and the age rating of the Only Fan application is 18+.

Here, you can see the clear difference why this application is not available in the Google Play Store. 

How to get an OnlyFans App Using Safari?

If you are not satisfied with the OFTV and long to watch the same content on the phone, you can create a shortcut in your phone that will be shown on the mobile screen as a fake application.

However, one thing to note is that this home screen trick is only available on the IOS. However, to your utter disappointment, we have to say that there is a way to link the website of the only fan on any android device.

Using safari is the easiest way to get access to this platform on your mobile phone. Here, we have summarised it with four major steps. 

Stage 1 : Download the safari

First of all, all you need to do is download the application Safari on your mobile. For this, you need to go to the Apple App store where you can find the application.

Stage 2 ;  Put yourself on Safari's OnlyFans Page

Secondly, you have to go to the site of OnlyFans in the following browser but make sure that you are using the latest version of Safari. As the application is updated in a proper rhythm that's why the latest version of Safari is required.

Safari is the only way with which anyone can boast of having the highly x-rated application on their mobile phone.  

However, after opening the browser, all you need to do is to go to the navigation bar where you will find the share icon. 

Stage 3: Share the same site to the screen of your Mobile

Now you know where the share option is, please tap into it. After tapping into the share option, you will find an option 'Add to the home screen' that will allow you to access the site on your mobile phone.

However, now the more interesting thing is that it is only the web icon that looks like the original application, it contains all the features the same as you have got it on your website.

Stage 4: Don't forget to click the add button for the sake of confirmation

Now, you have reached too far. So please don't forget to click on the 'Add' option.

However, you can easily move the icon that is available on the home screen, you can move it the way you want.

Most importantly, you can also rename it according to your convenience. Thus, you can also hide any association with porn.

Now, you are ready to go, enjoy!

Is there any OnlyFans app for android? 

The clear answer is no. There is no application available for android devices. You can use the only fan application by entering the website.

We have previously mentioned that if OnlyFans a company develops an android application, it is no use to them as the play store doesn't allow any adult site to launch their application on their platform. 

All they allow is the family-friendly content. Similar to the App Store, Google PlayStore has its own guidelines that prevent OnlyFans to be launched on their platform. 

You might have several fake applications on the Google play store that might copy the content from the original only fan account but officially, there is no application for android.

However, if you are using Google Chrome, you might find the 'Add to Home' screen to get a fake icon on the android screen just like IOS. However, it depends on the version of the android web browser you are using.

But honestly speaking, if you are looking for an authentic android application for android, you will not be able to find it on the Google Play Store as the age restriction or Google PlayStore is 16+ plays a total contrast to the OnlyFans age restriction limit of 18+. 

So for the sake of safety and security, it is always better to use the application from the website.

What is an OFTV and what kind of content does it offer? 

OFTV is a free streaming app launched by Only Fans.OFTV features content which are provided by the users and it is free, it includes various genres like comedy, fitness, cooking and yes, what you are looking for is also available.

Both Nsfw and Sfw contents are available here. Here content creators can share both long term and short term videos for the fans, which you can watch on any devices like tablet, phones, pc’s and smart Tv’s.

After the launching it is growing very fast, it has over 800 videos from 100 content creators as of 2021. OFTV can help you to watch videos from your favourite creators and to find you a new favourite one.

While OnlyFans app is not available on the appstore and play store OFTV app is available on the both play stores and appstore. OFTV features various types of videos from the all time favourite creators as well as new rising creators.

OFTV is free for everyone, this strategy helps the app to gain more fans. OF TV is basically a free platform which entertains the fans free and also helps the app to get more consumers.

You can watch free videos on the OFTV app and you will surely find someone worth following for  that's how they make money. OFTV is a free platform which promotes exclusive contents from the creators both new and old.

It is a sfw platform which enables to help you watch videos from the favourite creators and other creators also.

 OFTV helps users to gain more followers in the Only Fans which is a paid app. Here you can find various types of  videos like fun activities, comedy, fitness, lives etc.

Here you can watch the videos from the creators like Bella thorne, jem wolfie, balc chyna, Belle delphine, kanri and so on. You can watch videos like influencers going to beaches, playing games, skiing, playing games etc.

Former porn stars teaching you to be in shape. You can also watch podcasts from different stars and know about their life stories. This app prompts nsfw  contents from the adult stars which leads to the paid adult contents of them.

It also features interviews with the stars from the other platforms. It helps  to increase the consumer of the Only fans and it leads to the earning of the creators and the company as well.

Why is the OnlyFans app not available on Play Store or Appstore?

The only fan application is not available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store because of the nature of the content. However, if we want to discuss in detail, it can be said that Google Play Store and iOS App Store are mainly intended to serve family content. 

Most importantly, these platforms are bound by legal policies. Therefore they can't allow an application that involves adult content. 

As per the regulation of 1.1.14, the only fan application can't develop and launch any application that is related to adult content because it might affect society.

Moreover, the age restrictions policies go totally against the OnlyFan application. Only fans is basically a social media application which have adult content.

It is a safe service as no one can get the view of your data as it is strictly for the subscribers. If you are a creator tour other social media account will be connected.

The profit rate in the Only Fans is 80%. Only Fans app contains adult contents posted by the users, it supports 18+ contents.

Google Playstore and iOS app store do not support the app of only fans because both the app stores support 16+ contents  they don't support 18+ contents, that's why there is no  Only fans app in the Play store or App store.


In conclusion, it can be said that there is not really any authentic application found in the Google Playstore or app Store.

However, the process of adding a fake application on your mobile screen might be hectic to some people. Therefore, it is always better to go with the flow and use the website rather than seeking for a fake application.


What apps are replacing OnlyFans?

There is no application that can match the level of OnlyFan but there are a few applications that have the same feature as the Onlyfan application such as 1 xFans, Fanvue,  Megacams, 5 AVN Stars, etc.

Is it illegal to watch OnlyFans?

It depends on which part of the globe you are living in. Like a country Like India, it is illegal.

Can you screenshot OnlyFans?

Yes, you can take a screenshot without notifying the creator.

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