How to Start an OnlyFans without Followers: Detailed Guide 2022

We frequently ask how to begin an OnlyFans without any huge following.

Potential OnlyFans creators are frequently asked if it is worthwhile to create an account if they do not already have a huge online following.

Some individuals are intrigued by the potential of generating and monetizing digital material, but they are unsure if they will be able to flourish on the market as micro and mini influencers.

Many of OnlyFans' top earners come from a range of businesses and have diverse numbers of fans.

That only goes to demonstrate that you have the capability to prosper on OnlyFans irrespective of the size of the following.

Establishing an OnlyFans profile is without a doubt one of the finest things that can be done as a content producer, and there is immense opportunity for you to prosper on the network if you are ready to put in the effort.

Producers with a modest but dedicated following, in particular, should investigate the potential OnlyFans provides.

How to Start an Onlyfans without Followers (2022) : ULTIMATE GUIDE

In the six steps provided, how can you create an OnlyFans without even any followers? 

OnlyFans is entirely up to you. Finally, even if you don't have a huge following to start with, you may achieve greatness if you provide quality material and work hard to promote your OnlyFans profile once it's up and running.

OnlyFans is a terrific approach to strengthen your ties with your committed and current fans while also increasing your profile. Users on OnlyFans can also find your page through associated accounts.

It will require a mix of elements to gain your first fans on Onlyfans. The most critical aspect is to provide high-quality material that consumers want to view. If you do, the next step is to decide how and where it'll be published. You can begin posting as soon as you create an account, but I recommend waiting until you've done many of the steps below before putting any photographs or videos online.

Another key factor to consider is the dedication of your supporters. Certain creators have a tiny fan base, but a substantial number of them are diehard supporters, who may be more willing to go above and above for their favourite creators.

If a large portion of their following is prepared to pay a higher membership charge, somebody with 1,000 fans might make much more on OnlyFans than somebody with 100,000.

There are other monetisation services on the network, including premium messaging, paid live broadcasts, and tipping, which allow you to profit even more from loyal followers who demand even more unique material.

 Select a Niche and Master it 

It is now time to conduct some study. The first thing I'd suggest is looking at what other individuals in the niche are providing as content. 

This will give you a decent idea of what kind of photographs and videos to add to your account creation page. If there are currently a lot of profiles, consider developing another category with similar sorts of followers so they may connect to both profiles instead of competing in the same market.

It consists of your content style, intended demographic, branding, and online presence. Every part of your material should match your selected speciality, including your clothing and accessories, the manner in which you speak and type, how amusing you are and everything.

Look at famous creators to learn how they brand and display their digital personality in their material.

Examine everything they do, from their postures to their post descriptions — there is always more to learn.

You should also look at what and where they publish, for example, on Reddit, Instagram, and so on.

It's also a great idea to connect your nickname to your specialisation.

"lilykawaii," for example, contains its niche type – "kawaii" – in her profile.

That's a nice thought. 

Build a starter kit and collect your equipment 

This is a critical step if you want to make money with Onlyfans. The last point you need to do is appear amateurish, and it may be difficult to win new followers on a network of this size if your work appears to have been shot with a camera inside a box of cereal.

If you already have access to high-quality equipment, such as studio lighting or DSLR cameras, that's fantastic; otherwise, invest in it before generating any form of video or image that will be shared publicly.

While you still can do bootstrapping and begin with just a phone, you should be aware that you will never be as successful as top Onlyfans producers who all have industry-leading equipment.

If you're severely short on funds. All you truly require is a modern mobile phone with a decent camera.

Nobody is going to give you a pass on low-quality content just because they don't recognize you or have any relationship with you right now. If you have a newer iPhone, you have already a high-quality camera, so there's no need to get another.

If you have $40-50 to spend in the OnlyFans company, the ideal bank for your money is:

  1. Tripod with only a Bluetooth remote:

On Amazon, you can acquire a Tripod with a Bluetooth controller for $20.

  1. Ring light:

Better lighting is essentially the difference between an amateur and professional-looking photos. If you don't already have one, a ring lamp is a good place to start.


Device a minimal content plan 

Content production requires a significant amount of effort, time, excitement, and dedication. Whether you're a full-time influencer or you generate content in addition to other responsibilities (such as studying or working full-time), it's critical to plan and schedule material ahead of time so how you can organize things and your following can keep returning to your profile. 

When you're short on time, there are various strategies to produce content, such as creating a content strategy and scheduling content production into your daily, weekly, or monthly calendar. It is critical that you prepare your OnlyFans material so that you can manage and keep your account active.

Determine how so much effort you want to devote to generating movies or photographs, then create an uploading timetable for each piece of material. If you only intend on performing one upload per week, a higher price point may be worth it because viewers will have exposure to more unique content each month that is distributed at a slower rate.

It's also crucial to note that Onlyfans is a Supporters club platform, not just an explicit video or photo-sharing site; if you provide value with your material, your chances of getting high-value members will rise over time.

Try incorporating some live webcam shows now and then, where enthusiasts can pay for extra access from one‘s computer monitor without first purchasing any exclusive pictures or videos. Such types of special offers should be included in your plan as well, so they don't appear as last-minute decisions, which may affect how so many people sign up every month.

Now since all preps are done, Start an Onlyfans account 

OnlyFans accounts are free and simple to set up, and there are no contracts for you - and your members. If you have a sizable audience and high interaction, it's time to start making the switch and allows your followers to enjoy unique material on OnlyFans. 

By deciding to debut on OnlyFans, you will have additional opportunities to generate excellent content, communicate with your followers in a more personal way, and earn money. You may make more about what your followers enjoy in exchange for a monthly fee.

Nevertheless, if your membership is free, you may make use of the platform's monetisation options, such as sponsored posts, paid messaging, live streaming, and tipping.

The concept is that the majority of your money will come from providing Pay Per View and bespoke (for example, a customized video about you performing ) material on OnlyFans.

That is why you require a free site, a 30-day trial, or reduced pricing.

You want to be able to sell with as many individuals as possible.

You need people to like your OnlyFans account so you can DM them with tempting offers and captions.

To establish an OnlyFans account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You should have a profile photo and a cover photo both of these should not contain nudity
  • Create a bank account
  • Provide identification such as a driving licence, passport, or 18+ id

Use the power of social media and start promotions 

    1. Use Reddits and Subreddits

Reddit is THE finest venue for creators that have no following to begin with. Because Reddit doesn't care or have any sense of how many "following" you have, it's the greatest venue for launching an OnlyFans without followers.

You will gain clicks and views if you create decent material and submit it to the appropriate subreddits.

It makes no difference how many people follow you. Good content rises to the top and receives clicks. When compared to Instagram, people genuinely look at your following count.

Likes matter, and people care about them on Instagram.

Social proof is important on Mobile apps and social media platforms, and garnering likes early from current followers is also important for becoming viral.

Reddit provides a fair fighting ground for creators who do not have following. Inequality of opportunity yields uneven results. So we've persuaded you thinking Reddit is the perfect site for starting an OnlyFans lacking followers.

But where do you begin on Reddit? It's so strange. Reddit is composed of several little communities known as subreddits. Subreddits are typically referred to as "r/nameOfSubreddit." As a result,, would be referred to as r/wildgirl

If this was spoken or typed in this manner, "Hey, do you contribute to r/wildgirl?" Alternatively, "Hey, do you use wildgirl?"

Reddit has a system of voting in which users may vote up or down on comments and posts.

Content with a higher amount of upvotes excluding downvotes appears higher just on page.

The grey buttons to left of a post are used to cast votes. The amount between the arrows represents the total of upvotes excluding downvotes.

Karma is computed as the total of upvotes excluding downvotes. Karma is classified into two types: comment karma as well as link karma.

Comment karma is earned by people who upvote and downvote comments. When people vote on link postings, they earn link karma.

You now understand the fundamentals of Reddit but exactly what is a subreddit.

You've undoubtedly realised that submitting your content to the right subreddits is the key to generating views or clicks on Reddit.

If you're a maker of BBW material, you'll need to identify subreddits linked to BBW content — communities of individuals who are fascinated in what you have to offer.

If you're interested in the MILF niche, you should look for MILF/mature-related subreddits, for example.




  1. Use Instagram

If you create explicit material for Onlyfans, having an Instagram profile full of attractive photographs may draw some new followers to your profile. If they click on the link in your profile and see that all of your other social media pages have been removed or made private, this individual is quite likely to start subscribing right immediately.

If your objective is to attract a large number of individuals who do not use Reddit, Instagram may be used as well; however, do not upload any photographs or videos that involve nudity as they will be promptly deleted by the powers that be at the palms of Instagram content moderators.

  1. Use Tiktok

TikTok is indeed the second-best site after Reddit for beginning an OnlyFans with 0 followers. For much the same reasons why Reddit, social proof isn't that significant on TikTok. Although followers are more significant on TikTok than on Reddit, they are less important on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. On TikTok, going viral is everything - and it all comes down to knowing and manipulating the system.

Never post a link to your OnlyFans over TikTok. You will be banned if you post your OnlyFans address on TikTok or perhaps even mention "OnlyFans."

The secure method for transferring TikTok following to OnlyFans:

  • In TikTok's bio, include your Instagram link/name
  • Have your linktree/allmylinks on Instagram
  • Add your OnlyFans link on linktree/allmylinks

  1. Use Twitter

The same is true for Onlyfans advertising your primary Twitter or Tumblr profile instead. You may also include a feature on Onlyfans where individuals who sign up get special benefits like full access to cam shows that aren't accessible anywhere else online.

The options are unlimited, but make absolutely sure you don't cross-promote far to much so that each site can stand on its own. If you make each and every single post about Onlyfans, you may receive a large number of unfollows.

Remember that social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram contain members from all areas of life, so if you want to avoid embarrassment, keep everything SFW.

Network with other Onlyfans creators and follow new users 

Networking is an important component of growing your online profile, and if you really want to acquire thousands and thousands of new admirers, you need not skip this stage. The easiest method to do so is to follow other popular Onlyfans members on Twitter or Instagram, like their posts, and engage with them via Direct Message (direct message).

If they answer, give them a referral to the Onlyfans page right immediately because most active creators are looking for material for their pages, so there's lots of room for cooperation down the road. If all works well, you might both get hundreds of new members, which would help improve your revenue levels.

Its somethinga thing you could do right now to increase your OnlyFans followers, and it doesn't need you to be have using any social network. This tactic is based on the Instagram "Follow Unfollow" strategy. 

What exactly is it?

It's a method of increasing your Instagram follower count.

This is how it works: 

  • On Instagram, you have a followe
  • You're pleased, even delighted, so you followed them back because you're a kind person
  • They unfollow you after a week or even a few days
  • They are hoping you would not notice that they have stopped following you
  • They have raised the number of people who follow them

If you had been capable of following and message folks who had only recently joined OnlyFans. Maybe they're more inclined to subscribe to a random creator or to you - the individual who followed and contacted them first?

Here's an interesting fact for OnlyFans: 

10% to 20% of the individuals you follow regularly subscribe again to you. You may be surprised to learn that you can mass-message everyone you follow.


So, how would you apply this method to OnlyFans,

  • Follow a slew of new OnlyFans members. 
  • 10% to 20% of them might connect to your profile. 
  • DM them all at once.
  • You may now sell PPV material to them. 

Locating and trying to follow a slew of new OnlyFans members is now a challenging and time-consuming task. There is a fantastic app that will perform all of the heavy work for you. With the simple press of a single button. It's known as OFautofollower.

Retain your fans 

Finally, your followers want to see your material and engage when you're on a personal basis, so keep publishing to keep them interested. And besides, valuable content reigns supreme, and as soon as you can consistently produce it, you'll be able to expand and keep your following - as well as having fun on the network.


Tinder is a fun method to market your Onlyfans. You may connect your Tinder account to your adult-oriented Instagram feed. By swiping through it and matching with others, you may get followers. Tinder passport also enables you to shift cities for a minimal monthly charge, which may be quite useful for beginning began on Onlyfans with no social followings. While this is not the most ethical method of obtaining Onlyfans subscriptions, it is incredibly successful.

It's ultimately up to you if now is the perfect moment to start, but to address the question "Should you open an OnlyFans profile if you don't have a huge following?" 

Yes, you should definitely participate, and we expect to see you around.



  • Is it really possible to start Onlyfans without following?

Yes, starting an Onlyfans profile with a tiny following is easy. It will take time to refine the content strategy and increase the quality of your production. If you have a strong audience on Twitter and Instagram and promote your fresh Onlyfans account heavily, you may actually do more damage than good. If you acquire sign-ups but your followers don't perceive the value in what you're sharing, it might harm your channel in the long run.

When you initially start on Onlyfans, you should test your material on a small sample of individuals. This allows you to have a more intimate contact with your followers and a better grasp of what they desire. This information can then be utilised at a later period once you do promote your marketing, knowing that you have a strong product and that individuals that join to you will stick with you.

  • How do I promote OnlyFans secretly?

There are numerous ways to promote your profile without having to know anyone personally. From Reddit to Twitter, you must be able to attract at atleast a few followers that subscribe simply because they enjoy what you have placed out there for display for them to view.

Using common tags is a fantastic place to start. These are simple methods to be noticed, either naturally or through sponsored techniques such as Instagram advertisements.

  • How many followers do you need for OnlyFans?

No, followers are not required to make cash on Onlyfans. This is among the most popular misconceptions regarding this platform, when in fact, the opposite is true. If your page receives above 1000 subscribers, you are able to pay out at any moment, regardless of whether you have a particular number of admirers that are following you or not.

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