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What is an OnlyFans Free Trial and How Do I Get It?

Yes, you can allow your fans to watch your content for free for a while and then you can start charging them for it. Free trials hook the fans and coerce them into buying the monthly subscription even if they don't really need it.

This article is crucial for all the creators who are trying to understand this free trial thing on OnlyFans and even to the OnlyFans users who are just trying to get some free stuff! Let's dive deeper into it:

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Onlyfans Free Trials (2022): Create & Get Free Subscription on onlyfans

What is an OnlyFans Free Trial? 

Think of free trials as a promotional tool to grab the attention of users. If you are new to the world of OnlyFans, then you need to be aware of one thing people spend money on those artists only whom they have either seen or heard of before.

We will suggest you give free trials for a week or a month at the beginning of your career; you can do it even if you just want some more profit.

The company does not run any free trials, the hold of such things is in the hand of the artist only. It is their wish whether they want to give free trials or not.

How do you offer a Free Trial as a Creator?

There are two kinds of free trials– the blanket trial, i.e. for everyone and a trial for a particular user.

If you are thinking of promoting your content then you can opt for a blanket trial and if you are impressed with some unique customers and want to show them some love then go for particular trials.

The settings are different for both offers. For a blanket offer– you need to go to the profile settings, there you'll see a, "start a profile promotion campaign option".

For a free trial, you need to tap on a 100% discount. After that you just have to choose the days of the promotion campaign; you can choose between 1 to 30 days.

For a particular free trial offer– you will have to visit their profile and tap on the three dots. There you'll see the option to give away a 100% discount to them.

Remember, your fans will have to re-subscribe manually after the ending of their free trial. OnlyFans do not coerce them forcefully, it's totally the choice of the customer whether they want to subscribe or not.

What are the things you need to take care of while offering a free trial?

You need to create a mystery for the customers. If you'll give away free trials to everyone for a long period then it is very unlikely that they will subscribe again.

Remember, a personalized free trial is a great tool to hook the interest of a potential customer. For an instance, some guy or girl came into your chatbox and you started chatting about various things.

If you'll give a free trial to them, the chances are very high that your content will hook them and after the end of the free trial, they'll buy your subscription.

Moreover, you can use the blanket offer also. In this feature, you can also set a limit of people whom you want to offer this service. Set a limit and keep the trial short.

Furthermore, post more in the period of free trials and keep telling them about your upcoming content. This is a very simple technique to keep them coming back for more, again and again.

How to get a free trial as a Subscriber?

Check the profiles

Most of the time, artists are offering a 7-day free trial or even a month-long trial to users. Before following any other way to get a free trial, visit their profiles.

The top tier artists offer a 7-day free trial most of the time. So take the advantage of this, and if you like the content then consider buying their monthly subscription.

Personal message/ Dm to the Creator to get it.

Requesting them for a free trial works only if they see your message. The OnlyFans models receive a lot of messages in a day and if you are a freeloader then chances are that your message would get ignored.

f you want to increase your chances, consider shooting a tweet to her.

Almost every model already has an account on Twitter, therefore, try your luck out. And if everything went well then you'll definitely get a free trial.

Follow their Social media 

If you are looking for a free trial, then you wouldn't want to miss any chance. If you don't want to take any risks with that then consider following your favourite creator on all the social media platforms.

You'll have to stay positive and patient. Some day, you'll receive a tweet that they are offering free trials and that would be your opportunity to take action.

What is the best strategy to subscribe to OnlyFans creators?

Before you start adding your bank details to OnlyFans. Do remember the best way to subscribe to OnlyFans creators.

As you know that they provide bundle offers to their customers. Keep in mind, it could be possible that 3 months package is cheaper and better than one month's subscription.

Check them all before you start buying, most of the time free trials are at the top of their bio. And the details to buy a bundle subscription at the end of their bio.

Just keep your financial condition in mind before going for it. However, a 3 month or a 6-month bundle subscription is a lot better than a single month subscription.


OnlyFans is a great source of adult entertainment and if you are someone who is horny all the time then you need to buy OnlyFans monthly subscription today.

The services are too good to be ignored, and if you just want to try this thing out. Then free trials are always there. Hope we have helped you in some way!! Don't forget to jerk off

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