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How to Permanently Delete your Onlyfans account: Detailed Guide 2022

People often come on the internet searching for articles which can help them delete their Onlyfans profiles permanently.

Reasons can be many, maybe they are fed up and want to part ways, often people don’t want their personal data to be leaked and many others feel the burden of heavy subscription charge cost on their pockets.

 Deleting Onlyfans account will end your subscriptions on the platform and the credit card associated with the account will no longer be valid for further transactions.

If you are looking to part ways from Onlyfans forever then here is the complete guide that will help you with all the required info. 

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How to delete onlyfans account? (2022): COMPLETE Guide with Pictures

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is similar to every other social media platform and it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to its revolutionary idea of connecting fans with their artists. Onlyfans works on a subscription based model where you can subscribe to your favourite content creators.

The platform has content creators from all across the globe serving contents in different genres. The creators have the luxury to monetize their content and those who are an avid follower can subscribe to the content by paying a few dollars.

The fans also have the feature to connect with their creator via direct message or can ask for a personalised message which has led to a growing demand among the youths. 

Why should you think about permanently deleting your account?

The major reason why Onlyfans has become one of the favourite platforms for creators is due to the kind of content it has. Most of the content on this platform is rich with adult content and porn. 

To get access to this content users have to pay a substantial amount as subscription charges every month. While certain creators can have normal charges but for some it can be quite costly depending on the type of content creator.

Imagine a person paying heavy bills just for getting access to certain content on the platform. In the long term this can accumulate and can be quite heavy on the pocket for you.

So if you don’t want to fall in this financial crisis then you can consider deleting your account right away.

Also, recently the platform has faced a lot of defamation due to certain allegations which are related to frauds and thefts where people have accused that their money vanished from their Onlyfans profile.

Moreover, there have been a lot of cases where the content creators are getting harassed by their fans and have been threatened to expose their nude pics in the public.

Due to the surrounding controversy, people should consider parting ways and delete their Onlyfans profile permanently. 

How to permanently delete your Onlyfans account?

If you have decided that you no longer want to be linked to Onlyfans anymore, there are few methods by which you can delete your profile from the account permanently.

Please note once you have deleted your account, you will no longer have access to all the exclusive content on the platform. Below are some of the methods and step by step detailed guide on how one can delete their Onlyfans permanently.

Step by step method to delete Onlyfans account permanently?

You can follow the below steps to delete your Onlyfans profile permanently-

1.Sign into your Onlyfans account

You need to open your Onlyfans and login to your account with your credentials.

2.Go to the menu section and click on Settings.

Once logged in, click on your profile icon and it will open the menu. Now, you need to navigate to your account settings by clicking on the “Settings” option first.

3.On the left side of the pane, click on the Account option. 

Under settings, there are several options that will be visible, you need to click on “Account” that will open your account settings.

4.After scrolling down to the bottom, click on Delete Account

Under Account tab, you need to scroll down to the bottom to go to the “Delete Account” option

5.Type the code as it appears in the picture.

This is the final step wherein you have to enter the verification code as it appears in the image. In case you have entered an incorrect code, don’t worry you can do it again.

By completing this step you are confirming that you want to delete your account. 

6.Now click on the Delete Account button.

Once the above verification step is done, click on Delete Account and this will permanently delete your profile from Onlyfans.

Once you are done with the above steps, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure you check your spam folder as well just in case it didn’t land in your inbox.

Now you no longer will have the access to videos or the photos of the content creators that you had subscribed to and it will be deleted permanently.

Along with this, all the active subscriptions will be cancelled and you will no longer be charged further for any subscription.

•How to Delete OnlyFans accounts on the phone?

First thing to note here is that Onlyfans doesn’t have any official mobile application for its fans. Reason being, the kind of adult content this platform has, it violates the terms and conditions under which the Apple Store and Google Play Store operates. 

Onlyfans has themselves mentioned in their community guidelines that their Onlyfans.com website is compatible enough to work efficiently on both mobile and desktops.

Not having a mobile application reduces the hassle of updating the application frequently. 

If someone is looking for an easy way to access Onlyfans on mobile, it is by opening Onlyfans in a browser and adding it to the homescreen.

This will place an icon on your mobile home screen and will let you access Onlyfans like a mobile application. 

In case you only use Onlyfans on mobile and want to delete your account, you can follow the below steps to delete it permanently-

1.Log in to your Onlyfans profile by opening a web browser in your phone

Open any browser on your phone and hit Onlyfans.com. Now you need to login to your account with your credentials. 

2.Go to your Profile and Open Settings

At the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the profile option and it will show you several options. Now click on the Settings option.

3.Open Account Settings and Delete your account

Under Settings, you will get an option called Account, which will open your account settings. This will give options that are totally related to managing your account.

After scrolling down to the bottom, you will get the Delete Account option. You need to enter the verification code that will be visible on the image and tap on Delete Account option and tap on Yes to provide your confirmation for account deletion. 

After the completion of above steps if you have received a confirmation email then Congrats, your account has been deleted successfully. 

How to Delete OnlyFans account if it has money in its wallet?

Most of you might be wondering what if my Onlyfans wallet still holds some money and how we can delete the profile.

Below steps will take you through the steps by which you can delete your account even if it has some amount left in the wallet.

1.The first and foremost step is to login to your Onlyfans account

2.Now look for your Profile icon at the bottom and go to settings option

3.Under Settings you will see Account option where you will get all account related settings

4.Click on Delete Account option under Account icon

5.You will be prompted for a code verification before completing the deletion process

6.Enter the code and click Yes and you are done.

Your account will be deleted within 30 days once all the steps are completed. If at some point you want to get back on this platform, sure you can, but within 30 days, as after 30 days you will not be able to do anything. 

•How to delete OnlyFans account by contacting customer support?

In case you are facing issues in deleting your Onlyfans account manually from your end. You also have an alternative way of deleting the account by contacting customer support. You just need to drop an email to the customer support email handle and they will guide you on how to get it done. You can follow the below step by step guide for getting your account deleted. 

  • 1.Firstly go to your email account that is linked with your Onlyfans profile. 
  • 2.Now click on compose an email for the customer support team of Onlyfans. There email handle is support@onlyfans.com 
  • 3.You can mention “Requesting for OnlyFans Account Deletion” in the subject of the email and in the body of the email you can mention your reason with other details like your username or email id associated with the account and send the email
  • 4.You will receive a confirmation email once the account is deleted. Be informed that this might take a few days to process.
  • 5.Once you receive the email, click on confirm and voila, your account is gone. 

If you are really sure of letting go of your Onlyfans account then only follow the above steps because once the customer support receives the confirmation they will delete your profile permanently and you won't be able to access anything.

What happens when you delete your Onlyfans account?

We know you are curious what will happen once you have completely deleted your Onlyfans account. Once you have confirmed the deletion of your account, you will get 30 days of time.

This time period is intentionally provided by Onlyfans just in case the user decides to make a comeback again. But once this 30 days of waiting period is finished you will no longer be able to access anything.

First thing that will happen is all your data will get deleted from your profile. This includes all the interactions that you have done with the creators.

All the photos and videos of the creators will also be deleted. So in case you want to save any video or pics in your local drive, you can do so before deleting your profile.

Onlyfans provides the option wherein you can download the content on your local desktop. 

In case you are a creator and you have an active subscription running on your account then please note that your account will no longer function once the last subscription has expired. 

Things you must know before deleting your OnlyFans account? 

It is a crucial point to note that account deletion is a permanent process and you can’t undo that once it is completed.

There are few things that you should do before deleting your account. As a user you should make sure that if you have any amount left in your wallet, you should use that or withdraw that amount.

In case you have deleted the account and forgotten to withdraw the amount then you need to check with Customer support but this might not work for all the cases. 

Creators might be wondering how long it will take for their account to get deleted. They should note that your Onlyfans account might not get deleted right away.

There might be few users who have subscribed to your account and an active subscription might be ongoing. In this case your account will only get deleted when the last user subscription expires.

In case all the user subscriptions are already finished or expired before you make your mind for deletion, then the platform will delete your profile right away, of course only after your confirmation. So make sure you keep these things in mind before proceeding for the deletion. 

In case you are a subscriber, please note if you have already paid the subscription fees for any particular creator then you won’t get a refund.

Once you pay for it, it's gone. Only thing you can do is to consume the content in order to make your money worth. You will have access to the content until your subscription cycle ends. In case of deletion of the account, the subscription won't get renewed automatically.

One pro tip here is, if you are aware of any creator who is going to delete the account in the coming days then you can disable the auto-renew button by going into settings.

This way you won't be charged for something that might not be there anymore in future.

Also, it's a moral duty of a creator who is running a paid subscription on his/her profile to inform their subscribers in case they are going to delete their account in the coming days.

It’s not the end of the story if you have deleted your account and lost all the access and content in your account. You can always create a new account on Onlyfans again.

Any creator who decides to start earning again can come back and create a new profile and start running their subscription services as usual.

Long story short, even after losing your account, it’s not the end of your journey. Although you won’t be able to access your old account, still you can always head back and create a new Onlyfans account and start from scratch. 

Ensure that you have made up your mind to delete the account and no longer need the service of this platform. Once deleted, it won’t come back.

Subscribers should ensure to cancel all the active and running subscriptions before account deletion. Creators should also ensure to inform their users in case they are going offline forever.

The creator account will stop functioning after the last active subscription is stopped. Taking note of these points will always ease your account deletion process of Onlyfans.


•Will I be charged even if I delete my Onlyfans account?

No, you won’t be charged once your Onlyfans account deletion has been processed completely. After account deletion, all your account details along with your card details will be wiped out from the account.

Therefore, there is no chance of getting charged if your bank details are getting deleted.

•Can I reactivate my Onlyfans account?

No, there is no way you can do that. Once your account deletion is completed, there is no way you can come back. You can only create a new Onlyfans account and start using the platform.

 Hence, make sure your decision is wise before taking action of account deletion. 

•Can I get a refund after deleting my Onlyfans account?

No, you will not be getting any kind of refund after your account is deleted. If you have already paid for any subscription fees today and tomorrow you decide to delete the account, then please note you won’t be getting any refund for the remaining days.

Make sure auto-renew is disabled if you are going to delete your account in the coming days to avoid paying any money.

•How long does it take to delete an Onlyfans account?

In most of the cases the account deletion is an instantaneous process. But in case you have any active subscribers who have paid for your content then your account will only be deleted once the last subscription has expired.

 However, in case of no active subscription, the account will be deleted with immediate effect. Once done you won’t be able to recover it.

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