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Is OnlyFans safe for you? The Ultimate Guide to Explore the OnlyFans Safety

We all know that Onlyfans is a popular platform where you can interact with the most famous celebrities. Moreover, this platform is well-known porn for content as there are so many popular pornstars on Onlyfans.

But before using it there might be so many questions in your mind. You may worry about the safety of the users and creators on this platform. In this Onlyfans ultimate guide, we have tried to answer all your questions.

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Is Onlyfans Safe?  (2022): Tips & Tricks 

1. What is OnlyFans? 

Onlyfans is a popular platform where celebrities and influencers can share their private content with their paying followers. You can only get access to the content when you will take a paid subscription to the account.

Moreover, on some accounts, you will get free content also. This platform is more famous for pornstars and amateur pornstars who wanted to share exclusive nude and NSFW content.

But this does not mean that this platform only has sexual content there are a lot of accounts where you will get nonsexual content but there is no doubt that the sexual content is more than the nonsexual content on this platform. 

2. How is OnlyFans Safe?

(i) How OnlyFans Keep Their Creators safe? 

To keep their creators safe Onlyfans have the option of being anonymous on their platform. To keep their identity safe and secure creators can set up an anonymous email id moreover they have to create an anonymous username and password.

The username or password should be from any other social media handle and should not be the name of your pet or any other thing close to you. It should clearly be the alphabet, numbers, and symbols. 

(ii) How OnlyFans Protects Its Subscribers? 

There is very little factual evidence that the Onlyfans platform is not safe to use while using it there are some technical and social risks that users and creators have to face. The risk of endangering privacy is most on this platform.

That is why the best way to avoid this is to use this platform anonymously. If you will share your personal information then the chances are higher that someone will steal it and misuse it. The only way to mitigate this risk is to create an anonymous profile on this platform.  

You have several ways through which you can safeguard your privacy while using this platform. Create an anonymous email account to navigate on this platform you can create it through the proton mail.

Proton mail is a mail hosting service that does not take any personal information while creating any email. 

Complete anonymity is not possible on this platform as you have to provide credit card details while creating your account on Onlyfans but the best way is that you can change it at any time. Moreover, you should have an anonymous username and password. 

3. How can you protect your content? 

(i) Blocking and restricting users.

If some users are troubling you or using inappropriate language then you have the option to block or restrict them as this is the best way to avoid such people because you can't do to them.

Moreover, if you may find some users suspicious behavior and you think that this user is not good for you or can create a troublesome situation for you then blocking those users is the best way. 

(ii) Using Watermark on your content.

To protect your content you can watermark your content. There have been many incidents where the content behind the paywall has been stolen by the users. You can not avoid such situations but you can take precautionary measures with your content.

If you have watermarked your content even if it has been stolen your name will be on it which is the symbol that this content only belongs to you. 

(iii) Altering visibility settings as per convenience.

You can alter the visibility setting as per convenience so that the content on your account will be safe.

There have been so many incidents in the past when the content of the creators has been stolen or made for the public to avoid such situations you can alter the visibility. 

(iv) Choosing what people can see on your profile.

To protect the content on your Onlyfans account you can set your account settings in such a way that only those people can see your profile whom you will give access to.

This is the best way to provide exclusive content to only paid users and your content will also be safe. 

(v) Contact customer support.

If you are facing some issue then you can contact customer support and they will guide you to take preventive steps like they will guide for two-step authentication or to delete your card if it gets stolen.

If you want to protect your content you have to follow different security majors then only it can be possible. There have been incidents of security breaches in the past.

Moreover, Onlyfans claim that they follow all security majors despite such incidents taking place. If you have seen any suspicious activity on your account you should contact customer support. 

4. Risks of using OnlyFans:

(i) Privacy risk

In the present time, the platform Onlyfans is a synonym for porn content. It has been a general mindset that OnlyFans only have porn content and this can be the worse for your reputation that is why many people do not want to disclose that the Onlyfans platform.

Moreover, it is very hard for the creators on the Onlyfans to be completely anonymous,  if you want to get paid on this platform you have to share some personal information about yourself and once you shared the information it is so hard to protect it from the wrong hands moreover people go out of the line to expose the sex workers on this platform. 

As this can be the main struggle for the creators and users of the Onlyfans. While using this platform this privacy risk is one of the major risk factors. 

(ii) OnlyFans accounts hacks

There have been several complaints from the paid Onlyfans users about the account hacks. The email and password of the users have been changed, moreover, their card showed fraud charges not only that the users have been extorted by the hackers. 

 Many times due to shadier decisions of the company the creators have to suffer more than the paid users. But hacking is a cybercrime generally every platform is prone to this but still, if users are facing trouble due to this then it shows that this platform is not safe. 

(iii) Security breaches

If any type of security breach happens generally it has been seen that the company apologizes for the security breach and commits to stop such incidents in near future but this is not the case with the Onlyfans when back in march 2020 1.4 terabyte of data of Onlyfans has been leaked on cloud storage platform moreover the company has refused to accept that this is a security breach and in a statement, company said that this is a result of individual stealing data behind the paywall and made it public. 

Even if we believed the statement of the company, there is still a serious concern that the paywall of the company is not safe and anyone can bypass it. 

5. How to keep your account secure? 

(i) Set up an account using a strong username and password.

If you want to keep your account secure on the Onlyfans platform then your username and password must be strong. Do not use your original name or date of birth which is so easy to track.

Moreover, the password should be strong, it should not be like any other social media handle or it should not be guessed from your other accounts.

For a strong password, you must use letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyword. Passwords related to you are so easy to track. Moreover, you can also use a password manager which can keep all your passwords and also can suggest some ideas for passwords. 

(ii) Set up two-factor authentication

Once you have created your account you have to take some extra majors so that no unauthorized users can gain in that case make sure you have enabled two-factor authentication. Below are the steps listed to enable two-factor authentication. 

  • Log in to your Onlyfans account and go to settings
  • Choose the account option and then click on the two-factor authentication
  • Now you can set up two-factor authentication by authenticator app or via SMS

In order to authenticate two-factor authentication, you have to provide your phone number or Microsoft account, or Google account, which means that you are increasing the security of your Onlyfans account by decreasing your privacy, as you are providing some kind of personal information to the platform. 

(iii) Change privacy settings

If you are a content creator on Onlyfans and want to protect your privacy then there are several ways that you can follow such as

  • Hide your active status. Even if you are active on the platform no one can get to see it.
  • Confidential friends list. No one can get access to your friend list unless and until you want.
  • Hide your tips sum
  • Hide your media count. You can hide your media account and can use it as a competitive advantage on the platform.

With privacy settings, you can keep your account secure and you can be anonymous. 

(iv) Make conscious choices about the content that you post.

As a content creator, you have to share photos and videos of yours but do you know that despite sharing your photos and videos on the platform you can be anonymous. 

To keep your identity private make sure that your face is not clearly visible in the picture. Moreover, arrange your background in such a way that no one can get to know where you are.

Furthermore, you can use filters to change your facial appearance. All these things will keep your account safe and secure and you can share the content you want and can make money out of it. 

6. Are payments safe on OnlyFans?

(i) Is it safe to use Debit cards on OnlyFans?

The Onlyfans platform has a decent security major but still, there have been some incidents that have been noticed of unauthorized changes to the accounts of Onlyfans users.

If you have to face such a situation then it is very important that you must report such incidents. Moreover, you should notify your debit card authority and the support team of the Onlyfans. 

Otherwise, you can make the payment through a debit card or credit card, it is totally safe but despite taking security majors sometimes security breach happens at that time your responsibility is to inform any suspicious activity the respective authority so that preventive majors can take place. 

(ii) Can OnlyFans see your credit card information?

No, Onlyfans cannot see your credit information according to the privacy policy of Onlyfans, the platform cannot get access to the details of the users, moreover the payment will be done through a third party and you will get a token.

The provider alone has the access to all the card details like card number, expiry date, or security number. The content on the platform will be unlocked by using the bank account information that will be stored on the Onlyfans platform.

Moreover, you can change the information anytime you want. So this platform has a safe and secure payment method. You can use this and your personal financial information will not be stored on this platform. 

(iii) How do OnlyFans transactions appear on bank statements?

If you have made a payment to Onlyfans creator then it will be clearly visible on your bank transaction moreover they state very clearly that payment is made to Onlyfans and you will not have any option to change this.

Since this website is well known for pornographic content most people do not want it to appear on their bank statements rather they prefer to be anonymous. But then these people won't be left with more options; they can follow the content creators anonymously and get the content for free. 

However, you still have to authorize your credit card and for that, you have to pay $0.10 which is refundable. 

Final words 

There is not any concrete answer whether the Onlyfans is safe or not, Onlyfans have some security majors but despite there having been some security breaches that is why it seems hard to say whether this platform is secure or not.

This is a risky site and if you are the one who likes to take risk you can use this platform but if you don't want to get into unnecessary trouble then you should keep yourself away from this platform.

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