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Best 3 Ways to Contact OnlyFans in 2022

OnlyFans is an adult content creation platform which is very popular globally nowadays.

There are millions of users on this platform and their customer service is very good and you will get human response for your queries through their services.

They work progressively to enhance the quality of the platform to make it easier to use.

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Onlyfans Support (2022): 3 Ways to Contact  : Get Onlyfans Help - Email & Phone Number

How to contact OnlyFans?

There are multiple ways to get in contact with OnlyFans like creating a ticket, email and getting in contact on twitter with them. You can also go to the help and support center for answers from FAQ. If you have an account on OnlyFans then it is easier to create a ticket after logging in your account. You can also email them which you can find on the twitter handle of OnlyFans or just tweet them by tagging OnlyFans twitter handle or just send a DM to their account. Here is detailed information regarding contacting the OnlyFans customer support team.

Create a ticket:

The first most and easier way is to create a ticket on your OnlyFans account. To create a ticket, you first have to go to OnlyFans website and then log in using your id and password. After the log in select the “profile” button at the bottom navigation bar and then a menu will be opened. In the menu option go down and find the “help and support” option and click it, it will take you to the help center and there find the link for support and click it. On this link you will find a ticket history and choose the “create ticket” option to create the ticket. After creating the ticket choose a question from the help and support as well as add the details for your query and add a photo of your issue which is optional and then choose “create ticket”. After the ticket creation the query will be sent to the “Open tickets'' option. OnlyFans customer support normally reply to the queries in 1-3 business days and if the query is solved it will be transferred to the “solved ticket” option and if the ticket is closed it will be moved to the “closed ticket” option. Here is the stepwise demo for the create ticket:

  • Log in to your OnlyFans account
  • Profile icon
  • Help and support
  • Take me to support
  • All tickets
  • Create ticket
  • Question and add details
  • Attach image (optional)
  • Create ticket

Email them:

Another way to contact OnlyFans support team is by sending them an email. OnlyFans has 2 email addresses:

First one is an email address for the users to contact the support team for their queries and questions while second one is for the press and media to ask their questions. 

If you want to lodge a complaint to the support team or just have any query regarding the policy and other things then email them at first email address and be sure to add the subject of the query and details of the query in such a way that anyone can understand the problem and try to resolve it and you can also add an attachment of the problem which is optional. After sending the email, wait for the 1-3 business days which is typically the amount of time that OnlyFans support team takes to resolve the queries. Be patient and control yourself from sending another email which can be neglected by the support team or simply get confused with other ones.

Problems sending through email takes time as there are millions of users and millions of complaints but OnlyFans has one of the best help and support teams which will surely resolve your problems so have a bit patience and let them do their work properly which will be a faster way to resolve the problems of so many problems. They will either respond with the policy of their company or simply a technical solution to the query to resolve the problem.

Ping their Twitter handle:

The last way to contact OnlyFans regarding your queries and problems is to ping OnlyFans on twitter. You might do this in two different ways. First one is by posting a tweet with your problem and tagging @OnlyFansSupport. Another way is to send a message with your problem or question. 

To post a tweet on twitter you have to select the “feather” button on your mobile or the tweet button on your desktop. After selecting these icons type your query or problem in full detail and then tag them with their twitter handle @OnlyFansSupport in the tweet. 

Another effective way to get in touch with the OnlyFans is simply by sending them a message (DM). you can send DM by going on their twitter handle @OnlyFaansSupport and select the mail button on that page and explain your query in detail and send a message. You will typically get a human response in 1-3 business days. Make sure that you tag or send your message to the @OnlyFansSupport and not @OnlyFans. If you tag @Onlyfans then you will not get any response as they do not entertain the queries and customer support. 

Here is the stepwise method to get in touch with OnlyFans support on twitter:

  • Open Twitter
  • Write a tweet
  • Ask question or explain your query in detail
  • Tag @OnlyFansSupport
  • Post the tweet

For the direct message to the support on twitter

  • Open twitter
  • Go to the handle @OnlyFansSupport
  • Select Mail icon
  • Send your query or issue


For your problems and issues with the OnlyFans, the best way to resolve them is by contacting the OnlyFans Support team. You can do this by creating a ticket, emailing them or tweeting them or sending a direct message on twitter. If you do not get any response in 3 business days then try another method to contact them.as we all know the number of users of this platform are in million so be patient as the response could take more time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does it take for OnlyFans support to reply?

The typical response time for the OnlyFans support team is 1-3 business days but as there are millions of users and on some days the problems can pile up so it can take more time so be patient.

  • How do I report to OnlyFans?

You can report to OnlyFans using their customer support help and center on their website or simply sending them an email, there is also twitter where you can contact their support team by sending them a tweet or simply sending them a direct message.

  • Does OnlyFans have a Twitter?

Yes, OnlyFans have twitter accounts and there are two accounts to that. @OnlyFans is simply an official Twitter handle of the platform and @OnlyFansSupport is a twitter handle of the customer support team which is there to resolve the queries and issues faced by the users on the platform.

  • What is OnlyFans Email?

OnlyFans have two emails, support@onlyfans.com is the email address for the users to lodge their complaints or get answers to their queries while media@onlyfans.com is the email address for the media and press to ask their queries and issues with the website.

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