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OnlyFans Fetishes: What is being liked on OnlyFans?

Karl Marx, a 19th CE political economist, has described fetishism as “the religion of sensuous appetites”.

Fetishism entails providing godly attributes to inanimate things and makes their importance above human existence.

Employing this concept for the human body, OnlyFans has been able to create a thriving business for itself, its content creator as well as its huge subscriber base.

Not only this, the platform Is able to put across a wide variety of fetishes which we haven’t even heard of or felt shy to consider them a fetish. This article will introduce you to the platform of OnlyFans if you have yet not explored this hidden treasure of fetish content.

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Top Onlyfans Fetishes (Upd 2022)

What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans seems like a normal name in the mundane world, but it is more than that in the adult industry. OnlyFans is a social media platform where just like Instagram users create content and post it onto their feeds for their fans or followers. However, unlike Instagram, it has a profitable monetary structure whereby fans pay a subscription fee to watch their favorite content, similar to your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions. The users of OnlyFans can search for performers as per their preference criteria on OnlyAccounts(founded by Raymond Selwood).

In terms of usage, the platform is not only popular among adult content creators, but it offers possibilities for even fitness and fashion influencers. These influencers are targeting such niche platforms to enhance their user and fan base which in turn increases their revenue outcomes, provided they post engaging content. 

Why fetish content is getting popular on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans provides a range of options for your boring sex life but fetish content has recently become its forte. This popularity has been due to following reasons-

  • It allows sellers to sell fetish content anonymously, thereby making the content creation process a lot easier than other platforms where people have to reveal their identities. Hence, privacy concerns are well taken care off
  • The platform provides a long lis of fetish categories for content creators to choose from. Hence, you can find your niche and strive for the “category leader” tag
  • Fetish content is legally sold on OnlyFans thereby preventing legal infirmities in your career
  • OnlyFans provide the option to try the weirdest possible fetish,be it Impregnation, forced bi, CEI, small penis humiliation or adult babies. The best thing is people don’t make it a flop show. A huge subscriber base makes sure that you find people with similar fetishes and kinks
  • The popularity of fetish content has allowed creators to fill their coffers in bulk. For instance, a model named Romi left her 9-5 job in the teaching sector and tripled her monthly income during the covid pandemic
  • Content creators have the option to personalize their content as well. Romi explains how catering to custom requests of her personalized videos, sexting sessions, honest penis ratings or even conversations about their day has helped her craft her own niche

What are the different fetishes that are churning money for the creators 

After understanding the reasons for popularity of fetish content on OnlyFans, it is time to kickstart your lucrative content creating career by looking at some highly paid fetishes-

Foot Fetish

Unlike Navel fetish particularly subscribed by men, foot fetish is both for males and females. That’s the reason for its popularity as can be seen from the case of user from Arizona who makes $4000 by selling feet pictures, hosting hypnotic and seductive feet shows 

Moreover, feet selling websites like FeetFinder allows you to create photo albums for multiple and unlimited viewings. It also provides a monthly payment system.

Cuckold Fetish

Romi remarked that cuckold fetish is her favorite fetish which helped her to create her niche audience. This fetish is preferred by men or women whose wives engage in relationships with other men by deceiving them.

Dirty Underwear Fetish

OnlyFans user Shwe Gold remarks that his most popular fetish request is sending across dirty underwear, while some even ask you to send them across on their doorstep. People who like messy sex enjoy watching cum-filled undies and videos of people ejaculating in undies.

The word of caution is to ensure hygienic packing or to stay anonymous for such jobs.


"Use your words and sounds to express your pleasure, and don't be afraid to make noise,” sex expert Googy Howard recommends. Most females have a kink over heavy male voices. So you can engage in sexy voice talk sessions and get paid on OnlyFans.

Spank the Ass Fetish

We have often heard males getting attracted to big butts, after all Kardashians made their living on it. Also, BDSM players engaging in Dom behavior love to spank their partner’s ass as a form of control. Some also like to grab those bubbly butties as a form of sexual gratification. On the other hand, even subs demand such spanking to bring the element of naughtiness.

OnlyFans provides a way to portray your toned butts in pictures and videos, with or without undies, and get paid for it.

Navel Fetish

The pierced navel is a technique which infinitely maximizes voyeurism and male attraction towards females than most other screwed body parts. Apart from this, the navel region is the most erogenous zone for females which is why women feel kinky about it and have been flashing it since ages. But the difference now is that female belly buttons are a popular fetish for which you can be paid.

Roleplay Fetish

Roleplay fetish is quite popular among sex enthusiasts as people like to bring to life their idealized fantasies. This can include the roleplay of vegetable seller, air hostess, superman, police women and so on.


If you have watched “Fifty shades of Grey”, you can easily associate with the protagonists Christian Grey and Anesthesia Steele. Doms engage in instruments like blindfold clothes, chocolate massage candles, pinky cuffs, egg vibrator, foreplay dice, and spanking rubber paddle.

Real people having sex

OnlyFans receive exhibitionist requests from couples who want to portray their sex life online without the glammer of perfect lightings in porn or content creator’s videos. Subscribers watching real people having sex feel more connected to the creator.

Where you can sell the Fetish content? 

Apart from OnlyFAns, you have other options to explore as well to publicize your adult content. Sites like Reddit, FeetFinder, ManyVids allow you to create your own accounts with the choice of opting for either anonymity or broadcasting your real identity.

You just need to set your Subscription charges for your users and get into creating relevant and engaging content.You can also customize your content just like Romi did on OnlyFans.

A common myth that needs to be cleared out of the air is that “This is an unusual fetish”. Every fetish is unusual in the first place but it is worth it if it provides you the pleasure you want without harming anyone. So, you must not fear anyone’s judgments or opinions in engaging in your natural kinks and desires. Moreover, OnlyFans will only help you to find your fetish and act as your philosopher and guide in this journey.

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