Top 12 sex scenes in movies

A little sex never hurt anyone. Sex is concerned with the creation of life and is also a recreational activity for many so it is only natural that sex is given a lot of attention. So much is the power of the pull of sex that it literally can manage to get people's attention. This exact reason is responsible for the existence of sex scenes in the movies.

A lot of movies have over the years had over the too sec scenes, some to get the audience's attention, some to help the story move forward and others just because sex sells. People can be all negative about sex scenes but can't help themselves when one is on. You are bound to have a pikabu moment and before you know it you are staring at the screen with eyes wide open. Talking about sex in the movies here we have compiled a list of sex scenes that made it hard for people to ignore them. 

The top 12 sex scenes movies in movies are,

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Top 12 Best Sexy Movie Scenes of all Time (Upd 2022)

1. Atonement

Forbidden acts in forbidden places just add to the adrenaline rush that one experiences. Going to it in the library is pretty sure one fantasy that many might have had once in their life.

Here we have 2 dedicated actors going crazy kissing in the library and it is safe to say that it has reignited the fantasy in us as well.

The romantic war drama film that was released at the Venice film festival not only was a box office hit by multiplying the budget by as much as 6 times but also ended up getting high scores on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

 All we can say is come for the sex scene and stay for the movie for this one surely does not disappoint even after so many years of release. Keira Knightley in that Emerald green dress is not something you want to miss.


2. Black Swan

When you have got two girls going crazily at it you don't have an escape. Lesbian sex scenes have always been something more special than even heterogeneous couples' sex and we yet again get our answer as to why. It is Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in Black Swan that light up the scene. 

Mad kissing, stripping down to innerwear, and going down on their partner the scene has got it all and we can't ask for much more from this steamy sex scene.

It is perfect from the word go and it is scenes like this that make a film even more watchable. Mila Kunis in her black underwear and Natalie Portman in her whites are a nice contrasting detail added to this scene but it is hard to pay attention to such details when there are two actresses on top of their game two busy getting into each other's business. 


3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

It is suggested that personal and public life need to be kept separate for one's benefit, however, no one complains when they complement each other.

 A mix of private and public in the case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie churns out this one heck of a scene that still manages to leave us impressed and a bit teary-eyed. Once known as the most famous couple in Hollywood, the pair starred in a movie together and the rest is history. 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a flick surely remembered by some for the couple's onscreen chemistry and by others because of the action scenes but there are also dedicated lovers of the movie who can't wrap their heads around the hot scene where the former lovers got in on the act. Make sure to watch the scene with the AC on for the chemistry will leave you in sweats. 


4. Wet Hot American Summer

A sex scene in a movie that was released in 2001 sounds very impressive feat. To top the feat the scene was not about a heterogenous couple having sex but rather it featured two guys doing it.

 When we look at a few old movies today we find that they were quite ahead of their times and this is one such movie and for good reason. While lesbian sex scenes somehow get accepted or face lesser flak a gay sex scene even today sounds like something that would be looked down on.

This movie is already a wonderful film to watch and is perfect for your movie night but watch the movie for the sex scene, no we are not perverts it's just that you need to look at how the director and the actors involved have handled the scene with maturity and have shown the right way to tackle such scenes without blowing them of proportion.



A sex scene from a Fantasy film is like a fantasy come true. Too confusing we get that. It is usually these sci-fi movies that kick the imagination as the person starts to ponder around the ideas that exist beyond reality. Sex between superheroes, aliens, etc.

 All of these wild concepts see the light of day thanks to the Fantasy genre films, however, we are not here to give you something to think about, instead, we are here to ask you to watch the film 'Watchmen'. 

Why? Because it has got a lovely sex scene that was made for you to see. Also unlike the normal attention-grabbing movies, this one goes all-in with its sex scene as the scene features frontal nudity and the upper portion of the actress is exposed making the scene tenfold sexier.

 When you have Malin Åkerman on the cast list you already have one reason to watch the film. 


6. Titanic

No surprises here, this movie was always going to be on the list. Be it the sketch scene or the car scene the film holds the attention of the viewers and has many reasons to rewatch it. This classic film has a piece of everyone's heart that has ever watched it.

Young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had no idea what legendary film and what scenes they were creating back then but they surely know now.

Love, warmth, sensual feel, and innocence the movie and the love story had it all. However, a bit of frontal nudity from Kate and a lovemaking scene from the lead pair were required to add a bit of magic to the film and it just did that.

No one will accept it but a few people still watch the movie eagerly waiting for the two scenes to come up. 


7. The Notebook

Almost two decades have passed since the movie was released and two more or even twenty more can pass but the popularity this movie enjoyed will remain the same if not increase

. A look at Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' names in the cast list is enough reasons for watching the movie. A tragic love story is all about tears and heartbreak but an equally passionate sex scene makes up for all the tragedy.

One of the most passionate sex scenes to have existed in the early 2000s was this makeup sex scene in this film which almost was about to have full nudity, however, a quick look at the butt of the heroine and a hardcore make-out scene between the two lovers is crafted perfectly to make up for any complaints that the people may have.

This movie surely deserves all the love it has gotten and thus needs to be on your rewatch list if you have already watched it. 


8. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Guilty pleasure alert! One out of every two people had a lot of fun going online and bashing Fifty Shades of Grey because it was cool.

People knew the books that the movies were based on and knew what to expect yet they enjoyed bad-mouthing the film. However, these same people rushed to watch the movies when they got the chance, not for the story or the actors but for the scenes that had gotten the movie all the attention. 

Heavily based on BDSM sex, the movie had too many sex and make-out scenes, and the actress' top half was uncovered a lot of times. All these scenes were the essence of the film and got a lot of mentions everywhere.

 The film was bold throughout and explored taboo subjects which are not spoken about much and so it is never a bad time to go and watch this movie when looking for a heavy-on-sex movie. 


9. A History of Violence

A tale of two sexs. The movie has two sex scenes and the contrast in the scenes makes one much better than the other.

The film has an innocent sex scene that happens on the bed where sex is supposed to happen and the other one takes a bit more aggressive route and is full of passion. 

The sex scene on the stairs is just WoW, yes it might trigger some and may feel wrong because it is forced but the actress does finally gives in and accepts the sex which is where the scene starts to become a must-watch and an eye-pleasing scene.

 This scene is one of the best ones that are on this list and though there is no nudity in the scene it still manages to hold the viewer's attention for the length of the scene.


10.Love and Basketball

People in the Scene: Sanaa Lathan and Omar EppsSex does not have to be aggressive and it certainly does not have to be glamourous. Sometimes simple is what is needed and that is exactly what this scene has aplenty

. Two long-time friends having feelings for each other is a common instance but how it needs to be handled well is not usually what you get to see and so that is where this scene becomes very important. 

As two long-time friends confess their feelings and begin to see each other as lovers they begin to get physical but not in the aggressive way that a movie usually gets things to go.

The friends make out talk it up act patiently and a slow and emotional connection is built before they can get comfortable and then there comes that wonderful culmination of the hidden feelings. Watch the scene to know love and reality can go hand in hand in such tense situations.


11. Deadpool

It was always going to be tough to keep someone like Ryan Reynolds out of this list.

 SuperHero movies have always been about fighting, planning, over the top action, and other such things and so love angles and arcs always take a back seat, however, Deadpool solved this issue and smashed one out of the park with a movie that not only showed a relationship of the lead actor but also had some steamy scenes.

The masked mercenary gets some action in the film as he gets some onscreen action and it is not just a simple sex scene but one where there is also some frontal nudity

. Multiple sex scenes make this movie feel like a more realistic story and make sure there is something for everyone, but only for people above 18.


12. Unfaithful

What can be said about this film that the title does not already disclose? In a film where you hear such a title you know, there will cheating, sex, infidelity, and all such things and this movie is no different

. An innocent crush for someone becomes a lot more complicated when the feelings become mutual and start to escalate.

Forced sex can be a turn-on or turn-off based on personal preferences, however, in this movie, there is one such sex scene that feels like forced sex but yet it is very nice to watch considering the change and variety of emotions that the scene has to present.

The film ending may or may not be what you wish for but the scene does not disappoint and makes a strong reason why the film should be on your watch list for the next movie night.

 If you don't believe us then maybe the positive scores on IMDB and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes can help convince you.


Final Words

Sex scenes in the movies can be present for a lot of reasons but they end up doing one thing, making the film a little more watchable. Nicely executed sex where the chemistry between the actor is great makes the scene a visual treat and adds to the depth of the characters and the story. More than this a sex scene requires a lot of hard work and choreographing and shooting it is not as easy.

Thus, a sex scene is more than just a few people going at it like animals. With this list of movies that have great sex scenes built to enhance the movie you know have the key to planning a great erotic movie night with your partner. Make sure you watch all the films in this list specially crafted for your next naughty night. 

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