How do Messages works On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is your go to social media platform to sell fetish and adult content, and that too anonymously.

Creators on OnlyFans can make money in many ways and you can stick with one category of content to make yourself a brand in it. Subscription to OnlyFans can be monthly, quarterly as well as annually.One of the ways to make money can be through direct messages on OnlyFans. 

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Onlyfans Messages (2022): How to use Onlyfans Chat? Complete Guide

1. Messaging on OnlyFans 

Messaging on OnlyFans works just like your regular texting on other social media platforms. You need a sender, receiver and messaging software for it. However, the content of these messages differ as the purpose is to fulfill sexual pleasure of the user. That’s why; it is commonly called sexting.

But unlike other platforms, OnlyFans provides you the space to make money out of the same process.

Not only this, direct messages, popularly called as DMs in millennial lingo, are a way of connecting and strengthening relationships with your fans.

Hence, it enables you to enhance your user base as well as popularity. So mind you, if you are not using DMs, you are missing out on the golden opportunity to build rapport with your money-paying audience.

2. How does messaging work on OnlyFans? 

Messaging is a tool of initiating conversations when people are not physically face-to-face with each other. Users, who pay subscription fee on OnlyFans platform, can send DMs to their preferred content creator.

A series of messages builds the communication circle. Some features of messaging on OnlyFans are-

  • These messages are mostly one-sided as user is the one who initiates them.
  • These messages are mostly one-sided as user is the one who initiates them.
  • A double tick on your message means the user has received the message.
  • While a double blue tick means that the creator has seen your message.
  • Since content creators have a large audience base, it becomes humanly impossible to personalize each enquiry text. OnlyFans provides the option to send automated welcome messages to multiple users so as to save time, yet build customer relationships.
  • A blue checkmark on a creator’s profile is a mark of his/her legitimacy. It means that the person who is texting is the same person whose profile it belongs to.

3. How can you use DMs to make more money? 

1. Automated Welcome message

Automated welcome messages are in fashion in the current digital marketing era. This is because it is a cost as well as time effective way to introduce fans to your page and make them feel welcomed.

After all, don’t we all remember about the good hosting services in a wedding or a restaurant where we feel important? Hence content creators are choosing this option to hinge their fans to their profiles when they subscribe to it for the first time.

Setup of this automated message service is very easy. You just need to go to Setting->Chats. You can keep your messages as text-only or make it more attractive by adding various media like photos/videos.

2. Send a variety of Media

William Cowper has famously remarked,”Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”. This is why adding a variety of media in your text messages becomes important to give flavor to the monotonous plain words. It hooks up the users to keenly await your replies by keeping the conversation engaged.

Hence, OnlyFans gives you the facility to attach pictures, videos, gifs, stickers, emojis etc to your messages. You can even record voice-notes for your users as auralism is a popular fetish behavior.

3. Mass messaging

Mass messaging is an amazing way to transmit one single message to your entire fans with just a single click. It has many useful purposes.

For instance, if you want to organize a live stream instantly, you can notify thousands of your users through a text. Additionally, you can use this service to broadcast some premium content that can be availed by your premium user base.

For doing this-

  • Go to your homepage
  • Click on the message icon
  • Select the plus button
  • Tada! Message sent to all fans or some particular ones in a group.

4. Send Paid Messages

It is one of the most popular ways to capitalize on fans' desire to know “what’s next to the story?”. A paid message differs from a normal message as the content is hidden behind a paywall. Hence, your fans need to pay beyond their subscription fee to access a single text.

OnlyFans platform provides the opportunity to create paid messages to all of its content creators. It may sound liberating for creators but it might be difficult for the user to skim through good content if creators use this feature unrestrictedly.

5. Receiving tips through DM

OnlyFans gives content creators this awesome feature where they receive tips and suggestions from their followers regarding engaging content. It helps the creator to understand what’s in demand.

Another way of using tips is in the form of extra income that creator receive when he/she engages on a personal level with the user through texts. For instance, some sex coaches give personalized advice in return for tips

If you find this a worthy option, you can put a tip menu on your profile where different types of content and services will showcase their associated tipping costs. Moreover, tipping will add value to your content especially in case of free accounts.

You can access this feature by going to Settings-> Chats

In the digital age, the millennial generation makes contacts and networks through the mechanism of messaging, be it for business, teaching, medical, legal, and artistic or some other reason. The same mechanism was pick-hold by OnlyFans to facilitate better connections between creator and user. 


  • Are OnlyFans DM automated?

OnlyFans is also a social media marketing platform where individuals enquire about products and services on DMs. They receive automated DMs from creators as a response.

  • Can I delete a message on OnlyFans?

No, you cannot delete a message on OnlyFans. You can either block or report that particular account.

  • Can you DM on OnlyFans without subscribing?

App creators want money to maintain the app and update it frequently. While content creators need incentive to come to this platform and craft engaging ideas for content. For these purposes, users must pay subscribing fees for every service, even for DMs.

  • What happens to messages when you delete OnlyFans?

All those deleted messages will be backed on OnlyFans servers which can be accessed only by contacting customer support. Deleting the account will also delete the chat history.

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