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How Much Money is Blac Chyna Making from OnlyFans Platform?


During the pandemic, when the economies were going on a downward trajectory and people were facing the brunt of a microscopic virus, the adult industry witnessed the rise of a popular rapper, songwriter, actress Blac Chayne.

She has risen to be the top most earners on OnlyFans in a very short time. Part of the reason is that her internet audience was able to swoon over Chayne to ward off their time from the monotony of nationwide lockdowns.

Blac Chayne’s rocking career on OnlyFans has led to anticipations that rumors about Blac joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood won’t be coming true anytime soon.

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Blac Chyna Onlyfans Earnings (2022): Real Numbers REVEALED

  1. What is OnlyFans and who uses it?

OnlyFans is a social media platform based on content subscription services. It was founded in 2016 by British origin entrepreneur Timothy Stokely in London. It enables content creators to provide videos, photos, messages and other media in exchange for monthly, quarterly, annual subscription fees from users.

OnlyFans doesn’t aim for a restricted set of users. Hence, it can be used by anyone from writers, poets, motivational speakers to artists, chefs and other professionals.

However, due to specific niche of adult content creation which gets banned on other social media platforms, the site is popular among porn stars, sex workers, and amateur pornographers.

  1. Who is Blac Chyna? How much net worth she has? 

According to experts at SlotsUp, the data suggests that the number of OnlyFans account holders who want to see Blac Chyna’s content has been rising exponentially. This is proving to be an intense competitive race for other celebrities on the platform. But, the question is who exactly is Blac Chyna?

Angela Renée White known professionally by the pen-name Blac Chyna, is an American model and socialite. Born in 1988 in Washington D.C., Chyna began stripping in Maryland to pay for her college tuition fee.

She rose to prominence in 2010 as the stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the music video of “Monster” by Kanye West. She launched her own makeup magazine and also started TV shows like Rob & Chyna and The Real Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna joined the OnlyFans platform in April 2020. Despite that, she became an unstoppable force on the platform to become the biggest moneymaker in the shortest possible time.

Fans are more than willing to pay $20per month for her exclusive racy posts that makes them cut their pockets with this substantial amount. At a rate of $17 million per month, Blac Chyna net worth can reach to approximately $612 million by April 2023.

  1. How does Blac Chyna earn on OnlyFans? 

Since a major chunk of Black Chyna’s earnings ( $20 million per month as per Influencer Marketing Hub) comes from OnlyFans, it becomes necessary to analyze how this magic happens. Blac Chyna earns money through OnlyFans in a variety of ways-

  1. Posting media like photos and videos on her Onlyfan account. Half of her job is done through this well curated media. This is because these photos are bombshell enough to attract a huge user base.

  2. Chyna earns additional tips on OnlyFans because her fans are pleased with her content. After all, when the client is happy, it can do wonders!

  3. She also promotes her posts through relevant hashtags all through her social media accounts.

  4. The messages on her account are also hidden behind a premium content paywall for which a hefty price is charged from the users.

Apart from this, Blac has also been earning from beauty brand endorsements (with Monat and Lash), clothing endorsements (of The Dynasty Plus) as well as her on-shows on Zeus Network. Blac’s Instagram follow-back service of $250, yes you read it right, is filling her coffers like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. How much money Blac Chyna makes on OnlyFans in a month?

Actress and singer Throne comes in second with an average monthly earning of $20 million. To put this amount in perspective, it is important to compare this amount with other top content creator’s earnings on OnlyFans.

Even the one who introduced her, Cardi B, rounds up at third position with $9 million per month. Though Cardi B is a much bigger star in the traditional media industry, she is earning less than half of Blac’s total earnings.

Other top performers like Tyga and Mia Khalifa come in the top five, again behind our top performer Blac chyna.

Similarly, at the peak of the Rob Kardashian child support drama, Blac was making $60,000 per month which is still 283 times her current earnings.

  1. What made Blac Chyna so famous on OnlyFans?

Blac Chyna was already a big name before she made her debut on OnlyFans. This was because of her associations with top stars like Cardi B, Kanye West and son in music videos, her own TV shows as well as her promotional ventures.

OnlyFans was just another shot during the pandemic which was able to give a greater push to her career and appearance.

Apart from this, Blac Chyna has been the gossip of the town. She has been enjoying her romance with Taiyon Hector, also known as “Lil Twin”. The rapper and her mogul fiancée have been swooning over each other and keeping their fans excited with their loved-up posts.


You must be judging the utility of the whole article as it provided information only on one content curator. But this was about learning the journey of a star who crossed her own limits to become the topmost earner on OnlyFans.

Hence every content creator, be it on OnlyFans or any other social media, has a role model to learn from the amazing example setup by the one and only Blac Chayne. Now Blac’s planning to launch her own website blacchynaofficial.com.

Though it is completely set up yet, Chayne’s team is working upon it and I am sure whenever the website goes live, it will create the same sensation just like Chayne’s entry onto OnlyFans.

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