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How to Delete Your Messages On OnlyFans? (Can you unsend)

Many times, fans are not happy just by seeing the pictures and videos of the model. Sometimes the fans want something more than that. What if they talk with you and compliment you or maybe meet you? 

Is it possible for them to do by commenting in the comment section available under your post? The answer will most probably be a big "No."

This is where DM comes into play. DMs allow you to communicate with the creator over a personal and in a confined place. The majority of creators over OnlyFans have the option of DM.

You can talk with your fans and even share a specific picture.

But how does messaging work over OnlyFans, and how can you delete your message? Read below to know more!

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How to delete onlyfans messages? (2022): Unsend private messages

Messaging on OnlyFans

If you are a dire heart fan of OnlyFans, then you have an idea that this platform allows you to chat with your favorite models.

Like social platforms like Instagram, where you have the option of Direct Messaging, which is a short form for DM, you have the option of messaging your model.

Direct Messages allow you to have cultured a better relationship with the person.

Moreover, if you are a model on the platform, then communicating and reverting to your fans open the avenue of more income for you. 

Therefore, accepting and sending messages will have a much more impact and benefit.

But many a time, we may send the wrong message, or we want to convey something else in such a scenario, you might want to delete your message. Well, if you want to know how then keep on reading ahead! 

How does messaging work on OnlyFans

Do you have any idea that OnlyFans message has a message composer?

The message composer allows fans to share various kinds of media along with the message. While sharing messages over OnlyFans, you can attach multiple types of media files along with it.

These media files can include pictures, erotic videos, or creative voice notes.

The OnlyFans also allows creators to send an automated welcome message to all its fans. So, whenever a new fan subscribes to the channel of the creator, then you can send them an automated message immediately.

It is a fantastic way to introduce your fans to your page and also helps them keep them engaged with the page. You can set up the automated message with minimum effort. The process of implementing the service is easy to implement as well.

You have to go to the setting tab and move down to the chats section. Once you are there, you need to draft a personalized message for your audience which you want to send to them.

If you wish to attach any video or photo, you have the option to add that as well. 

Another exciting feature offered by OnlyFans is Mass messaging. As the name suggests, mass messaging allows you to send the same message to a vast audience in one go.

This feature saves time and effort in sending individual messages, especially if you have a large audience. This option comes in handy when you organize any live show or host an event.

Then you can send the invite or notify your audience about the same. You can also use this feature to share exclusive content with your fans on a pay-per-view basis which allows you to earn more simultaneously. 

To use the facility of mass messaging, you have to go to the homepage, click over the message icon, and then click on the plus icon.

After clicking on the plus icon, you will locate the option to add followers or people to the list and, at the same time, send messages to all your fans. 

So, OnlyFans provides several options for messaging, and you can use the one you think is most suitable for you. All

How can you make DMs work for you?

Since the DMs allow you to earn more money and turn them into a new revenue chain, every creator must use DM. DMs help in generating tips for you.

The more significant times the creator shares content with their audience over the personal chat, the more critical, the greater is the chance of them loving your content and herby sending you generous tips so that you keep on sending them such exotic pictures and videos.

Several OnlyFans creators use the concept of tips for sharing exclusive photos and videos over DMs with their fans. The fans send the tips, and you share the pictures with them.

This practice is quite common on such a platform. You might have also seen such options of tipping the creators after seeing their content.

On OnlyFans, you can use a tipping option on your menu. All you have to do is that you have to pin this menu and list all the different types of services and content you will provide against the specific type of tip.

Moreover, if you have a free account, you cannot receive the message from the person until they tip you. It is the case if they are your follower and you do not follow them.

Thus, if you feel that you are not making enough even though you are putting in a lot of effort, you can probably consider this strategy.

On some days, you will notice that your inbox will be flooded with so many messages as your fans will be dying to talk to you.

How can you unsend a message?

Often, we deliver the wrong message to our audience and want to retrieve the message.

OnlyFans provides the creators with the option of retrieving your message. To do so, you have to visit the static page of the message and then click over the "Unsend" button.

You can select as many messages as possible, and you will notice that that messages will start to disappear even before they reach your fans. It is the case when the receiver has not paid for those messages.

If the receiver has paid for the private messages, you need to click on the message button over the subscriber's page.

Once you click over the subscriber's page, you will notice a pop-up window that displays the current messages. On the pop-up window, you will see two options on the left-hand side.

These two options include media and price. For your fans to view the message, they will have to pay first to access the pictures.


OnlyFans is a popular channel, and if you are a creator, you cannot miss the opportunity to optimize your page.

You can send messages and ask your fans to pay for them, and at the same time, if the wrong message is sent, you always have the option to delete them.

So, if you are a creator, then use these features.

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