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How to make money on craigslist

Consider the money one can make by selling trash. Who does not like some additional money in their case? Make more deals to get more cash.  Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website where one can post job offers, houses for sale, items, services, and many other items.

It is a good opportunity for any person looking toward entrepreneurship. Unlike other platforms like Amazon and eBay, Craigslist won’t charge any fee for posting an ad. Such free features are a lot helpful to new entrepreneurs.

Currently, there are around 60 million users on Craigslist posting over 80 million ads per month. Craigslist helps a seller post their ads and to connect them to their matching buyers.

One can make money via selling products or properties, and also by providing services through Craigslist. People can also sell old products to those who need them. Here are some of the best methods to make money via Craigslist

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How to Make Money on Craigslist in 2022 (11 EASY Working Ways)

1. Find leads for your business or skilled side work

Besides selling and buying, Craigslist provides other services like job opportunities. There are numerous job opportunities available on Craigslist, from which an individual can choose the best one suited for him.

If a person is more interested in making money via working rather than selling, they can opt for this field. Even part-time job opportunities are available, which can be done besides the other work. 

  • How to get into work via Craigslist?

With the numerous online and hybrid training opportunities out there, people have more choices in getting training. Get enough training to increase the profile visibility on Craigslist.

The more the knowledge and qualification of an individual, more will be the number of job opportunities available. This will help to become more competitive among others, who are looking for the same job.

  • Benefits in business

    A business organization can use the service of Craigslist to promote its openings. They can easily post job opportunities to get the required candidates. The best way to get new employees doesn’t seem to be costly, as Craigslist has offered such services at a low cost. Being competent at what you do is an important part of establishing one’s own business.

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2. Flip Items for profit

Make yourself profitable by buying trash. The trash of some people can become useful to others. If polished and repaired even the trash can be made worthy. The items bought or sold under this field are not new.

A buyer can easily buy any old item at a cheap cost from sellers on Craigslist. If the seller is trying to get rid of an old item, the buyer can get it at a low cost. Thus it is beneficiary to both the seller and buyer.

The buyer can then refinish the bought item to make it look better and more efficient. Then they can sell it to another person at a higher cost making themselves profitable. 

Things to remember

  • Find the right seller

    Look for terrible ads with fewer images and product descriptions. Mostly such advertisers will be trying to get rid of the product. They will not bargain much for their item, and the buyer can get it at a low rate.
  • Bargain to get a low price

    On Craigslist one can bargain for the product price to get lowered. Start the bargain at a very low cost, so that the bargaining ends at a reasonable price. The chance of getting items at low prices via bargaining increases by targeting fewer promotional ads. 

    • Post the ad in a good way

    While posting an ad for selling a product, do it efficiently. The ad should attract the buyer. Use quality photographs taken at a good angle, which will make the product more eye-catchy. Upload all the details of the product perfectly, so that the buyers can easily find it.

3. Sell Photos

Selling photos is another easy way to make money on Craigslist. A good photographer can easily take lots of beautiful photos.

They can easily sell the photos for different prices via Craigslist. Feet pics are fast sellers and are in demand. An individual can earn a lot of money by selling such photos. 

The process of selling photos via Craigslist

The buyer will be able to see, only the blurred image of the photos that a photographer wishes to sell.

After checking the posted photos, the buyer can ask for the photos they like for a specific amount. With or without bargaining a price will be fixed for the photo, and thus it is sold.

  • This can be considered a part-time income source for photographers. Those people with such talents will be able to take extraordinary photos, and sell them for higher prices. With a DSLR camera and using photo editing software, everyone can take unique pictures and easily edit them.  

    Things to remember

    • As the photos can be sent online, the seller should take much care regarding the payment process. Unless security is ensured, one should not send the photos before getting the payment.

4. Monetize your hobby on Craigslist

Certain hobbies can also help an individual to make money.

Some of the common hobbies that can benefit from making money are sewing, jewelry making, and handicrafts.

Even children with certain talents are selling games, movies, applications, and many others.

Other Hobbies include

  • Aquaculture: Some people and children will have an interest in growing aquarium fishes. They can sell their fish, aquarium plants, and all other aquarium items at the best price. 

  • Coin collection: The hobby of coin collection is much more common among children. With an old and unique coin, an individual will be able to earn lots of money than they can ever imagine. The only problem regarding this is finding the right buyer.

  • Drawing: for those artists who can draw perfectly and beautifully, it is a good opportunity to make money by drawing. They can update their profile with the money requirements for their drawings.
    The people who need the drawings can contact them to tell them their needs.

    Things to Remember: Try to be more creative with your hobbies, it will catch the attention of more Craigslist users.

5. Garage Sale

Garage Sale includes selling a lot of household items. Such a sale is made in case of house changing, job transfer, or to get rid of old items. Mostly all the items in a garage sale will be in good condition, even though they are used.

Craigslist is the best place, where anyone can put an ad regarding their selling. It will help the seller find a customer, who needs the items. A garage sale is a good way to raise money and get rid of unused old items.

Even children can make a little pocket money by selling their old toys. 

Things to remember

  • Rather than selling all the items mixed, try to separate them into different categories. It will help the seller to calculate the price of all items easily. With sorting the seller can also post the ads in different categories on Craigslist.

  • Fix the price of all the items based on their condition. Try to mix the price if necessary. Reducing an item's price with a good price for other items can also be profitable.

6. Become a Researcher

One can easily become a researcher by applying for such jobs on Craigslist. With a lot of job opportunities in this field with a high salary, an individual can make more money.

Craigslist also benefits companies in recruiting researchers. The platform is targeted to different locations separately. Thus, recruiters will be able to find a candidate easily, and the individuals can easily become a researcher.

Research work can sometimes be to follow someone, collect some details or any other related works. So it is better to engage in such activities after getting a clear idea about the problems.

  • Others

    For independent research purposes, the requirement of certain equipment arises. With the help of Craigslist, one can post the resources available for research purposes. The posts of those people who need the resources can also be seen in it. Thus an individual can earn money by selling the resources to specific customers.

7. Sell appliances

Anyone can sell used appliances via Craigslist. Buying old appliances and selling them by repairing them is a profitable business.

Some people will ditch their old appliances with the use of new ones. People can buy those old items at a low cost and can sell them to others at a high price.

It is better to sell old appliances, rather than keep them to make them dusty and get damaged. Buying and selling appliances can also be done professionally.  Even new appliances can also be sold at the best price.

8. Create an Online Store to Sell your Products

Other than selling used appliances an individual can also start his marketplace through Craigslist. For start-up entrepreneurs, Craigslist is a good choice to sell their appliances.

It is a free platform that requires no money to be invested to sell your products. One can create an online store to sell both refurbished as well as new items.

Many people are currently trying to find the best place to sell their products. Those product brands will be of less popularity but can have high quality.

They can sell the new products to the customers who need them. With Craigslist such people can make a lot of money, by creating their local store online.

Things to remember

  • The start-up sellers must provide good service and quality products to gain popularity. If a customer complains about the product quality, it can become a bad mark. So to get more sales, provide better quality products.

  • Provide fast and efficient delivery service. By creating an online store, the seller must provide the necessary delivery services in time. 

  • If it is an online store to sell refurbished products, make sure of the working condition of the appliances.

9. Perform Online or Remote Work

Online or remote work can be done from home, and there is no need to contact the client in person. An individual can post his skills or qualification in doing some related work on Craigslist.

They can also put the money requirement of each work based on the time and amount of work. Those who require their work can contact them easily via online platforms.

The worker can do his job from home and can send it to the customer through online means like Gmail. With Online or remote work opportunities an individual can provide country-wide service.

They can also do work for foreign countries if necessary. 

     Points to remember

  • Beware of the fraud activities, as it is remote working. Make sure of the payment security beforehand.

  • Try to complete work on time for more popularity.

  • Search for short-term contract works that you will be able to do on time. You can also search in other countries. This will help to get more cash when compared to other works.

    Some important types of remote work available are

  • Resume writing

  • Copywriting, data entry

  • Online assistant

  • Photo or video editing

  • Web designing

10. Rent Out Your Belongings

Renting out your belongings is a good choice to make money, as you don’t have to sell or lose anything. Some of the common items that can be rented are

  • Vehicles

An individual can rent his car, bike, van, or any other vehicle for rent to earn money. There are a lot of users, who require vehicles for a short time for different purposes.  

  • Cameras, Televisions, and projectors

People are always in need of high-resolution cameras. Some people require quality photo’s to post on social media, while others require them for different functions. One can also rent cameras for long photoshoots to get more money. Projectors are also required by different people for various occasions.

  • Sports equipment

Sometimes people require certain sports items for some special games. Those who have such items can rent them.

Points to remember

  • By renting an item an individual gives an item to others for some time. The care given to the item depends on the person who is taking it. Some people can be careless, thus they can damage the item. So the renter must make the customer aware of the cost requirement that they should pay in case of damaging the product.  

  • Try to avoid the bad customers, who created a problem once.

11. Offer multiple gigs

One can make a lot of money by doing different part-time work at a time. It requires a little hard work and time managing capability but is beneficiary. One of the major benefits of having different jobs is that there is no need to completely depend on a single work.

  • Become a delivery person

For those people who have a van or a truck, they can go for delivery processes to earn money. It is easy and safe work for everyone. People who are interested in such a job can post an ad on Craigslist.

They can also put the price for the weight of the product and the distance to be traveled. This can help those people who need to transport or deliver large items like a fridge or any furniture.

With a bike, an individual can also get into the food delivery process. They will have to deliver food parcels based on the requirement.

  • Be Someone's Friend For a Day
    Make someone happy and get a small pay. Craigslist shows a lot of people who have some issues connecting with people. Anyone can give them company, listen to their problems, and engage in some fun activities. Besides the fee, one can also make lots of friends. This is an effortless method of making money, as it requires no talents. Those who have a little patience and the ability to listen to others' problems can easily do this job. The payment will be based on the time or for a day. 

    • Fix Stuff
      If an individual has skills in fixing stuff mainly electronic equipment, they can earn money for their skills. It is always better to repair an old broken item, rather than buying a new one and wasting a lot of money. It can profit both the client and the repairer.

  • Post an ad with all details of the service, that can be provided. It should include the price and type of items that will be repaired. Some of the common items are mobile phones, television, PC, etc.

    Such skills, can also be used to resolve other problems like electric wiring systems or any other related issues.

    • Teach Others
      Teaching is a good profession that benefits the student and teacher. Teaching can be done in many fields. One can take tuition, provide computer knowledge, or any other items. An individual can easily provide online as well as offline classes to make money.   

    • Tuition
      This is an easy method for both students and other people to make money. Students in higher standards or college and teach small children to earn a part-time income. It is an easy and safe way for them to make money.

    • Other teachings
      One can teach others their special skills to earn money. Online classes can be provided to help others to know more about computer skills, problems in vehicles, etc. 

    • Volunteer
      Volunteering is a free act of serving the community. One can also get paid based on the service they are offering. Recruiters will post the requirement for volunteers on Craigslist. Those who are interested can apply for the position to earn an income. Some of the volunteering activities listed din Craigslist are the following.

    • Volunteer drivers
      The service of volunteer drivers is necessary for those people who do not know the routes and have no access to a vehicle. Mainly senior citizens and disabled peoples require volunteer drivers.

    • Volunteer couriers
      The work of a volunteer courier in most of all the places is to deliver the product. In telephone carrier services an individual will have to maintain the courier logs for all outgoing and incoming packages.

Tips for making money on Craigslist

  1. Create a Generic Email Address

For safety measures, set up a separate email for communication purposes on Craigslist. 

Steps to create a generic email address 

  • Get into the Craigslist website of your region.
  • Choose the category where you wish to put your ad for sale.
  • Click on the post option at the top. It will create a new listing.
  • Use anonymizes to generate a Craigslist email.
  • Continue the process by filling in the other necessary fields.
  • Finally, click continue to publish the ad.

2. Take Good Product Photos

Taking good photos of the product to be sold is necessary. 

It is the photo that the buyer sees at first. Most people will reject the ads if they find them ugly or bad. A good quality picture of a product taken from the right angle will be noticed easily by the buyer. 

3. Check Out the Competition and Adjust Your Sale Price Accordingly

An effective pricing strategy is required to set a price for the products. Most of all the customers will target only the products available at a cheap rate. So make sure to check the prices of related items posted on Craigslist. It will give the seller an idea to fix a price for their product. Sometimes the demand for the product can be much higher so that the seller can sell the product at a high price. 

4. Make Your Product Search-Friendly

Making the product search friendly will increase the product visibility. More people will be able to find the product easily. 

How to make the product search-friendly?

  • Check similar ads to get an idea. This will help the seller to create a more efficient ad. 
  • Optimize the content of your ad, including keywords to target more audiences. Try to create a unique ad with creativity.
  • Create more than one account on Craigslist. With more accounts, the seller can increase the frequency of ads that can be posted. 

5. Offer Incentives to Your Buyers to Beat Out the Competition

Is there anyone who doesn’t like rewards? Offering an incentive will make the more satisfied to buy a product. It can help the seller reduce the competition. One can also manage the price for the incentives, by increasing the original product’s price. People will easily notice the ad if an incentive is offered by the seller. Even a small incentive can also attract buyers. Try to offer product-related incentives like headsets or power banks for mobiles.

6. Detect Fraud and How to Collect Money

Like everything else in this world, there are fraudulent activities on Craigslist. Check the ad properly to confirm it is true. 

  • Some ads will offer products with high prices at a low cost. Avoid such ads unless it is confirmed to be true.
  • Make the payments carefully after securing the product. Much care should be given, to services provided online, as the customer can fool the service provider easily.
  • Try to meet the buyer or seller in person for more security. 

Steps to avoid fraud activities on Craigslist 

  • Use the official site of Craigslist, and check for scammers who offer fake sites.
  • Make deals with locals for safety.
  • In case of buying a product, check it carefully for any issues. Make sure to use the help of a professional, if you are not aware of the product.
  • Never share personal information with a buyer or seller. Share only the necessary information.
  • Try to use a disposable number if necessary. One can easily get such numbers via Google voice.

Final Words

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website. They do not charge any fee for selling items like other similar websites. One can sell or buy many items via Craigslist.

Recruiters can also post job offerings on this website, and thus others can find a job easily. There are different methods to make money via Craigslist. Some of the important methods to make money are listed in this article in its detail. It will help an individual to get some knowledge about this website.


  1. Is Craigslist flipping profitable?

Yes, Craigslist flipping can be made profitable following the right methods. Buying the product at a low rate and selling it at a high price after refurbishing is profitable. 

  1. What is the best day to list on Craigslist?

The best days to post an ad on Craigslist are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Try to post the ads at 1 pm on Wednesdays and Tuesdays. 11 pm is suitable on Sundays to get better outcomes.

  1. What sells quickly on Craigslist?

The best items that sell quickly on Craigslist are electronics, home appliances, and furniture. Many customers will be looking for such items on Craigslist. The important reason behind it is that they can get such a product at a low price.

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