How to Make Money as an 11-Year-Old?

The concept of making money in human society is not an activity restricted to just adults but extends to children.

Simply because an 11-year-old child is not qualified enough to get a job, they cannot find alternate ways to make money. To earn some decent cash as a kid is, in fact, more accessible than you think, and all that is needed is the use of a little bit of ingenuity.

More importantly, when kids find ways to make money legally early in life, they learn invaluable lessons about its actual value in saving and investing it.

So, this article is written to help parents understand a few guiding tips, which will show how an 11-year-old can make money without acquiring an official job. Please continue reading to know more.

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How to Make Money as a 11 Year Old? 

The Old Fashioned Ways for an 11-year-old to make money:

Are you a parent looking to teach your child how to earn and value it at a tender age? If you are, continue reading this blog and discover some effective 'Old is Gold' ways to help an 11-year-old make money. They are:

1. Lemonade Stands

 Setting up a Lemonade stand for the neighbourhood is one good way an 11-year-old can look to use to earn good money.

 However, to taste success in this endeavour, the child must learn to experiment with products.

For example, setting up a hot chocolate stand would be more profitable than building a lemonade stand if the climate is cold and not hot.

2. Raking and Shovelling

If you live in an area worldwide known for seasonal changes, then your child can offer to rake and shovel your neighbour's driveway from the mess caused by tree leaves falling.

It is also essential to advertise to people in the neighbourhood by creating simple flyers on your computer and distributing them directly to your neighbours.

3. House Cleaning

 There is the possibility that a neighbour might be seeking someone who can help clean their home.

Under this circumstance, your 11-year-old son or daughter could volunteer to help with house cleaning for a fixed sum of money.

The service could include daily chores such as vacuuming, sweeping, swabbing, and wiping down sinks and counters.

4. Car wash

Like cleaning a home, a neighbour may also need someone who can help wash a car.

It is yet another activity in which an 11-year-old kid can volunteer to help and earn from it in return a sizable amount of cash.

5. Pet Care

There could also be neighbours and a few friends who have adopted a pet in the neighbourhood's form of a dog or cat.

There are times that they may need someone to take care of their pet. So, activities such as playing with a cat or taking a dog for a long walk could also be undertaken by an 11-year-old child

6. Run Errands for Neighbours

A few older adults living in a neighbourhood find it hard to run an errand for themselves.

So, such an individual can quickly be helped by an 11-year-old kid, who could help in successfully running an errand in exchange for some cash.

It is one of the easiest ways for an 11-year-old child to earn money.

7. Garage Sale

 One of the most innovative ways that an 11-year-old child can earn some money is to set up a garage sale.

To create it, all the kid needs to do is gather all items that they own that are unwanted and exhibit them in a garage-like location.

Then, make this sale an event and promote it aggressively online via flyers and advertisements.

Some other ways to make money as an 11-year-old

Apart from the seven conventional ways mentioned above, an 11-year-old child can also earn money using the following alternative and unconventional methods.

1.    Take surveys:

Conducting online surveys does not require any specific skill or acquiring experience or knowledge. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for an 11-year-old kid to have plenty of time in hand to undertake to earn money. There are websites online such as Swagbucks and MyPoints that allow a child as young as 13 to do 'Survey and Earn'.

2.      Get paid to stream on Twitch:

If a child enjoys playing video games, making an account on a game streaming platform like Twitch is the best way to play and earn. There is a sizable audience who loves engaging with live streams. More importantly, this platform provides monetization tools such as donations, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship, enabling any age 13 or above the opportunity to earn cash.

3.      Mom Assistant:

Many mothers have small children to look after and find it stressful doing so on their own. For this reason, they seek an assistant who can help do daily chores like attending to the laundry. It is then a perfect activity that can help an 11-year-old earn a significant amount of money.

4.      Sell your stuff:

In the digital world that we live in today, many websites and apps allow kids to sell all things they own but do not want anymore. For example, the marketplace Offerplace is an IT platform that will enable children 16 years and older to sell unwanted products and earn money.

5.      Grow Vegetables and Flowers:

An 11-year-old child can also be taught to grow their vegetables and flowers at home.

The kid can sell these to people in the neighbourhood to make a decent commission. However, if the 11-year-old child wants to attract many customers, they need to create a stall to sell and earn more effectively.

6.      Bake Sale:

There could be an 11-year-old kid that possesses a passion for baking. In such as case, the best way for the individual is to bake their products, such as a cake and set up a sale to attract more clients and earn profits. This bake sale must be promoted online, i.e. social media, via flyers and posts.

7.      Tutor other kids:

If an 11-year-old kid happens to be an expert in one or more school subjects, they can offer to help tutor their fellow students by asking for a fee. The 11-year-old child must make flyers and place them on the school campus, libraries, and coffee shops to attract more students.

8.      Freelance:

Undertaking freelance work is another excellent option for an 11-year-old kid to make some money.

It is because it allows the individual a chance to fix their rate and provides for flexible work hours.

Even though most freelance websites have an eligibility rate of 18 years and above in their work policy, there are a few sites, such as Fiverr, for example, that are open to 13 year-olds and above users.

9.      Teach others a skill:

If an 11-year-old kid possesses excellent ability in a skill such as writing, dancing, acting etc., they can act as a mentor to teach another kid interested in learning it and earn decent money.

The 11-year-old child must promote his service via offline flyers and even online posts to get more willing students.

Some Tips for Making money as an 11-year-old

It is a fact that earning money as an 11-year-old kid can lead to rapid development in an individual regarding taking responsibility, understanding work ethic, and gaining better insights into financial management.

However, if a child aged 11 is to work and earn, the family must set specific priorities and ground rules. 

To learn more about this concept, people such as teachers and counsellors can offer great help.

In addition, there are several online references you can read to understand everything that needs to be known about young workers' rights and job opportunities.

Moreover, while checking for reference material on online platforms, ensure that terms and conditions are correctly read.


As seen from the number of points mentioned in this article, there are more than a few ways through which an 11-year-old kid can earn money.

From putting digital marketing skills to good use and using the conventional way to earn cash, an 11-year-old child can choose whatever suits them.

It must, however, be remembered that parents must teach the child to save what he deserves since this will guide the individual well, especially during the teenage to adulthood phase.


1.    What jobs can 11-year-olds do?

There are several jobs that an 11-year-old can do for money. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Dog walker.
  2. Office assistant.
  3. Landscaper.
  4. Plant sitter.
  5. Babysitter.
  6. Writer.
  7. Blogger.
  8. Photographer.
  9.  YouTuber.
  10. Gift Wrapper.
  11. Car Washing.
  12. Fence Painting.
  13. Spring Cleaner.

2.      How can an 11-year-old make money in 2022?

In 2022, an 11-year-old can monetize their life in several ways. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Getting local gigs via Nextdoor.
  2. Take freelancing jobs.
  3. Become a teacher.
  4. Take online surveys.
  5. Make through social media accounts.
  6. Be a gamer and get paid to play on stream.

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