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How to make money online for beginners

Times are dynamic. Thereby, the definition of earning a livelihood is changing every day. Of late, the global turmoil has successfully changed the meaning of work culture. 

Notably, the internet has been a saviour, without which things could have turned much worse. Therefore, you get the ability to make money from anywhere and at any time. 

Additionally, this might be your side hustle or full-time work opportunity. It includes your available skill sets, passion for certain things & acquired knowledge.

Moreover, you have to adapt to the ever-changing internet and be up to date. Thus, you can earn profitable returns from your hobbies, artwork, or even a 9 to 5 job remotely. 

In this article let's look into 15 ways to make money online for beginners.

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How to Make Money Online for Beginners 

1. Do your present job in work from home setup 

Not to mention, the uncertain times and global lockdowns have made work from home the new normal.

It can be stressful unless you have a proper setup and will kill productivity. Thereby, you need a decent workspace for productivity in such situations.

You need the latest accessories like computer & internet connections, speakers and keyboards. Moreover, earning potential depends on your qualification.

If you are working for a new company or your old employer also matters. Also, your working platforms may differ according to your work provider or company.

2. Become a virtual assistant and help businesses

Virtual assistants help clients with administrative work. The clients are bloggers, freelancers, or any other professional. 

Additionally, there are various platforms for you to try out this job like Zirtual, Time, etc., and Express Virtual Assistant. Moreover, there is RemoteCoWorker, Belay, OkayRelax, and Woodbows.

Notably, the earning potential of a virtual assistant is around $5 to $ 70 per hour depending on the job description. Additionally, there are various websites to help you out, those are given below. 

Furthermore, a virtual assistant has to be tech-savvy with a high level of expertise in software programs & computer skills.

3. Become a consultant in your subject matter

SMEs or subject matter experts are in high demand in recent times. That is for their specialized knowledge and understanding of particular industries, work processes, regulations, technology, and so on.

Thereby, you can provide guidance, resolve issues and help businesses. Additionally, to qualify as an SME you must have up-to-date knowledge in the relevant field.

Notably, the salary of an SME ranges from $34, 000 to $ 1, 79, 000 per year. Also, there are various organizations hiring these days like Nextthought, Acadecraft, HelloExperts, etc.

The websites that can help you out regarding this are

4. Freelance on relevant platforms

Freelance platforms assist organizations to hire you for temporary or special projects.

Notably, these platforms are the places from where the companies shortlist you by your experience, skills, location, etc.

Furthermore, there are several freelance platforms viz. Fiverr, Upwork, Supersourcing, TopTal, Revelo, Contently, Skyword, Business Talent Group, etc. 

Moreover, as a freelancer, you can earn an average of $20 to $30 an hour. Also, you need the relevant educational qualifications, access to equipment, time management & communication skills to become a freelancer.

5. Do affiliate marketing

By affiliate marketing, you generate leads and traffic to the company's services and products.

Notably, it is an advertisement model by which the company will compensate you with a commission. Moreover, to qualify you need to assess market demand, choose your methods, create and publish content, and research affiliate programs.

Additionally, your average annual salary can be around $ 52, 130 approximately & it has no investment cost at all.

Not to mention, there are various platforms to start affiliate marketing with. ShareASale, Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, Avangate Affiliate Network, Rakuten Marketing, FlexOffers, and Awin are a few to name. You can find them at

6. Create and sell online courses

With changing times people are looking for new ways to learn. Your expertise in specific subjects can help them to the utmost.

Thereby, you can choose your subject, create the course, and further host and sell your course. Additionally, qualifications for this won't matter if you're freelancing; whereas with any organization you might need certificates in relevant fields.

Furthermore, you can choose your price and it has a little investment as in set up of equipment. You can earn up to $16 to $ 30 an hour doing this job.

Notably, there are websites over which you can host your lessons for free. Those are

7. Mine cryptocurrencies and trade them online

This is a great business since you can earn cryptocurrency by mining and don't need investment for it.

Thereby, Bitcoins will enter circulation and the network will confirm a new transaction. Moreover, it is also an important aspect of the blockchain ledger's development and maintenance.

To qualify for this you need to set up a graphics processing unit (GPU). Additionally, you also need an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for a mining rig.

Not to mention, you will receive rewards for completing blocks of verified transactions.

Notably, the best cryptocurrency mining platforms are Ecos, StormGain, Hashlists, Slushpool, Awesome Miner, Zionodes, etc. Furthermore, the websites that can help you with it are

8. Tutoring online

If you are good at academics then this can be your dream job. Not to mention, home tuition is important for students assisting them to succeed.

Moreover, this job is both flexible, and rewarding & you can guide students to achieve better grades. Additionally, you need the relevant academic qualifications for this field in terms of certificates.

There are several platforms like TutorOcean, Cambly, Preply, Wyzant, etc, where you create your profile, get students and start earning. Notably, you can earn up to $ 12 to $ 40 per hour depending on the platform. A few of these websites are

9. Create your online business through a website and monetize it

By this, you need to pick the right business, by market surveys develop your brand & build your website.

Furthermore, there are several methods to choose from to monetize your website to make a living or for additional income.

Not to mention, the requirements vary for each method from optimization to subscription & designing to meeting in person. Notably, you can earn up to $1000 to $ 5000 per month depending on your method.

A few best web monetization platforms are Adsterra, Google AdSense, Clickky Biz, BuySellAds, etc. The websites for them are

10. Do blogging and monetize it

Not to mention, blogging is the most famous online job and a lot of people do it. Hereby, you need to choose your URL and get your hosting.

Additionally, you can start by adding WordPress and a simple theme, plugins, and tracker, and start creating content. Furthermore, you can monetize your blog in various ways.

That includes offering paid memberships, consultation and coaching or online lessons, selling E-books, banner ads, etc. Moreover, there are several platforms to assist you in blogging like Wix, Squarespace, and LinkedIn with websites such as

11. Flipping items on relevant platforms for profit

Flipping items in the yard and garage sales generate revenue; moreover doing it online brings new opportunities.

You will find enough items to flip in your home itself & photograph them in sell boxes to advertise. Thereafter, you have to list items and ship them out.

Platforms like eBay, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc. are great platforms to start with. 

Not to mention, how much revenue you can earn by flipping entirely depends on your pricing skills. Also, packaging and restoring matters.

Nevertheless, you can expect around $500 to $ 2,500 a month if you do it right. Website links to the platforms are

12. Start a Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a great way to generate revenue. It is an order fulfilment method by which you don't need to keep products in stock. 

You will need at least $ 1000 to get your business operational with a little strategy. Additionally, with the right suppliers and by becoming a brand you can easily earn up to $ 100, 000/year.

Not to mention, there are platforms like Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. to help you out with websites such as

13. Become a video game streamer on relevant platforms

Nothing can be better than playing games to earn money. Thereby, you need a channel and the right game by researching & video graphing the game to pimp your stream.

Furthermore, you need a stable internet connection and powerful gear as well as interaction with your audience.

Earning potential in this field depends on your hours and may range from $250 to $ 5000 a month. Notably, it also depends on your subscribers and views.

There are various platforms like Twitch, Bigo Live, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox, Beam, etc. to assist you. They have their websites as

14. Grow an online community and become a social media influencer

To grow as a social media influencer you need to find a niche and select your media channels.

Moreover, you have to create a content strategy and connect with your target audience. A powerful story or message you share is always worth paying for yet you need to share some free content.

There are several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Influencity, NeoReach, etc. to assist you. Additionally, the qualification you require is your talent and you need to showcase it.

You can earn a lot with success in this field and it can be limitless not to mention. The websites to assist you are

15. Start a YouTube channel and monetize it

To start a YouTube channel you need the latest technology like a microphone, camera, and lights. Or you need at least a good smartphone.

Thereby, you can create good content & from YouTube studio click monetization on the navigation bar. Additionally, you need to join YouTube Partner Program (YPP) & must have 4,000 watch hours & 1,000 subscribers.

Thus, you can earn from YouTube ads, paid sponsorships, channel membership, affiliates, patronage, merchandise, etc. The average revenue you can expect is around $ 4.18 per 1000 views.

And you will receive 55% of each dollar paid by advertisers. The website address to YouTube is


Therefore, you can see the opportunities are unlimited as you try to make money online. Moreover, the best part is that you can quit your regular 9 to 5 job and explore your boundaries.

Earning money online is more about showcasing your talent and selling yourself. No doubt it can be stressful at times. Yet, if you look into the brighter side of it it's way more flexible & better than any organization can offer.

Thereby, you can be your boss and work under your terms, rules, and management. So, you must create strategies and start developing your online business.


Q. How can I make $ 100 a day on the internet?

A. With the help of a website, you can make $100 a day through Google AdSense. Furthermore, there are ways like freelancing, coaching, consultation, and online courses that can also get you $100 a day.

Q. How can a beginner make money online without paying?

A. There are several ways for a beginner to make money online including content writing, data entry operations, micro-tasking, etc. Furthermore, there are mystery shopping, playing online video games, and social media assistant jobs offering decent pay

Q. How can I earn from Instagram?

A. You can earn from Instagram by various means. Notably, those are promoting & reviewing products, becoming an influencer or marketing consultant, and brand sponsorship. Furthermore, there is affiliate marketing & Instagram shopping, etc.

Q. How can I make real money from home?

A. Notably, there are various ways these days to make money sitting at home. Some of that includes freelancing jobs, blogging, selling digital products, translation jobs, etc. Moreover, you can try working as an Insurance POSP, try content writing jobs, or work as a travel agent.

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