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Driving Apps To Make Money

With the advancement in technology and digitalization, the gig economy is increasing drastically.

To earn a handsome amount of money with freedom and convenience, individuals consider multiple gigs to work as their part-time job or sometimes full-time.

From becoming a freelance writer to a graphic designer and digital marketer there are tons of work you can choose from in this gig world and do what you like for a living.

Driving gigs is one such convenient and popular job that allows you to earn a substantial amount of money by just driving or riding a few kilometres in your neighbourhood.

This article will help you find out the best driving apps and services to join and earn money conveniently. 

Broad Categories of Driving App

  1. Grocery Delivery App

Grocery delivery apps are excellent platforms that provide delivery of groceries and essential everyday products that makes life easier. 

  1. Food Delivery App

Food delivery app help people order foods from the local restaurants and get quick delivery with the convenience of online payment and delivery tracking. 

  1. Rideshare App

Rideshare apps provide transport service for commuters and travellers that saves time to find a taxi and get multiple amazing features on application. 

  1. Movers and Packers App

Movers and Packers app makes house shifting and rearrangement of furniture easy in homes with their dedicated service. 

  1. Shipping Companies App

Shipping Companies app provides shipping and delivery solutions for businesses with advanced shipping tools. 

  1. Amazon Flex Delivery Program

Amazon flex delivery program is created for freelance driver partners that allows bikers and drivers to make extra sure income working in a flexible hours. 

  1. Multiple Side Gigs

Here are some side gigs platforms to consider that provide great opportunities for individual drivers. 

  • Child transportation network

Child transportation networks provide transportation service to school kids and safely drop them home. 

  • Chauffeur for elderly

Chauffeur is a remarkable transportation service that help senior citizens and elder people reach their destination securely. 

  • Deliver pets

Deliver pets provides valuable transport service for pets and help pet owners with their reliable services. 

  • Rent your car

Car owners can earn excellent side income through Rent Your Car platforms by providing their car to rental companies in exchange of rent for every ride. 

  • Offer driving tours

Driving tour apps allow people to find local gas station, routes, hotels and more essential information to make the journey convenient. 

  • Others

You can join car advertising platforms to earn money by showing brand advertisements on your car and earn for each mile you ride. 

Apps To Make Money

Let's explore some of the most beneficial apps to make money as a driver and utilize your free time for your side hustle.

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30 HIGH PAYING Driving Apps To Make Money 

Grocery Delivery

1. Instacard

Instacard is an American online grocery delivery and pickup platform that operates in the United States and Canada.

The application process on this App is quick and simple. Here you can apply for two types of positions including the Full-Service Shoppers Shop and Simply Deliver. 

On Instacard you can choose your working hours and select the flexible schedule.

 Both shoppers and drivers can earn money with the Instacard grocery delivery that ranges from $10 to $21 per hour.

2. Shipt

Shipt is another American grocery service company that allows drivers to earn extra income by picking up and delivering groceries to nearby locations.

With a valid driving license, vehicle insurance, and some other requirements you can easily apply to become a driver on Shipt App or website.

Shipt pays weekly, every Friday and here you can work with extreme flexibility as an independent contractor. 

You can make around $16 to $22 per hour working as a Shipt shopper and delivery driver and also get extra tips for your service. 

3. Point Pick up

Point pick-up is the delivery service that focuses on enhancing the customers' buying experience of America's top retailers.

Here you can work as a driver to deliver multiple groceries and products of multiple brands and earn a considerable side income. 

Here you can join as a flex worker and easily log in to the flex worker App to get notified of new pick-up and delivery locations.

On Point Pick up you get to set your working hour according to your preferences and start delivering products with your vehicle.

The average per-hour salary ranges around $14.75 and goes up to around $28.10 depending on working hours and experience.

Food Delivery App

1. Grubhub

Grubhub is a giant American online food ordering and delivery service that provides opportunities for drivers to earn money by delivering food to nearby locations.

To join Grubhub you need a car or bike in selected areas with a valid driving license, auto insurance for drivers, and a smartphone. 

On Grubhub, you can create a flexible working schedule and keep 100% of your tips.

After signing up all you need to do is pick up and drop off your vehicle and get payment conveniently.

According to Glassdoor, drivers can make around $29 per hour which is remarkable for both full-time and part-time drivers.

2. UberEats

UberEats is another great platform for delivering the food that people crave and being your own boss with a flexible working schedule.

On Ubereats you can choose to deliver food with your car, bike, or scooter in your free time, on weekends, or full time throughout the month.

Here you get weekly and daily payments that can be tracked with the help of the Driver App. 

To join UberEats as a driver, you need a valid driving license, vehicle registration certificate, valid insurance, and a PAN Card.

After logging in you can effectively track restaurants and deliver locations and earn money. At UberEats you can earn around $8 to $12 an hour.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash is an American food ordering platform, available in over 7,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

With your car, bike, or scooter, you can start delivering food and earn significant money by choosing a flexible working schedule on DoorDash.

By joining Doordash, you can earn extra side income and choose to work in your neighbourhood or any visiting place. 

To sign up with DoorDash, you need to be 18 years or older, require a driver's license number, Social security number (only in the United States), and consent to a background check.

You can signup to DoorDash with zero experience in the field and start delivering food conveniently with the help of the App.

DoorDash pay for each order ranges from $2 to $10+ which would be paid weekly and daily in selected areas.

4. Caviar

Caviar is a food delivery platform that DoorDash acquired at the end of 2019.

As Caviar is a part of DoorDash you can receive either Caviar or DoorDash delivery opportunities.

All the retirements, sign-up process, and payment schedules on the Caviar food delivery app are similar to the Doordash.

5. Postmates

Postmates is another amazing food delivery platform similar to Github and DoorDash that allows people to order food online.

This company is acquired by Uber and the joining process is similar to UberEats, you require a valid driving license, vehicle registration certificate, valid insurance, and a PAN Card to get onboard. 

As with most online delivery services, the working schedule is flexible on Postmates, and drivers can easily locate the restraint and delivery location on the App.

At Postmates the average earning per hour ranges from $8 to $12.

6. Saucey

Saucey is an online ordering and delivery platform that makes it easy to order and get alcohol delivered from local retailers.

Drivers can join this on-demand alcohol delivery platform and start making big money with flexible schedules and timely payments.

The payment you get to deliver alcohol on Saucey in the United States is approximately 12% higher than the national average of other driving gigs, which makes this platform ideal to earn massive side income. 

The signing-up process on Saucey is quick and easy and the average hourly payment per hour is around $18.

7. OrderUp

OrderUp is another popular online and mobile food ordering company that provides best-in-class technology for table ordering, pick-up, delivery & room service.

Working as a delivery partner for OrderUp is pretty simple with their App where you can join quickly by submitting essential details.

A driving license and other crucial documents related to the vehicle are required to join OrderUp as a delivery partner. 

OrderUp is one of the most ideal platforms to work full-time and part-time as a driver because of the company's professionalism and advanced features of the App.

 Delivery partners at OrderUp can expect to earn around $12 to $23 per hour.

8. PizzaHut

Mainly known for their delicious Pan Pizza, Pizzahut is an American multinational restaurant chain and international franchise that delivers Pizza and other foods quickly to their customers.

Becoming a driver-partner with PizzaHut can provide you with lots of experience and is perfect to start a career in this field as here you will learn from a skilled and dedicated team. 

To join PizzaHut you need to be 18 years or older and may go through a traditional interview process.

In most of the locations, Pizzahut provides two-wheelers and uniforms for food delivery. In America, the average per-hour pay of a PizzaHut delivery driver is around $9.

9. Domino's

Another giant American Pizza chain, Domino's is a reputed company to join as a delivery partner and earn a considerable amount of money.

 The interview process to join Domino's as a driver is effortless and quick.

You may have to give a written test to join the company and provide your essential driving documents and other paperwork. 

At Domino's, you can choose to work full-time and part-time according to your convenience.

The average Domino's driver's pay per hour in America, according to Indeed, is around $16.11.

RiderShare App

1. Uber

Uber is an America-based ride-sharing App that is popular and available in numerous countries.

Uber is an incredible option for drivers to earn some dependable side income or work full time in their neighbourhood using their vehicle.

 You can join Uber to pick up and drop people from point A to Point B using your vehicle with the excellent support of the Uber App. 

Passengers can choose their destination on the Uber App that shows ride amount and type of vehicle without struggling for getting a Taxi. The average Uber Driver's salary in the United States is $37,102 as of April 26.

2. Lyft

Lyft is another American transport service support provider that operates with the mobile App for ride-sharing services.

Drivers with the ride-sharing service also provide the trickiest and most essential service delivery on Lyft. 

By joining Lyft you get Lyft I.syrance protection for drivers and a passenger rating feature that make your profile stronger. 

To join Lyft, you need to have all the driving and vehicle-related documents and paperwork and background check process before you onboard.

On the Lyft Driver App, you can provide your banking details to get your ride payment every week. 

The average Lyft driver's salary in the USA is $68,250 per year or $35 per hour.

3. Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool helps commuters share rides to the common location which allows them to save money and also contribute to the environment.

If you own a car this platform provides you with a great opportunity to make a good side income or even work full time with extreme convenience and a flexible work schedule. 

After creating your account on Waze App you can start receiving ride notifications for nearby locations and get paid with the ease of the App every month.

The maximum value of any ride is 25 USD, Google Payment Corporation will aggregate amounts owed to drivers.

P2P Delivery App

1. Roadie

Roadie is a leading P2P delivery platform that allows people to connect with drivers to pick up and deliver essential items including groceries, medicine, food, etc.

Drivers can earn fabulous income through Rodie by just providing delivery service in their desired locations.

You can create your Roadie account easily through the website or App and start delivering the sender's item by tracking locations on App. 

The average hourly pay on Rodie ranges between $15 to $23 which is excellent for both full-time and part-time drivers.

2. GoShare

Truck, van, and car owners can connect with people and businesses who require large items to be moved or delivered on-demand through the peer-to-peer GoShare program.

For car owners, the delivery includes small parcels, documents, packages, and retail purchases excluding furniture.

This P2P company is trusted and reputed by multiple leading companies for last-mile and middle logistics. 

By joining GoShare, Drivers can get various benefits including health benefits, new vehicle discounts, cash advances, cash bonuses, tires, services, etc.

Sign up to become a GoShare driver and start earning around $33 per hour on average for cars, SUVs, and minivans

3. Grabr

Garbr is another well-known and growing peer-to-peer platform that allows people to shop and get products delivered from travellers heading their way.

This unique concept makes this platform interesting and different from other peer-to-peer platforms.

Through a trusted traveller you can get shipped any products you want around the world. 

For this particular platform, you can deliver products and packages through multiple vehicles after easily joining the program through the website or App.

The payment for delivery on Grabr depends on the time and distance and the average pay per trip stated by Grabr is $200.

Shipping Companies App

1. FedEx

FedEx is an American multinational shipping company that provides express deliveries, courier, and shipping services.

This company is well-known for its logistic solution and is one of the best platforms for drivers looking to earn a stable side income or full-time income.

FedEx in most of the locations offers competitive hourly wages and flexible working schedule options for their drivers. 

You can become a casual courier with FedEx after creating your FedEx account and providing the required details and documents.

The average annual salary of a FedEx driver in America is around $39,898 and $20.46 per hour depending on work experience and location.

2. UPS

United Parcel Service (UPS) is another American-based multinational shipping company and supply chain management. 

With its strong network and professional service, UPS is reputed as one of the world's largest shipping services.

 You can join UPS as a  Package Delivery Driver and work with a skilled team and earn valuable experience from the company. 

You can apply for the Driver position with UPS from their website for scheduling your interview and know all the job requirements.

You can join as a full-time and a part-time driver according to your preferences. The average UPS Delivery Driver's hourly pay in the United States is around $20.67. 

Movers and Packers App

1. Dolly

Dolly is a prominent on-demand mover and Packers focuses on apartment moves and store delivery on the same day.

You can join Dolly if you own a pickup truck, cargo van, box truck, or another vehicle with a trailer that can lift over 75 lbs.

You can sign up with this company as a helper or helper assistant to start earning a considerable amount for your services. 

At Dolly, Drivers are paid twice a week via PayPal once they are approved on a platform after a simple joining process.

Dolly helpers are paid $35 per hour and the Dolly hands (helper assistants) are paid $20 per hour as mentioned on their official website.

2. Bellhops

Bellhop is an on-demand mover that provides a variety of local and long-distance and labour-only moving services.

Customers can request a moving service online and choose from the multiple services available as per their preferences. 

At Bellhops, you can choose a flexible working schedule and learn real-world leadership and problem-solving skills.

At this company, you get paid every week including tips and bonuses, and also earn referrals.  You can make up to $21 per hour at Bellhops as a driver-partner. 

3. Lugg

Lugg is another well-known demand mover with multiple services including st9re delivery, small moves, storage moves, Craigslist delivery, and junk removal.

Delivery at Lugg is fast and effortless with the convenience of tracking and paying for the service online.

At Lugg, you can join as a partner if you own a truck and earn a good amount of money for your delivery services. 

If you don't own a truck you can join as a helper and learn from the experienced team.

The average pat per week for driver-partners stated on the official website is $2.5k

4. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a prominent moving service company that offers numerous amazing services including heavy lifting, packing & unpacking, furniture moving, junk picks up, storage unit moving, and more.

At TaskRabbit, you can be your boss and choose a flexible working schedule.

To join TaskRabbit you need to sign up, create your profile, verify your eligibility for the task, pay the registration fee, set your schedule and work area, and start getting jobs.

Taskers can earn around $32 per hour as mentioned on the official website.

Amazon Flex Delivery Program

Amazon is a leading E-commerce platform worldwide known for excellent online shopping and delivery services.

Amazon Flex is a great concept that allows people to earn a side income by delivering Amazon packages via their vehicles. 

You can choose your block or locality for delivering packages and get assistance from a dedicated team of Amazon.

You can choose to set a flexible working schedule for Amazon Flex and drive to your nearby location for package delivery. 

By joining the Amazon Flex program, you can earn exciting cashback and rewards that include up to 6% cash back on all fuel purchases, 2% cash back on Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases by applying for and making purchases with the Amazon Flex.

 As per the official website, most drivers of the Amazon Flex Program earn $18 - $25 per hour.  

Multiple Side Gigs App

1. OnMyWay App

OnMyWay App is a legitimate platform that pays you to drive safely.

 You can download and free sign up to the platform and start earning some extra bucks for keeping it safe while driving. 

The OnMyWay application automatically detects overspending when the driver goes over 10MPH and disables text and App alerts to eliminate mobile usage.

You earn for every mile you drive safely on this amazing App.

2. Mobility

Mobilio is another App that pays you to drive safely This application pays in crypto for safe driving and it is available f9r both android and IOS devices.

For every minute of bot using your mobile while driving you to get rewards and also from the referral program

3. ThisAppSavesLives

As the name suggests, this application is built to support and reward safe driving and you earn points for driving undistracted every mile and minute.

Apart from navigation, music, and hands-free call, this app blocks other features on smartphones and rewards you with redeemable points.

This concept help reduce the overall number of road accidents and deaths due to mobile usage while driving. 

4. HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is a reliable school and family transportation solution that offers attractive pay to their Driver partner.

You can become a care driver in this company and set a suitable working schedule.

Know estimated earnings for every ride and track your income through the App.

By becoming a care driver at HopSkipDrive, you can make up to $40 per hour.

5. Care.com

Care is a wonderful platform that provides chauffeur service and helps senior citizens with their smooth transportation.

You can find multiple job opportunities on the official care website and choose to work for the location and pay that you like.

6. Turo

Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles and earn side income for their service.

You can start your small car-sharing business on Turo by becoming a host on the platform.

Car owners get the rent amount after trip completion via direct deposit and other online payment methods.

7. GetAround

GetAround is another popular peer-to-peer sharing company that provides rental car services from car owners in exchange for payment.

 On this platform, there are more than 20,000 rental cars available in different locations with over 5 million users.

Here you can rent out your car for a minimum of $5 per hour depending upon the model and year of the car.

8. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is a top-rated and leading service for pet transportation that guarantees safe and happy pet transportation.

By joining CitizenShipper as a pet transporter makes anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 per month according to the official statistics of the company.

You can free signup to join the company and get free access to the guide course for pet transporters. 

9. GetUpSide

GetUpSide is a creative concept where you can earn cashback and rewards for gas, groceries, and restraints purchases.

This stunning App allows you to earn up to 25 cents per gallon of gas purchase from the participating gas stations.

 Moreover, you can earn money through a referral program.

10. GoPuff

GoPuff provides delivery service for food, essentials, snacks, and alcohol and helps people get things quickly without stepping out.

To become a driver at GoPuff and start earning dependable side income, you can download the GoPuff App and signup free to get delivery updates.

You can choose flexible hours and the location of deliveries while working for GoPuff. 

11. StickerRide

StickerRide App is an on-car sharing advertising platform that allows car owners to earn money by advertising on their vehicles.

By joining this unique platform you also save on car insurance.

The algorithm on this App offer personified discounts on trips and rides that simplifies vehicle owning and make it profitable.

12. Wrapify

Wrapify is a performance-driven OOH and omnichannel ad tech platform that supports the gig economy.

You join as a driver on this platform to advertise for different brands and earn huge side income.

Wrapify connects online and offline advertising platforms with individuals and car owners and allows them to earn through on-car advertisements. 

Car owners can earn different compensation depending on the Miles driven and the campaign zone.

You can get paid by showing Ads on your car and by joining Wrapify as a driver. You can expect to earn around $196-250 per month for the lite coverage and around $196-250 per for partial coverage.

13. Nickelytics

Nickelytics is an advertising agency that allows car owners to earn an extra side income by showcasing brand advertisements on their vehicles.

You can Join Nickelytics through their App and choose the shift and get the advertising wrap for the car. 

Payment for On-car advertisement at Nickelytics depends on the type of advertisement and length of the campaign.

 You can expect to earn between $175 and $250 for different campaigns

14. FreeCarMedia

FreeCarMedia is another well-known car advertising platform where you can promote brands on your vehicle and make extra money by just driving the car.

Depending on the different campaigns and advertisers you match with, you can make up to $400 per month on FreeCarMedia.

15. Carvertise

Carvertise is America's one of the largest ride-sharing advertising companies that pay you to promote brands on your car.

Some of the key features of Carvertise include, sleek and attractive Ads, experiential with passengers, Digitally attributes ROI, and more.

 Carvertise is easy to join where drivers can earn around $350 to $1500 per campaign for wrapping advertising on their vehicle.


Wingz is a popular ride-sharing App known for providing transportation services to reach airports.

This platform operated in 30 major cities across the United States via mobile app.

You can start your ride-sharing business with Wingz and earn stable side and full-time income with fixed-price rides.

Tips For Making Money By Driving

Starting a driving side hustle is an extremely rewarding job where you work on your terms and choose your work schedule and locations.

To become a pro driver in this gig economy you need to consider some crucial factors before starting your new side income journey. 

  • Know the basic driver requirement

To join any platform as a driver-partner you need to know the basic driver requirements to get selected quickly and effortlessly.

Have a valid driving license and vehicle insurance before applying as a driver. You need to be 18 years or older to participate in the platforms.

Your driving record should be clean and your vehicle must match the company's vehicle standards to get onboard.  Having an IOS or an Android smartphone with an internet connection is another crucial requirement to become a driver. 

  • Choose a suitable working schedule 

To work efficiently as a driver, you need to choose a suitable working schedule that doesn't affect your primary work or daily routine.

Most of the platforms offer flexible working schedule options to help drivers make money conveniently without changing their other routines.

Choose the free time of your day when you can spend some extra time on rides and make the most out of your side hustle. 

  • Work in your neighbourhood and nearby locations 

Working in your neighbourhood allows you to complete your rides quickly as you know the streets and blocks and landmarks of the place.

Working in a place you live will reduce the use of navigation and will allow you to spend some extra time for your side income.

You can increase your income as a driver by working in your neighbourhood and nearby location as you are familiar with the location and know the shortcuts to reach early. 

  • Choose the driver platform wisely 

As there are different types of driver opportunities available for multiple services including ride-sharing services, grocery delivery, P2P delivery, On-car advertisement, etc., you must choose the one that suits your skill and the one with attractive payments. 

You can choose to join a popular or in-demand service in your neighbourhood to get frequent gigs and increase your income.

Working for a popular platform also provides you with the opportunity to learn from skilled drivers and dedicated teams. You can also choose the platform that allows you to earn extra bonuses or tips that further enhance your experience as a driver.

  • Decide whether to work full-time or part-time

Most of the platforms offer full-time and part-time opportunities for drivers, working full-time as a driver can be the best option to make a dependable income and work on your terms.

On the other hand, part-time service as a driver is suitable for most people to utilize their free time after their primary work and just drive the car to increase their overall income.

You can also choose to work a full day on weekends and part-time on weekdays as per your working schedule and everyday routine


All the platforms and companies mentioned above are reputed and trusted by millions of users to join them as a driver and earn great side income.

By working a few hours as a driver you can utilize your vehicle and your free time to help commuters and customers get essential delivery services.

During the times of pandemic, when everything was shut down, drivers and delivery agents helped the economy and citizens by providing admirable services. 

Working as a driver is also a fun job if you love driving, as you can make money by doing what you love and on top of that helping others in their everyday life


Which driving apps make the most money?

Answer- Rodie driving App is one of the highest paying platforms that provides up to $60 for local deliveries and $650 for road trips.

What is Amazon Flex?

Answer- Amazon Flex is a program where independent contractors, called delivery partners, deliver Amazon orders.

What companies pay you to advertise on your car?

Anwer- GoPuff, StickerRide,  Wrapify,  Nickelytics,  and FreeCarMedia are some of the companies that pay to advertise cars.

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