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How to Make 10 Dollars Fast

There are some times when people face that cash crunch and look for legit ways to earn a few extra bucks. 

For people who are looking for a side hustle that lets them earn 10$ per day, they are at the right place. Whether it is to pay bills, repaying a loan, or saving up for something that has been on the wishlist for a long time, a few extra dollars will surely go a long way. 

Below mentioned are some legit ways to earn 10$ per day. Most of these are part-time gigs that give them the freedom to carry on with their regular job. Also, if the person is dedicated and focused, they can have a steady flow of extra income. 

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How to Make 10 Dollars Fast :  EASY in 5 minutes

Earn money through refer and earn program

Numerous websites and apps reward their users with extra points or cash when they share a referral with their friends.

Some of the most common ones are-

Cash app

Cash app is a popular app for money transfers.

They run an attractive referral program that lets users earn some extra cash 5$ when they refer the app to their friends, who make a transfer of 5$ from the app.


Ebates is a website that lets users earn cashback and rewards for online shopping.

It also runs a rewarding referral program and provides 5$ cashback on each referral


Ibotta is a payments app that lets its users earn cash back on everyday shopping. They have to download the Ibotta app from the play store and set up their account.

Ibotta provides a 10$ sign-up bonus for new users and a 5$ reward when their referral makes a purchase.

Use Cashback apps

Cashback apps are a great way to earn cash rewards for everyday purchases. Some of the most commonly used cashback websites and apps are-


Rakuten was formerly known as ebates.

 It rewards its users with cashback and other rewards when they shop through their desired website through Rakuten.

It sends out its cashback to its user every quarterly either through PayPal or a check.

Users receive 10$ as a signing bonus and 5$ for each referral when they make their first purchase.


Drop is a simple cash-back app that is extremely easy to use.

Users need to download the drop app and link and debit or credit card.

When they shop at the partner stores and pay with the linked card, they receive cashback.


It is an online financial tool that helps grow the user's money.

 It provides a flat 1% cashback immediately upon purchase on all eligible purchases.

 Users can also use this money to buy stocks, EPFs, or cryptocurrencies.

Shop online with mypoints

Mypoints is a cashback app that helps its users earn a reward through every purchase they make. Users just need to use the Mypoints app to make purchases either through online or in-store shopping. They are affiliated with 2000+ brands including Amazon and Walmart. 

The points earned through shopping can be used to purchase gift cards. These points can also be converted into cash and can be transferred to a PayPal account.

It is quite easy to set up a mypoints account. Users need to download the app through the play store and sign up. 

New users get 10$ as a joining bonus.

Take surveys online

This is perhaps the easiest way to earn some extra dollars.

There are hundreds of companies out there who depend on survey agencies to conduct market research for new products.

Some of them are-

   Branded Surveys

Branded surveys is one legit website where users can take part in surveys and earn cash rewards. Those interested can create a free account on their website.

To receive a 1$ signing bonus, which is 100 points. The points can be redeemed for cash, purchase gift cards, or can be used to make donations to various charities as well.

However, the users can only redeem these points if they have a minimum of 5$ or 500 points.


Another legitimate website to earn extra money by taking part in surveys is SurveyJunkie.

Users can earn anywhere between 0.5$ to 3$ just by answering one survey. Signing up is free on their website.

Once the user has collected 5$ in their account, they can choose to transfer it to their PayPal account.

Selling old textbooks

College students are always in need of extra cash, whether to buy new textbooks or pay for utilities. However, they can easily earn some cash simply by putting their old idle books to use, selling them, and generating cash.

 Some legit websites to sell old textbooks are-


Declutter- buys textbooks, CDs, video games, and old phones as well.
Students looking to sell textbooks need to enter the ISBN code of the book on their website.

Which will then generate a quote. If the students accept the quote, they will have 28days to send the books to their address.

Once the books pass the quality check, the payment will be received within 3 working days.


Bookbyte works the same way as Decluttr. Users need to sign in on their website

Enter the title and the ISBN code of the books.

 A price will be quoted. Once the user accepts it, they can ship the books to them within 28days.

Payment will be received through a linked PayPal account or a check.


Another legitimate book-selling website is bookdeal. Bookdeal claims to pay more for the books.

 Also, they claim to have a network of dependable buyers and provide a guarantee of payment to the sellers.

Users can also upload photos of their books before accepting a quote to avoid any disagreements.

The payment will be done within 5 days through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle after the buyer receives the books.

Making money through Doordash

Food delivery app doordash is always on the lookout for delivery partners, or dashers as they are commonly called. If people do not mind driving around to deliver orders, there is a huge earnings potential here. However, Doordash has certain requirements for recruiting their dashers- 

  • A person must be 18 years and above
  • He must have a valid driver's licence and insurance.
  • Must own a car, motorcycle, or a scooter
  • Must have a social security number
  • Must have a smartphone.

Doordash drivers have the flexibility to work on their time. Dashers get paid anywhere from 2$ to 10$ for each delivery. They also get to keep 100% of the tips. 

Doordash pays its dashers weakly and the money is directly deposited into their bank account.

Testing out websites and apps

For people looking for genuine ways to earn some extra cash, they can test out websites and apps.

Some legit websites for this gig are-


It is one of the most well-known websites for testing.

Users have to create an account on the website and take a practice test. Once they qualify, they will start receiving 1-2 tests per week.

 Each test pays around $10. The money is transferred into a PayPal account within 7 days of completing each test.

 Most of the tests are beginner level.


What users do is another legit website to earn money through testing.

 The users should sign up on the website. They need to download their screen recorder and take the practice test.

 Once qualified, they will receive 3-5 tests per month through email. Each test pays 5$.

Payments are done via PayPal on the 25th of every month.


Usertest is an exclusive testing website and joining them is through invites only.

 However, once accepted, users receive tests on their emails.

They are paid 10$ for each test, which is transferred into their bank account within two days.

Freelancing skills

Freelancing is the best way to earn a steady side income. People can put their skills into use and take up part-time gigs on freelancing websites to earn some cash.

Freelance jobs range from coding, app testing, graphic designing, website building, medical transcription, and video editing to content writing. The payment of these freelance gigs usually depends on the level of skills the user has.

 Experienced freelancers can earn a handsome income every month just by taking up tasks in their free time. For beginners wanting to freelance, content writing is the best and easiest job to get.

Alison.com provides free content writing courses for those interested. 

Some legit freelance websites to receive jobs are-

Teaching English online

English is a language that is most commonly spoken in all corners of the world. In fact, it is essential to speak fluent English for better job opportunities.

This is why English tutors are in great demand.

For people looking to earn a few bucks fast, teaching English online can be quite lucrative. There are many courses available online to hone their skills and make teaching easier. 

Pearson ELT USA has some amazing certified TEFL courses. After completing the courses, users can apply for part-time English teaching jobs on these legit websites-

All these websites are legit and provide high-paying part-time jobs with flexible schedules. However, most companies require at least a bachelor's degree. High-end teaching jobs do pay 26$ an hour.

Becoming a virtual assistant

For extremely organized People, a part-time gig as a virtual assistant may be quite lucrative.

Virtual assistants work remotely to help busy people or small organizations handle menial tasks such as data entry, website maintenance, social media management, fixing appointments, customer service, etc.

Skills required for virtual assistants may vary across different jobs. However, most of them involve intermediate computer skills. Candidates also need to be extremely organized and excellent communicators for a thriving career in virtual assistance.

Also, a certification in virtual assistance helps leverage the candidate's resume.

The savvysystem provides excellent VA courses with certification. Some of the legit and best online places to land a gig as a virtual assistant and-

These platforms pay 10$ an hour for beginner tasks. However, the pay increases based on the responsibilities of the VA and the client's requirements

Using Swagbucks

The extremely popular website Swagbucks lets people earn money by completing simple online tasks like searching the web, playing games, taking surveys, online shopping, or answering simple questions.

Each task rewards its users with SW points. A 100 SW points equal to 1$. 

Users should download the Swagbucks app and create a free account. They will immediately be credited with 50 SW points or 5$ as a joining bonus. 

Tasks on Swagbucks require no skills. Members end up earning anywhere between 1$ and to 5$ every day. Many blogs mention secret offers and ways to earn extra points on Swagbucks.

Users can also refer to this blog page on swagbucks.com to learn about more ways to earn some extra points.

Use Nielson mobile app

Another easy way to earn a few extra dollars on the side simply by doing simple tasks like web browsing is the Nielsen mobile app. The company Nielson is known to track TV ratings of popular shows.

One of its other parallels is to track the rating of websites and online videos as well. 

It is quite easy to earn money through the Nielson app. Users need to create a free account on Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, fill up a form and complete the survey. 

Then, they need to download the Nielsen app on their phone and browse as usual. The Nielsen app will collect information anonymously about the user's browsing habits. 

Users are paid 50$ a year to browse the internet as usual. They also get an additional 50$ a year for each device they connect. Points can be redeemed in the form of gift cards for Amazon or Walmart.

Making money by playing video games

It may sound like a dream come true for most gamers but there are legit apps where users are paid money as rewards for simply playing games.

Some legit apps are-

  • Mistplay
  • Blackout bingo
  • 21 Blitz
  • Pool payday. 

All of these gaming apps can be downloaded from the play store. These gaming apps have several different games for the players where they can collect cash rewards.

These rewards can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon, Google pay, Paypal, and more. However, this option may only be good for gamers who spend a majority of their time gaming.

Using Inboxdollars

Another easiest and legit way to earn money by completing simple online tasks is through Inboxdollars.

It rewards its users with points for completing simple tasks such as-

  • Watching videos
  • Taking surveys
  • Browsing online
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Reading emails.
Users need to create an account on inboxdollars.com, A signing bonus of 5$ is provided to each new user. users can also earn coupons for discounts on their favorite brands. 

Cash earned through these activities can be redeemed for PayPal and Amazon gift cards. There is also an option for transferring cash to a Paypal account. Payments are promptly completed within 24 hours.

Helping people on Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is a place where people post errands such as making deliveries, laundry services, babysitting services, picking up groceries, cleaning homes, etc. clients post the details of work they would like to seek help for.

Users, also called taskers, can sign up on their website Taskrabbit.com to create a profile. It is important to mention the types of jobs the tasker is available for.

 A client will send a request for services to a tasker if their requirement matches their profile. Taskers here are paid by the hour.

Taskrabbit is relatively safer than craigslist as taskers are assured payments. After the task is done, the clients have to make payments through the app itself

Some conditions to be a tasker on Taskrabbit include being over 18 years and being a permanent citizen of the country where the profile is created.

Also, many jobs on Taskrabbit are beginner-friendly and require no skills. An average tasker earns about 35$ + tips.

Using Acorns app

They say that money saved is money earned.

This is exactly the proverb that best describes the Acorns app. Acorns is a financial app that aims at increasing the savings of the users automatically.

Here are a few ways in which Acorns helps users grow their money-

  • Acorn automatically transfers money from a checking account into an investment account on a fixed day every month. This lets the users save money before they have a chance to spend it.
  • Another great feature of the app is that it rounds up each purchase and deposits the difference in the investing account. For example, if a user has made an amazon purchase of 9.29 dollars, Acorn automatically rounds it up to 10$ and transfers the remaining .71$ to the investing account. 
  • It also directly deposits cash backs when users shop at particular retailers.
  • Users also get a 10% bonus cash back when they make purchases using the Acorn debit card. 
  • New users get a welcome bonus of 5$. Referring the app to friends or family will also give them an extra 5$, through Acorn’s referral program.

Getting paid to walk

This way of earning a quick extra buck comes with health benefits as well. Fitness apps such as sweatcoins let you earn rewards simply by completing physical tasks like walking or running.

Users receive sweatcoins, which can be converted into cash or used to purchase gift cards.

Anyone older than 13 years can download the sweatcoin app on their mobile and create their profile for free. Once the account is set up, the app tracks all kinds of footsteps from either running or walking on the treadmill. 

The steps are then converted into sweatcoins. 1000 steps = 0.95 sweatcoins.

The app also lets you connect with friends nearby. Sweatcoins runs an attractive referral program that provides a 5$ bonus to the user per referral.

Use Fundraise

Fundraise is a one of its kind real estate investment app that lets people invest in real estate. The website fundraise.com is currently running an offer where users who sign up get 10$ worth of shares free upon investing. 

Investing in real estate without the hassle of buying, refurbishing, or selling property is now possible through the fundraise website. Users are known to earn at least 8% to 12% of their money annually by investing in Fundraise. 

The platform does not set a limited amount of investment required, making it beginner-friendly. Though it may not be a quick way to make 10%, it is a wise investment that will give multiple returns in the long run.

Using Trim

Trim is a financial app that does what it sounds like. It trims the users' utility bills and makes suggestions to cancel subscriptions that are no longer in use.

Trim is another app that works by helping the user save money every month by canceling unwanted subscriptions and trimming utility bills.

It also negotiates phone and internet bills, reducing a significant cost in the average monthly expenses of the user.

Users can download the Trim app on their mobiles and link their financial accounts with it. The software will then analyze the user’s spending habits and make suggestions to save money.

This is a great app for people who aren’t careful with their expenditure. Users of the app claim to save an average of at least 300$ per year.

Playing Blackout bingo

Blackout Bingo is a gaming app that rewards its players with cash prizes by playing bingo-style games with real opponents.

Users need to download the Blackout Bingo app from the play store. After entering a name and choosing an avatar, they are matched with opponents that match their skillset.

 When they hit three consecutive bingos, they earn a Daub. Each daub increases their level in the game, helping them earn more points. 

Players received tickets by playing daily. These tickets can be redeemed for cash or other prizes within the game. 

Users who download the skillz app receive a 5$ bonus cash prize by using the code JOY WALLET.

Solitaire cube

There are so many ways to make money online and playing Solitaire may be one of the most bizarre ways. 

At solitaire cube, players play the faster version of the classic solitaire game with real opponents. Here too, the game matches users will similar skill sets. However, 

to start playing for money, users have to pay a small fee of 10$ to play in the pro league and start earning rewards. 

Users receive a free bonus of 50$ once they load 50$ into their account. Once they accumulate 5$, they can cash out their earnings into a PayPal account

Dominoes gold

Dominoes is another gaming app that gives out real cash rewards.

Users have to download the app and set up their profiles. They can start playing the classic dominoes game. The game is played in real-time.

The goal is to finish the game before the timer runs out. The player with the least time wins the rounds and receives a cash prize. This game can be quite addicting.

Users can redeem the cash prize for gift cards and deposit it in their PayPal account. However, users need to have a cash balance to pay in the cash mode.

Save money with Truebill

is another money-saving app that helps users save on their utility bills and cancel old subscriptions. It also helps users track expenses and suggest ways to lower them. 

Truebill also helps users automate savings every month into an insured bank account. If they fall short of cash at the end of the month, truebills provides the users with an instant advance of 125$ interest-free that can be paid back when the salary arrives.

 However, this feature is for Premium users only. 

Users say they save as much as 96$ per year by using the Truebill app. That is truly easy money.

Making money driving for Uber

For anyone who does not mind driving people around, driving for Uber can turn out to be quite a sweet gig. 

Working with Uber has a lot of advantages. Flexible timings as well as options to choose rides gives freedom to the users. They can sign on to the official website Uber.com for more information.

However, Uber has certain requirements when it comes to hiring drivers. Anyone above 18 years with a driver's licence and a social security number is eligible to join Uber as a driver. 

The skills required are driving and basic GPS navigation.

On average Uber drivers earn 18.60$ per hour + tips. Work hours are completely flexible as well. Payments are done every week or on special requests as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most millennial way to have a side hustle with a steady source of income. For anyone with a blog or an active social media account with a good number of followers, affiliate marketing may help them earn some serious money.

Bloggers of Online influencers can post links to certain products on their page or website. Whenever visitors use these links to make purchases, they receive a commission.

They also post ads and earn up to 200$in a single day through affiliate marketing.

For the naive who do not know the basics of affiliate marketing, there are many courses available online that teach the nuances of this strategy to earn a steady side income.

Getting pro at affiliate marketing skills and building a website will ensure a passive income for a long duration. If this sounds interesting, this youtube video is perfect to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Selling old stuff

There may be cash just lying around here and there in the form of old books, furniture, electronics, or old cars. These old and valuable things can be sold on websites like eBay or Amazon to make good money. 

There is a great demand for pre-loved items in the online marketplace. Seeking unused and unwanted items may help in earning a few extra bucks,

Users need to sign up on online marketplaces such as ebay.com or amazon.com. They can upload the item by clicking pictures and quoting a price. Soon, offers will start pouring in. For items sold on Amazon, users can choose the FBA program where amazon will collect the item from the seller and deliver it to the buyer. 

Depending on the item, users can easily earn between 5$-to 10% by selling old stuff online.


These are some legit ways to earn a quick 10$. Based on the skill set of the users, anyone can easily earn a steady stream of income. All of the websites and apps mentioned here are legal and secure. Unlike most jobs, these part-time gigs have endless earning potential


Q. How can I make a quick 10$?

A. There are many ways to do that. You can make a quick 10$ simply by signing up on my points apps. The app gives out 10$ as a welcome gift to new users. You can use this cash to shop for gift cards or transfer the cash into your PayPal account as well.

Q. How can I get 5$ instantly?

A. A lot of apps such as the Cash app, or Drop app provide instant 5$ as a welcome bonus to new users. You can download these apps and create your profile to instantly receive 5$ into your account. Alternatively, you can take up a gig on Fiverr that pays a minimum of 5$ per gig.

Q. How can I get a free 10$?

A. There are many ways to receive 10$ instantly. Cashback apps such as Ibotta or Rakuten offer a 10$ signing bonus. You can even sign up for the Nielson mobile app to receive 50$ instantly in your bank account.

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