Ways for teens to make money : 50+ WORKING WAY

If you are a teenagers and thinking of earning instead of demanding from your parents, then you are on your way to becoming an independent adult. 

Being a teenager can be expensive, and we understand that. Many expenses of yours are not justifiable but crucial such as going to a party, buying a gift for your friend, saving for your dream car/home, college, or moving out.

 You might not want or like to ask for money from your parents for such expenses, but you need money for them. The good news is that as the number of internet users is growing, it is opening new income streams. School and college-going students can now work from home and earn sufficient money to meet their expenses.

How To Make Money as a Teen 

Teenagers learn Balance:

When teenagers earn money, they understand the value of money and discover the correct way of spending. Nothing could be better than a person learning to maintain equilibrium between their earnings and expenditures in his teenage.

Earning at a young age also teaches teenagers to balance their wants and needs. A kid learning to save up for something he wants introduces the habit of saving in their life that benefits them in the long run. 

Gain valuable experience 

Adult life is all about gaining experience. Why not start it from the teenager.

Doing jobs at a young age can add to their resume and help them stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Having done a job as a teenager makes a person marketable in the future and highly preferable by top companies. 

60 Ways to make money as a teenager 

Start a blog

Having a blog helps you establish your presence on the internet, and if you do it regularly, you may get good traffic (visitors) on your blog. If your blog has high traffic, you may earn a handsome amount by posting affiliate links on your blog, or you may run ads on it. 


If you are good at writing, graphics designing, social media marketing, selling, or data entry, you can work as a freelancer.

Many websites on the internet provide work to freelancers, or you may start the freelancing work independently. Content writing and graphics designing are the high-paying freelancing skills in the current market scenario. 

Become an Amazon Associate

This idea is for social media lovers and blog owners.

When you have a high social media following or high traffic on your website, you can start working as an amazon affiliate by promoting products that belong to niche segments using links. Every time a user clicks on such a link, you can obtain a commission. 

Deliver food with Doordash 

Working as a driver at Doordash can help you earn a passive income. 

However, you have to be at least 18 years or older to apply for this job. At Doordash, your work will be to take food from the restaurants and deliver it to those who ordered. This job also helps you create your schedule. 

Photography or video editing business

People often go to parties, proms, and similar events, and they would pay you for clicking good photos for their social media profiles. Video Editing skills can also help you earn handsome passive income.

You can learn these skills online on YouTube for free. 

Shop with Ibotta

Ibotta is the app that offers cashback on shopping with them. Shopping on the Ibotta app will help you impress your parents by grocery shopping for them and earning money by getting cash back on your purchase. Many users reported earning $500 monthly on this app. You can also give it a try. 

Work for Chick-fil-a

To work at Chick-fil-a, you must be 16 years or more. Nevertheless, a few locations allow 14 or 15 old students to work for Chick-fil-a. At Chick-fil-a, you can work as a cashier and kitchen team member.

You can find both full-time and part-time jobs at Chick-fil-a. 

Survey Junkie

Earning nowadays is as easy as filling out the online survey form. Or I may say these are the same thing as Survey Junkie is the platform that pays you to give your opinion or share your experience by filling out an online survey form.

 It starts with building your profile on Survey Junkie, and they will share the survey that matches your profile and give you real money for filling out these forms. 


Swagbucks provided several easy ways to earn money. You can watch videos, shop online, search the web or even answer surveys and earn well. The points you win at this platform can be transferred to your account via PayPal or converted into gift cards to Amazon or Walmart. 

Teach music lessons

If music is your expertise, now is the time to make some money using it. People are always in search of music teachers, especially beginners. You can teach your favorite music instrument to them and get paid for having fun by teaching your expertise

Instagram Influencer

 An influencer is an Instagram celebrity with a large follower count. Companies/Brands collaborate with these influencers and pays them to promote their product on their Instagram handle. If you are social media savvy person, becoming an Instagram influencer can be a great part-time or full-time career option for you. 

Work as a camp counselor

 Camp counselors are the people who work at camps to entertain children and instruct them to learn new skills. A camp counselor must learn emergency first aid to be prepared for any emergency that might occur at the campsite. If you are not 17 yet, you might only get the training positions


 Vlogs are short videos posted by social media influencers. You can create a YouTube channel, post videos regularly, and monetize your channel once you achieve certain subscribers and viewers. You can also do paid promotions for several brands by creating videos about their products.  


 If your knowledge about any subject is astounding and you enjoy teaching others. Tutoring is the right earning source for you. Furthermore, if your dream is to be a teacher or professor, tutoring is the best first step. It will help you strengthen your teaching skills

Sign up Fetch Awards

Fetch Awards is the mobile app that helps you earn rewards for purchasing the products of your daily needs. It is a legitimate application that gifts you gift cards every time you upload a shopping list. 

Pet sitting

If you are an animal lover, pet sitting will not even feel like a job. For an animal lover, being paid to love and play with their favorite animals is like made in heaven opportunity. You can advertise your availability for the pet sitting job on social media platforms and in your neighborhood, and you will get plenty of options. 

Rent/sell books online

The ultimate problem for a book lover is purchasing many books and having difficulty storing them all. However, you can rent or sell your books online to save some space and earn a fair amount of money. Several websites on the internet allow you to sell or rent your book online and pay your real money.

Referee or umpire

This pocket money job is for sports enthusiasts. Every little sports activity or league requires a referee with excellent knowledge of the concerned sports. If you are into sports and want to make money out of it, look no further, as umpiring is a tailor-made job for you.

Storytelling via Podcasts

 Do you have excellent orators skills and enjoy telling stories? Yes? Then, the time has come to monetize your oratory skills by starting a podcast. You can begin with recording on your phone, and once you get better at it, you can buy professional equipment. It is to be noted that you need to have decent download numbers to monetize your podcast. 

Manage social media accounts

Social media has become an essential part of our lives and businesses. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs, bloggers, and big business owners could not manage time to take care of the social media side of their business. It can be an ample opportunity for you, as you can start social media management as a part-time job, and in the future, you may become a highly paid social media manager

Work at a restaurant

You can always find a cafe or a restaurant hiring teenagers. A restaurant can offer you a high range of jobs such as waitressing, cleaning, or cooking. Any job can serve you a good amount of money. Working in hospitality can also help in your future endeavors. 

Sell your clothes

Your old clothes occupy a lot of space in your wardrobe, and you might not like throwing them out, right? Poshmark is the solution to this problem. It is an online app that lets you earn money by selling your old clothes. Millions of people are already using this app for buying and selling old clothes. 

Provide lawn services

 It is difficult to believe, but people are too lazy to take care of their lawns. Well, their laziness can become your business. You can earn money by mowing lawns and trimming hedges and trees. People can pay a decent amount to lawn care specialists. 

Personal assistant

Many business owners hire a personal assistant to help them with the extra work. It can be a first step for the people who have aspirations to get into the corporate world. This job requires wonderful organization and administration skills.

Deliver groceries with Instacart

Delivering groceries with Instacart can be the easiest way to earn money. Pro tip: do this job during peak hours to make more money. This job requires you to do grocery shopping for people and deliver it to their houses. This job is born out of the busy schedules of office-going adults. 

Start a Youtube channel

Are you a gamer, singer, dancer, or a great motivational speaker? Or you do anything you can make videos of and post on YouTube. Congratulations! starting a YouTube Channel is the best idea to earn money and build a career. Many famous YouTubers are on the internet to take inspiration. Pick your niche, start your channel, and once your channel grows, you can monetize it.  

Provide snow services

 If you are flexible and athletic, you can become a snow shoveler and make people's path driving ready by showing the snow off it. You will be doing a lot of fieldwork in this job, so be mentally prepared for it. Advertise it in your neighborhood, and you can find some decent work as a snow shoveler. 

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the place you use to sell out the stuff you do not use anymore. If you have multiple items to sell on Facebook, it will add value to your revenue. You can sell books, electronics items, shoes, dresses, and more stuff on Facebook and earn a good amount of money. 

Become a lifeguard at the local pool

Becoming a lifeguard at your neighborhood local pool is a great summer job for you. You can sign up for a lifeguard training course to be job-ready. As a lifeguard at the pool, your job will be to watch for people in the pool and save them if they are drowning. 

Become a DJ

Birthday parties, anniversary parties, and thousands of other kinds of parties are not expected to be stopped, and neither is the work of a DJ. To be a good DJ, you need to have good music taste, song mixing skills, and party skills. If you are a fusion of a party wizard and a music lover, DJ'ing is the right part-time or full-time job for you.

Sell your stuff at thrift stores

If selling online on Facebook is not something you like or enjoy, then you can try your hand at selling your used articles at local thrift stores. These stores are present in leading cities and deal in secondhand articles such as clothes and books. Thrift stores are also known as pawn stores. 

Coach little league sports

Working as a coach can help you excel in your dream sports. You can teach the children in your neighborhood the game you are excellent at and generate an entertaining source of earning money. This profession enables you to act as a helping hand to fulfil a child's sports dream. 

Walk dogs

Dogs are men's best friends. If you also think so, dog walking is the best-suited job for you. It is financially and mentally rewarding where you can earn money by spending time walking with a sweet dog. This job is also highly in demand as people look for people to walk their dogs while they stay busy with their corporate life. 


 Every parent needs a babysitter and especially the working parents. Babysitting is one of the highly-popular jobs among teenagers. To find work as a babysitter, look for one in your neighborhood, as parents look for a babysitter they can trust. Or you may sign up on sittercity to find work as a babysitter. 

Teach dance lessons

 You might be amazed to know that there are plenty of jobs for teen dance teachers. If you are excellent at the dance, you can also find one without difficulty. You can teach one specific dance style of your expertise, or if you are a dance all-rounder, you can earn a considerable sum of money by teaching all the dance styles you know. 

Work at a movie theatre

 Working at the movie theater can help you improve your communication skills and add value to your resume. There are plenty of jobs at a movie theater, for instance, ushers, ticket sellers, operations, floor members, and more. You can give an interview for the post you find most suitable for you

Become a golf caddy

  If you don't know, a golf caddy is a person who carries the player's bag and advises him where and when needed. In this profession, you can earn some commission besides the fixed salary. Being a caddie is an essential job and requires high concentration and skills. 

Sell things on Etsy

  For teenagers with an artistic edge, Itsy is the platform where you can find worthy buyers for your artwork. You can sell your paintings, books, digital paintings, hand-crafted t-shirts, and many more artistic works on Etsy and monetize your talent. Etsy is the best platform for students with a creative skillset to sell their creations and earn money. 

Work at the gym

If you are a gym freak or want to build your network, you can work at a gym. Gyms provide receptionist work to the teenagers. At this job, your job description would include calling people, convincing them to become members, helping them with their queries, and meeting people. You can earn money from this job and build a strong network.

Work at the amusement park

Amusement parks are not just for amusement, they can also be the ultimate source for your teenage employment. The amusement park hires teenagers for multiple roles. If you are interested in joining the amusement park, visit their website and check the job openings. These parks provide full-time and seasonal employment.

Wash cars

Adults have a busy schedule with a lot of money. Hence they channel their money to solve their problems. One such use of bucks is hiring people to wash their cars. It can be an excellent opportunity for teenagers to earn by dedicating little time. You can advertise your car washing service through your neighbors.

Become a house sitter

When people go out of town, they prefer to have someone they trust to take care of their house, pets, and plants and check for the mail. You can be that person and charge a decent amount of money from them. The essence of this job is trust, so make sure not to break it. 

Set up Christmas lights

Many people like a decorated tree but do not like to decorate the tree. You can become a helping hand for them and charge money for your Christmas decoration services. The only skill you would need for this pocket-money job is good decoration skills and basic knowledge of electric setup.

Teach a foreign language

Are you bilingual? You can teach your language to a foreigner or a foreign language to your friends and family. However, you must have an excellent command of both languages to be successful at earning money. If you have that command over two languages, this job is for you.

Teach kids how to code

 Nowadays, many teenagers are tech-savvy and code freaks. If you are one of them, you can monetize this talent of yours by teaching young kids coding. You can work at the coding institution as an assistant teacher or can start teaching the children in your neighborhood. Either way, you can generate decent money by working as a coding teacher.

Work at an ice cream shop

Working at an ice cream shop can develop strong customer servicing skills. These skills will help you in the future if you are planning your career in B2C sales. Working at an ice cream shop can be a seasonal job for summers and a full-time job opportunity if you are working with big companies. 

Flip items

Flipping items means buying articles at lower prices and selling them at a higher price. In this way, you can earn profit by making brainy choices. Purchasing from online stores can be a brilliant choice.

Sell pictures you have taken

A gifted photographer can make money by selling the photos stored in their camera memory or on their phone. Shutterstock and Adobe Stack are the two best platforms where you can sell your pictures.  

Have a garage sale

A garage sale means selling old household stuff. You can try a garage sale if your parents allow you to sell things you do not need or use anymore. It helps you clear out some space by selling extra items in your house and earning extra cash. 

Sell your books

Old books you do not read anymore only hold space. But if you sell your old academic books, comic books, or novels, you can save some space and earn some money. 

Work at a flower shop

Working at a flower shop brings fragrance and money. However, to work at a flower shop, you must learn the names and specialties of different flowers.

Golf course maintenance

Golf courses are never out of job for teenagers. You can work in mowing the golf course, shagging balls, or in the pro shop. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of job openings for teens at golf courses. 

Kennel Assistant

As an animal lover, you can do more than pet-setting. Kennel Assistance is one of them. Check at the local veterinarian if they have any vacancies for kennel assistance. You can also work as a receptionist at their office. 

Work in retail

Find a retail store near your office and join as an intern, part-time, or full-time worker. Working at the retail store will add value to your resume and give you money and discounts from time to time 

Become a barista

Coffee lovers! This job is for you. Work at a cafe, make some delicious coffee, and stay calm between the aroma of coffee. While working as a barista, you will not only make money but will also learn some valuable skills. 

Salon receptionist

Working as a salon or spy receptionist is a job tailor-made for those who enjoy talking to people and are highly organized. Working to schedule appointments and managing the front desk of an organized salon is an incredible job for teenagers.

Teach swim lessons

 If swimming is your hobby and you want to make money with this skill, you must teach it to someone else. Anything you are good at can to help you make money by teaching it to others.  

Filing and office work

Working for local businesses, insurance companies, and agencies to do filing, answering phones, and scheduling calls and interviews is a good option for teenagers to earn money. It is a decent job and pays decent bucks to help them manage their expenses. 

Be a bagger at a grocery store

You can work as a bagger at the grocery store and earn some extra cash. This job typically requires one to assist customers with items in their bags and assist them to take them to their vehicles. 

Sell food at the farmer’s market

Selling food at the farmer's market will help you earn extra cash, establish the habit of working hard and support the local farmers. You can try your hands on working at a farmer's market and continue it as a full-time business if you find it enjoyable.

What should you do with the money you have earned? 

Save up money to pay for college.

College life is extremely expensive and less flexible. You will have to manage to pay fees, buy good clothes, fill gas in your car, and do thousands of more things. You can save yourself and your parents from this future burden by saving the money you earn as a teenager for your college. 

Create an emergency fund

Emergencies can know your door anytime from anywhere. Uncertainties can neither be predicted nor avoided. All one can do is stay prepared to face them. You can save the money you earn in your teenage to fight such unavoidable contingencies. The best practice to save money is to keep that money in the bank. 

Teenage is fun and enjoyable, but at the same time, it is tough for those who find it challenging to meet their monthly expenses or do not like to ask for money from their parents. The above mentioned were some excellent sources to earn extra cash and learn new skills to be corporate ready. You can choose one or many jobs at once. However, you must not compromise your studies and mental peace to earn money. Note that the studies you do now will open superior and more reliable job opportunities for you in the future. Nevertheless, to learn new skills, utilize your free time and earn some bucks, these job opportunities will not let you down. 

How can a teenager make $1000?

Teens can earn $1000, but it is a matter of perseverance and consistent efforts. The easiest ways of making money as a teenager are: Writing blogs, being an office assistant, participating in market research by filling online forms, delivering food with Doordash, starting a YouTube channel, managing social media accounts of businesses, etc.  

How could a 14-year-old make money?

14-year-olds can earn money by babysitting, pet sitting, mowing lawns, detailing cars, and selling their artwork such as paintings, poems, and sketches on Etsy. They can also start a podcast or a YouTube channel, work at ice cream shops, do household work at their home for pocket money, do grocery shopping on the Ibotta app, etc. 

The Concluding Words

Teenage life is filled with the desire to earn money but a lack of time and knowledge. This is why we have presented to you these easy ways to earn money by investing a little time and effort. These tricks will help you make money while managing your studies. When you earn money as a teenage lead, it helps you gain experience, learn self-dependency and teach you value for money. You can even earn pocket money by doing household work for your parents. Also, you can also start by learning new skills online and then put those skills to work and pay for your own expenses. 

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