How to Download OnlyFans Videos on Your Computer and PC: Detailed Guide 2022

We all love to refer to the videos with good content and we always keep ourselves updated with the new content uploaded by our favourite celebrities or individuals.

But sometimes, there are chances when our subscription which we have taken to watch the video’s expires. So, how can you view the content on an offline platform?

The answer for this is by downloading the content which we want to see. Here, we will discuss some easy steps of downloading the OnlyFans videos on your phone or any other gadget.

How to Download Onlyfans videos  (2022) 

How to cancel your Onlyfans subscription in a step-by-step manner?

There are a few steps which should be followed if you want to cancel the OnlyFan subscription. The steps are divided into 3:

  • Login to OnlyFans: If you want to cancel the subscription then it is important to login to your account through application or website with the help of the credentials.
  • Go and search for the OnlyFans profile which you want to unsubscribe. If you want to cancel then it is important to focus towards visiting the profiles which you want to unsubscribe.
  • If you have searched the profile which you want to unsubscribe than go and turn off the option given as “Auto renew”. Auto renew is considered in as default state as it does not cover free trial version. It is a paid version and it keeps on updating after a certain duration. So, if you want to unsubscribe than it is important to turn off the option.

If the option is turned off than subscription will not be renewed on automatic basis if these pointers are not considered. The pointers are linked with credit card declines, the subscription charges are enhanced and also when auto renew option is disabled.

How to download Onlyfans videos on Google chrome?

It has been noticed that there are many OnlyFans downloader extensions that can help to download the OnlyFans videos for free.

Manual method:

Without using any extension, the best way to download the OnlyFans videos can be Chrome. So, the manual method has different steps that need to be considered.

  •  Insert your credentials of OnlyFan account and then open your profile as a user.
  • (Consider the desktop mode) in which we have to click on the right for the account page of OnlyFans and then select the option linked with the Inspect element.
  • Go to the network>> choose media.
  • Click on F5>Find MP4 or media file.
  • Click right on the media file>> open a new tab.

After this you will see that OnlyFans videos will be downloaded automatically.

Thru Downloaders

  • OnlyFans Enhancer: By considering OnlyFans Enhancer, it is easy to export and also download all the files from the OnlyFans account. It has also been seen that the extension helps to scrape every post on your own account. OnlyFans downloader firefox are also there.
  • easy downloader: This is known as the extension that will work only if you have subscribed to the OnlyFans user and also if you want to download the videos. Without the subscription it would not be possible to watch the videos or it will create hindrance while downloading the videos.

Thru Chrome extensions

a.) Downloader for OnlyFans Pro: Through this it is easy to download the images and videos from Instagram and also OnlyFans. These are the steps that needs to be followed:

  • Extension needs to be downloaded
  • Just open the account.
  • Visit the profile of your loved one’s.
  • Save buttons are seen for every post.
  • Select the preferred content and just download the videos from onlyFan account with best quality.

These steps should be considered properly to download the videos which are loved by you!

b.) Downloader for

It has been seen that this adds the download buttons for the OnlyFan images and also the videos. So, these are the ways through which it is easy to download the OnlyFans videos.

These steps need to be considered at the time of downloading the videos from Google chrome.


How to download Onlyfans videos on Firefox?

It is examined that there are various downloaders available for firefox and you can easily use it to download our favourite videos free of cost. So, these are considered as the overall points that are important to be considered.

  • Open the firefox browser.
  • Select the menu>> there are 3 parallel lines identified on the upper most right corner of firefox.
  • Go down the page and choose the “Extensions and themes” option.
  • Go to the search option and then find “OnlyFans Enhancer” and just enter.
  • Click on the “Include to firefox” option.
  • Select the extension and then click “add” again.
  • Then select the ok option after giving confirmation and also by having a successful update to Firefox.
  • Go and close the firefox option of firefox.

So, these are the overall steps that need to be considered if you have to download the extension and if these steps are not considered then it would be difficult to download the videos linked with OnlyFans.

From all the 8 steps, if one step will be missed then it would not be possible to use the extension. So, be careful and follow all the steps to use the extension.


How to download Onlyfans videos on Android Phones?

If we want to download the videos of OnlyFans on android then it is important to have OnlyFANS++ application installed. To download the videos, we have to follow certain steps so that videos can easily be watched. So, the steps that needs to be considered are:

  • Download the OnlyFans ++ application and insert your credentials to login the account.
  • Insert your username>> URL of videos.
  • Go and select the search & Find option.
  • Go and find the videos you want to download.
  • Select and choose the download option in every video you want to watch.

By following these steps, it would be possible for you to download the videos successfully on the android phones. If you want to download OnlyFans videos on Iphone then these are the same methods or we can say steps which are required to be followed.

Overall to download the videos it is important to have OnlyFans ++ application so that process or steps can be considered in a proper manner and you can easily view as per your preferences.


How to download Onlyfans videos using UniTube?

UniTube is a platform that can help you to download Onlyfans videos of your preference on your computer. There are also a few steps that need to be considered for downloading the videos.

a)  Download Unitube on computer

It is important to download Unitube  on your computer and once it is done you have to launch the program just after the installation.

b.) Open the browser>> Log in to OnlyFans 

Choose the “Online” tab from the given option on the left side. Visit to the OnlyFans and then login by inserting the credentials.

c.) Search for the OnlyFans video as per your preference to download

Go and search for the videos which you want to download from the OnlyFans platform. On OnlyFan you can only see or download the videos for which payment has been done from your end.

d.) You have to play the video for downloading

Select the “Play” option and when the video is started to play just choose the “download” button to start the downloading on the videos. To start the overall process of downloading it is necessary to play the videos and if the video is not played first then it would not be possible to download the videos and the overall process will fail.

e.) Watch your loved OnlyFans video

After completing the downloading, select the option of “Finished” and see the videos. You can also see the videos in offline mode once it is downloaded. The videos will be easy for you to watch if the overall steps are considered.

It is necessary to follow these steps so that videos can be watched easily. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and watch the videos which are loved by you all!

We can say that now, by analysing all the pointers we can say that to download the video is an easy process as if proper steps are followed then it is not a time consuming process and also no technical education is required for the same!!

With the third party application or by considering the steps it would be easy to learn the process of following the steps and to download the Onlyfans Videos.

So, the pointers are considered as the entire process to download the OnlyFans videos in browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

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