Fansly vs OnlyFans


Whenever we talk of internet subscription based social media websites, where adult content is allowed at full pace.

OnlyFans is the name that pops up in any normal person’s brain; and it is quite justifiable as it is one of the first websites to provide these features on the internet. 

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Fansly vs OnlyFans? (2022)

But something you don’t know can be better than the things you know, Fansly has gained popularity and is regarded as one of the best competitors of OnlyFans in recent times but there are many facets that needs to be taken in to account before making a judgment about any of them, let’s compare both and predict which one will win the race in a long run.

What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is a subscription based online social media platform where creators can post/host media/shows and make fortune in the form of monthly payments, tips or pay-per-view (PPV).

It has a Diversified user base consisting of varied talents from musicians to yoga experts but the spotlight is always on the chicks posting adult content on their OnlyFans handle.

Viewers get a wide range of options in terms of beauties and price suitability but there are some past decisions from the owners that gives the creators, benefit of doubt which eventually resulted in search for a better alternative; though with more 2 Million content creators and 130 million users it is still the most preferred site.

What is Fansly? 

Fansly is a free and subscription based social media platform which is quite similar to OnlyFans, and allows explicit adult content to be uploaded on it.

Right after the announcement of OnlyFans about the ban of adult content, Fansly has boosted measures in promoting itself as the best alternative of OnlyFans.

As a result many former OnlyFans creator switched to Fansly, which was further an easy go for them as almost all, except few, features of both the website are same; it can be regarded as a OnlyFans clone with a few different feature which makes it worth for creators to at least give it a try.


OnlyFans Features: 

The website comes with a number of features, but not enough to match the level of innovation offered by other underrated websites.

OnlyFans has been taking out its profit on its brand name for a long time and has failed to offer something new to its users in the recent past.

It still allows users to take monetary benefits for allowing others to see their pictures and videos.

It also allows geoblocking which is quite important for someone who doesn't want people from a specific area to see his/her pictures.

It also offers Vault which stores your previously posted photos, videos and live streams and allows you to use/post them later. It offers some engaging features like polls and stories which can be beneficial for the creator to open up to their audience and attract more of them.

There are a lot of creators trying their best to earn fortune via platform but not everyone is as successful as some of them are and to track down your progress and analyze the engagement OnlyFans offers page statistics that expose you to data of your account and about your audience.

Lately, it also enables you to congratulate your top fans of the month and know who they are; this feature can be activated by simply amending some of the settings.

Fansly Features: 

There are plenty of features that are commonly shared by both the sites, but fansly has been constantly trying to provide something extra in order to get at least a technological edge over OnlyFans; which ultimately resulted in Fansly having some cool features unlike OnlyFans.

It allows users to vary the subscription charge as per the exclusivity of the content like more charge for longer videos along with allowing viewers to follow creators for free and watch all the content that is made available for free by the creator.

Creators can add custom emojis into their pictures and only allow paid viewers to watch it fully; this also allows viewers to preview the account and spend some bucks only if they find it worthy to do so.

In the recent past the website has also enabled the referrals where the user is paid if his/her reference signs up, be it a creator or fan.

Fansly clearly offers more and exciting features than OnlyFans but just like other alternatives to OnlyFans it lacks the brand recognition which is quite difficult to gain when the rival is a website with more than 50 million user base.

Difference and who is better? 

At first glance both the sites don't seem to have any differences as the interface is also kind off similar but when it comes to features Fansly is a step or two ahead of OnlyFans.

Both the websites automatically watermark your media which is quite helpful for copyright infringement and take down the media if posted anywhere on the internet.

Other than that there are few features which Fansly added to the website to prove itself as the best alternative for OnlyFans.

As mentioned above viewers on Fansly can preview the creators account and pictures that are made available by the creator which is missing on OnlyFans where you’ll have to pay first in order to check the creator out.

All this clearly makes Fansly the winner when the race is about providing best features to the creators and viewers as well. 

Ease of Access:

With OnlyFans: 

OnlyFans provide a high accessibility website which is fast, reliable and safe for the creators and viewers.

The website contains perfectly designed color contrast ratio and resizable text. They have also taken care of the ‘alt text’ for every media (pictures, illustrations and charts) available on the website.

Though it offers less accessibility for only keyboard users (blind users) and it is an area where websites can improve upon other than this OnlyFans might not be available in all the countries as some countries have imposed a ban on such websites due to content nudity.

With Fansly: 

Fansly as a tough competitor of a biggie like OnlyFans, tries everything it can do to give services that are better and attractive than the ones provided by OnlyFans.

Somewhere it has successfully managed to do so but there is a long way to go, as Fansly seems quite slow when someone tries to access multiple tabs or faster clicks.

The content that is moving, flashing or blinking all over the page can be lowered to facilitate better surfing experience.

Just like OnlyFans, it is also unavailable in certain rules due to governmental rules and regulations.

Difference and winner:

Being a bigger and a website with more than 50 million users with years long experience in the domain, OnlyFans has exponentially improved its website service delivery which is yet to be improved in Fansly.

OnlyFans has been successfully handling millions of its users without hindering the accessibility or creating chaos for viewers as well as creator in terms of accessibility to the website.

Fansly has quite a easy to navigate website which similar to its counterpart but the area the work upon is page loading speed and flashing content on the website.

Taking everything in to consideration OnlyFans and Fansly stands at a draw as both are providing good service delivery yet need to improve on certain areas.

Pay and its frequency

With OnlyFans: 

The website allows creators to settle a subscription fee for viewers to access media posted on their account; this way it aids creators to make a earning and then claim 20% of their share that is deducted from creators income.

The OnlyFans has an advantage as and when a creator asks his/her audience to take a look at his/her OnlyFans it’s easily understandable as the website is popular enough.

OnlyFans allows creators to withdraw their earnings after 21 days of being deposited by the viewers, given that there is a minimum amount of $20 collected in the creators account.

With Fansly: 

There are many aspects where Fansly has mirrored OnlyFans in providing features or any other service but in order to come up as a potential rival it needs to offer something more.

Fansly ask the same 20% share from the creators’ income but makes a difference when it comes to frequency of payouts.

Fansly unlocks creators' money for withdrawal just after 7 days and this comes with a minimum balance required of just 10$, which is convenient and motivating for creators making less fortune.

This move is to decrease the amount of time for withdrawal and minimum amount required at least to a point where it is less than the rivals.

Difference and winner: 

As far as payout and frequency is concerned there is not much difference in the amount of share both the website asks from its creators.

Though to come up with more convenient policies Fansly has implemented just 7 Days payout scheme that too with $10 minimum amount required withdrawing the money. 

This gives an edge to Fansly which is neutered as Fansly only accepts credit card payments. Here, analyzing both the website holistically, Fansly is the clear winner when it comes to Payouts and its frequency. 

Website and customer support:

With OnlyFans: 

OnlyFans claims their day and night availability to clear out any of the queries received, be it by users or the viewers; but the bigger size of the website is the hindering stone in their own claims.

They receive hundreds and thousands of queries every minute out of which many are left unanswered and many of them are replied after the problem no longer exists.

With Fansly: 

Fansly know their website well enough and thus they avoid making claims that are hard for them to achieve.

Fansly has quite a good and active customer support cell which resolves or at least reverts back within less duration of time.

The problem is, Fansly has few different accounts to resolve these queries and if you endup sending an email to the older ones you might get a reply a little late.

Difference and winner: 

As far as support and customer service is concerned it needs to be up to the mark as it not only helps in showing loyalty to the viewers and creator but resolving queries can also help in improving the website as a whole.

Above description is a clear indicator that Fansly is way more smart and reliable when it comes fulfilling the claims. T

hus, Fansly is the winner taking into account the aspect of
Support and customer service.

Conclusion and winner:

From all the information mentioned above it can be inferred that both the sites have tried their best to provide best in class services for their viewers and creators but there can only be one winner.

Whichever it be, there won't be a major drawback if someone uses any of the websites as both of them are top dogs in terms of providing sensitive content to their viewers.

It is explicitly seen that Fansly is ahead of OnlyFans in majority of the aspects discussed above, so the undisputed winner for conquering the internet on a long run is Fansly

Few alternatives to OnlyFans and Fansly:


We have got their back if someone is seeking an alternative for both of them and don’t want to go for any of the websites mentioned above.

JustForFans stands out when the comparison is with its competitors. It provides something extra and goes an extra mile in terms of providing unforgettable adult experience and allows viewers to watch performers’ cams, clips, pictures, videos along with buying stuffs offered by stars and much more.

Thus, it becomes an ideal alternative for any of the websites be it OnlyFans or Fansly.


Magacams is also one of the leading site in the domain for providing adult uncensored content which includes live cam shows, sexting, other media like photos and videos.

It is known for its safe, secure and smooth surfing experience whether it is for the creator or the viewer.

It provides a wide range of options when it comes to beautiful models from different places and ethnicities.

Though you won’t be getting options as varied as OnlyFans but if you’re fed up with those conventional sites Magacams can be your go-to website.

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