JustForFans Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

We, being fortunate enough to be alive on this planet in the 21st century, have access to mind boggling things at our fingertips.

One such commodity is Fanclub sites that allow adult content to be posted by creators that are willing to show-off their body and talent with expecting some monetary returns.

 OnlyFans and JustForFun are two such websites offering various features and demonic creators that are all set to do the dirtiest stuff for their fans.

Both the websites have their own specifications, strengths and weaknesses; in this write-up we have tried to list them and draw a differential line between them.

JustForFans Vs OnlyFans? (2022): 10 Key differences (Comparison)

What is OnlyFans

OnlyFans is the top notch website in the domain and has been unparalleled in terms of growth and competition.

Right from the beginning, it has been one of the most trusted websites for viewers or created and has paid out more than 600$ Million to creators.

The popular website has thousands of creators from all over the globe performing live everyday along with millions of viewers utilizing their hard earned money to fulfill their fantasy and enjoy the immense pleasure; and all this with their favorite models and celebrities.

What is JustForFans

You can consider JustForFans as a counterpart of OnlyFans but with, relatively, fewer amounts of models and creators.

JustForFans calls itself a porn site which is more or less true as it is exclusively available for sex workers and adult performers; allowing them to share uncensored media directly to their fans.

Every update made in JustForFans has an ultimate reason to provide creators with better features, helping them to grow their audience and bank balance along with ensuring the best services to the viewers and value for their money.


With OnlyFans

There are multiple features that the site offers to both, its creators and viewers to make them feel the unforgettable experience.After subscription, the website allows viewers to watch the live stream of their beloved model where he/she is all ready to be the loveliest things for their fans.

It also allows the creator to take a look at the statistics of their performance which in return helps the creator to get the insights and plan the content accordingly.

It comes with options like polls and stories for facilitating models to gain more organic traffic on their account. As an additional source of income for the creators OnlyFans provides them with an option of being tipped by their fans which also acts as a motivation for them to perform better.

It has a creator friendly option for schedule posting where you can schedule the post for time when you aren’t free for posting on the platform.

With JustForFans

Like OnlyFans, JustForFans is also into adult entertainment and allows creators to sell their video clips and pictures as per the rate they them appropriate.

Unlike OnlyFans, it doesn’t allow performers to go live; instead it is a platform where they can share intimate photos and videos to their fans for some amount of money.

JustForFans allows users to text and chat with their favorite model which is also referred as sexting; this is also a paid service and is unavailable on OnlyFans.

Like OnlyFans, this site allows performers to receive tips from their fans whenever they do something extraordinary for them and impress them to a point where they are ready to spend more.

It also allows performers to create some customized items if there is a demand from any of the fans, this is also chargeable, and it can include customized pictures or customized videos; where performers do things they are asked to do by their fans and charge extra for it.

Difference and who is better?

As mentioned above there are unique selling points for both the website and users visiting them as per their requirement of the time.

Starting with some major differences JustForFans is basically for sex workers and adult entertainers whereas OnlyFans’s niche area is to take care of talent, which no doubt has been dragged towards adult content in recent times.

OnlyFans is a site where performers can stream live shows offering a realistic experience to its users, whereas, on the other hand, JustForFans only allows performers to sell their uncensored media to fans for some specific amount.

OnlyFans allow pay-per-view messages and not proper texting which is offered by its counterpart, JustForFans.

Both the websites offer affiliate and referral programs which acts as a source of extra income where performers are paid if someone jst registers or buys something using the link provided by the creator.

This feature is found to be semi-exclusive in JutForFans, with unclear criteria about who can use it, which gives OnlyFans an edge over it.

Overall OnlyFans lifts the winner’s wine in terms of features which is quite evident from the details given above.

Traffic and promotions

With OnlyFans

OnlyFans stands unquestionable when it comes to generating organic traffic for the performers and it is one of the most used adult entertainment websites globally.

OnlyFans is visited by millions of horny knockers everyday and with an algorithm set to expose models to newer audiences for better reach and earning, it becomes one of the only sites having few websites that provide organic traffic to performers.

 It allows users to promote their page on other websites which can bring them more potential customers and help them increase their earnings.

With JustForFans

On the other hand JustForFans is not even close in terms of providing organic traffic to creators or giving a wide range of options to the viewers.

But they do provide an option to creators for promoting their page via affiliate and referral links which is also deemed to be a source of extra income for the performers, as they get paid for every sale made through the link provided by the creator.

Overall JustForFans also provides a window to performers for pulling in potential buyers of their content and making some money out of it.

Difference and who is better?

If we talk about the difference between traffic and promotional options provided by the websites everything significant has been already discussed.

No doubt OnlyFans is a popular website and performers usually try to drag their fans and followers from social media accounts or any other sources to their page and earn some extra bucks.

Whereas creators on JustForFans have to pull in potential fans from an affiliate which is quite justifiable as they tend to earn from every sale made from the link along with generating organic traffic on their page.

All this makes the results quite perplexed and a tie between two is observed when it comes to traffic and promotions.

Payout and its frequency and payment percentage

With OnlyFans

Being the most experienced website in the domain OnlyFans has reliable and trusted payment methods and policies.

It allows performers to withdraw their money at a minimum gathering of just $20 which can be an easy earn even for a naive model as well. OnlyFans offers a whopping 80% amount to its creator and keeps 20% as a moderator between creators and fans, which is quite impressive.

It also allows performers to withdraw their chunk of money whenever they want once they gather the minimum amount.

With JustForFans

JustForFans seems quite old school and lethargic when it comes to payout and payment percentage.

It has a low traffic rate and on top of that demands a 30% cut on the total earnings of the model or creator.

The payments on JustForFans are on a weekly basis which may seem quite stereo to some of the users.

Unlike, OnlyFans, it allows payments in crypto which can come out as a revolutionary step in the near future.

Difference and who is better? 

Both the websites are well developed and trustworthy when it comes to payouts and monetary transactions.

Unlike OnlyFans, JustForFans allows only weekly payments; which isn’t preferred by all the performers and seems to be a restriction rather than being an asset.

Moreover, for a user who has already used OnlyFans and then jumped to the other platform, a 30% cut on total earning might seem disturbing to them.

All this sticks together and declares OnlyFans an undisputed winner in terms of payouts, frequency and payment percentage.

Affiliate and referral program

With OnlyFans

Keeping in mind the huge user base, this includes both, creators and viewers, and their varying needs, OnlyFans do offer a referral program; that is nothing but whenever a viewer buys something or signs up using the link provided by creators they earn a share from the purchase.

Like other features this comes with a revenue share of 5% from the earning of creators through affiliate programs.

The program is exclusively available for everyone, especially the creators and acts as a source of added income generated from the website.

With JustForFans

To counter its rival's move of providing a referral program JustForFans has also implemented an affiliate and referral program which works more or less same as the program of OnlyFans; but with some foundational differences.

Affiliate program offered by JustForFan is deemed to be user biased with indeterminate criteria; which is quite expected from a website like JustForFans.

Though the revenue share cut by JustForFans is same as OnlyFans but unclear criteria is questionable.

Difference and who is better?

As the difference is concerned both the websites are offering the affiliate and referral program which is beneficial to all the users. But the JustForFans fell back because of the partial nature of their affiliate and referral program; ultimately giving an edge to OnlyFans.

Though the revenue share decided by both the websites are the same, OnlyFans is the clear-cut winner in terms of providing an affiliate and referral program.

Final word and the winner is: After rigorous research we provided you with every important detail about both the Fanclub website allowing adult content, i.e., OnlyFans and JustForFans.

OnlyFans has been into the market for a long time and has successfully managed to be at the top of it, leaving behind all its competitors; this is because of its availability in various countries; which brings various audiences and models as well.

On the other hand JustForFans has had its presence since quite a good amount of time and is trying hard to compete with its counter websites; but to compete with a rival like OnlyFans it needs to bring some core changes with being more inclusive towards the creators.

Ultimately it is the user’s call to choose from either of the websites available on the website but all the indicators in this comparison of OnlyFans and JustForFans looks towards OnlyFans as a winner.

Why is OnlyFans more profitable than JustForFans?

After an extensive comparison between the two and OnlyFans being the uncontested winner it is obvious that OnlyFans is more profitable than JustForFans, in fact, far more profitable than JustForFans.

OnlyFans is a website that is accessible in most parts of the world which brings in more users; liberal policies and inclusiveness towards every section acts as a catalyst in this process.

On the other hand, JustForFans is exclusively available for sex workers and adult entertainers which limits the user base; this is further extended by website’s incline towards males and gay content which makes it hard for them grab higher profits; even with a higher revenue share cut.

Onlyfans is a winner in this list and in the real world as well because of many such reasons and the far more profitable than JustForFans but this cannot justify someone’s decision to not give JustForFans at least a try and see what is hidden in there.

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