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There are various kinds of anime preferences that people tend to have, ranging from action to horror and from food to mystery. However, there is one genre of anime that is loved by almost everyone in the anime fandom community – romance.

While there is a huge variety of romance between straight couples in anime, homosexual romance is a popular genre too. Even though the genre of Boy’s Love has existed for quite some time in anime, fans are curious to explore them more than ever now. For the same reason, here is a compiled list of the top 20 best gay anime that you should watch for cute relationship goals of homosexual couples.

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Top 20 Best GAY Anime of All Time (2022)

A high-school romance, Doukyuusei is a cute story between two classmates - Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou. Kusakabe is in a rock band and loves living a carefree life by focusing only on the present.

Sajou, on the other hand, is an honors student known for his excellent academic skills. When the entire batch is made to participate in a music event compulsorily, Kusakabe extends his helping hand to Sajou.

As they spend more time together practicing for the chorus fest, they grow closer to each other.

As young romance starts blooming, we find the two main leads figuring out what is best for them in the future.


When young Toono joins the all-boys Mori Moori Private School, he has no idea what is in store for him.

Toono and his only friend Yaguchi decide to ditch the football club and join the photography club instead.

While they did so because being athletic was not in their blood, they had no clue that the seniors of the photography club were a little colorful.

The Yarichin Bitch club (photography club) was full of seniors charged up with sexual desires.

The craziness throughout the story is humorous, and when Yaguchi and Kaijima (another first-year student) confess their love for Toono, things start getting even more complicated.


Yuri on Ice was one of the most popular anime in 2016. Tracing the adventures of the protagonist Yuri, this anime is based on his love for ice skating.

He copies the routine of Victor Nikiforov, who is one of the best ice-skaters in the world. Yuri’s talent impresses Nikiforov to such an extent that he flies to Japan to be his coach.

As they practice together for the Grand Prix, they grow attached. Before they even realize it, feelings start developing and a hint of romance comes up.

One of the first anime being extremely open about homosexual relationships, Yuri on Ice received a lot of love from the audience.


After graduating high school, Misaki Takahashi set his goal to get into his dream college, Mitsuhashi University.

One of the reasons why this university is so special is that it was turned down by Misaki’s elder brother, who did so because he chose to take care of Misaki after their parents died. 

However, Misaki never performs great in his mock entrance tests. Hence, his brother decides to arrange a tutor for him – Akihiko Usami.

Things start to heat up as Usami starts crushing on Misaki, and eventually Misaki decides to move in with Usami. It is a great BL story and deserves a watch by all homosexual anime enthusiasts.


Izumi Sena wants to become a manga artist. However, since most of his family members were in the entertainment sector – he was asked to try his hands at it too. After doing his first commercial itself, he knew that this sector was not for him. He had messed up his lines and had developed a deep sense of stage fright ever since.

However, that experience was not only negative for Izumi. Since Izumi had dressed up as a girl, his co-star - Ryoma Ichijo, a well-known child actor – had fallen in love with him mistaking him for a girl. As the story proceeds, he finds out that Izumi was a guy. Even so, his feelings remain intact for Izumi. It is a beautiful series that focuses on love, and fame and has a good humor element to it.


The story depicts the condition of Japan after world war 3. After the war left pretty much the whole world including Japan in crumbs, a group named Vischio stepped up to take control of Tokyo. The group was renamed Tokyo Toshima, and the living conditions in this region are worse than ever.

In the dark alleys of Toshima, a heinous and infamous battle is carried out routinely. One such game that is played under the supervision of Vischio is Igura. In this game, the contestants are to fight and bathe in each other’s blood. After winning, they get to battle the veteran of the game – Il-re.

Along with Igura, there is another game called Blaster that is popular amongst the people of Toshima. Akira, a young man, is the champion of this game where the contestants are supposed to knock out their opponents only with bare hands. However, after Akira is accused of murder – his life takes a turn. This action anime with homosexual romance is worth your time if you love the combination of BL and action-thriller.


When innocent Yukiya Ayase is sold in an auction by his cousin, life seems to be crumbling for him. The highest bidder for Ayase was Somuku Kanou, a short-tempered wealthy man.

However, the twist comes up as we are told that Ayase had helped Kanou in the past.

As Kanou gives Ayase the chance to pay him back, he is told that Ayase can sell his body to Kanou for 500,000 bucks each time.

 Even though this condition may sound ruthless at first, romance blooms between the two quickly as they grow attached. If messed up and complicated BL relationships are your thing, you are going to love this anime.


8. Fake

Two detectives, Dee Laytner and Randy "Ryo" Maclane, decide to take a break from their hectic lives and go on a trip to England.

 Dee is madly in love with Ryo, and looks at this trip as an opportunity to confess his love for him. On the other hand, Ryo is not as sure as Dee about his feelings and wonders if he should pursue them.

However, they are not able to enjoy their vacation for long.

A series of murder starts taking place within the region that the main leads are vacationing in, and all the victims have one trait in common – all of them are Japanese.

Dee and Ryo get at this case immediately before the murderer comes after Ryo, who is half Japanese too.


Itou Keita is an ordinary boy with no special talents. However, when he is offered an admission in Bell Liberty Academy – one of the most reputed and elite universities of the region – his life takes a turn.

He wonders what exactly got him into this university, and is unable to find an answer.

After he joins the academy, he soon realizes the extent up to which the students excel in at least one field.

Everyone there has a unique talent, and the only exception happens to be our protagonist, Keita.

As we see the protagonist getting close to almost everyone in the academy, viewers witness the fondness that Keita has for his mysterious classmate, mysterious Kazuki Endou.


Xian is the power of being immortal. As expected, every cultivator is after this power to live forever. However, the path to conquering this power is not even close to being simple. In order to achieve Xian, the cultivators must pass the Mo Dao, also referred to as the demonic or evil path. As Wei Wuxian follows the path to achieve the highest form of power. As he works towards his quest to achieve his dreams, chaos follows. In a series of betrayal, his is killed by his closest friend.

After 13 years, Wei Wuxian gets back to life in the body of a madman, and allies with his ex-classmate. On the quest to conquer the highest power of immortality again, he sets back to the demonic path – posing a threat to the cultivator clan. As they move on with their mission, a deep bond is formed between the two male leads.


11. Given

Ritsuka Uenoyama, Mafuyu Satou, Haruki Nakayama, and Akihiko Kanji are the members of the band ‘Given’.

As they qualify for the final round at the Countdown-fes Amateur Contest, they are supposed to give a live performance on which they would be judged.

To compose an original song for the same, Mafuyu looks for ways to learn more about music. When Ugetsu Murata offers him a helping hand, Mafuyu is delighted with the opportunity to learn.

 However, Ugetsu is Akihiko's ex with an on and off- relationship. As the relationships between the band members begin to get strained and trust issues begin to come up, viewers get to witness a tale of friendship and love.


Since Ash Lynx was picked up from the streets of New York City by a mafia Dino, his life has been within the realm of crime. At the young age of 17, Ash is already leading his gang.

Ever since Ash’s brother returned from the Iraq war, he has been muttering the word ‘banana fish’ – and that is exactly what Ash begins his investigation on.

As Ash’s ally sets up a meeting with Skip and Eiji for the same purpose, Dino sends him men after Ash. From the spot of the meeting, Skip and Eiji are kidnapped by Dino’s goons.

As Ash is on his investigation of banana fish and saving Skip and Eiji, he battles his mafia background and develops a deep bond with Eiji.


Accused of working with the privilege of nepotism, Ritsu Onodera decides to quit his father’s well-established publishing company. He goes on to join another publishing firm, where he is not appointed as a literary editor as he expected – instead, he was thrown into the amateur manga editing section.

As Ritsu accepts this as his fate, he encounters another problem. Masamune Takano, who is the editor–in–chief of the publishing firm, is Ritsu’s high school ex-boyfriend. They had an ugly breakup, and now Takano is on a quest to make Ritsu admit his love for him again.


Kuroda creates human hybrids that grow according to the love that they receive.

After Kotarou Izumi brings one home from the nearby dumpster, his family is shocked – after all, how often do we see the heir to a royal family playing with garbage?

As time passes, Kotarou grows fonder of the human hybrid, and names him Hazuki.

However, Kotarou soon realizes that human hybrids have a definite lifespan. This BL romance deserves a watch if you like both sci-fi and romance.


If romantic tragedies are your thing, Fuyu no Semi would be an ideal watch for you.

Set in the era of Bakumatsu and early Meiji Period, the story revolves around Akizuki Keiichirou and Kusaka Touma who stand for the opposite sides in the political arena. 

Even though they might not be together in one field, a bond holds their hearts together.

It is a must-watch BL if you love the satisfaction of reunion and the pain of sacrifices.


16. No. 6

After the end of a dreadful war, the human population decides to build their residency in the 6 states.

People belonging to different states lived in the state of utopia, or it was supposed so.

When Shion – an elite from city number 6 – decided to let poor and outcast Nezumi stay overnight for protection, a series of unfortunate events followed.

Since Nezumi lived outside the walls of the utopian cities, Shion and his mother were ripped off the status of elites.

As the series moves forward, we see immense character development and a strong bond between the two main lead men.


After a world-wide apocalypse of a virus killing anyone above the age of 13, previously underground vampires resurface to offer a helping hand.

However, they soon show their real faces by treating humans with cruelty and killing innocents. 

The protagonist of this anime, Yuuichirou is the only surviver of this brutal torture.

Focused on taking revenge from the vampires, Yuuichirou joins the Japanese army and goes on a quest to finish them all.

The cute interactions between Yuuichirou and Mikaela makes this fantasy-BL drama a must watch for everyone.


Built on the initial experience of toxic love, this anime revolves around the main lead Tetsuhiro Morinaga, who is madly in love with Souichi Tatsumi.

When Morinaga somehow manages to confess his feelings to Tatsumi, he realizes how big of a homophobe he is as Tatsumi humiliates him.

However, Morinaga is just not able to let go of his feelings for Tatsumi.

However, when the two get intimate under the influence of drugs, their bond changes and new feelings start to surface.


After being bullied for years in his neighborhood, Masahiro has stopped believing in the existence of superheroes.

However, his life changes when he comes across Kousuke Ooshiba, a gang hunter. 

Fast-forward one year, Masahiro enters high school only to discover that Kousuke Ooshiba is his math teacher.

As their bond grows stronger, Masahiro starts idealizing Kousuke and in turn, Kousuke grows protective of Masahiro.

As their relationship grows stronger, they develop a bond much deeper than that of a mentor and a student.


If you love healthy gay relationships, Tight-Rope would provide you with exactly the same. 

The anime explores the deep love between the heir of a Yakuza family and his best friend from childhood. 

Their relationship develops into a bond much deeper than mere friendship, and it is fun to watch how the characters get close to each other.


Final Words

Romantic anime are one of the most beautiful and well-executed ones in the entertainment sector. Ranging from toxic to healthy love, and enemies to lovers arc – viewers get a lot to absorb and enjoy.

With this list of top 20 gay anime, you would now hopefully be able to enjoy the BL and Yaoi. Next time you wish to watch a gay anime and are confused about which one to go for, this list would help you get rid of the dilemma.

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