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An Ultimate Guide on OnlyFans Marketing

OnlyFans is a social media which started out in 2016 but it came to the limelight during pandemic years from 2020. Since then, the platform has broken records in terms of earning and growth potential.

That’s why many marketers, people, content creators have been roaming around with the same question “How to market and succeed on OnlyFans?”.

This article will try to answer this question and help you generate a thriving social media marketing campaign for your OnlyFans account. Just hold onto your chairs, grab popcorn and start reading as I navigate you through this process.

Onlyfans Marketing (2022): PR Strategy as a Creator : 7 WORKING Tips


1. What is Marketing and how does it help in growing accounts? 

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As Philip Kotler explains in his book Marketing Management, “Marketing is an administrative and social process through which individuals and groups obtain what they need and desire by the generation, offering and exchange of valuable products with their equals' '.

Hence marketing is one of the processes in the product life cycle whereby it is broadcasted to the buyers or users to create the need of your product/ service in their minds.

Marketing helps in growing accounts in following ways-

  • It provides information on the features of services and products in order for users to make an informed decision.
  • It helps to attract an audience and followers to your account. More the followers, more the subscriptions and more our earnings.
  • Modern concept of marketing is all about understanding the demands of the user and fabricating your services accordingly. This is why OnlyFans has started the personalized Direct message service on its platform.
  • Marketing also helps to steer your way out of tough competition created by big stars like Blac Chayne, Cardi B, Bella Thorne and so on.

2. Where can you market your OnlyFans Account? 

There can be a variety of ways to promote your OnlyFans accounts. But the most successful one out of them has been the promotion through forums and discussions as they create a hype of the content curator. Discussion sites like Reddit have been the most popular go-to option for gaining support for OnlyFans platform.

 These discussion forums are particularly advantageous for their ability of ‘categorisation’ whereby a specific niche audience engages in a particular forum. Hence, instead of general format, a targeted approach of promotion gets more beneficial results in the longer run. Similarly, you can go for other discussion-forums oriented sites like Discus to market your OnlyFans account.

3. How to advertise and manage marketing tasks on OnlyFans? 

Advertising and Marketing are huge fields in themselves. Hence without proper allocation of time, money and resources, you run into the risk of destabilizing your other tasks. That is, too much engagement with marketing tasks might kill the creativity with your content.

On the other hand, sole focus on content creation would be of no use if there will be no audience to witness their magic. Hence, in order to narrow down your tasks and provide proper planning structure, the article has planned your marketing agenda into daily and weekly tasks. Continue reading to know more about the ‘whats of these tasks.

Daily To-do – 

Below are the five essentials that you must ensure to do for at least ten minutes in your day. Even if you skip any of these in a day, make sure that you double your efforts and time for it on the next day just like a post-cheat day workout in the gym.

1. Answer DMs on your OnlyFans and other social media accounts.

The significance of this task can’t be stressed enough. That’s why I chose to start with a daily task. You need to acknowledge the fact that the people in your direct messages and comments section are your biggest fans.

Imagine your social media career as a pyramid of Giza, this category of fans will be the cemented base of your pyramid. Despite the irregular traffic on your account due to some live event, shout out or hashtag visit, these fans are willing to stay on your profile for quite some time.

Hence, if you don’t nurture them daily on an individual basis, you’ll risk losing them and go on a constant follower-hunt in order to replace them.

This is why it is important to allocate a significant amount of time to make these fans feel important and be heard by their charismatic figure. After all, trust building and maintaining is a constant exercise which requires perpetual efforts. One wrong move can break all of your efforts in just a span of a moment.

Hence you need to do the following things-

  • Prioritize your OnlyFans account over other social media accounts if you have the most number of followers hinged to OnlyFans account.
  • This can be done by giving five minute of review time for all DMs for OnlyFans followers while the next set of five minutes for all your accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.
  • Don’t try to answer all of your DMs. You need to highlight your importance as well. You can get back to them in your free time or later in the free week.

2. Schedule your content on your top social channel for OnlyFans

You need to get out ten minutes from the busy schedule of your day for just scheduling your content to be posted on your account. Notice the difference between “scheduling” and “posting” the content. 

You might want to post your content between 6AM to 7AM but the effort will go in vain as there is not much traffic during that time slot. Similarly, when the traffic is high at 6 PM, you might not be in the mood to go into your ‘posting the content’ zone.

Hence, you need to schedule your posts beforehand and prioritize them on your top social network accounts for your topmost fans, as your fans never get tired of seeing you.

An essential tip on scheduling your content is that you have the option of   “Free” social posting services to do this work for you. While some sites charge for these services, some provide the option of a free trial period.

These services are particularly useful for creators who have gone too big to handle these trivial and routine matters. At best, they can oversee all their social media activities and work on creative content. You can also outsource these social posting services to freelancers.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that you already have your content and posts lined up for posting. Not being decisive about these things will ultimately waste a lot of your precious time.

3. Build up your next social channel

This daily task is all about researching and following growth projects for your next social media channel. No matter at whatever stage you are at on the growth of your channel, you can spend your time on a range of activities. You must allocate ten minutes of your day to this task, especially on the following activities-

  • Researching your channel itself is a great start to build your next social channel. You can learn more about the social channel via blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos and so on.
  • Directly start creating content for your channel without many thoughts about the results. You need content first to test whether it's working for the channel or not.
  • Posting your content with the need of scheduling your posts. This is because a new channel wants all the eyes and ears of the public.
  • Spend some time to watch the content of your competitors and emulate their posts in creative fashion.
  • Keep on looking for potential fans sources and comment on creators to attract them on your account.
  • Take measures to add followers to your account who may be interested in watching you or your content.
  • Caution: You need not to worry if your account is not working well like your other channels. Remember it’s a budding initiative and it will take a while before its long jump. Rather, think of it as your insurance policy which will come to your help in case your original channel disappears, gets hacked or loses followers.

 You should also understand that your efforts on this channel are not a waste of time. You need to keep going on in recording your content and learning from your mistakes.

4. Market on other social accounts like Twitter and Reddit

You can allocate a set of five minutes each for promotional purposes on Twitter and Reddit. You can post the same pictures on both accounts but make sure to include OnlyFans link on every Twitter promo and to go back after posting on Reddit to drop your link in the comment section.

Both Twitter and Reddit don’t require a large network of follower base like Instagram or TikTok, This is because both platforms host an active community of users who are willing to interact with OnlyFans account pages.

But the question that arises is ‘ how to go about promoting on twitter?’. You can drop your various links and pictures on as many different and legitimate OnlyFans promotion posts.

Additionally, you should try adding your links and pictures to new twitter threads since your noticeability gets harder as the thread reaches towards hundred comments.  A time tip for twitter promoters is you must set time alerts of certain popular accounts to know when they post a new tweet.

This will enable you to take advantage of the recent effect whereby earliest comments to any post are shown at the top and are more likely to get maximum likes.

Now let’s jump onto Reddit. Reddit has as many NSFW subreddits as Leonardio di caprio has had girlfriends under 26 years old. It is humanly impossible to comment on all of them but you could go for the time-tested rotation technique.

You need to find 20 or so subreddits that you can feel you can successfully post on and rotate between five or so each day. You can also set up Reddit alerts to get informed about new comments on your posts and respond to them quickly.

I would also suggest you to avoid using Auto-posting services on Reddit like Fancharm unless and until you are dealing with a throwaway account.

5. Ponder over the issues and new task in marketing

The last and the final leg on your day’s journey of promotion is about ten minutes of exploring new tasks for OnlyFans marketing. These ten minutes should be about following things-

  • Self-assessment of current marketing mechanisms. If anything is not working, you must not question the utility of all your efforts so far. Rather you should break down each individual aspect of marketing and determine which aspects are working and which are on a downward trajectory. You’ll be surprised to see how one aspect could be earning 90% of your revenue while the other half is lying defunct. This particularized analysis will help you to be different than most other marketers who lose it all in a single episode of marketing failure.

  • Pondering over new thoughts and ideas to make your campaign better. New ideas can make or break if they come at the right time.

  • Examine whether your current marketing techniques are still effective or not. This is time to reflect upon the utility and benefits of your second social media channel as well. A timed exit is equally important as a timed entry.

  • Make sure to utilize these ten minutes only for exploring purposes and don’t let other concerns stray you away from this course.

Weekly To-do – 

Now is the time to look into your weekly schedule of marketing tasks. You need to make sure to devote at least ten minutes each work in rotation to each of these tasks. These are as follows-

6. Weekly Mass DM creation

Some of the experts are of the opinion that a weekly mass DM activity can be counterproductive to your marketing efforts as all those messages might get ignored due to lack of personalized touch.

However, it still is an effective marketing strategy as it lets your fans know that you want to engage with them. A tip for the readers is to customize your messages depending on how large or small your user base is.

7. Posting thrice a week on Instagram

Instagram is considered as a free version of OnlyFans and that’s what makes it a popular platform among all other alternatives. Hence, even if Instagram isn’t your main marketing channel, you must ensure to post your content thrice a week at the minimum.

It helps your non-OnlyFans audience to get an idea of what your content and posts will be like. Hence, Instagram is sort of a trailer to your big picture on OnlyFans and you must make sure to provide attractive snippets in it.

8. Work on SFS with other creators

SFS stands for Share for Share which is a popular way by which creators on Onlyfans help their fellow creators to be seen by their audience. It is a good start to search for SFS opportunities as it can prove to be beneficial for both the content creators through the additional exposure of their accounts to each other’s fan base.

Not only will this, searching for these creators build your digital social capital and relationships in the virtual world. Hence, even if you are working in the same niches, you can easily find the fans with similar tastes. While some curators might not collaborate with you in the fear of losing followers, the crucial tip to retain followers is actually the uniqueness and creativity of your content.

9. Communicate with your Fans

You must heed to the fact that your audience is part of the homosapien community who have the ability to feel emotions. After all you are equally a part of their life as they are yours and not some Egyptian goddess who is looking at them from up above the clouds.

In order to build your likeability, it is important to humanize with your fans through interactions. Your ten minutes should be utilized to comment on both your posts and your fan posts.

10. Respond to other low priority DMs

Remember in your daily tasks, when you left out some DMs due to the order of prioritization in your responses? At the time, you weren’t sure of responding to them because they seemed like spam or you didn’t have enough time to investigate their profiles.

Well, now is the perfect time to pay heed to those low-hanging fruits and grab their attention through your personalized effort of connection-establishment.

11. Create TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese video-creating social media platform which has recently been popular among GenZ. From adolescents to adults, you won’t find any difference in the

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