Can you stay anonymous on OnlyFans?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk regarding OnlyFans. Almost all of it involves what may be construed as a misunderstanding. It refers to OnlyFans' decision to accept pornographic material on the site.

Let's be straightforward: OnlyFans is not really a pornographic website. Despite the fact that many adult cam females and sometimes even film stars have pages on the site, it is everything but. There are a plethora of content providers who may be models without displaying a single instance of nudity.

If you're thinking about joining OnlyFans but are concerned about being "named and shamed" for seeming to be on a "porn website," keep reading. Because many individuals will easily misinterpret the entire notion of OnlyFans. Furthermore, there are others that have nothing else to do than "ruin" somebody for having a profile.

You could be startled by the answer if you ask yourself, will OnlyFans harm my professional life?  According to what they do for a livelihood, it would really benefit rather than harm people's careers. Enough chit-chat; let's get to the actual meat of my advice on how to remain incognito,  so whether or not anyone can still make loads of revenue on OnlyFans.

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How to be ANONYMOUS on Onlyfans : 7 Ways

What is OnlyFans and who uses it?

OnlyFans is a website that allows influencers and celebrities to share private material with their paid fan base. Fans may either view the free material that influencers publish or opt to "unlock" content by making a payment each post.

This site drew a lot of interest from porn stars or amateur porn celebrities looking to share unique NSFW stuff with their audience – for a fee. OnlyFans is well recognised for its adult content, which accounts for the vast bulk of the site's content.

However, OnlyFans is more than just that. Many influencers and celebrities utilise it to give unique information and stuff that is not sexual in nature. It allows fans to gain a glimpse inside the lives of their favourite star. Nonetheless, the level of sexual stuff on OnlyFans greatly outnumbers the amount of nonsexual content.

Given the platform's nature, both users and artists may choose to take precautions to safeguard their security while using OnlyFans.

How to create an account on OnlyFans anonymously?

There are various things you can take to protect your digital privacy and safety if you want to utilise OnlyFans as both a fan or creator. If you wish to remain anonymous, you need first set up an anonymised email account. After that, you may register your OnlyFans profile and check that you have the correct options enabled.

Set an anonymous email account

To navigate OnlyFans anonymously, you should first create a ProtonMail account.

ProtonMail is an email hosting service which does not require any private information for registration, thus your identity will not be compromised in the event of a breach. This service is normally recommended for everybody who needs to remain anonymous when emailing, however it also works great for OnlyFans.

When joining up with ProtonMail, the most essential thing to remember is using an alias. Use your real name or indeed any personally identifying information in no way.

Create an anonymous OnlyFans account using that email account.

You may sign up for OnlyFans after you've generated that anonymous email. You must first choose either you want to create a profile as a content provider or as a normal user.

OnlyFans requests significant information from creators, such as your legal identity and bank account information. You will also be required to produce further documentation to prove your identity. A picture of your government issued ID, such as a passport, driver's licence, or ID card, plus a picture of you holding the same document are required.

OnlyFans need such details for tax reasons and to lawfully pay you. There's no way around it. In other terms, if you're an OnlyFans creator, OnlyFans always will know who you really are. However, this does not imply that your fans or fellow artists must be aware of your genuine identity. You have the option of making your account as personalized or as private as you choose.

Also, if you join up for Twitter, OnlyFans will acquire a lot of control over your account.

We're not clear why they require such a broad range of permissions, but it's something privacy-conscious consumers would want to avoid. As a result, we urge that you do not join up using your Twitter account.

As a paying subscriber, a ProtonMail address will suffice to conceal your identify from many other users, but OnlyFans will still demands a credit card to allow you to access the platform. Stripe, the third-party payment service, will have access to your payment details.

In other words, while total anonymity from OnlyFans and its affiliates is not feasible, you can secure your identity from other people and the general public.

Some users have reported significantly more intrusive sign-up procedures for clients, such as demands for pictures and searching of social network profiles, over the internet. However, we did not have such experience when accessing OnlyFans from numerous locations throughout the world.

Set up an anonymous and strong username and password.

If you want to remain anonymous, whether you're a maker or a fan, ensure that your login details can't be tracked back to you. Don't use your genuine names or birth date, for example, but rather a fictitious login ID. Aside from that, it's always a good idea to keep your account safe by choosing a strong password.

This implies it should be tough to predict and distinct from any other sites you utilise. More advice may be found in our guide on generating strong passwords. If you'd prefer using a password organizer to create, store, and retrieve your unique passwords, we recommend 1Password.

Set up two-factor authentication.

Once you've created an account, you'll want to take some additional precautions to ensure that no unauthorised people acquire access. Whenever you do on the site, ensure sure two-factor authentication is enabled. This is how you do it:

  • While in into your OnlyFans account, go to Settings.
  • Select Account, then Two-Step Verification.
  • Set up two-factor verification by connecting by SMS or your authenticator app.

You'll need to give a mobile number, a Hotmail account, or even a Google account to enable two-step verification. This implies you're enhancing the security of the data but lowering your privacy on the platform. After all, you're tying your account to some type of personally identifying information: either your mobile number or maybe one of your internet accounts.

If you truly want to stay anonymous, you might get prepaid SIM cards and use it as a dummy phone number. This may be purchased for as little as 2 or 3 bucks, and it can be used on an old phone to add an extra degree of protection without sacrificing your privacy.

Change privacy settings.

There are various more steps you may take to safeguard your security if you are a content producer on OnlyFans. These include ensuring that you:

  • Do not show your active status.
  • Hide your tip total.
  • Keep your list of friends private
  • If you don't want to exploit your media count as a competitive edge on the platform, keep it hidden

How can you keep yourself anonymous on OnlyFans? is onlyfans anonymous for subscribers?

It's critical to secure as many areas as possible if you wish to remain anonymous. We'll go over several "do's" and "don'ts" that you should take carefully if you really want a low profile at OnlyFans. Let's begin with the first suggestion:

Do not feel pressured to show your face on OnlyFans.

Not exposing your identify is among the most critical aspects of keeping anonymous. This may be a logical choice if you're creating sexually explicit content to your OnlyFans page. If anything, many OnlyFans users may not be interested in your face, but you probably understand where we're heading with this.

If you want to expose your picture and using a nickname, spoiler alert: that's our next recommendation, but by all means, go ahead and do it. However, if somebody had far to much time to spare, you may be discovered. But you may not be too concerned about it.

Use a Stage name.

To be anonymous, you must not use your true name at all. If you need to pick a stage name, one should avoid any names that sound similar to your real name. For instance, if the name was Jennifer, do not use it as a component of your secret name or any one of the shorter names such as Jen, Jenny, and so on.

Don't overthink things when it regards to picking a stage name. Make something straightforward. Extra points if you can come up with anything that has a ring to it.

Make sure to provide real documents while verification on OnlyFans.

Even if you want to stay anonymous, you must use your full name. However, you will be required to produce the proper documentation to the OnlyFans administration in order for your identity to be verified. You'll also need the real name when connecting the bank account with your OnlyFans page.

The explanation for this is self-evident. The bank account is connected to your real name. So if you earn enough money, you may be able to declare your OnlyFans earnings during tax season. OnlyFans content producers in the United States will acquire a 1099 form when they earn $600 more than that in a particular tax year.

Maintain anonymous ID on social media as well.

It will come a point when you will wish to market the OnlyFans over social media. However, and if you're not cautious, you may encounter problems. This is an important lesson to remember as you continue reading.

First and foremost, decide which social media channels you intend to use for promotion. If anonymity is vital, one of those sites should be Reddit. Instagram is another option.

You should not link any social media platforms that utilise your actual name while constructing your social media platform. For instance, if you have an Instagram profile under your real name, this should not be connected to your anonymous Instagram account. Keep it as distinct and as far away from you as possible.

If you use social networking networks that require you to log in with Fb, Google, or another service, do not connect your accounts.

Never reveal your actual location.

OnlyFans creators may be able to share their location. You do not need to do this if you desire to conceal your identity. Furthermore, announcing your location may create some buzz, especially if you do not reside in a huge city.

Don't reveal your location. Play around or have fun if necessary. Make up a fictitious locale or anything along the lines of "Only in your fantasies." You get the picture.

Could you earn profits on OnlyFans without revealing your identity?

While most people choose to remain anonymous, there will always be the possibility of generating money. Particularly if you don't want to display your face. So, is it feasible to generate income on OnlyFans without revealing your identity?

Yes, in a nutshell. You may earn money without revealing your identity. There seem to be obviously certain disadvantages to be aware of.

It may be determined by the aspects of your physique that appear to be visually beautiful. If you believe you have a terrific body, you may be able to make more earnings on OnlyFans.

Especially if you're doing adult-oriented stuff. Most people will be more concerned with the parts of the body and less concerned with your face.

People that utilise OnlyFans may be interested in a specific body type. And, certainly, there are some on OnlyFans who may be interested in certain topics such as feet pics. The trick here is to understand your perfect fan & what they are looking for.

how to pay for onlyfans anonymously?

You've created your page, selected a creator you prefer, and now it's time to pay them. You'll have to add your credit/debit card if you're merely using the website to join to other people's pages. The site will charge you a one-time fee of ten cents to verify the registration, which will appear on your statement as OnlyFans. After then, your real-name credit card will be billed for your subscription services and any in-app transactions you make. 

OnlyFans sites are classified into two types: free pages that do not require a monthly subscription but charge a pay per view (PPV) price for every post or subscription pages that require a monthly cost to access most postings. Creators determine how their pages will look and how much their material will cost.

All of your charges will appear as OnlyFans on your bank statement. You can also add money to your wallets on the website, which means you can deposit money. You will only be billed once for the cash you add, but it will still appear on your bank report as OnlyFans. Anyone who has access to your financial records or internet banking app may can see you're spending for OnlyFans.

If you want to make money as a performer on OnlyFans, you'll need to establish a bank account, verify the age with the a photo ID, and fill out form for taxes. If you don't have a  bank account, one can link to one using PayPal. In any case, there will be a connection among OnlyFans and your actual name via your financial information, even if that connection isn't public.


It is possible to remain incognito on OnlyFans and earn money without revealing your identity. Even if you really are shy and reserved or simply prefer to stay out of the spotlight, there are several methods for you to earn money.

Many folks may appear to be unconcerned with your appearance. Particularly when it comes to producing adult-oriented content. One may still be capable of earning a nice living if your physique is visually beautiful.

Personal preferences do exist among OnlyFans subscribers. It's something to remember while advertising your OnlyFans. You don't want to advertise your page to the incorrect people.

When it comes time to promote, it's critical to know what to look for them online. Getting your messages in front of right person at the right moment, and your success, anonymous or not, is guaranteed.

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