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How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing Your Face?

OnlyFans platform has achieved growth in the last few years and is one of the most famous platforms among the new generation!

The popularity has been achieved because of many reasons but one of the major reasons behind it is related with the best services which are offered to the client and also transparency to its users.

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How to Make MONEY on Onlyfans without Showing your Face (2022)

This platform offers good service to its users which attract them towards this site to earn money by creating the content. In this article,the overall discussion will be based on how to make money on OnlyFans without showing the actual face!

·Use a Pseudo name and a Pseudo identity

The real name should not be used on this platform. To hide your identity, it is important for you to use the pseudo name so that no one can identify that it's you! It is important That real name should not be disclosed as people can easily make guesses and can find that it's you!

So, to hide your identity it is necessary to use the pseudo identity or name so that no one another can identify you! This may be one of the best options to be considered.


·In any condition, don't show your Face

To hide your face, you should go for the masks which are loved by you or in simple language you can use the different camera angles that highlight to present you from the neck down. There are different sorts of masks available in the market which can be used if you really want to cover your face!

The masks used will not spoil your content but it may be a high possibility that people can be attracted more towards your work! So, use different masks or anything attractive which can hide your face and also it will help you to present yourself in a good way in front of other people!


·Take special note of your Tattoos and Scars

To be extra safe, you should never disclose the scars or tattoos. These sorts of things can help you get the actual identity which can also give other people the chance to identify you! There are many people who are famous for their tattoos. One can hide some sort of sign such as a birthmark. So, it is necessary to hide the scars, birthmarks and tattoos!


·Use Fake or Faceless Social Media accounts for Promotion

If you don’t want to show your face or don’t want to leak your identity then you should select the option of considering the fake or faceless social media accounts for doing promotion so that people can know about the promotion but your identity or face cannot be leaked.

At the time of opening of the profile, the OnlyFans will ask for the data to start the account and it is necessary to give real documents or information.

At the time of setting the profile, you can make the profile by any name or the nicknames which are not known or famous among others. If a fake account is used at the time of promotion then it would be easy to hide the face and you can also make money on OnlyFans platform!


·Use Geo Blocking feature and Use VPN

It is noticed that Geoblocking is one of the features which can be considered to block the people you want from a particular area. The restriction can be done on the content and also in the area where you live!

These are the steps that you can consider the block specific areas:

  •  Visit setting page
  • Click on >> security
  • When you scroll down there is a option of >> geoblocking
  • Select countries you do not want to consider.
  • Click on “Save changes”

You can easily block the particular countries from viewing your profile and also you can block some people also if you want and when you have the IP address. Individuals can also get around by considering VPN so make sure to maintain this!


· Choose your Niche wisely

It is important to select the right niche market. It can be said that a niche market is the place where you stay and also it is a category you just post about.

 So, it is necessary to choose the correct niche market so that you can easily keep your identity a secret. So, always make sure to choose a niche market carefully. If the niche market is not selected carefully then you can face issues in keeping your identity private!


· Use Props like Mask

If you want to include the picture of your full body and just want to hide your face then it can be the best technique you can use to hide the face at the time of posing.  Or you can also use your hair in a creative manner if you want to hide your face! The hair can be styled in the best way which will help in not showing your face!

The same thing is linked with props as you can consider it or you can take it to cover your face. There are many individuals who consider the props for example they use different masks or you can say different animated creatures and this is just done to keep their identity private or for not showing their face in front of others. If you find the best props then it would be easy for you to earn more money without disclosing your real identity.

· Avoid Outdoors

Never post or publish your images outdoors! To keep your identity private, always ensure not to disclose the face with the location where you are.  If you post the picture it would give a chance to other people to guess your location. But on the other hand, if you are doing it then it is important to be careful about the things which are around you!

If people want to find out the reality then they will notice each thing. For example: be it a building or any apartment in the background or this can also be the café’s or beaches. So, it is necessary to be very careful with the different windows or glasses that can actually reflect the things which are in your background or in front! Always ensure to stay indoors so that it would not be possible to track your location!

· Provide a subscription service

The other best way to make money from OnlyFans is to consider it like Patreon. If you wish to use the subscription then you can easily offer the best content to the fans who really want to see you! There are many celebrities who are focusing towards starting this option just for the content which is exclusive and can be searched anywhere.

In the present scenario, there are different celebrities who have considered the option of subscription such as Cardi B, Chris Brown, Amber Rose and many others! By considering this option it would be easy to deliver the best services and also the good content. So, providing a subscription service can be the best choice if you want to hide your identity or do not want to disclose your identity!


· Be Smart with your Camera and its angles

This is one of the major pointers as in this you have to be very smart with your camera and the angles which need to be used! If you do not want to show your face then it is necessary that you show how to use your body section to present in front of others.

If you want to hide your face then the different angles of the body should be presented in a good manner in front of others. This can be done easily but requires smart skills or we can say smart ways at the time of giving poses in front of the camera.

Hence, to earn money by hiding your face can be the option if you consider this given choice and provide good quality content in front of others.


· Use Voice Modulators

You never know how to check your profile and who is listening to you!There are different voice modulators considered by the people in which the voice can be changed. Changing the voice is one of the important aspects as it will help you to hide your real identity.

People who know you will obviously know your voice so by hiding the face it is also important to hide your real voice. Voice modulators assist to change the voice and come up with the new voice which is not identified by anyone.

People who use the voice modulator can present their voice as the voice of some other person. So, it can be considered as one of the important points that needs to be considered if you are thinking to hide your identity with the people around you!


· In the end, compensate the absence of Face with good content

It is obvious when people do not show their face, people are not connected in a proper manner and it can sometimes result to detachment. If the content is provided, your face plays an important role in attracting the other individuals towards your content or work.

If they are not able to see your face than it would be considered as the impersonal experience or we can call it as a vibe! There are many people who can take care of it but they do not worry! But on the other hand,

if you want to be popular then it is important for you to present things in a friendly manner and interact with the audience so that people cannot face any issue!

If you want more interaction then it can be done easily by giving reverts through messages or posts to your fans as it will help to attract them towards your content.

If you present yourself as an active person then there are more chances that you have more fans and people will prefer your content. In simple words, it is said that if you give attention you will get attention!! So, the same thing applies here as if you give them a response they will feel valued and positive towards your work!


Why do some creators hide faces on Onlyfans?

There are many answers of this question:


  • There are many individuals who think that OnlyFans is a platform only for the adult creators but no it's not the actual fact as there are many fitness and also yoga teachers who are available on OnlyFans and they are easily monetizing their overall skills.
  • Individuals think that OnlyFans is one of the porn sites and again this is not true!
  • There are also many creators who do not want to post their pictures publically or what to share that they are using this platform but definitely it’s your wish to share whether you use Onlyfan platform or not
  • OnlyFan platform is used to generate money and this can be done if you don’t post the nude pictures! It is not compulsory to post nude images or videos to earn money. It is one of the subscription based social platforms where there are different celebrities who are posting their videos and images and earning good.
  • If you are shy and you want to hide your identity then this post is for you only! Go through it and learn to be safe!

How to make an anonymous OnlyFans Account?

So yes, you can easily make an anonymous onlyfan account and this is an account where the identity of an individual is not disclosed in front of others. The individual has the right to hide their real identity from others.

It is important for you to know how to make this account! So, basically there are two ways through which you can create this account by not showing your face in front of others.

The first way is that you require a safe network first! It will cost you more but it is important for offering encrypted and safe connections. As it has been seen that everyone wants to secure their privacy on this account without being tracked, so for it you have to consider this point.

Secondly, this can also be done by considering the right VPN which is known as a virtual private network. It will assist you to change the exact location so that no one can actually track the OnlyFans.

When location is changed it would not be possible for anyone to see your exact information. So, we can use these two options as it is also beneficial in maintaining privacy.

Hence, it can be said that yes you can earn money as much as you want by hiding your face. OnlyFan is a platform that allows you to hide your identity so that you can also feel safe and secure!

This can be considered as one of the best options but again it depends on how you generate traffic on your profile. To generate traffic on your profile you can easily go through the above points which will also help to hide the real identity from others. So, refer to the overall article and find out new ways!


Can you make money on OnlyFans with just pictures?

Definitely, yes you can earn money on the OnlyFan platform by just uploading the pictures or images. This can also be done if you consider content subscription or if people are ready to give payment to see your pictures for one time. 

To earn more money it is important to provide unique content for the fans as it will help you to attract more and more people which will directly increase your earnings. Pay per view messages can also be considered to give exclusive content to the fans.

The content can be in the form of pictures or any videos. The minimum cost of the overall content starts from $3. You can simply earn from the pictures or through unique content offered to the people!

How much money can you make on OnlyFans?

You can easily make money if you have good content. The earning mainly depends on the niche market which you have selected for your post or pictures. But on the average, the OnlyFan creator can earn approx $150 per month and this can be done only after the 20% of the income received through this platform.

 If your account is more public and you are considered as one of the top content creators then it would be easy for you to earn $5000 to $ 1,00,000 per month. So, it just depends on your potential to give your best. If you are giving your best you can earn a good amount!

Can you stay completely anonymous on Onlyfans?

Yes, you can completely stay anonymous on OnlyFans. You can also change the voice so that your identity can be leaked, so yes we can say that we can keep the account anonymous. It is a great choice that you have the option of staying anonymous.

Can you use a Fake name for Onlyfans? 

Yes, you have the option of using the fake name and also the fake identity if you do not want to disclose your identity. So, it is again a great choice if you want to earn more money by not disclosing the real identity in front of others.

Fake names can be used by the content creator as many hesitate to disclose their identity so there is a choice on OnlyFan to hide your real identity from other people.

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