OnlyFans is an online platform used by content creators to earn money. You must have an attractive profile so that you can enhance your fans on the website. 

To make your profile attractive, you should know how to create a good banner for your page. A banner should be created in such a manner so that it catches the attention of the users immediately.

This article will be providing you with tips and tricks for the creation of a good OnlyFans Banner. What should be the aspect ratio, format, and how you can optimize your banner – all these points will be explored in this article.

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Onlyfans Header (2022): How to Create Onlyfans Banner/Cover Photo


Before going deeper into the details, first of all, we need to know what exactly OnlyFans is. It is a website for content creators who can sign up for the website and provide their content to the subscribers. Subscribers are the users of the website and to access the content of a creator, they need to subscribe to the profile of the creator.

This subscription is for a month, or three months or a year too. The subscription amount is decided by the creators themselves. However, the entire amount does not go to the content creator; OnlyFans keeps 20% of the amount as its share for the services.

Apart from this, content creators can provide private services too such as messaging and private video calls. OnlyFans is mainly known for Porn performers and users, who want to watch live porn, come to the website.


OnlyFans is one of the largest platforms in the world for content creators and the number of content creators on OnlyFans is more than 200,000. Now, you can understand that it’s a huge competition on the website and therefore it is essential that you look different from the others.

A good banner helps you in looking different from others. It’s like marketing yourself in the marketplace. Users of OnlyFans are millions and why would any user stop and look at your profile to subscribe if there is nothing attractive.

A banner can be of different types including images and text too. It can be in the form of infographics. 


  • Full Dimensions of OnlyFans page

A banner is seen on Linked and YouTube profiles too however, these banners are smaller than the banner of the OnlyFans Page. The dimension required for an OnlyFans page banner is 731*204 pixels. There is different software available that can help you in resizing the image as the OnlyFans banner.

  • Format for OnlyFans banner

Since you are going to influence the users with your banner, it is important that you keep a good quality picture for it. Therefore, the resolution should be high for the banner. As far as format is concerned, the two most widely used formats are JPEG and PNG.

Both can be used for OnlyFans. Sometimes, keeping high picture quality enhances the size of the image file and thus to reduce the size without compromising the quality, the image can be compressed. 

  • Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio for the banner of OnlyFans is 5.73. These aspect ratios are decided in such a manner that if the user opens your profile on mobile or a PC; in both scenarios; the banner will work perfectly. While checking it on Mobile, it will just crop the image from both sides to adjust the mobile screen.

Thus, it is important that the main focus of the image is kept in the centre. If you put any information on the edges of the banned; the user might not be able to see that information while accessing your profile from a mobile phone.

  • Text and graphics on OnlyFans Banner

Usually, the creators avoid putting Text or graphics on the Banner of OnlyFans page; the reason behind this is a feature of OnlyFans. Whenever a user opens the profile page of a content creator, the website itself puts the profile name and other details over the banner by default.

In this manner, there is very little space available on the banner to add text. So, if you are going to add text to the banner; kindly ensure that you keep it small and in the centre so that it is not covered by your profile name.


When you see a webpage on a desktop, you have enough space available and therefore the wider banner can be used for desktops. But as we know the majority of the users of OnlyFans access the website from their mobiles and in this case, the space is limited.

Basically, the mobile pages are in a portrait manner and thus the sides of the banner get cropped. Considering this, you must avoid putting anything important on the left or the right side of the banner.

The desktop view is 1168 × 204 pixels and the mobile view is 414 × 180 pixels. You must keep these figures in mind while setting the size of the banner.


There are no hard and fast rules for changing the OnlyFans banner; you can change it frequently ensuring that the brand image that you are trying to create is secured. It is just like creating a new advertising campaign for any mobile company.

At times changing the image creates curiosity among the viewers and they stop at your profile. Also, if the banner uses information related to some announcements; then you must change it once the event is over.

You should also, keep in mind that changing a banner daily or once in two to three days, might impact negatively as your viewers will not be able to recognise you.


There are many tools available online that will help you in adding text, filters and effects to your banner. One of the most commonly used online tools is Canva. Kapwing Studio is also a very tool that helps you in customizing your image.

Adding text and effects make your banner more attractive, however, you should be good at designing while doing this. If you are not a good thinker you will not be able to think about a catchy design. In this case, you can also take help from already published and famous banners of other OnlyFans creators.

Once you open Kapwing Studio; first of all, you will have to upload the image that you want to customize on the website. Once it is uploaded, on the left side you get many options for customising it; these options mainly include Text, Videos, Images, Layers, Elements and so on.

With the help of these facilities, you can make whatever changes you want to the image that you have uploaded. Once the artwork is finished, you can download the image and use it directly.

Another similar platform like Kapwing Studio is Canva. It also provides a lot of pre-made templates that will help you in deciding the design.


Finally, it can be said that a banner is very important for a creator’s page on OnlyFans and the creator must ensure that the banner is good so that it can attract the user’s attention immediately. OnlyFans banner has different requirements, unlike YouTube and LinkedIn.

It’s wider and the aspect ratio is kept in such a way so that it works on PC as well as on Mobile devices. You must ensure that you keep important elements in the centre of the banner so that it does not get cropped while looking at it on a mobile phone.


  • What should my OnlyFans banner be?

OnlyFans banner can be a picture in the format of PNG or JPEG. The banner must be of high picture quality and the aspect ratio is as per the requirement. The required Aspect ratio is 5.73. The size of the banner also depends on the device. For mobile, it should be 414×180 pixels and for PC it should be 1168 × 204.

  • What is a good OnlyFans cover photo?

A cover photo for OnlyFans is considered good when the viewer can see it clearly. While placing the cover photo, you must ensure that it is not covered by the profile name and other details which come over it by default.

The Cover Photo and banner should be prepared in sync and it is very important to take care of the colours.

  • How do I add an avatar to OnlyFans?

To add an avatar to your OnlyFans banner you can take help from Kapwing Studio. It provides many options to customize your banner and there are different avatars available for adding in Kapwing. Canva is also a good option with different elements ready to use. 

  • Can I use a stock image instead of my own?

Yes, certainly you can use stock images for your OnlyFans banner. Many creators do not want to appear in the artwork of the banner and therefore they use stock images. The only point you should consider while using stock images is that it represents the theme of the profile. 

  • Can my OnlyFans banner be a video?

There are some websites that provide the facility to use a video in the banner, but unfortunately, this facility is not available with the OnlyFans. Here you can use only images that you can customize or text.

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