Can OnlyFans Creators has Access to See Who Follows Them?

It has been researched that OnlyFans creator has the access to see your account and in the year 2020 people will be more focused towards spending money to watch or see the videos and pictures of their favourite content creator.

Due to the increase in demand, the privacy concern has been taken into consideration so that more and more people can join the platform. In this article, we will discuss that can OnlyFans creator can check who follows them or can they see your name and when you have subscribed them?

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Can Onlyfans Creators See Your Name/Email/Who subscribes (2022)

Can OnlyFans Creators see who follows them?

Definitely, it is true that if you follow any of your favourite content creators for free on OnlyFans platform then they can easily view it. Also, when you opt for a subscription then notification is received by the content creator that X,Y or Z has subscribed for your profile.  The pop up is also given to them whenever you subscribe to them. When notification is received by them, they can only see your username.

One of the best examples is if you have not changed anything in your username then the content creator will get the update that “XYZ” has opted for a subscription. The usernames are also generated in the form of numbers as it is in a default status. The content creator has the access to view your profile if you have followed them or subscribed them.

 Also, on the other hand, it can be seen that if you have not followed them or subscribed them then they will not be able to check or view your profile unless and until they have a link for it!! In this way, we can say that Yes on OnlyFan creator can easily see the people who have followed them. They can also visit your profile as they receive a pop up regarding the subscription done from your end!

The notification which is received in the form of pop up can be easily closed if the content creator selects the “X” icon. But still there are many chances that it is displayed in the list of notifications. So, if you are subscribing then there is no doubt that content creators can view or access your profile. The profile can be easily visited by them if they receive notification or any sort of pop up regarding your account!

What other information is available at OnlyFans creators’ end?

The creator on OnlyFan can view your information given on your profile which comprises your username, the profile picture and also the displayed name with the bio. They can see this information given on your profile if you wish to follow them or subscribe to them. The bank details are not shown to the content creator or we can say that not even a credit card information is shown to them. So, in terms of privacy we can say that OnlyFan considers to keep bank details private also with content creators of OnlyFans.

There is a policy named as section 7B OnlyFans privacy policy which is introduced by them and in this policy content creators will not be able to access the credit card details of any follower. Overall, it can be said that content creators can only see or view the information which is highlighted on the profile or we can say account of the follower. If your OnlyFan account is kept public, then it would be easy to view your profile information. The location or website URL can also be seen if anyone visits your profile.

Do OnlyFans creators see your name?

The answer is Yes, the onlyFans creators can easily view the username or we can say the displayed name on the platform.  But it would not be possible for them to view your credit card data for example your real name.The username is generated in the form of a number so the content creator will be able to see the generated number. If you will not change the generated code into your real name till then it would not be possible for anyone to view your original name. Everything regarding names is related to you. If you want to disclose you can or else no one will be able to see!!

Is OnlyFans anonymous for Creators?

It is true that OnlyFans comes under the category of anonymous and it is because of its features linked with privacy. It would be possible for users to search for someone on OnlyFans if they are having th link related to the account of the content creator. For content creator, OnlyFan is generally anonymous as search function is not present on the website.  Apart from this, the data of content creator such as their picture, the name and their username are public and anyone can view it. It is important for the content creator to focus on promoting the link of their Onlyfan account through different social platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. If it is a choice of the content creator to be in the category of anonymous, then they can simply avoid doing promotion of their account on different social media platform. The content creator also has a choice to promote their profile with secondary account and by considering the fake name. So, yes we can say that OnlyFans is considered as anonymous for the content creators.

How can you make your OnlyFans account anonymous?

In reference to content creators, the account can be made anonymous if promotion of the profile is not done on different social media platforms. Also, the content creator can select to focus on promotion through their secondary account which can also be done through a fake name.By using different username and also by not uploading the picture on the profile it would be easy to make your profile anonymous.

If the users have to be anonymous they also have the chance by not uploading their profile pictures or details on the account. But on the other hand, it is necessary for the users to connect with the email address and also with the bank account if they want to subscribe to the content creator of their own choice. So, it can be said that it is easy to keep your profile anonymous as it will help you to maintain the privacy and also the users have the choice to keep their profile anonymous and they can also not disclose their information to others if they want to maintain or secure their account.

 If you are thinking about your favourite content creator then payment is one of the important aspects and at the time of making this privacy is one of the factors that is considered. In reference to this, it is examined that content creators can refer to the data which is given on the profile. But the information regarding payment will not be shown to them. Also, keep in mind that the transactions made on OnlyFan platform will be shown or highlighted in the bank statements as it is not possible to remove it. So, the privacy is maintained by the OnlyFan and the identity of your’s will be disclosed if you want!


Can OnlyFans creators see your Email Address?

No!! It is not possible for the content creator to see the email address of the users as OnlyFan platform does not allow or give access to such type of data. The email is kept private so there is no reason to worry about it!

Can creators see who paid?

Yes, this is the option which is available on the OnlyFan dashboard and also the content creator can watch their subscribers. It just highlights the information that how much has the user spent on their OnlyFan profile till date!

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