The True Story Behind the LiveJasmin Hacks and Generators

If you are a regular visitor of LiveJasmin, then you might be acquainted with the fact of how expensive one-on-one sessions are with these highly attractive and erotic models! Even 30 minutes with them can burn a hole in your pocket.

Without credit, there is not much action happening on this site! You will see some models talking to others who have purchased credits. And, if you are willing to see some extra naughty content, then you may have to buy some extra credit for it!

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Livejasmin Credit Hacks & Generator (2022): [100% Working]

There's a rumour out there that you can hack the system of LiveJasmin to get some free credit to see models. We have seen many people falling into this trap. People provide their confidential details to unknown websites to get free credit! Let's check the reality of whether you can hack it or not:

Is it possible to Hack LiveJasmin Credits?

A straight "No" is the answer to this question. Just think logically for a second, LiveJasmin is a huge firm; if there is some way to hack the system. Wouldn't they be aware of that already?

Such huge companies spend millions of dollars just for the security of their website, and you think that a loophole exists through which you can hack their system? 

Don't become prey to schemes such as "credit generators" or "LiveJasmin credit hacks". You are just wasting your time by searching for such things if you really want to save some cash. Then trust the legit ways only.

The lucky wheel is a valid way through which you can earn some free credit and if you are lucky enough then you can even win a 100% discount. Trust the genuine methods only which are accepted by this website. Generators and unlimited credit just don't exist.

LiveJasmin Credit Hacks and Generators are big Scams

The sites which offer free credit and coin generators will ask you to enter your details such as your contact number and your email address for verification. Once they are done collecting your email address and number.

Then these crooks will sell your information to spammers. Soon your inbox will be filled with crap plus you won't get any credit. This is how they'll loot you.

You may find some sites which offers 100% assurance of providing credit, one of the sites we encountered did. This site was giving away 5000 credits ($4100); however, the catch is that LiveJasmin will discover that their system has been tampered with.

Because as soon as the credits are released from their system, they are made aware of that! Consequently, you will be blocked from the website for the rest of your life. 

Moral of the story: Spend some money or trust the legit ways only!

How to actually get the free credits on LiveJasmin? 

Before we dig deeper into the legit ways of earning free credits or coins, check the ways through which you can avail them. These are valid ways and available only for real registered users:

  • The new users, who did their first purchase and registered their account.
  • At the time of your next purchase, applicable only on packages with gratis credits.
  • The club's elite members get some personalized discounts. This perk is available only to those who have earned enough LiveJasmin Elite Points.
  • The last and the most exciting way to earn some free credit is the Lucky Wheel.
  • The wheel of Fortune or the Lucky Wheel

The most important things to remember, the lucky wheel is available only to registered users, and it is not available all the time. It is sort of a promotional tool, and you can think of it as a lottery. One of the biggest advantages of the lucky wheel is that when it's available, you can spin it more than once a day! 

The prizes available on this wheel changes all the time, for example, percentage discount on credit packages, elite points etc. Sometimes it also offers huge discounts even a 100% discount!

Everything is good when you are getting it for free. So anytime you see the lucky wheel, always give it a spin. You don't know what you can get, it's beneficial each time you spin it!

LiveJasmin Elite Points

Elite points are given to users and they allow users to rank higher. More the elite points, higher the rank. Also, rank is equally proportionate to the number of benefits and discounts a member will get on their future purchases.

These points are given to the users on purchases and credits they spend on the website. If simply put, you'll get points and these points are solely dependent upon your monetary activities on the website.

The higher rank has its own benefits. You'll get more respect from the cam models and you will be appreciated more. Moreover, count in the discounts and other such benefits personalised especially for you because of your rank.

Offer provided by the site

This offer is not quite popular, because the site doesn't want a lot of people to know about it. However, it is a legitimate method and you won't be defrauding anyone. The offer is not huge, but you will get $10 worth of coins, which is enough to try out the site. 

You just have to follow the following points and you will get the coins: 

  • Firstly, register yourself on LiveJasmin for free
  • Check the link available in the menu named, " Get credits"
  • Now they'll show you various packages, but you need to click on the tiny red "X". You will see it in the top right corner.
  • By tapping on " X", you will see a pop up of an offer showing 9.99 credits for $0.
  • Now just enter your card details, however, no charges will be made. Think of it as a free trial of the website.

The website is reliable and your information will be secured. And you don't even have to worry about the defamation part. The website cares about your privacy, therefore, the bill will not show the name of the website for all your purchases.

Other options

LiveJasmin is an amazing website and it should be first on your list. However, you can also try other sites which are free and fun too. 

  • MyFreeCams
  • Chaturbate
  • Camsoda
  • BongaCams
  • Flirt4Free

The aforementioned sites are not up to the level of LiveJasmin. However, free is always good. LiveJasmin contains highly professional models who can do anything you want them to do, whereas these top 5 camming sites have amateur models mostly.

Only Flirt4free is a paid site among these top 5 sites. However, they feature a few free party shows. Now you have plenty of reasons to not fall prey to fraud schemes.

Why should I make an account on LiveJasmin?

Some of you may be disappointed after hearing the harsh reality. However, this is the truth but it doesn't mean that the website is not worth your time. There are a plethora of beautiful cam models, who are there to give you some quality experience and make you feel special.

You can ask them anything you prefer. And we are not lying but every penny you spend on that website will be worth it. It's a bit expensive but every amazing thing has a price, right?

You should definitely check out this website and make an account on it! Even if you don't have enough money to buy some coins. Don't worry, you can check their models out for free, moreover, thanks to the lucky wheel which is always there to help you!

But the worst part would be if you won't even try out the website, maybe you could have won some free coins or win a heavy discount from the lucky wheel. And even if the lucky wheel doesn't turn out to be good enough for you. Then you can always get credit worth $10 for free by using the aforementioned trick. 


LJ is one of the most popular cam sites on the internet. Worrying about free coins will only reduce the fun of it! If you are on this site, then you must savour each minute on it.

Their services are too good to be ignored. And because it is a device friendly site, therefore, you can enjoy cam services on any preferred device. Also, the users who are registered on the website for a longer time get a lot of benefits for free!

Don't get carried away while spending the coins, we know they have extremely beautiful models and you want to give them extra tips. However, they have plenty of broadcasters and you should enjoy them all!

Additionally, they have something for everyone, so you can enjoy the couples, gays, lesbians, transgenders or whatever gender and category you love. 

Just remember one thing, there is no way available online through which you can access free coins. Because the only person who gets looted will be you! Don't be childish, and don't waste your time. Because hacking is also fallen under cybercrime, so stay cautious from such unethical activities. 

Happy camming!

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